What Is Average Cost Of A Desktop Computer?

What is the average price of a good desktop in the uk? All i am after is really good graphics, and it being fast (thats to do with the processor and ram right?) Also anyone got some cheapish but good makes? My family have always bought dell, but i've heard that they are unfairly expensive, is that correct?

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Average Life Span Of Compaq Pc

Whats the average life span of a 2005 compaq pc with windows xp home edition? I've had my 2005 compaq pc with windows xp home edition for 5 and a half years and have had no trouble at all. I leave it on all of the time and my pc has survived 34 severe viruses and 3 crashes and i also have system recovery. Is that good if my pc has survived that long and still runs like brand new despite the crashes and all of the viruses?

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Warning: The Average Disk Queue Length Is 2

Im running windows vista. I did a reliability and performance health report and i got a warning: the average disk queue length is 2. The disk may be at its maximum transfer capacity due to through put and disk seeks, what does this mean.

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How Long Does Desktop Computer Last ?

I am on my 5th desktop computer since 2000 (y2k). The most common thing that seemed to give out first (within 3-5 years) was the power supply, which i successfully replaced each time - with the recommended replacement. However, it seemed like some (unidentified) components of the motherboard(s) also failed on each and every one of my previous desktop computers. Not knowing enough about computer hardware, i took a couple of my first ones to some folks that were in the business of repairing computers for a diagnosis and possible repair. (This is how i found out about the power supplyís). After a few rounds of this, when the computer that i had broke down, i decided to just get a new one (in the $500 - $1000 range) and donate the broken one to a non-profit computer repairman that gave his repaired electronics to charities. I have had as many as 3 desktops at one time, but never one for more than 5 years - even though i work to keep them in good condition (like vacuuming them inside and out ever 3 months, etc. )

I do realize that since bic invented disposable lighters that it makes more sense to buy new rather than purchase fluid, wicks & flints. And - these days it costs less to buy a new digital camera than to get one repaired - but, is it now also the same with the average desktop (generally better to buy new rather than repair)?

Whether or not that's the way it is these days, does anyone know - what the average life is of an average desktop computer? (Average = common brand name, $500- $800)

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Best Method To Transport Your Desktop Computer

I got a job offer and i would need to fly out there (chicago to texas). I have a mid tower and was wondering what is the best way to transport that bad boy over there?

1) i heard bad things about airport luggage and how they handle your suitcases. And is carry-on for a mid-tower even possible?

2) would shipping be my best option? Alas, i don't have the styrofoam protectors that came with my case. 3) anybody have any horror stories about transporting their desktops?

Personally, i think the best method for approach is to ship it but take out some key components like the graphics card and hard drives. You bring them with you as carry-on.

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What Is Life Span Of A Desktop Computer ?

Life span of a desktop computer? Can it reach 5 years? I have gaming pcs in my net cafe can it survive in 4 years time? I admit my pc are regularly used everyday for business.

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Computer Keeps Freezing Once The Desktop Loads

I had an old piii that i took out of the closet and hooked up to my son's big tv so he could play games, however it keeps freezing once the desktop loads. I tried last known good configuration, then i did a windows/repair twice and did a full format twice and once windows is full loaded it reboots and that is where it freezes. I though reformatting took care of everything? Any suggestions?

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Connect A Desktop Computer To Laptop Screen

Is there a way using some kind of cable to connect a desktop to a laptop's screen (without physically opening or breaking anything).

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Desktop Computer Won't Power Up

My daughter's dell computer was working fine until recently. She attempted to turn the computer on with no success. I opened the computer up and there is a green light showing inside. I switched out the power supply just in case with now luck. What could the problem be?

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Connect Laptop Monitor To Desktop Computer

Connect laptop monitor to desktop computer, can i do this using a simple vga monitor cable. It's a working laptop and desktop computer. What will happen if i connect the two. Any suggestions? I don't have a separate monitor!

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Why Do Macs Cost So Much ?

