Transfer System Drive To Wd Caviar Black 1tb

I currently have a samsung spinpoint t166 hd501lj 500gb hard drive as my main drive, and it only has about 50gb free so i bought a wd caviar black 1tb. I originally intended this drive to be a storage drive, but i've read some articles recently that make me question transferring everything from the sammy to the wd and using it as the system drive. Apparently the wd comes with a free version of acronis to do the transfer, so it should be pretty simple. Any thoughts/opinions on this? Will i notice quite a speed difference?

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Functional Difference Between Wd Caviar Black 1tb Drives

Best buy has this one (ser #wd10000lsrtl ) for $99


Newegg has this one (ser # wd1001fals) for $109. I can't see any difference. Am i missing something?

Any reason to not save $10 (and also buy locally)?

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Set Of Hard Drives - Caviar Black

Right now i have one caviar blue 640gb, was wondering if i should pick up a pair of caviar black 640gb to go along with it or get one 1tb black? Could i raid blue and black?

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Wd 1tb Black Vs Wd 1tb Green Hard Drives

These are two drives i am thinking about buying. Western digital caviar green wd10eads 1tb 32mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s 3. 5" internal hard drive.

Western digital caviar black wd1001fals 1tb 7200 rpm 32mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s 3. 5" internal hard drives.

I am a little confused about these two drives though and i'm not sure which will be best suited for my needs. I am going to build an external hard drive and am looking for a drive that will last for a long time, be stable and will keep my backup data secure. I plan on storing music files and other important data files on this drive and will also run some applications off this drive. I will not use this drive as a boot drive. Also, i will be developing window applications and website software off this drive and would like to use this drive to house my source code, which will constantly be changing and will be subjected to constant software compilations. Now, i've done some research and have gleaned the following about these two drives. Let me see if i have this correct and please correct me if i have something wrong. The black is faster then the green drive
The black will run hotter than the green
The black is louder than the green
The black is better for a boot drive - not sure why though
The black uses regular storage while the green uses magnetic storage

What is the difference between magnetic and regular storage, i thought they were the same? Is magnetic more secure than regular storage? So which drive would be a more secure hard drive in the long run for me? Any feedback and clarification will be greatly appreciated.

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2 Wd Black 1tb Drives In Raid 0

I ordered two western digital black 1 tb drives yesterday as a bit of an upgrade for my sig machine. Right now i've got two seagate 250gb 7. 2k drives in raid 0 (using the asus maximus ii's built in raid). I've got that array split 250/250 for winxp x64 and win 7x64 beta. I'll have my official win 7 pro x64 tomorrow, so i thought i'd upgrade the drives while doing the os installs. Also have 2 500gb 7. 2k drives for storage (1 wd, 1 seagate). I read somewhere that there may be problems running raid with these black drives now that wd has 1tb re3 drives. Any truth to this? I saw the 1tb wd re3 drives on newegg - $174 per drive seems a bit excessive for my purposes (now days, mostly blu-ray -> 720p/1080p encoding. I'll be getting the drives tomorrow, but figured i should find out before i open 'em up and discover i can't run raid 0 reliably.

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External Drive Fantom 1tb Or Cavalry 1tb

I'm currently leaning towards one of the following: fantom 1 tb and cavalry 1 tb. Any thoughts or concerns about the two? Newegg gives them better scores than a wd external (at least with esata).

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Do Wd Black 1tb Drives Support Ncq ?

Do wd black 1tb drives support ncq? Just wondering, i cant find anything on the wd site or elsewhere.

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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How To Transfer Everything To New Notebook Hard Drive ?

I'm going to be upgrading my 9. 6 gb hard drive in my notebook to a 60 gb hitachi 7k60 due to its impressive performance ratings. Now, what's the cheapest way to transfer everything from my old hard drive to the new hard drive? Do i have to waste my money on those expensive one time only data transfer kits?

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Best Overall 1tb Drive ?

What do you guys think is the best overall 1tb desktop drive on the market?

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250gb Drive Image On 1tb Drive

Ok, i'm concerned my hd is dieing, it's losing files, event log is showing disk errors, and i'm scared enough that i don't want to use it as my primary hd anymore. I have 2 hds, a 250gb (primary, c) and a 1000gb (external, d):-

The 1tb has around 400gb used
The 250gb has around 200gb used

I want to copy my data, programs, and os from the 250gb to the 1tb where the 1tb is bootable. How can i do this without partitioning the 1tb drive?

