Computer Won't Even Boot After Installing Sound Card Drivers

I built a new computer yesterday and all was good updated the bios and made a floppy for the raid and installed windows all was working great. I then further went on and installed a load of drivers and installed my new sound card. I did also have a go at changing the auto overclocking settings in ai booster. Now it wont even boot, it dont turn my screen on automatically when you turn the rig on and when you go to turn it off the rig off wont turn off either unless you use the swich on the power supply at the back. Please help what do you think i have done and how can i fix it? I have now removed the sound card still no diffrent i have dissconected the hdds and still no good. I have taken the graphics card out and reseated it still no good. I am thinking the psu carnt see why it is new and a gooden but with it not turning off when pushing the power button just gives me the feeling it is the psu. Thing is i dont have any spare parts to even specifications:

Asus p5wd2-e premium intel 975x
Intel pentium 4 950 dual core
Ocz 2gb pc5300 dual channel gold gx xtc series el-ddr2
3d connect ati radeon x1900 xt 512mb
X2 western digital raptor 74gb
Fsp sparkle fx600-gln epsilon 600w atx2. 0 psu
Thermaltake vb1000bws soprano
Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro cpu cooler
Creative sound blaster x-fi sound card

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New Card Installing - Do I Have To Uninstall Drivers ?

Okay just got my new aiw x800xl card from futureshop today and i got a question. My card that i have in right now is the 9200se and the drivers are all up to date. Do i have to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them for the new card to work or can i do it the lazy way and just switch cards out?

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Tv Tuner Card Problems Installing Drivers

I get a bluescreen that flashes by when my driver is installing a file somewhere along the name of noremotepci. My friend accidentally flashed my tv tuner card instead of my video card if that helps you maybe fix the issue. I don't know how to flash yet so if that's the way to fix it.

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Installing Usb Drivers For Xd / Sm Card Reader On Win 98

I recently bought an xd / sm card reader from sandisk (sddr-95). Can't get the usb driver that comes with it to install. Apparently, it doesn't work well with windows 98, which is the os i run on my pc. According to their web site, there are some patches that could make it work for win 98, but i haven't been able to get them to work. Win 98se seems to be the lowest version that is fully supported. Does anyone have any experience installing usb drivers/patches for win 98? Are there any inexpensive card readers that would work with 98, or would i have to upgrade to 98se or me?

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Installing Games Card And Workstation Card On The Same Computer

If you use your home computer as a graphics workstation and a gaming computer, can you install a gaming card and a workstation card in the same tower and use some sort of switch to switch between them. Alternatively, could one use a card and quickly change the firmware to switch between game processing and graphics processing?

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Drivers For A Sound Blaster Live Pci Card Ct4620 Windows Xp Or 2000

A friend of mine got a free soundblaster live pci card. With no drivers disc. Im trying to find them on google. But some of these sites im finding are bogus looking. Any help would be appreciated. Model is ct4620

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Computer Keep Restarting After Installing Video Card

I just recently tried to install a video card and the card was bad. I had to restart the computer so when i turned the computer off and installed my old card back in "working card" i started the computer in normal mode and when it get to the windows display page it restarts every time. I tried to start it in save mode so i can get the video drivers out and put my drivers in for my old card back when i go safe mode after the partitions all scrolls down it restarts .

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Can A Sound Card Cause A Computer To Overheat ?

I installed an xfi xtreme gamer sound card in my 4 month old core i7 920 tonight, replacing the onboard sound. My gpu is an msi gtx 275, which occupies two slots on my asus p6t deluxe motherboard. I installed the sound card directly beneath the gpu so that it's almost touching it. The msi gpu has two fans, and one of those fans is now completely blocked. I left my computer on to go have some dinner (it was just displaying the desktop) and after about an hour i came back, only to find that my monitor had switched off, and that the central power-on switch for the computer was blinking red. It scared the living daylights out of me, since in the 4 months that i've owned this computer i've never seen that before. I re-booted the computer by depressing the power-on button for 10 seconds. Now i'm completely freaked out. I can only assume that this is going to happen again?

My preference would've been to have installed the sound card in the slot below the slot in which it's presently installed in - but it wouldn't have reached the end of the case, since that slot is depressed into the case by about a half an inch too far. Any thoughts or suggestions? Could the red light have been caused by something else? The computer is on right now, and i'm just waiting. I'm a bit panicked here.

