Graphics Card For Asus P5b Deluxe

I recently brought a asus p5b deluxe wifi ap and it appears my current graphics card might not be compatible. A friend told me it could be because my card is ddr and motherboard is ddr2?

I was wondering if anyone can confirm this for me, and also on what would be a good graphics card to get, or at least point me in the right direction.

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Overclocking Asus P5b Deluxe

I have a core 2 duo 6000, asus p5b deluxe, and 2 gb (1x2) ocz xtc pc6400 ram and xfx 7600gt. Every time i try to overclock it even just upping the frontside bus a litte bit in the bios and i save and exit, my computer shuts off right away, and it wont load my saved settings. I dont know what is wrong with it, but i have adequet cooling. So please help me overclock my cpu just up to around a 2. 6-2. 8 ghz.

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Asus P5b Deluxe Problems

I have bought p5b deluxe just about a week ago, and it started showing problems from the start. Actually, after computer has been turned on for some time (half hour or more), whenever you try to restart it, or just enter bios, cooler starts working really weird, with higher and lower frequencies, and my monitor screen starts flashing. It takes huge amount of time until it loads windows, and after next restart, monitor just turn it self off, without loading anything. However, once it succeeds to load to windows it works fine on stock configuration. But, when you try to overclock anything, either cpu, or graphic card, it makes a mess and turn it self off. That just sucks, since i bought this motherboard because of it fantastic overclocking capabilities. I have a cooler masters "extreme power 430w" power supply, which i thought was making the problems, but again i have read on many posts that this motherboard has huge bugs with bios, so that could be second guess. (My bios version is 0614). I tried my graphic card at friend cpu, and it works fine. Please help, i am really stuck here and i don't know what to do. My config:
Intel core2duo e6300 1. 86ghz
Asus p5b deluxe
Msi geforce 7600gt
Kingston 2gb 667
Maxtor 80gb
Cooler master extreme power 430w

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Setting Up Asus P5b Deluxe Wifi Ap

Basically i want to make sure i get everything set up right. I'm not currently interested in overclocking as i don't have them to support parts going wrong. So i want to get it set up right my main concern being bios settings, so that it is not being overclocked and everything is going to work, if that makes sense. But until i get to the bios my main concerns are below. Here are my parts. Motherboard



Graphics card

Ok so i got my parts finally, and ive been going through the instructions so i can get everything right, and wondered if you could help clear some things up for me. I wont go into overclocking, although this motherboard seems to have a lot of overclocking features so its something i can do in the future, and i will leave bios settings till i get there. So there are basically 5 things im wondering about when going in to set this up, im fairly confident on everything else including installing the processor and heatsink. 1) dual channel - is this as simple as installing the memory in the different channels (which appear to be color coded) or do i also need to set it up in bios?

2) raid/smart - are either of these important?

3) chassis fan - under the processor installment it says this "if installing a dual-core cpu, connect the chassis dan cable to the cha_fan1 connector to ensure system stability. " The only other fan i have in my case is an exhaust fan, is that what this is referring to? Or do i need something else? It does come with an optional fan but it says that is for passive cooling or water cooling. 4) graphics card - although planning to upgrade my graphics card in a month or so, will my current graphics card work. It also says about assigning an irq to expansions cards, do i need worry about this?

5) sata - the only thing here is it has about setting the boot drive and the disk drive. I have 3 hard drives so i assume i just set my main drive as the boot drive, and the others as disk drives?

I will no doubt be coming back after you've helped me with these, because the bios settings appear very confusing to an amatuer like me.

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Asus P5b Deluxe Memory Upgrade

I have an asus p5b deluxe mobo, e6600 c2d and want to know if having ddr2 pc2 9600 (1200mhz ram) is really better than having pc2 6400 (800mhz)? I do plan on overclocking as far as my cpu will allow. Money is somewhat an issue, but if the performance benefit is there then i chose to spend the extra $$$. My pc is all assembled accepted for the ram, also my mobo can only run timings of 5-5-5 at anything high than 667mhz ram (example can't run 800mhz @ 4-4-4-12). So what do you think?

