External Usb Floppy Drive Power Adapter

I have an external usb floppy drive that i got some time ago. I need to use it for something but discovered that i have misplaced the ac adapter. The drive is designed to run off the bus unless you connect it to an un-powered hub but it works best with the adapter.considering this, what would the power specs on such an adapter be? I can't get any answers from the manufacturer for some reason (they went out of business and then came back). I seem to remember it being a 12 volt unit but the power draw was closer to an amp then most of the generic adapters you could find at radio shack, etc. I remember the adapter being pretty large.

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External Hd With Usb To Rj45 Adapter

I have an external hd case that has usb and esata. I would also like to connect it to my router. Is this possible by using an adapter like this: http://bit. Ly/9okfd1

Will that make the external hard drive available on the network?

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Boot Up From Usb Floppy Disk Drive

So i need a floppy drive. I do not have a power dongle, the small one on my antec neopower 480 for a floppy drive. Someone at microcenter told me that there are power dongle converters for floppys. But i was wondering, since i need to install my sata drivers off an a: drive when i boot from my xp c. D. Will a usb floppy drive could act exactly the same as an internal one? Can i boot up from a usb floppy disk drive?

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Power Down External Esata Drive

I am using one of these external usb/esata drives with a wd 1tb black hdd

I am using it with an asus p6t deluxe motherboard and the esata port does not support hot swapping so if i connect it i have to restart the machine for it to be detected in windows also i read that you should not even connect it while the computer is on if the port is not hot swappable. It works greats but the problem is that the drive is always on and spun up and running very hot, i don't access it much but don't want the hassle of restarting the machine when i want to power it down or access it?

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Low Power External Drive For The Car

I'm about to start putting in a new car a/v system and the guys at the install shop have warned me that the usb interface on the head units generally don't have a lot of power and tend to have problems with larger drives. They don't know enough to tell me how much is "not enough power for larger drives" so i don't know the answer to that and so far kenwood and pioneer haven't answered me on emails and a voice mail. Do any of you know of a lower power consumption external that is maybe made for laptop use or something along those lines? As i look through various models of externals, there's no mention of power consumption etc other than whether or not the drive is designed to run off usb or if there's an ac adapter. Would an ssd be a good choice other than the expense? I'd prefer not to use the 12v supply in the vehicle nor run a new one just based on location. The idea is that the drive will plug in inside my console and be taken out once in a while when i have ripped a lot of new music or want to load a few movies for my nephews or something.

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Is It Safe To Leave Power Cable Plugged Into External Drive ?

I was wondering if it is safe to leave the power cable plugged into an external drive? Does it keep the disk spinning? I usually just grab the usb cable when i need data and safely remove it after, but i'm not sure if it is ok to leave the power cable in or out.

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Usb External Hard Drive Front Panel Usb Connection Problem

I have a usb connection external hard drive. It works perfectly and is detected in computer 2 and 3 starts to detect it but stops and says there it might have problems working perfectly. And no drive letter shows in computer 2 & 3. But computer 1 reads it shows it. All 3 computers have win xp pro and all 3 computers detect and show all other usb devices with no problems. This issue here is with the front panel usb connection on all cases. Not the back. Anyone here have a solution?

It's a 2. 5 travelstar hitachi ide hard drive in an enclosure case.

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External Usb Drive Message Says, It Can Perform Faster On A Usb 2.0 Port

When i hook it up, it recognizes, then says it can perform faster on a usb 2. 0 port then goes away, and repeats this process over and over. I can never actually access it or see it in my computer. I also constantly hear the noise of a usb device being turned on and off.

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Usb Adapter For A 1.8 Pata Drive

I have a dell latitude d420 with a corrupted hard drive. I believe it's a 1. 8 pata drive and it has a ribbon cable connector. At this point all i really want to do is get some of the data off of it and then i will format the disk and re-install the operating system. I am looking for a usb device that will allow me to read the disk as an external usb device. I have one for ide and sata drives and it works great but it's not compatible with the dell 1. 8" drive. A tech guy at a local computer store tell me that he does not think one exists. Does anyone know if there is a usb cable adapter that will support this drive?

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Laptop Drive To Usb Adapter

I bought a usb adapter that can go from ide/sata and laptop ide to usb. Everything works great. Except when i hook up the laptop ide drive. It can read/write for about 5 minutes (more like 2), then it shuts down. I'm not sure if it is a power saving feature or what, but it is annoying. I have changed the setting in device manager to "allow the os to shut off device to save power" to disabled with no results. Anyone have a similar experience or solution. Yes, i've googled it many times under different queries with no decent results. I don't think buying a new one would help, as it does work, it's just the power to the hdd stops after a few minutes.