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5.1 Sound Card Freezes Computer

I just bought myself this sweex 5. 1 soundcard to replace my onboard realtek soundcard (since that one doesn't support 5. 1). Allright, so i disable the old soundcard (realtek ac97), let windows install his version of the driver for my new card. Totally screwed up. Can't get in "configuration->system" anymore, it just hangs, and when i reboot the computer hangs during startup. So i restore last configuration and install from the disk that comes with the card. That worked better. No visual problems. However, now when i use the card (play a movie or mp3, any player) it plays for a few seconds and then stops and my computer hangs. ("Few seconds" differs from time to time, sometimes it even hangs when playing the welcome tune when i log on to windows)

This led me to believe that there is a resource problem. So i checked out my irq ports. Striking, it's on 11 but along with a lot of other things. Note that the old card also uses 11. I tried to change this for the new card but that seems not to be allowed by xp. I tried removing the acpi driver and replacing it for a "standard pc" one, but this led to a complete mess, and i was still not able to change irq's.

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New Graphics Card - Computer Won't Boot

I recently purchased an evesham ati radeon 9800 pro, and installed it with no problems. (I previously had a geforce 4 mmx 440) the first time i booted up the computer, the standard window drivers or software rendering was a little crap, but the stuff was legible. I then downloaded the latest catalyst drivers, following the links at However when i installed the drivers my computer will now not boot. I have windows xp (home) and only rarely can i get past the log on screen without everything freezing. I tried going into safemode which also crashes. Has anyone else got any tips or ideas which i can try - i am rather desperate, also i am not the world's greatest computer genious, so if you could please describe in detail.

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Hp A6000n Drivers Not Installing

I have a problem with my hp a6000n desktop computer. My old soundcard and tv tuner card vista drivers are having trouble installing. Midway tru the installation it says that it cannot detect the hardware. And i am 100% sure i have downloaded the correct drivers for the hardware. I am not sure what may be the problem if its the windows vista or maybe the hardware don't work properly with those new pci express slots. Cause they work fine on my old dell running windows xp. What do u think may be causing this issue?

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Installing Drivers On Windows 98

I have installed windows 98 perfectly fine on an acer extensa 2300. I did this with windows 2000 as well but i deleted it so i could install windows 98 (like the good old days. In windows 2000 i just downloaded the acer drivers to a usb on my other pc. Then put it into my pc with windows 2000 on it and they installed fine. But now. Windows 98 will not install any of my usb sticks. Here is what happens:


*Insert usb stick*

Windows pops up: windows has detected new hardware and is now searching for software

New windows pops up: this wizard searches for new drivers for: usb disk

A device driver is a software program that makes a hardware device work. *Click next >*

What do you want windows to do?

*Select "search for for best driver for your device"*

*Click next >*

Windows will search for new drivers in its driver database on your hard drive, and in any of the following locations. Click next to start the search. *Ticks floppy disk drives*

*Ticks cd-rom drive*

*Click next >*

*Straight away pops up*: windows was unable to locate a driver for this device. If you do not want to install a drivers now, click next. To search again, click back


So now i cant get my acer drivers onto my computer because they are stored onto my usb but windows isn't letting me install the usb onto the computer. I tried to burn the drivers and files to a cd but when i went into the cd in explorer, nothing showed up. Please can someone tell me how to get the usb drivers onto my computer so i can get my usb to be read by windows, so i can install all of my other drivers to make the computer to work.

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Sata Drivers When Installing Windows Xp

Got a question : i wanna install windows xp with a sata hd but i don't have a floppy disk drive. Do i really need one or i can burn the drivers on a cd or else on the xp cd?

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Problems Installing Catalyst Drivers

I downloaded the drivers for my new 5850, but they don't seem to work in windows 7 (enterprise). Has anyone else run into this?

They get to the point where i'm offered the choice to install or uninstall old ati drivers. Whenever i select either option, i get a message saying "catalyst install manager has stopped working". This happens when i run without compatibility mode, and if i use compatability mode with xp sp3 and vista sp2. I've been trying to follow this guide to resolve the issue, but i think it was made for vista, not 7. The step that i get stuck on is number 2 where it says to uninstall the existing driver in the hardware manager and check the option to delete the driver so it doesn't re-install itself. The problem is, there's no check box on my windows 7 machine with that option, so the driver just comes back after i restart. The driver currently displaying is the standard vga graphics adapter. I could not manually delete the driver, either. Is there a trick to getting that check box to show up? Or is there an easier way to get the catalyst drivers to install?