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Video Card For Asus M3a32-mvp Deluxe Motherboard

I'm building a gaming computer from scratch and i would like some input on some of the components that i have selected. The motherboard that i have is an asus m3a32-mvp deluxe wifi-ap 790 fx with an amd athlon 64 x2 6400+ black edition processor. My question is this: is an evga geforce 8800 gtx 768 mb gddr3 video card compatible with my motherboard?

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Asus P5b Vista Edition Or Asus Striker Extreme

I am going to build a new computer very soon and my choice of a mobo is the asus striker extreme. Since vista is out though, i would love some input if it would make sense to buy one of the new "vista ready" mobos asus makes, like the p5b premium vista edition. What is your take please? Striker or p5b vista?

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Asus K8n-e Deluxe Or Asus K8v Se Deluxe

I need mb mostly for gaming, can someone tell which is better asus k8n-e deluxe or asus k8v se deluxe? Please stick with these two mbs.

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Crossfire Asus 4670 Graphics Card

I have an asus 4670 graphics card and i want to crossfire do i have to get the exact asus 4670 card or can i get a gigabyte hd4670 card? And yes i do have the port for it. And what about crossfire cables?

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Upgrading Asus G50vt Graphics Card

I have an asus g50 vt x1 laptop with a 9800m gs graphics card. I want to upgrade it to either this:

http://bit. Ly/hu0nuz
http://bit. Ly/emnomy

I obviously know which one is better, but, how much better is the 480? Is it worth it to spend 100 dollars more for it? Also, i called bestbuy and they said that my laptop can be upgraded with those graphics cards. I just want to make sure; the bestbuy guy sounded really dumb and he had to constantly ask questions to other people and stuff, so. I just want to know. Also, if i upgrade the graphics card, so i need to upgrade anything else? i.e. Battery or fans or cooling or something?

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Asus Engt240 Graphics Card To Play Need For Speed World

I have asus engt240 graphics card, is it possible to play need for speed world on my graphics card? Can i play need for speed world and battlefield of bad company 2 on my asus engt240?

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Processor Support For Asus Motherboard With 1gb Graphics Card

Which asus motherboard support 1 gb graphics card & 4 gb ram and which processor support that motherboard? I wanna assemble a high definition pc i want to the use asus motherboard can support 1 gb graphics card and 4 gb ram which one i take & which processor. Can support that motherboard plz give mi this answer fast.

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Asus A8n-la Support Geforce 9500 Gt Graphics Card

I have an asus a8n-la motherboard with integrated graphics, can i add geforce 9500 gt graphics card? Ok so i want to know if it is possible to add a geforce 9500 gt graphics card and if it even fits on my motherboard.

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Install Nvidia Mx4000 Graphics Card To Asus P4s800

How to install a nvidia mx4000 graphics card to asus p4s800? I'm having trouble installing the new graphics card for my asus p4 s800 motherboard. I've change the bios setting to change use pci to agp. I save and shut down. I plug card into the free pci slot and connect vga cable to the card. I restart computer and install the driver from the nvidia website because the cd that came with the box is empty?

All i get is a screen with menu vertical colorful lines, when i plug the vga cable back to the original spot it is all good? Any ideas what i'm missing?

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Overclocking E6600 On An Asus P5b-e

I've been doing some upgrades over the past month. And now it's time i upgrade my 3. 4 to a new e6600. Anyways, since i'm going to university right now, no time for a job, and so dad is going to be paying for the upgrades. Basically, he doesn't want me overclocking as he believes it will fry the cpu. Well anyways, i just wanted an idea of what an easily obtainable overclock would be with zero risk to the hardware. The rest of my hardware:

Case: antec sonata ii (and 450w smartpower 2. 0 ps)
Motherboard: asus p5b-e
Cpu fan: zalman 7000b (90mm)
Memory: 2gb ddr2-667 (kingston, the value stuff)
Video card: xfx 512mb geforce 7950gt

After reading a bit, i'm under the impression that i want to reach 1333fsb to get the most out of my ddr2-667 memory. Is that correct? I think that would set the processor speed at 3ghz. Is that being conservative enough with my setup? And assuming i follow the proper procedure should the risk be non-existant?