I was wondering why macs cost so much. I really want an ibook g4 but it's way too much. The spec doesn't seem too brilliant so why are they so much. You can get a desktop with double the processor speed for much less than what they are asking. Anyone know?

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Desktop Does Not Fit In Screen - Scrolling Desktop

I just bought a new laptop and i am changing everything to what i like - which includes the size of the resolution of my screen. Whenever i go to change the resolution from 800 x 600 to make it look bigger (example: 1024 x 768) my laptop has no problems doing that but instead of making the whole desktop fit into my laptop screen, it makes it so i can sorta of like scroll up, down, left, right to see the rest of the screen (but there aren't any scroll bars, they are like invisible if u know what i mean). How do i change the setting so that the whole screen resolution will fit into my laptop screen instead of this scrolling method?

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Cost Effective Color Printer

I need to buy some color printers for about a dozen users. Ink jet printers are cheap, but cartridges are expensive. Iím looking for a cost effective option. There are so many options available but i really donít have any good way to sort through them. Does anyone know of a forum or magazine or something that reviews products and deals with issues like this? If i could just sort the results in pricegrabber by tco iíd be happy.

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What Is The Most Cost Effective Monitor With Displayport ?

I have a buyer for my current 24" and 22" lcd's and i'm looking to grab 3 x 22" or bigger monitors for eyefinity. I'm selling my lcd's for $450 and i'd like to keep the cost of 3 lcd's under $700 if possible. I guess i could always get a $100 active dp/dvi adapter but would rather have dp on the monitor.

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A Cost Effective Way To Dual Monitor

I'm in a dorm right now with somewhat limited space so i can't have a massive tv or anything, so looking around i found that samsung makes lcd monitors/hdtvs, which i thought would be an awesome opportunity to start dual-monitoring while covering my want for a tv as well (assuming it just works like a normal tv, right?). The only problem is my video card only has 1 hdmi input, so i would have to get a different one before i could try to run 2 monitors. Right now i'm using a visiontek hd4870, so my question is what would be relatively cost effective move to a different video card of equal or greater performance that would also have 2 hdmi inputs to allow for the 2 monitors?

This is the monitor i'm looking at:-

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Dell Gx260 Cost When It Released

How much did a dell gx260 cost when it was released? With pentium 4 2. 6, 1 gb ram, 60 gb hard drive.

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Cost Of Replacing A Laptop Screen

Whats the cost of replacing a laptop screen for an hp pavilion entertainment pc? Basically a laptop screen got closed and there was something under it and now its cracked and i just wanna know the cost of it.

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What Is The Usual Hard Drive Cost Timeline ?

I'm always dreaming about builds when i get money after university, but looking at the current prices here in canada, it appears i will be waiting awhile. Right now a 1tb wd green 2. 5" sata drive at my local retailer is about $85. At what point do you see 2tb being available for $100? Or, at what rate to drives typically go down in value?

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Samsung Laser Black Printer Cartridge Cost

How much it will cost to get a samsung laser black printer cartridge?


That's going to be pretty hard to say since you didn't include the model number of your printer. They will vary widely depending on the model. You can easily do a search on google for toner cartridges for your printer and see what they cost.

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Printer Low Cost Ink Refill Kit

Where can i find a low cost ink refill kit for my kodak printer and hp printer? I am looking for alternative to ebay or office depot and staples.

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Low Cost Video Card To Run 3 Displays

I recently purchased a gateway dx4831-01e (6gb memory, intel i3-530 processor, 1tb hd, 300 watt power supply, pci express slot) for $550. I don't know anything about video cards but heard that some cards have ati eyefinity technology that allows 3 displays to be used with the one video card. I only want the 3 displays for internet surfing and do not need a high end video card since i do not do any gaming. If anyone can find a video card that can run 3 displays and only requires a 300 watt power supply computer that would be great, but i am guessing that i will need to change out my power supply to a higher wattage rated power supply. Please provide a recommendation for a low cost video card and a low cost power supply that will meet my needs and include a link to a website where i can purchase it. I am also not sure if i will need one of the displays to have a display port output or if i can use my display with a hdmi output and get a connector that converts a display port output on the video card to an hdmi output.

