Revive Dead Flash Drive

My sandisk microcruzer suddenly stopped lighting up and getting recognized when plugged into any computer. No clue why it suddenly died in less than a year. Any experiences like this? Any resurrections? I'd appreciate help getting back some of the files i have on it.

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Revive A Dead Hard Drive

For about two weeks i was starting the computer and as it ran startup for winxp pro it would crash to a blue screen with errors of a kernal_fault and stated it would dump ram to the hdd, which it never did. After a few restarts the computer was up and running again. Then one day the damn thing just didn't start. It kept rebooting itself over and over again. So i played around with it a little and checked all the cables and power, etc. Then all *** broke loose. I started my computer and while detecting ide drives the computer froze. I restarted many times and it always hung when trying to detect the drive. So, while it was hung i did a little experiment. I unplugged the power to that hdd that was the problem. Bam! It continues on until it realized there was no hdd. I tried this a few times and the same thing happened. So, i thought maybe if i could get another older hdd to load xp then plug in the disk, i might be able to detect the drive and correct errors or something? Anyway, cutting to the chase, 2/3 the way through an xp installation on a very old 6gig hdd the computer crashed to the blue screen with the same sort of message. I tried another installation of xp and the same happened. I am lost now, i have no idea what to do. I am not sure if both hdds are shot or if my memory is corrupt and my main hdd is shot.

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Revive Dead Thumb Drive

I have a 128mb sony microvault usb thumb drive. It always worked without any problems, but all of a sudden. When i plug it in to the computer the light does not turn on, and the computer does not recognize new hardware was connected. This happens in all computers. What could have caused this? And is there any way to revive the thumb drive?

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Revive Dead Hard Disk

My hard disk sort of died today. It's been grinding down for ever, and it eventually kicked it in this morning. It's a 10gb drive sitting in an old ibm pc300gl i use for misc stuff - sometimes for the server, or to do misc jobs like encryption cracking, or whatever. Anyway, it's not so much the drive itself which is important - i could buy a replacement one for probably under $10 - but having the data which i had stored on it is a matter of life or death. I'm too stupid to make regular backups, so there's about three months of work stored on there which i now can't get to, and which i didn't backup anywhere else - stupidly. I've tried just about everything that i know of to try and revive it - freezing it, running a hair-dryer over it, dropping it from about a foot, whacking the crap out of it with the butt of a screwdriver, and a few other weird but useful methods for resurecting drives i've picked up along the way - but it still isn't working. Any more suggestions, anyone? Basically, if i can't recover what i had stored on there, i might as well go and put some concrete boots on lay-by down at the local market. It really is that important. What happens when i try and get it to spin up is. Absolutely nothing. The little light flashes as normal, but the motors don't kick in. It sounds like they start to churn, but then sort of give up after a second or two. Sometimes, the motors will try and start - but then it sounds like the arm that supports the head-readers are just flicking back and forth very fast, making a loud whirring sort of a sound. I've been having this problem for a while whenever i've turned the beast off and then gone to turn it back on, but usually it comes to life after flicking the power switch a few times. I am in desperate need of help here. And i can't afford to send it away to a data-recovery specialist, so don't suggest that.

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Flash Voyager Pen Drive Dead

I had bought a corsair flash voyager 16gb approx 10 months ago. I had a problem with it, as explained in this thread.consequently i sent it back to ocuk for rma and they sent me a new one immediately. Now. This is about the new one. I've had it for around 8 months or so now. But hey it's got a 10 year warranty!

This time i can't even check the pendrive out in any manner. As soon as i stick the drive i get a bsod - check out video of me inserting pendrive and getting bsod immediately. Either the bsod, or else my pc just stops responding with the blue circle vista cursor going on forever until i pull the pendrive out - as in other video here. What do you think?

Can i do some checking in some way, avoiding the freezing/bsod'ing, before i contact ocuk? Admit i'm feeling a bit awkward making the 2nd rma for the same object.

