Keyboard Under 40

Going to order a new keyboard tomorrow, but can't decide on which. I've narrowed it down to 1: saitek eclipse 3 - very good looking, i have an eclipse ii now, and like it alot, 2: logitech g11 - people seem to like the g1* series, but i think it look abit blank. Which do i get?

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Das Keyboard / Apple Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

I decided to get a new keyboard, your input would be appreciated. I don't play wow so macro keys are unnecessary. I actually spend most of my time typing up papers, with the occasional fps/rts. These are two keyboards that i'm currently looking at:

Daskeyboard $130

Apple keyboard with numeric keypad $50

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Dell Mini Keyboard Smaller Than Normal-keyboard ?

How much smaller is a dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I recently purchased a dell mini laptop and was wondering-how much smaller is the dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I don't want my fingers to feel cramped. I was also wondering how much smaller the screen is. Are items on the screen actually smaller or do you just have to scroll around the window?

Dell mini user's opinions are very welcome.

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Intermittent Keyboard Problem - Keyboard Is Non Responsive

I bought a compaq presario sr1630nx a few months ago and i've noticed an intermittent keyboard problem for the last month or so. I don't know if it's a hardware or a software problem or how i would tell. The keyboard has a ps/2 connector. I have not changed any of the default hardware. Symptoms: i sometimes try to type and no keys on the keyboard do anything. The mouse works fine. I am not aware of performing any particular action before i notice that the keyboard is non-responsive.

Rebooting makes the keyboard work again. This problem occurs with a frequency of 2 times a day to once a week. I've installed more recent keyboard/mouse drivers for this machine (posted on the compaq site), but that's hasn't helped. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Is there a utility that i could run when the problem happens that would give me more information?

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Whats Different From Normal Keyboard To Gaming Keyboard ?

Just wondering what difference are there from a normal keyboard to a gaming keyboard? I was thinking about buying a new keyboard but i was wondering whats the difference between a normal and gaming?

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Desktop Keyboard That Feels Like A Laptop Keyboard

I don't know if it exists or not, but i'm looking for a desktop keyboard that feels like a laptop keyboard. Any recommendations?

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Desktop Keyboard Like / Feel Laptop Keyboard

My logitech g15 is crapping out and i'm looking for a new keyboard. I don't really wanna spend large amounts of money since it seems all keyboards last ~2 years anyway. I would like a keyboard that has a tactile response almost exactly like a laptop. Anyone have any examples?

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Pc Has Just Said That It Has No Keyboard

This isn't for me it's for someone else but they cant post because their pc is being stupid, anyway basically his pc has just said that it has no keyboard and it's not the actual keyboard because he's tried other keyboards and they won't work on it either, any ideas as to what it could be?

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Looking For New Keyboard

Looking for new keyboard. As an old-school computer user, i have always used these old clackety clack keyboards. Either scavenged old keyboards or newer ones based on old technology. (At the moment i use keytronic kt1000, great keyboard) reason is simple, i can press almost unlimited number of keys at the same time, no matter what the combination. When keyboards at first started "evolve in technology" to smaller and lighter ones, the ability to press multiple keys was lost or at-least it was limited to certain combinations. Is it still this case in nowadays? (I haven't followed the evolution of keyboards, really) while my trusty keytronic is still functional, there is a thing that i would like to have: back-lighted keys. This would be so handy when playing in the dark whenever you suddenly loose "the feel" where the keys and your fingers are!

But this pressing multiple keys is a question mark. Being able to press any keys at the same time in any combination is important for me as a gamer. One thing though, macro keys are not needed. Never felt the need for them with my old keyboards, and most likely they will remain unused in possible new ones, so personally i would like to not have them at all, they would just make the keyboard bigger.

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Best Gaming Keyboard

Im looking for an excellent gaming keyboard, right now i have a microsoft wireless desktop elite duo, (im planning on getting a razor mouse too). I would like it to be white or silver to go with the super lanboy i am planning on buying as well.

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Fn Key On Keyboard

At the top right of my key board is a little key labelled "fn". I have no idea what it's for. It does nothing when pressed. Does anyone know its funtion?

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Keyboard For Normal Use

So i am looking for a good keyboard for normal use. I don't care about showy leds (but if it is on there oh well) or special features. I write papers alot, as well as game too. I have been looking at keyboards for gaming, and they seem strange, so only a normal one.

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Cheap Keyboard For Around 15 - 20

I'm after some suggestions for a cheap but good keyboard, looking to spend around 15 - 20 on one, and im from the uk. Wonder if i'll get much response for this thread yet. Well any suggestions welcome.

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Keyboard To Buy Under 30

The damn old genious broke, the spacebar snapped in half after only being able to press one side for a year. Never bother replacing it because it was the last thing on my mind but im having to borrow the other pcs keyboard since its now unusable. Have like 20 but would spend up to 30. Not looking for a g15 ect just a decent board. Was looking at the ocz alchemy series elixir but cant find it in the uk.

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How Much Would You Pay For A Keyboard ?

I am considering getting a razor lycossa mirror gaming keyboard which is more or less in my budget, now i never knew a keyboard could cost so much until i saw the price on their tarantula keyboards. All this because i recently (yes just recently) added a blue cathode tube to my antec 902 & now i want a keyboard which glows in the dark to go with it so i can sit here, play in the dark & enjoy my master peice. Would you pay almost $100 for a gaming keyboard or is $80 more then enough?

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Keyboard And Mouse For Around $30 - $50

As the title says whats a keyboard and mouse for reasonable price around $30-$50 good for gaming and everyday use .

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Good $30 Keyboard

Can someone recommend me a good keyboard for gaming that is backlit for $30? I mainly play fps games.