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How Much Does Lexmark S405 Replacement Ink Cartridge Cost ?

How much does a lexmark interpret s405 multi-function replacement ink cartridge cost? I'm looking to buy the lexmark interpret s405 multi-function but would like to know how much the replacement ink cartridges cost?

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Low Cost / Low Power Consumption Server For File Serving 15-20 Drives

Like the title states;

Originally, i had a specific set of components lined up for my whs file server but have decided to start over with input from everyone here. Before i go any further, here are the main functions the box will be serving;

3-5 workstations (htpc, wdtv, etc), streaming mainly hd content over a gigabit network and file backup of photos and family videos. Not so distant future, ftp server for remote access to data (2-10 clients max - rarely simultaneous connection). My main priorities, in order of importance;

Low power
Low cost (not too important if cost vs. Performance sacrifice is an issue)

This server will be on 24/7 so low power is extremely important. No raid requirements necessary, jbod done via whs. I've already acquired a norco 4220 w/ fan's modded for less noise, a rosewill rbr1000-m 1000w psu, and a dell sas6/ir.initially, i will start with 5-10 - 1. 5 to 2tb drives, but i would like to purchase all hardware no (while i have money). So my question to all is this; given my server demands (hardly any), what components would you go with - a list of specific components with models numbers would help. If you wouldn't use the sas6 i currently have, what would you used (saslp ?)

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Desktop Around $700

I'm just looking for a powerful stable pre-made desktop around $700 for my friend.

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The Ergonomic Desktop

For the last few weeks my wrist had been aching rather baddly. After a trip to the doctor, it turns out i had some tendonitis in my wrist. For anyone else, it's take some pills or give it some rest. For a geek, it can be a major downer. I'm sure some of you have been there before. Even if you haven't though, i'm wondering what kind of ergonomic setup alterations people have been made? What's helped? I think a major investment in ergonomics would be good so i hopefully don't have to deal with this again.

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Desktop Pc Problem

My backup computer (desktop) has a little problem, you see everytime i push the button to turn it on it freezes and starts going *beep *beep *beep *beep nonstop and i just have push the button again to just turn it off, any idea *** is wrong w/the ***?

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Using A Notebook As A Desktop

Is it safe to use an hp pavilion dv9700t as a desktop computer? Like getting a 24" display and an external keyboard and mouse? Is there anyway i can run dual external monitors off of it?

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Desktop Cases

Can anyone name company and or website to purchase desktop (non tower) cases?

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Laptop Vs Desktop

Comparing these two systems which would run games better does the laptop come even close? And if not well the laptop still run all the games out right not without lag? Like city of heroes or wow or eldars scrools obliven

Laptop-intel(r) core(tm) solo processor t1350 (1. 86 ghz)533fsb
- 256mb nvidia(r) geforce(r) go 7400
- 1024mb ddr2 system memory (2 dimm)

-2. 4ghz p4 800fsb
-Radeon x800gto 256mb
-1024mb of ddr not ddr2 ram

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Gateway Vs Hp Desktop

Well i have decided on buying a new computer as my new one has started do die and is in constant need of repairs. ( About 7 years old now). So i have made my choice between these;hp pavilion amd athlon ii 630 quad-core 2. 8ghz computer (p6310f) and gateway intel core i3 530 2. 93ghz computer (dx4831-05c). The gateway is just a bit more expensive but i don't really care and looks better than the hp. Other than that most features are the same except with the gateway providing more video memory( dedicated 512) while the hp offers up to 2943mb shared and 256 dedicated. I am leaning more towards gateway but the thing is my friends all say the hp makes the best computers i think they are bias as they all have hp's. I would appreciate it if you were to tell me which one is more bang for my buck and if one has technical issues or will not last as long as the other.

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