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Dead Drive

I realise there's another thread like this, but you can all look at mine now. The drive first started stuttering on my computer when i played music from it. Browsing through it would take a couple seconds every time i move to another directory. After restarting, the ahci check would pause for seconds after it reached the port the drive was in; once windows boot, it didn't even show up. Took it to another pc, the drive did manage to come up. Data still seemed intact, so i tried a scan, results showed some files just couldn't be scanned and these were normal files rather than the usual unreadables like system data. I tried opening those files, but they managed to open fine (damn mixed messages). Next day, i tried starting it again and now the computer doesn't seem to quite start up unless the drive's disconnected. It bluescreens, but the computer restarts too quickly to catch what it said. Bios doesn't see it, wd's diagnostic tool doesn't see it. Now i'm thinking of doing an rma, so i try wiping it with dban, but it finishes way too quickly, so i'm thinking it couldn't see the drive either. I'm 99% sure it's dead and wd will probably process the rma, but i'd like a 100% assurance too, so please throw in your thoughts. Also, i'm curious how possible it would be for data to be recovered. I do have backups in place, but instead i'm concerned with the possibility of important data being stolen from it.

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Dead Hard Drive

I restarted my pc the other day. When i started it back up, it said "insert system disk". So naturally i took the case off, and looked at the hard drives. I have two hard drives, my primary, os hard drive and my storage drive. My primary drive won't take power. It's not the power cable, i plugged the storage drive in and it worked fine on the same cable. The hard dive doesn't spin, at all. Any ideas, or am i at a total lost without sending it to a dc?

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My Hard Drive Is Dead

Yesterday a thunder (or lightning whatever) burned out one of my computers, that pc wasn't special in any way but the hard drive contains important stuff. I've tried to mount it in another pc but it just doesn't boot, seems like it is damaged, how can i recover my info?

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Is My Hard Drive Dead ?

I have an 80g sata that i have been using as my os drive for a long time now. I got it when sata drives were first becoming popular. I had xp on it, but last night i partitioned it in half with partition magic and put windows 7 32bit pro on the other half. I left my computer on all night. I got up this morning to no image on my screen. Eventually i manually rebooted and now my computer won't boot up. No image or anything, and i can't hear the hard drive making noise. Did my hard drive die on me? Is there any way i can test it without having a secondary computer to test it in? All i have other than my desktop is my wife's laptop.

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1tb Dead Drive ?

The seagate barracuda 7200. 11 drive that i had bought as a boot drive (1tb) will not work. Bios won't even recognize it. Other than initial installation, it had never been touched, and was working very well. It was mounted in the cooler master stacker 810 behind a filtered 120mm fan and was subject to rather light use. However, it was at a point where around 50-100gb space was unused, the rest full. I tried removing the drive and putting in an old pata wd 250 gig drive, and was able to install vista and run the computer ok. Attempting to install the drive in question with the wd 250 caused the computer to hang at the gigabyte motherboard screen, or on other attempts, it goes to bios but still doesn't recognize the 1tb seagate. Although most of the data on it is backed up, about a month's worth is not, and it's rather important stuff. Quotes for an in-lab data recovery service have been around $400-$600 to start, or up to $3500 if it's something complicated. Any suggestions on how to handle this issue?

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Dead Sata Drive

I shutdown my machine the other night and thinking it had completed the shutdown, i turned the mains power off but alas i was wrong. The machine was powered up later that day and it gets past post but goes no further. No error message, just a black screen. Looking in the bios, my drive is no longer listed and cannot be auto detected (but as it is a sata drive, does it appear anyway?)

When the pc is booting, it brings up the raid screen which says my drive is present, and names it together with its capacity. I tried to do an xp fix or reinstall and it tells me that no hdd is connected to my pc. I have reinstalled the tp raid driver to see if this cures it, but to no avail. Short of getting a new drive, connecting it, reinstalling windows and attempting to do a data recovery, is there anything i can do? Im not concerned about the software on the disk, but it does contain thousands of photos of my kids as babies which i do not want to lose.