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No Power To Keyboard

I just bought a used motherboard on ebay to replace the one in kids computer. Also replaced the power supply with one of 500 watts. Hoping the cpu is still reusable. Have no way to test it. When taking apart the kids computer that's worked for over a year. I noticed their motherboard had blown capacitors, later seeing the power to the motherboard was burnt and melted in some spots o both the psu and the motherboard connections. (Since bought them a better surge protector). The problem i'm having with the computer is i'm not getting power to the keyboard. I have nothing installed in pci slots. Using one stick of pc3200 memory. I am getting the post (which is reading the memory, hard drive and cpu fine) i've reset the cmos, leaving out the battery for hours. Removed the motherboard making sure nothing was shorting it out. However i didn't try it powered outside the case. I can't get into the setup without the keyboard, and it doesn't boot to hard drive or cd. Fans are all working fine. Post is telling me i reset the cmos. Press f1 to continue or delete to enter setup. I purchased a usb keyboard which also isn't working.

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Keyboard Is Messed Up

I recently spilled something on my microsoft intellitype pro natural ergonomic 4000 keyboard and, after letting it dry and all that stuff, it started to mess up the keyboard keys. Now, "f" types both "f" and "space" and vice versa, "o" brings up the "my favorites key assignment screen, "5" or ". " Brings up both a "5" and ". " Together and finally, maybe the worst, "comma" brings me to the last page i visited. (Luckily, as i was typing this, i also found that the page is always exactly as i left it, so all the words i struggled to type so far are still there when i go forward in my browser history. )

Now i play a lot of fps games on this computer and this is very very irritating to me. Is there any way to fix this without buying a new keyboard all together?

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Keyboard Will Not Type

My keyboard has completely stopped typing. I have shut off my computer and switched around the wires. I am now stuck typing with this online keyboard. The mouse still works but the keyboard wont do a thing.configuration: windows xp firefox 2. 0. 0. 16

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Keyboard To Usb

How would i figure this out. I had an old keyboard's that i wanted to extend the cord on it so i cut it and and older keyboards cord i had which since thrown away and it worked fine splicing the wires together despite the color differences but i was wanting to now take that keyboard and wire it into a usb cord. But i cant figure out what/which

The keyboard spliced cord i had this is how the color wires were setup (works)

Keyboard - extra cord

I have a picture of the end of the cord with the color coding to the pins location but not sure if im allowed to post images, wont let me anyway

On a usb cord you have

Red v+
White data -
Green data +
Black ground

I know you can buy adapters for this but i have nothing else to do . Anyone care to tackle?

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Ps/2 Keyboard Pinout

I need pinout for ps/2 keyboard because i broke one. Also can i burn something in my comp if i solder it wrong ?

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Using Pc Keyboard On Ps3

Ive just connected my play station 3 to the internet, i find it very slow to chat using the key board on the screen. Can i use a pc key board connected through the usb port to the ps3 ?

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Das Keyboard

Ok, here is the idea. Someone has made a keyboard with no markings. The idea is that since you can't ever look at the keys to see what you are trying to type you will dramatically improve your keyboarding skills. The board has "individually weighted keys, " which is apparently super duper (or marketing bs). But i was thinking, this could actually work, especially for the weird keys no one ever memorizes, like the @#$%^ etc. Someone with $$ go buy this board and keep us updated!

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Compaq Multimedia Keyboard

I have a keyboard which came with my computer. Along the top it has quick launch buttons etc. They all work as does the volume button. But just until today the volume button would display a little bar on screen when you pressed it showing the volume. However today it does not. Whats more when i go to the keyboard properties where there was originally a buttons tab there is one no longer. Any ideas?

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Keyboard / Mouse Unresponsive

I had put in my usb flash drive, then my computer rebooted, so the computer boots back up, and now the keyboard and mouse functions do not work, i can no longer log into windows. I thought maybe it was a random thing, so i reboot again and it does the same thing, no response from my input devices. So i check to make sure these devices are still working by hooking them up to my other pc, sure enough, they still work. So then i test to see if i can even get into the bios. Well, thankfully i can, so it must be something while booting to windows after the post, cause the computer sees the hardware and lets me use it during setup, but not on the windows login screen. I even tried different ports, and different keyboard and mice ( ps2 and usb ) and they all will not work on this now dysfunctional pc. Can somebody help me as to why this is happening? This is rather strange, i changed no setting. Why working only in bios?

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Good Keyboard For Gaming

Is there such a thing as a good keyboard for gaming and if so which ones is it. I also wanted for daily use, i don't want those just for gaming keyboards.

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Windows Xp Locks Up When Using Keyboard

When i try using my keyboard windows xp locks up and i can do nothing. My mouse will work but when i use the keyboard it also locks up. The only way to restart the computer is to press the reset button. I have tried two different keyboards and the same problem happens. I have also tried plugging the keyboard and mouse into my usb port but still the same problem. The keyboard works in the bios setup.could a virus cause this to happen.

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Bluetooth Keyboard In Bios

I have a logitech dinovo. The keyboard, mouse, and seprate numberpad all connect to the pc via bluetooth via the mouse's cradle. Is there a way to make this setup live from power-on? As is i can't get into the bios or hit f8 when xp is starting. Right now that's not so bad, but i don't look forward to building a new computer soon without bios access.

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Quietest / Soundless Keyboard

I need a new keyboard. The dell brand i have now is ok, but ive used others in the past that were much quieter. The wife says she can hear my typing even though im in another room. I think one of the quietest / soundless keyboards ive used is the kensington ? It was cheap too, bought at a compusa for $9. Suggestions ?

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