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Connect Dvd Drive As External Drive Through Usb Port

I have a sony dvd-rw drive which works fine when plugged directly as an ide drive. I also have an ide-to-usb cable along with an external power supply for ide devices. I want to connect the the dvd-rw drive as an external drive through the usb port. I have windows xp (sp2). When i plug the dvd-rw drive through the usb port, xp complains that "the device cannot be recognized". It shows up in the device manager as an unknown device under usb controllers. I am have a desktop (p4 1. 4ghz, 256mb rd, usb 1. 0) and a laptop (amd turion, 256mb ddr, usb 2. 0)!

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Tape Drive In Usb 2.0 External Drive Enclosure

I purchased a dell / seagate stt2401a tr7 tape drive (tr-7 20/40gb ide) last night. I was wondering if it is possible to put this in a usb 2. 0 external drive enclosure. I know i can physically put in one, but i'm not sure if it will work.

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External Usb Hard Drive Recommendation

I'm looking to purchase an external usb drive for my desktop pc to serve as a backup for all my saved game files, steam files and other files, are there any particular ones that stand out? Any ones to avoid? I'll need a minimum of 500gb of space. I never purchased an external drive before, is it better to get one with a separate power supply?

Are there any usb 3. 0 external drives available? If i get a 3. 0 drive then i can still use it on my usb 2. 0 motherboard right (but with 2. 0 transfer speeds of course)?

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Ps3 - How To Use External Usb Hard Drive ?

Is there a way i can run movies or transfer the movies from my usb hard drive to watch on the ps3? Im exciting about the dvix addition. Im guessing it has to be formatted a certain way or something.

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External Usb Hard Drive Format Problem

I just bought a external ide to usb changer and connected a 80 gb samsung hard drive to it. When i log on to windows and i try to format it, i cannot format it. Why? I tried to format using dos as well, but i couldnt do it.

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No External Usb Hard Drive In My Computer Folder

Yesterday i connected an external usb hard drive to my computer (xp sp1, amd athlon processor) the icon that appears on the taskbar in the bottom right hand corner appeared to say it was connected. So i went into 'my computer' folder and there was no other drive there? I checked in device manger and everything was ok in there. I tried rebooting with it connected and still get the same problem. So i disconnected it and connected my card reader for my mobile phone and i get exactly the same problem with this. Nothing appears in my computer. Only a couple of weeks ago i was using the card reader fine, so i'm thinking it might be a setting in the computer somewhere. Has anyone got any ideas on what could be wrong?

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Raid 1 Or Mirror Using Internal And External Usb Drive

I have a 500gb internal sata drive used as the my documents drive. Windows is installed on a separate drive. I have a portable 500gb usb drive that i use for backup (wd passport) which is pretty much plugged in all the time. Is there a way to mirror data onto both drives as opposed to dragging and dropping manually?

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When Will External Hard Drive Enclosures With Usb 3 Be Common ?

I'm considering buying an external hard drive enclosure. There don't seem to be many with usb 3 yet. When do people think enclosures with usb 3 will be commonly available? If it's going to be a while i won't wait, but i'd hate to buy one with usb 2 now and then have usb 3 models become available in a couple of months.

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External Usb Drive Is Taking 6+ Hours To Format

I just got a new fantom 500gb usb drive in today and started the ntfs format about 6 hours ago with vista disk management, disk management just gave me a percentage a minute ago of 33%. I did a long format, not a quick. Edit: it just now went from 33% to 34% so i'm canceling the format, this is pathetic. Edit2: i canceled the format and it's still going, up to 35% now, *** is going on. Edit3: i turned off the power to the drive, then did a quick format and that worked, but now i'm thinking maybe something is wrong with this drive since it took forever to do a full format.

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External Enclosure / Drive With Usb And Esata Recommendations

I'm looking at the acomdata executive pd320use-bl 320gb 5400 rpm 8mb cache usb 2. 0 / esata external hard drive - retail at newegg. Has anyone used this product?

Does anyone have recommendations for a similar product and/or an enclosure which i buy the drive separately? I primarily plan to use this as portable storage and will be using the usb most of the time. It would be nice to have the esata available for when the devices it is hooked to support it, but is not absolutely necessary.

