What Is Typical Computer Screen Size?

I design websites on a mac, but since the vast majority of people actually view them on a pc running ie6/ff/win, i recently acquired a cheap windows computer to check how they look. This has proved very useful. But since i also use a 23-inch flat-panel tft display, i thought i'd also get a "standard" display/monitor to get an even better picture of how joe average sees my websites. I thought, a "standard" display is likely to be a 17-inch crt - but is it? Looking at the displays for sale, it looks as though more and more people are buying flat-panel tfts. But i still can't make up my mind on this. What do people think - would a crt or a tft be more representative of what most people use to view websites?

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Pc To Tv Screen Size

So far i just got my gtx 480 2 days ago with metro 2033 and got to play it one day which was awesome! Everything maxed out and all but my **** monitor broke today and its the only one i had so i said hey i had my monitor connected via hdmi to hdmi ill just do the same to my lg hdtv so i did and i can't seem to get a good res on it at 800x600 it isn't fuzzy but it just feels weird using that setting and i don't like it and if i put it any higher it gets very fuzzy and doesn't fit on the screen i cant see any of the cornersit hurts your eyes alot i used nvidia control panel to make the screen fit customly and it went back to 800x600 so what should i use?

Note in game it looks great and there isnt a probem at 1920 by 1080 60hz desktop mode eye raper. Also my tv has s video vga and hdmi ports i tryed all and i get the same results i dont know what to do.

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Computer Freeze When Saving Large Size Files

I have problems with my computer, when i save a large item it freezes. (Large size files / items noramly take 3+ hours to save. Have been doing alot of video editing recently and when it comes it save the overall work (render it), the whole computer freezes, managed to copy the file though the home network and do it on my bro's pc, but i can't save to dvd as it's doing the same. Thought it could be power supply, or processor over heating but if i shut down and restart it, it still has the same problems but it will freeze in a different point, getting to be a very annoying problem.

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Computer Displays Post Screen Then Went To Black Screen

My computer has been running sluggish for about two days now. Was searching the web the other day and computer just came to a halt and froze. So i rebooted the computer and then it wouldn't start up. It displays the post screen but after that it went to a black screen with a white bar at the bottom of the screen. Looked like a progress bar. Rebooted again but same thing. Popped in the os disc and tried a check desk and fdisk and it came up with some errors. Got to stage 4 of 5 on them and then stopped at 50% for hours. So today i started it up again and it finally booted to the windows logo and then finally to desktop. Took around 30mins to do so. Hard drive light indicator is always on for the most part and takes forever to load applications. Okay, i guess my question is this about to be a hard drive failure? Never had one so clueless of what it is but would think it would have something to do with the hard drive. Also before it froze the other day, applications started being really slow. For example it took 10mins just for the save file dialog box to pop up to save a file.

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Computer Screen So Dark

My com screen is well dark i can only see a bit just enough on computer. Iv tried changing the contrast or whatever u call it but nothing happens. What is wrong with my commuter ?

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How To Connect Computer Screen To Tv ?

How to connect computer screen to tv? My dad wants to know how to connect live streaming video from the computer desktop to the tv for "bigger screen" purposes. Is there a certain cable we need to buy? We dont have a laptop. How do you do this?

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Computer Screen Is Dark

I have a dell laptop. Its almost 2 years old. I took it to italy and it was in my bag i dropped it not so high, it was on top of my suit case and it fell. When i turned it on it was dark i opened and closed it and it was bright again. If i shakes the screen to much it would go black so i would have to shut it down to get the bright screen back, it lasted a few weeks. But now it just stopped working and i cant seem to get the bright screen back. I tried shutting it down and closing and opening it even replaced the screen which was very expensive. Right now i have a lamp on my screen to see, it helps a little but still very dark. Anyone know whats wrong with it?

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Screen Blank But Computer Still Running

I came back from a weekend and found my computer screen blank and my computer still running. I tried to push ctrl alt del and reset button and nothing happend. The room was pretty warm the entire weekend i was away so i think my power supply might be going. Also when i push the power buttons on my computer nothing happens either. I unplugged everything from the system including all internal cables and tried to boot up with only the main power connector to the mobo. I get no post but the cpu fan still spins and everything on the mobo looks ok.could this be a power supply issue or a case issue or something im missing. Im in need of so much help! I also smelt a slightly burning/funky smell also in the case that i dont think ive smelled before.

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Connect Computer To Television Screen

I would like to connect my computer, to my television screen? I have a toshiba satellite laptop, and it has a s-video port

While my television also has several s-video ports. What sorts of cables will be needed?

& Proper names for the cables would be appreciated because i need to research how much (canadian) they would cost.

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Computer Froze On Hp Screen And Not Loading

Why is my computer froze on the hp screen and not loading? I plugged all plugs in it says to push esc i did and it will not go all the plugs are in even the keyboard it did not do this the other day it worked fine so what is the matter with the computer?

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Connect Computer To Laptop Screen

My home computer's not working i think it's the screen monitor. Can i somehow connect it to my laptop screen?