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Transfer Files From Virus Infected Pc To External Hard Drive

I have a trojan virus on my computer. I cannot (given my limited knowledge) remove it. I want to transfer music files from the infected computer to an external hard drive. The anti-virus program that detected the virus on my computer 'tells me' that these files are not infected. My question: what are the risks of transferring these music files to my external hard drive? I am concerned about the risk to the external hard drive itself and also to any computer that i might later transfer these files to. Wow, i hope i asked this question intelligently! Too long? More concise? More info? (I'm interested in the best way to phrase a question as i believe that being a good computer scientist is largely about recognizing a problem intelligently)

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Usb Drive Wont Work After Unplugging It During File Transfer

I gave this usb flash drive to a friend as a gift

Its the 8gb pico usb drive, ive had one for over a year and ive had no problems but my friends wont work after he told me he accidentally unplugged it during a file transfer on his mac. If i plug it in to a mac it wont see the drive, not even the disk utility. If it plug it in to a vista machine, it gets seen but it says "unknown device" and it wont show up under disk management either. Is there any possible way to fix it? This is a first for me since i thought you could not damage usb drives if you unplugged them during a file transfer (except for normal data corruption). Any ideas?

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Need To Re-format New 1tb Drive

I just got a new 1tb wd black drive and intend to use it as a non-os gaming/video/etc drive with a smaller os drive (once i can get back into that os drive, transfer it's data, and then reformat it-another thread). Got it oem from newegg - it's been 2 years since i built so i'm rusty - do i need to reformat or prep the drive prior to plugging this sucker in? I was planning on using it as the "dump" to transfer the needed files from my os drive once i get back in. I was just going to plug it in, connect the sata cable and then drag and drop all the needed files over. Once i reformat the smaller os drive, the 1tb will remain as my secondary drive. So what is this old man missing now?

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1tb Dead Drive ?

The seagate barracuda 7200. 11 drive that i had bought as a boot drive (1tb) will not work. Bios won't even recognize it. Other than initial installation, it had never been touched, and was working very well. It was mounted in the cooler master stacker 810 behind a filtered 120mm fan and was subject to rather light use. However, it was at a point where around 50-100gb space was unused, the rest full. I tried removing the drive and putting in an old pata wd 250 gig drive, and was able to install vista and run the computer ok. Attempting to install the drive in question with the wd 250 caused the computer to hang at the gigabyte motherboard screen, or on other attempts, it goes to bios but still doesn't recognize the 1tb seagate. Although most of the data on it is backed up, about a month's worth is not, and it's rather important stuff. Quotes for an in-lab data recovery service have been around $400-$600 to start, or up to $3500 if it's something complicated. Any suggestions on how to handle this issue?

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$68 1tb Internal Hard Drive

Saw that hitachi deskstar 1tb internal hard drive oem is $68 today from 1:00pm pt to 11:59pt at newegg. What comments do you guys have about hitachi and this particular hard drive? At such a great price i might have to sway from western digital just this once.

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Wd 1tb Green Drive Slow

Thoughts? I used to have a 160gb maxtor sata on this interface, just upgraded it for more storage. I copied the files off my maxtor at 50mb/s. When i started copying to the drive, it was only registering 10mb/s in the explorer window. I copied the files back off the drive at a good speed, 50ish mb/s. So i ran a benchmark with hd tune. What's up with write performance?

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1tb Hard Drive Recommendations

I've got some doubts regarding what hard drive to choose. I want a 1tb hard drive for system use. What do you guys recommend?

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1tb - 2tb Data Drive

I was planning on getting a new 1-2tb storage drive for my next build (primary will be a ssd). 1tb should be enough, but i am willing to spend more for a 1. 5 or 2tb if it makes sense. Assuming the ssd may only be an 80gb, i will be running some games off the storage drive, so i would like some performance. I'm really not too familiar of the world outside of wd, as i have been burned by almost every other companies, but am willing to listen. Right now, i'm planning on getting the wd1001fals for ~$100. Is there a better option? It doesn't have to be silent, but i don't want it sitting down there rattling either.

Any other recommendations?

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Wd 1tb Drive Dropped On The Floor

I bought one about a year ago and i have found it very useful. Unfortunately, my idiot friend dropped it on the floor. Over the past few days it has gradually started to disappear (songs that were stored on the hard drive were skipping, entire folder trees disappeared, wanting to reformat the disk and then just completely disappearing). I don't want to send it back for warranty because they might end up deleting all the data and i don't particularly want people seeing things on there. *Coughs*

I thought about trying to hook it up via sata but i can't even get the case off! Can anyone offer me any advice?

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Samsung 1tb Drive Is Clicking

Starting clicking yesterday. It is my storage drive that i have out and connected to my thermal take black x hard drive docking station. I have seen videos of hard drives clicking and they seem to all be clicking slowly like click, click, click ect my click sounds like a machine gun very fast clicking. I connected to my pc and it clicks then it stops then it says drive h had not been formatted want to format? Any think i can do to save my files?

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St31000528as Only Two Platter 1tb Drive

I'm kinda new on evaluating hard drives when purchasing them and recently discovered the advantage of looking more than size when deciding between hard drives. After owning a wd6400aaks i want to constrain myself to "two platter" drives for the reliability and cool operation advantage. Not counting that higher density platter means more performance. Then i was surprised when looking for 1tb, two platter, 7200rpm drive and only found the seagate st31000528as (7200. 12). Is it the only one?