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Ps3 Usb External Hard Drive Connection

I have a 500 gig seagate free agent pro usb 2. 0 hard drive. I have plugged the hard drive into the ps3 usb port but the ps3 does not recognize it in the menu. Can someone please tell me how i can make the ps3 recognize my external hard drive? I'd like to stream video from it.

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Usb External Hard Drive Not Fully Recognized By Xp

I have a hdd with an ide/usb converter to be used as an external usb hdd. It was working fine the couple of times i used it, but apparently something happened and now it is not fully recognized by xp. When i turn the hdd on, xp tells me new hardware found, then says it is a disc unit, then nothing happens. My pc does not show the disc, neither the explorer does it. I can not open device manager unless i turn the hdd off. I have un-installed/installed all usb controllers. Same problem. The above happens with my desktop. There is no problem using this usb external hdd in my notebook. Any idea what the problem is? How to solve it?

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External Usb Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting Randomly

External usb hard drive keeps disconnecting randomly. I have a 500gb verbatim hard drive that i have connected to my toshiba laptop. After 20 minutes or so the drive randomly disconnects. I've tried changing the power options disabling the them for the usb setting to stop it from shutting off, but it doesn't help. When i plug the drive in and look under device manager i see the usb mass storage. I changed all the usb hub properties to never turn them off to save power. I've even tried this on my desktop computer and it does the same thing. I'm running it on windows 7 64 bit. I've searched numerous forums to look for a possible solution. I've also tried different usb cables and the problem continues. Please if anybody has solved this common problem let me know.

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Connecting External Usb Hard Drive To Xbox

Can i connect an external usb hard drive for my laptop to xbox to watch video that is saved on the hard drive?

Answer:- you take usb cord from the external drive and plug it into one of the usb slots on the 360(assuming you meant 360 and not orginal xbox). Once its connected go to the video tab and the external hard drive should be recognized by your system. Just select the device you want and voila!

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Usb External Hard Drive Problem After Reinstall Windows

I had recently formatted my comp. And reinstalled windows which went very well but when i went to plug in my dynex usb external hard drive that has a maxtor hardrive inside. The computer kept on asking me to format the hardrive. I really don't want to format my external hardrive cause i have lots of important documents on it plus it used to just recognize it no problem without any formatting. So if anyone could possible help me or give me some tips to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated i am sure it is probably some small setting that i may have not noticed.

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Portable External Hard Drive Or Huge Flash Usb

I am looking to use either a portable external hdd or a flash usb (32gb or more) to run applications like portable photoshop, illustrator, winrar, vista, etc. I will also store video files, and other folders, etc, on the drive as well. But which one should i buy? Can u please link me to some good items?

- 1st priority is running applicationsd and using it on the go. - 2nd priority is storage space.

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Copying Files From Internal Hard Drive To External Usb 2.0

About to start new build. Since present eide hd will not be available for transferring files to new eide hd, i'm thinking about copying files to external usb2. 0 hard drive, and then copying them to new eide hard drive when new build is up and running. The external usb drive will be used in the new build. I need to know if this is feasible and, if so, how do i do it? Do i just copy a file at a time?

Or do i need to establish folder for groups of files? The files are a mix of photos, music, and doc files. I do not want to foul this up and lose everything i have in the process. I tried this once before when i had to reinstall xp home and found subsequently that i could not access the files i had sent to floppies.

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Samsung Usb 2.0 8x Dvd Writer External Optical Drive

Looking for customer reviews for samsung usb 2 0 8x dvd writer external optical drive for mac. Where can i find reviews and opinions online for samsung usb 2 0 8x dvd writer external optical drive for mac.

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Simultaneously Connected External Usb Hard Drive Is Safe ?

External usb hard drive connected simultaneously to laptop and usb powered hub: safe? I have a external 2. 5" hard drive (in enclosure with usb port ). It has a "y" usb cable (to connect to 2 usb ports in my laptop, if more current is needed). Can i connect the "y" cable to the laptop and to a powered (external power adapter) usb hub? The intention would be to get from the usb hub any extra power the hard drive may need. Is this safe? Does it make sense? The hub is not connected to the laptop - will it work properly?

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Toshiba Canvio Plus 1.0 Tb Usb 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

Where can i buy toshiba canvio plus 1. 0 tb usb 2. 0 portable external hard drive ? Review?

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