Answer:- no - laptops don't have the right "video-in". Perhaps you could borrow a monitor from a friend. (Lots of folks have extra monitors around. ) Does your monitor have any on-screen menus to access various adjustments? For a simple test, try to activate the on-screen menu. If that doesn't come up at all, that will confirm that the monitor is dead.

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Screen Goes Dark If I Leave The Computer

What"s with bing? If i leave the computer for a break for coffee, in a short span of time the screen goes dark? Then a parade of odd-ball things and animal behavior scenes move across the screen. The only way i can restore the page i was on is to shut down the tower and restart after a minute or two. Is there a way to stop this annoying thing or a short way to return to the site i was on? It even happens in the middle of watching a youtube video, i have to click the mouse in between if i want to prevent it!

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Computer Freeze At Bios And Screen Goes Black

Last friday the computer stopped working correctly. On start up it boots normally which it goes past the bios screen and can even enter the bios utility as would any normal working computer would do. Though this is the catch. Once the computer past the normal bios and begins to enter to the hard drive to boot from windows. The screen goes black, i think it freezes there, though i'm not sure because my friend only told me this stuff over the phone. These are some things that i told him to try over the phone. One make sure you test each ram (512mbx2) test each ram stick by itself. Make sure that you have only one in at a time, and alternate from each ram stick you have. So that you can test the memory because it might be damaged. After doing all that work. Testing the memory didn't do anything the computer still crashed with 512mb or 1024mb it didn't matter what it had, it still crashed. So i'm asking what you guys might think about this problem, and if you have any suggestions at specifications:

Intel core 2 duo 1. 86ghz
Asus ai series motherboard
512mbx2 (1024mb)
Ati radeon 1600 series pci-express video card
320gb hard drive

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Computer Freezes On The Windows Loading Screen

I went to use my computer today and noticed that there was no sound. I checked all of the physical connections which seem fine and then rebooted. After rebooting the sound came back for a while but then gradually increased in static before failing again completely. I reinstalled the ac 97 drivers (it's an onboard soundcard for the asus a8n-sli mobo) to no avail. I also had the entire computer lock up twice and reboot itself while trying to fix the sound. A few reboots later the operating system would run normally for about 2 seconds before completely locking for 2 and repeating this pattern. Task manager showed me that the cpu was alternating between ~ 5% usage to 100% when it would lock and back and forth in the 2 second pattern. I completely shut down the computer and when i attempted to boot back into windows, my computer now freezes on the windows loading screen. The bar will move across roughly 10 or so times before freezing completely! If i try a reset, it will not even detect the drive that windows is installed on! It will only reappear if i power the machine off and back on again!

I am able to boot into windows in safe mode, and i tried using system restore and msconfig to turn off all of the startup services and programs but i am still unable to do a normal boot into windows. I also tried doing a repair install of xp and the repair installation will get to the installing drivers step of the installation before abrubtly rebooting and attempting to continue the setup in an endless loop. I am currently running chkdsk /r in the windows recovery console but i'm somewhat doubting this will fix the problem.

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Connect A Desktop Computer To Laptop Screen

Is there a way using some kind of cable to connect a desktop to a laptop's screen (without physically opening or breaking anything).

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Blue Screen Of Death - Computer Freeze

Ok. My pc just went through a bsod (blue screen of death) and i turned it off. When i try to turn it back on the light is on and everything but there is no signal to the monitor. I tried checking the cables and everything is fine. Is there anything that can cause this like a virus or something?

I just closed sro (silk road online) and moved my mouse over a shortcut icon and then the computer froze for about half a second and the bsod popped up. I have avg and just did a scan this morning so i dont think it was a virus. I'm just going to cut the power and go to sleep and hope that god loves me and fixes the computer. Im sort of freaking out now because i just got the computer. For christmas and my dad just got me a new graphics card (look for my other topic and you will know) and its coming in the mail. And my dad wont get me another one. This is why i stick to macs. I got about $110 from christmas and if my computer is dead im going to have to wait about 4 or 5 more years.

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Computer Boot Issue - Black Screen

Received a machine from a friend, saying the computer would not boot. Took it home, powered it up. Bios loads, computer posts, but the "windows xp" load screen never shows, just a black screen that never goes away. Thinking it was a hard drive problem, i checked the bios, and the drive showed up. I disconnected it from that machine, and placed it in my test box, set it as master, and booted. It loaded into windows without a problem. So, i connected an older hard drive with an xp installation on it into the problem machine, and the same problem happened. Thinking that the drive is fine, i decide to test the dvd-rom. I place a copy of windows xp into the machine and boot off it. The blue screen and loading windows screens show up, but they are all messed up. Text all over the place, and the recovery console will not load. At this point i'm considering it to be an ide controller problem on the motherboard, but i'm open to other suggestions. I have not tried a cmos reset, but will when i return home. So am i looking at a friend mobo, or is there another fix i haven't thought of yet?