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Data Recovery From Dead Hard Drive

Are there any softwares to recover data from a dead hard drive. Please help me in this situation since, my hard drive is giving some noise for almost 10 seconds while booting and not even detecting.

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Hard Drive Dead - Anyway To Recover Data ?

My fathers computer's hardrive died last night (atleast, i think so) the computer will just start up and once it gets to the windows loading screen, will just restart, i tried to put the hardrive in my computer and access it to get his files, but when i try it just sais that it's corrupted. I know there have been ways to recover data even when the hardrive has died / corrupted, is it possible i could do this?

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How To Pull Data Off Dead Laptop Hard Drive?

I've done it multiple times in the past, but this time i fear the drive itself may be damaged. My laptop just died and i used a sata-to-usb converter to connected the pulled hard drive to an old power mac g4. It shows up in disk utility but doesn't mount. Any help is appreciated, as i foolishly don't have a backup. All i want to is to mount the drive one last time in order to perform a feel backup.

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Swap Electronic Boards From Dead Hard Drive

Okay, my friend has an ide 3. 5" western digital wd caviar 205aa 20. 5gb harddrive. Other info on the hard drive is: mfg date 5/19/2000, lba 40079088, model wd205aa-00ana0. She said the computer stopped working after several rounds of electrical surges due to an ice storm this past winter. So i pulled the hard drive, put in another one that i had and it powered up just fine inside the tower. I also have an external ide to usb cable with external power that i've used several times to power hard drives outside the box to move data to another pc by usb (so it works), but on her hdd still no power. I know there are professional services that could recover the data (she really wants/needs the data, but she's not willing to pay what they're asking - one quote was $700). I really think the electronic board on the hdd is probably what is dead. So my question is this. If i found another identical hdd could i possibly pull the electronic board off it and place it on the defective hdd? Anyone ever done this? I've heard of this, but i'm struggling to find any documentation on it. Also, i've heard that the hdd's have to be identical for the electronic boards to match and if that's so, does anyone know what determines "identical"? Is it the model #? I'm asking obviously because i don't have one that's identical laying around, but there's a good chance that i could find one on ebay. A 20gb ide hard drive probably doesn't cost that much so she's willing to give it a try for $20 bucks or so. P. S. I had already froze the hdd in the freezer to see if that would unstick it assuming that it might be stuck and that didn't help either (not sure where i picked up that trick, but it's worked twice for me over the years - this time it didn't help).

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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Usb Flash Drive Error - This Drive Needs To Be Formatted

A friend of mine recently had her usb drive come up with an error. Whenever it is accessed it throws up an error "this drive needs to be formated". So we tried running chkdsk and even tried running restoration ( which i've tried on my father's hard drive before with excellent results. This time it just throws up a "unable to recognize" error. When i try to format it, we can only format a 8mb partition (out of 512mb) and even then it says "no" to that. I used the built in windows xp. Chkdsk cannot see it, says it is in raw format (which i assume means there is no partition). My next step is to try some specialized software made for flash drive recovery. There are important files on there that the owner would very much like back (however not important enough to justify large spending of money). A free-ware option would be fantastic.

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Flash Drive Got A Virus

My flash drive got a virus on it. The thumbnail shows the avast! Message i got. Apparently on my flash drive there's a hidden folder called "recycler". I have no idea why it's there, i didn't see it before, when i plugged it in for the first time (i only bought it last weekend). So this virus file was in that folder, and i did the "move to chest" option. Now, my flash drive can't be accessed properly! When i go to my computer, and double click it, here's the error that i get. Look at the other thumbnail. However, it still works if i autoplay it. I can right click on the drive and select autoplay and then select the "open folder to view files in windows explorer" option. Weird, isn't it?

So, what should i do to fix it again? Can i just format it? This may sound like a dumb question (probably is), but for some reason i'm not certain if it's okay to format a flash drive. Also, anyone have any explanation why this condition occurred? I deleted a virus file and now i can't access the drive? That just seems to defy logic.