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Pci.sys Is Corruption After Installing Drivers

I just built my new system, installed windows and everything seemed fine, then i tried installing the boards drivers and the system crashed, then when i restarted the pc, it couldnt start windows sayin, system32/driver/pci.sys was corrupted or damaged. I tred fixing the system and i wasnt able to, so i formated the disc, and installed windows again, and that happens again and again. Pci.sys gets corrupted again, i updated the bios and tried indtalling the boards drivers one by one and downloading them from the web site of the manufacturer, and when i was installing the first one motherboard_driver_chipset_intel_inf_965.exe" same thing happened. Also im not very sure, but i think in one of my many attempts i installed the gpu drivers first than the board drivers and same thing happened. Now after restarting the pc a million times and having done nothing to really repair the file, the pc started again, and eventhough it was very slow, at the beginning, after some more reboots it seems to be ok now and i was able to install al the boards and gpu drivers except the motherboard_driver_chipset_intel_inf_965.exe one. Thing is im sure my oc wont be stable for long, and this seems to be a hardware problem, but i dont have an idea of how to identify what is really happening, so i would really appreciate if you could give it a good thought and give me a solution.

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Installing Drivers For Dell Dimension 2350

I reinstalled windows xp on a dell dimension 2350 and then installed the service pack. When i go to device manager the following have question marks: ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller, pci simple communication controller, universal serial bus (usb) controller, and video controller (vga compatible). I went to the dell site listed below and tried to get the drivers for this computer. But i am not sure what to select in some instance. For example network has 10 files - how do i know what to select, the same applies for the other driverrs. Any suggestions on how to install the drivers for a dell computer after a windows xp fresh install.

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Installing Raid Drivers, No Floppy - Alternatives ?

Is there an alternative to using a floppy drive to install the drivers for raid support when installing windows? I'll be using an evga x58 e758 3 way sli, not sure if it has a bios option to enable use for a flash drive or anything, or if its even necessary to have a setting, and can just use a flash drive. Anyone know? I really don't want to hunt down a floppy drive, and come to think about it i dont believe this board even has a floppy cable connector, just a single udma 133.

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Geforce 6800 Xt Problem Installing Drivers

Ok, there is probably an easy solution for this, but i just got an xfx geforce 6800 xt and when i try to install the drivers on the cd i keep getting prompted that another microsoft hardware installation is underway and click yes to continue and wait for other installation to complete or click no and go back to main menu. The problem is that i don't see another hardware installation being performed, so does anyone know the process name that microsoft uses for their add hardware wizard, or do i need to do something else?

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Installing Nf4 Raid Drivers Via Windows Xp Integration

I've read you can set up sata raid without having to use one of those stupid floppy drives, is this completely true? From what i have read it seems a program called nlite can integrate your chosen raid controller during the windows xp setup, so you don't have to hit f6 and manually install the raid drivers by means of a floppy disk. My problem is right now that it seems the nforce4 raid controller cannot be integrated with xp, ***? Any help please?

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Installing Ati Drivers Cause Directx And 3d Games To Fail

I recently did a clean install of xp over the previous windows 2000 install. After spending a few hours at microsoft update, i downloaded the drivers ati recommend for my card from their site, then i downloaded a demo of sam and max episode 1 to test it. Dxdiag failed to render in directx8 or directx9 mode, claiming "out of memory", which confused me quite a bit since it worked fine before. I tried the sam and max demo, heard sound but the screen was just black. I tried uninstalling the drivers and reverting back to the ones windows update installed. Now the directx tests was passing and the game ran. But im pretty sure the aren't rendering at anywhere near the speed the ati drivers used to, since attempting to use hardware acceleration on my media players causes videos that played just fine before to be pretty much unplayable now. Anybody have any idea why the drivers actually broke everything instead of improve it? Is there anything i can do about this? What and where would be the best place for me to get drivers for this card?

Pentium 3 1. 13ghz
1gb pc133 sdram
Agp sapphire radeon 9600pro

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Remove Nvidia Drivers Prior To Installing 5870

I currently have a gtx280 sli setup and will be replacing them with a 5870. Whats the best way to get rid of all traces of these drivers on windows 7 64 bit?