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Blue Screen - Computer Boot Problems

This morning i turned on one of my computers and after a couple minutes i was hit with the blue screen of death. This was the first time this computer gave me back a blue screen. So i restarted the computer and it turns on and everything but nothing is being sent to my monitor, my monitor just stays in stand-by mode. Now i know the problem isn't my monitor as i just switch source to my other computer and it works, so i'm just wondering where the problem could be? I have a feeling it’s the videocard, but if it was then why would it even display the blue screen? Wouldn’t the monitor of just gone blank? I don't want to go out and purchase a new videocard if that isn't the problem.

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Computer Blue Screen, Now No Video From 3850

Card is dead correct? I'm a tad lazy to do some testing, but i'm going to assume the card is no good anymore. On the plus side maybe i can give my sister my 8800gtx for $60 and i can get a 4870 or something.

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Make Lcd Computer Monitor Into A Tv Screen

I am wondering how i can make my lcd computer monitor into a t. V. Screen? I am looking at a few monitors. One has hdmi and one just has dvi and vga. I have a dishnetwork box without hdmi so i am using component. I was wondering if all i would need to do is get a hdmi to component cord and plug it in? Or do i have to mess with the setting or other things? Also i heard you can get hd channels over the air with a hd antenna. Is that true? And how would it look on my monitor if it can support 1080p?

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Computer Wont Boot Display Nothing On The Screen

I have a computer and when i boot it, it wont display anything on the screen, the fans spin and i can hear the hard-drive spinning, but i cannot see anything on the screen. Ive tried a different monitor and ny the way it is on board graphics. I recently took the motherboard out and places it back in its case and then thats when it stops working.

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Computer Is Shutting Off During The Windows Load Screen

So i ended up upgrading to an amd x2 6000 and getting an hd4850 as well. Windows 7 was also installed by a friend on my computer. However, my computer is shutting off during the windows load screen at the same time, like right after the windows colors icon forms together and glows or whatever. I have an antec 650w truepower power supply that is maybe 3 years old at the most. Also, i have been monitoring the watts and they are all stable and all less than . 20 different than the norm or whatever each thing is supposed to be.could the ram i bought be bad and is shutting down the computer? Temperatures are all fine as well. I just find it weird that it turns off during the exact same time but will sometimes randomly let me get to windows if i keep trying. A fast response would be appreciated, especially if it is possibly bad ram since i think the last day to exchange it at frys is today for me.

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Connect Cell Phone Screen To Computer

Is there any way to connect a cell phone screen to a computer screen? I have a samsung rant and i just wanted to know if there was anyway to be able to see my phone screen on a computer screen. I know that you can extend a computer screen to a tv screen so i was just wondering if there was the same thing for phones.

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Connect Hdtv To Computer Screen Shuts Off

When i connect my hdtv to my computer, the screen shuts off (but not the tv) and nothing happens. What to do? The red light in the corner of my tv then starts flashing but slowly. I just bought a new graphics card and 4 gbs of ram. It all worked fine before but now it does this, any help?

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Dell Computer With Flat Screen Or A Fat One

If you had to choose a dell computer, would you buy a flat screen or a fat one with extra material in the back? I would buy a flat screen because it will be less heavy and won't take up as much space as fat ones. I once had a fat one with extra material and it was a night mare trying to carry it up and down the stairs because it was in my bedroom. When it broke i wish i has a flat screen, but now i have a laptop (flat screen) and it's allot better.

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Connect Camera To Computer To See Recording On Screen

Is there anyway i can connect my camera to my computer to see myself recording on the comp. Screen?Comp? I just got a canon sd1400is and i was wondering if this was possible!

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Computer Crashing - Green Screen With Dumping Memory

I know there are a plethora of reasons for my computer to be crashing, specs are listed in my sig. Essentially it runs pretty well 95% of the time, but it tends to error out when trying to encode a movie via nero and during streaming shows via a website. It gives the green screen and says a lot fo stuff, "dumping memory" sticks out though. My first guess is my memory, so i ran memtest86+ off of the ubcd. I haven't sat and watched it run, but every-time i check it it doesn't get past 22% or so - it seems like it starts over (not sure if that's even possible).could this indicate something?

What checks should i run to narrow down the possibilities?

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Computer Freezes On Boot Up At Asus Splash Screen

My computer freezes sometimes on boot up (this happens very rarely, but is annoying when it does). When i turn it on, i see my initial asus splash screen and it just stays on this until i reset or reboot. It then boots up fine. Other than this, my computer runs flawlessly, it has never seriously crashed or frozen up when it's running. I noticed also some time after i bought/built the computer, the initial "beep" when the computer boots up disappeared. I don't know if this is related. Has anyone come across something like this? I'm thinking of actually selling off this computer as i am going to need a laptop, so i'd like to get this resolved.

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Keep Screen Brightness High Or Low When Using Computer In Dark

Is it better to keep the screen brightness high or low when using your computer in the dark? I think it's better to have it at the max setting but my friend thinks it's better to have it on the lowest setting. Can anybody clarify?

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Can't See Computer Screen After Connecting Vga / Rgb To Tv

Can't see computer screen - tried to connect vga/rgb to tv, changed display settings. ? I changed my display properties to show on tv screen, it doesn't work. Now i can't see computer screen on tv, or computer screen at all. Is there anything i can do? Is there a manual undo button? Can i do system restore by clicking on something?

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