I think i will wait for the spinpoint f3 recently announced by samsung to make my purchase decision in this "category", but i would love to have a choice by western digital. Even if wd only have 640 gb when counting only two platter drives. I would love to see a performance comparison between one wd6400xxxx and a st31000528as. Does anybody have a link comparing this two drives side by side?

From more than 10 reviews that i have check, none have compared this "two platter" drives in the same review.

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Seagate Or Wd 1tb Hard Drive ?

Which hdd should i get? This will be used as a primary one. Seagate barracuda 7200. 11 st31000333as 1tb 7200 rpm 32mb or western digital caviar green wd10eads 1tb 32mb cache sata.

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Wd Caviar Green Error Found

Windows wouldn't boot and won't even let me repair it on my 500gb wd caviar green hd because the partition was corrupted. Everything ran fine after i reformatted and did a clean install of windows xp. I scanned the hd with hdtune 3. 5 and it found one block error 50 secs in. I let it run all the way through and there was only that one block error at the beginning about 2gb in. I got a 1tb wd caviar black drive thinking i would need to send in the 500gb drive for repair/replacement. I scanned for errors again with hdtune on the 500gb drive after reformatting and still found the error at the same block position. I used the 7 pass erase feature on hdtune to wipe the 500gb drive clean and did an error scan. I was amazed when there was no error found. I ran another scan and the damaged block was no longer there. Can i still send the drive in for rma?

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Raiding A 1tb Drive With Existing Data

Can you add a drive to a raid array, 0 or 1 or 0+1 with data already on the drive? I have an htpc with over 700gb of backed up media on it, and i want to add a second 1tb drive in order to raid/backup my data in-case of a good old hardware failure. Any ideas? This possible?

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How Long To Format A 1tb Drive In Blacx ?

I just purchased a thermaltake blacx. I have placed a wd 1 tb drive in it for the first time. This is a brand new drive that i ordered with the blacx. I am formatting the drive per the instructions on my vista 64 system. It has been formatting for over 2. 5 hours and it is only at 24%. Is this normal?

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1tb Wd Green Drive With Acer H340

What specific 1tb wd green drive comes with the acer 340 home server? Wd10eacs or wd10eads?

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Cloned 1tb Drive With Windows To 2tb

Cloned 1tb drive (with windows) to 2tb, getting random accesses that halt ff/system. I had 2 1tb seagates i cloned to 2 2tb wd green drives. When i'm using firefox particularly, but system in general, firefox will hang and not respond to anything. At that point, my hdd access light is solid. As soon as it goes idle again (usually about 10 seconds) ff (and the rest of my system that gets slow/hangs) starts responding again. This happens a few times when i first open ff after a long time of having it closed (loading it all to memory i guess, even though it's not that big?). Then it happens randomly, no rhyme or reason, no pattern, during basic ff usage. I really dont want to have to format to find out if this fixes the issue or not, but that's the last resort. This never happened on the old hds, happened the moment i loaded ff the first time after imaging the hard drives (acronis). Scanned both drives prior to use with hdtune for any errors, both came back flawless

Windows 7, 64 bit
Q9550, oc'd to 2. 83ghz
4gb ddr2 800mhz
Gigabyte ep35-ds3r
2 x 2tb wd green
400gb 16mb cache wd 7200rpm

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Hitachi 1tb Drive Imminent Failure

I have a 'downloads' folder, and 'recorded tv' on that disk. It appears some of the downloads are gone, but the recorded tv folder still seems in tact. The drive is still working, but these are the kind of chances i don't take. I think the drive is less then 1yr old, so hopefully i can send it in for rma to hitachi. Ugh, this sucks.

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Wd1001fals Vs Wd1002fbys - 1tb Drive Comparison

Both of these drives are 1tb, both have a 5 year warranty. One sells for $105, the other for $160. I did some searching around, couldn't really find any specific data on reliability/performance comparisons. Anyone have any ideas here?

Im planning on using the drive for games/***/music/movies. Wd1001fals - $105

Wd1002fbys - $160

On a side note, i have my downloading application on the c: drive, and i save the files to my f: drive which is currently just a data storage drive. Does it make sense to move the downloading application over to the drive that it is saving files on? Any advantages/disadvantages here?

Second side note, i just rma'd one of my 500gb seagate drives and holy *** *** they have the worst warranty service that i have ever dealt with. Ridiculous packaging requirements. They essentially make you pay $20 to receive a replacement drive with all the necessary shipping components for you to send your drive back with. If you don't pay the $20, you are kinda sol. I am hoping my 5inches of bubble wrap and motherboard static bag will suffice. Check this *** out:

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