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Sapphire Ati Radeon X1650 Problem Installing Drivers

I just finally got my new video card in the mail, a sapphire ati radeon x1650 (512mb, pci express), i get it into my computer just fine, but now the drivers will not install. The cd that came with it either locks up my pc when i try to load it, or the installer doesn't even do anything. I tried downloading the latest drivers for the correct card from both the ati website and the sapphire website. Both ones don't work. I made sure to remove all traces of the old ati drivers, so that shouldn't be causing the problem. I know my pc works with everything, the new drivers just refuse to install. Here is what happens when i run the setup:

1. Ati software installation screen opens (the big fullsize window with a red background)
2. A message window pops up, titled: notify
There is no message in the box, just an ok button. 3. After pressing the ok button, a new notify window opens, now with the message, "data. Size() !=3". 4. After pressing ok on the new message, a final message appears stating, "setup failed to run installation: (0x80040707)"

After i press ok on that message, setup closes. I ordered the card from

After trying to get it to work all day, i don't think it was worth the $59. 99

I can't go back to my old radeon x700 now (which i've had ever since i purchased my pc so long ago), so i'm pretty much screwed over now, with no ability to play any games.

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Sound Card Or Onboard Sound

Do you have a a sound card or do you just use onboard? I have had issues with both and i can't figure out if i want to buy one or just use onboard. Some people claim onboard slows down the processor, is that true and if it is will you really notice it? I always hear about issues with sound cards not working with certain games and i had my own issues so i've stayed away from them. Any other pc gamers out there use a sound card?

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Installing Pci Parallel Card

I purchased a moschip pci parallel card to connect my scanport sq4830 scanner to the now computer i built. I put the vista driver on the computer but when i try to locate the scanner with with the swiss knife software i get the message " no host adapter found" what should i try to fix the problem?

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Realtek Sound Drivers In Win7

I am running windows 7 x64 on my laptop and i am having trouble with the sound drivers. Well, i can get sound from my speakers, just not from my headphone jack. In fact, i doesn't even recognize that i have one. Any help?

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Dfi M2rsh Sound Drivers

I been having issues since i got vista 32 installed. And the issue is with anything that allows me to use a mic, like ventrillo for example. It just doesn't work, it won't work on default settings. And if i switch the input manually there are like 4 options. (I don't have any soundcard it's all built in) and none of those work either. I don't think i got the sound drivers installed so i checked dfi's site and realtek alc885 drivers and nothing, they have 0 sound drivers for this board. I did a search online, checked the realtek site, no one seems ot have up to date drivers for this, at least that i can find. I'm not sure if this is my issue, i just want to be able to talk on vent.

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Compaq F750us Sound Drivers For Xp

I'm wanting to downgrade to xp on my laptop, however i tried installing it before and it seems that sound does not work with my computer's onboard on xp and the only drivers on the site are for vista only and do not work on xp. Can anyone help me locate some working drivers for my compaq f750us for xp?

Also, the video when scrolling webpages and whatnot seems to lag when i ran xp so long ago, could it be that my computer just likes vista?

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Cpufsb Corrupts Sound Drivers

I used cpufsb to overclock my cpu and it worked great. Except one problem. The sound wouldn't work. Winamp gives me an error saying sound drivers might be corrupted. Reinstalling sound drivers wont help. The only thing i can do i bring the overclock back down to normal clock speeds and restart the computer. And then it works fine. Any ideas why this might happen? And is there any way to avoid this?

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Inspiron 6400 Sound Drivers

Ok so im fixing a buds lappy and everything is working fine! But he cannot get sound to come out. So i got to dell and punch in his service tag "bpm4sc1" and i get all the drivers up for his inspiron 6400. Well i download all three of the drivers and apps that are listed under audio except i cannot get his *** to detect! Device manager cannot see the device for some odd reason and i cannot find a fix for it anywhere on

Posted On: March 24th 2008 . View Related Posts . . View 2 Replies .

Usb Card Reader Installing Problems

I am having problems installing a new usb card reader. I currently have an 8 in 1 card reader installed and connected to one of my usb 2 ports. Purchase of a new camera with a different type of memory card meant my current reader was no longer suitable. Therefore i got a 23 in 1 card reader to cover all possible options. I thought installing the new reader would be just a matter on unplugging the old reader and plugging the new one in. However although windows xp detects the new device it gets so far and then say "problem installing device it may not work properly". When you you go into control panel there is an ! Against usb mass storage device and its says "device not working properly (code 10)". If i plug the old reader back in it works fine. Do you think there is a problem with the new card reader or just a problem with the way i am installing the new reader. For example should i uninstall the old reader, then shut down xp before installing the new reader? Would this make a difference? Or is there a different fail proof installation procedure i could try? There are no other spare usb ports for me to try using instead, system windows xp sp2, pentium iii 800.

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