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Flash Drive Bootable

I want to update the bios on my asus rampage ii gene motherboard and i have no floppy, is there a way i can do this from windows (asus only provides afudos) or a way to make my flash drive bootable ?

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Flash Drive Problem

I have kingston datatraveler 4gb, when im attempting to make a new file suddenly it prompts me "write protected", i tried to format it still the message prompting me. I also try to use the cmd "format f:" still it fails. Anyone please help me i need my usb for my projects.

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Backup A Flash Drive

Just wondering how other are backing up the data on their flash drives. I do not mean backup data to a flash drive. But backing up a flash drive in case of lost/stolen, flash drive failure, etc.

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Security With A Flash Drive

I would like to do something that is i'm sure impossible, but i want to find out how close i can get for a windows configuration. I travel with sensitive information and need to access the web when i travel, usually with my own laptop, but not always. What i'd like to do is put that information on an encrypted flash drive that would be almost impossible to hack so that i can just carry it with me in my pocket. What would be really cool, would be to be able to put my browser on that same flash drive. That way i wouldn't have to worry about cached pages of information, they'd all be on the encrypted flash. I'm thinking a 4 gig flash would hold everything i need. Ok, probably an impossible wish list, but how close can i get?

Oh, a p. S. Is there such a thing as something that would destroy the data if someone fails on password or fingerprint scan, say 5 times? That would be the ultimate.

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How To Scan Flash Drive ?

How do i scan a flash drive? I was given a flash drive in order to copy some pdf documents. The thing is: how do i scan it? Because once i plug it it, it automatically becomes a drive on my computer. Of course i can do an on demand scan, but there are many hacking tools like usb swiss army knife that grab your passwords and dump them in a file immediately after you plug it in with and autoexec or something. Any ideas?

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Converting Usb Flash Drive Into Pc

Iím planning to convert my 2gb usb flash into personal pc using mojopac software.

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Has Anyone Ever Had A Usb Flash Drive Die ?

Has anyone ever had a usb flash drive die? Or knows anyone else who's drive died? I got one like more than a year ago, i think, and it died within a few weeks. Since then i've had another one, and it's been fine so far. I just want to know how often it happens that they die because i'm a bit scared of mine dieing randomly on me like the first one did. I sometimes carry things on it that i need at school and i'd be screwed if it randomly died on me then. Secondly, does it matter if i "remove it safely" (you know that thing in winxp you do where you click at the icon in the taskbar and select "safely remove removable drive soandso"?) Or if i just pull it out?

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Readyboost - Flash Drive Size

The other night i found my old 24x flash drive (usb key). I plugged it into my machine and tried it out as a readyboost key. Diddnt notice any difference to be honest, but i think its an awefully old slow one and it was only 1gb big. Whats the maximum usefull size for a usb readydisk. And what speed is best (as they come in different speeds). What speed usb key am i looking for if i want the best performance? Also. Do i need it with 4gb ram in vista 64bit? Will i feel a difference?

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How To Setup And Flash With A Thumb Drive

As the title says, im wanting to know how to setup my pny attache 1gb thumb drive to flash my bios. I got two bios' one is the newest and the other is a beta that came out last month. I also downloaded the asus flash utility.

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Mp3 Player Thats Has A Flash Drive

I am staying away from apple because i dont like itunes and would rather have the simple drag and drop optoin. Is there anything else out there comparable to a nano? 2-4g that can act as a flash drive and can take some abuse?

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Hd Tune Results For Flash Drive

This isn't a problem, but more of a curiosity, but what is the fastest a flash drive can do? I know i have seen flash drives in the low 30 mbps, but i ran my rally2 (not turbo) and it is giving me 39 mbps, 0. 4 ms access time. Other flash drives are much slower (and older). I have ran it a few times with the same results. Is this possible? Reviews of the drive show it around 32-33 mbps.

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Flash Drive To Install Vista

I just installed vista with a flash drive but to my dismay it took just as long as with a dvd so i am wondering if my flash drive is a piece of junk or not? It is a pny optima attache 4gb. What is the best flash drive to use for stuff like this?

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