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Asus A7n8x-e Deluxe Upgrading

I'm wanting to upgrade my video card and ram but i'm not entirely sure if they will be compatible with my motherboard, so if you could give your opinions/advice, i'd really appreciate it:-

My current bits:-
Mobo - asus a7n8x-e deluxe
Ram - 512mb pc3200 ddr sdram / dimm
Video - radeon 9500pro/9700 / agp / 128mb / internal dac(400mhz)

I would like to upgrade to:-

Ram+ - corsair 512mb xms4400c25 (550mhz) ddr ram w. Heat spreader - cl2. 5 / non-eccc 184 dimm, unbuffered

Video - abit radeon rx600 pro / pci-ex16 / 256mb

I hope that's enough info there, i'm still not sure what brand of ram i have there but i think it's also corsair. I'm pretty sure i can just replace the video card there, but i'm not sure about the ram. My motherboard claims it's "dual-channel memory architecture" so if i get another 512mb can i just put it in and combined with my current one can i effectively get the performance of 1gb of ram?
Thanks a million for your time.

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Upgrade Asus P4p800-e Deluxe

Well, after about a year and half of my 2. 4c @ 3. 48 ghz in an asus p4p800-e deluxe and one 512 mb stick of corsair xl series ram, i've gotten the upgrade bug. Before i do anything stupid though, i am wondering how much performance improvement i can expect. To be honest, i don't do any gaming, just a lot of video editing and encoding. I've also been out of the game for about six months, so i'm not even sure what's out there anymore. I have done some reading, and it seems a venice core amd is a good option, as would a 6 series intel. Will i see much performance improvement for less than $400 for both motherboard and processor (i guess i may have to get new ram too). I guess i should mention that i do have a ram divider (320 mhz in bios) and my ram timings are adjusted up (2. 5-3-3-6). This processor and overclock have been great, but i feel like fiddling again. Also, strange question. I have seen a temp increase in the last month or so. Asus probe is showing 32 for mother board and 36 for cpu at idle - 33 and 47 during torture test. Are these temps okay (used to be about four degrees lower on cpu and about the same on mb)?

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Asus A7n8x-e Deluxe Upgrade

I have an asus a7n8x-e deluxe motherboard with amd sempron 2600 and i want to change my processor.

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Usb 2.0 On Asus P4p800 Deluxe

You see my usb ports on the mobo do recognize the usb mouse which i am using right now, but whenever i plug in a usb device that has mass storage capability (flash drive, digi camera, cellphone) it does not recognize it and in the case of the flash drive it even slows down the pc, and the machine kinda acts as if it is "stuttering". I have win xp sp2, 1gig of ram, 2. 8ghz prescott, and the mobo is asus p4p800-deluxe. I even reinstalled windows because of this. I tried to remove all the usb devices in the device manager, but still no luck.

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Overclocking Asus A7n8x-e Deluxe

I have a asus a7n8x-e deluxe board with 2 sticks of 512mb 400mhz kingston valueram. A month or so ago i started getting "system failed memory test" errors. Turns out the memory went bad, so i rma-ed it and got 2 new sticks. But now when i try to boot, the system tells me "system failed due to cpu overclocking". I've never changed anything in the bios other than the boot order of my drives. I have zero experience with overclocking, so any help would be appreciated. Does anyone know how to "unclock" so i don't get this error message? Or has anyone experienced a similar problem? In my bios it currently has "cpu freq. " Set at 200mhz. I also did a bit of research, and it looks like the kingston valueram 400mhz is not officially supported for this board, although the 333mhz valueram is. Is there a way to run my ram at 333mhz (and would that even help?).

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Asus P6t Deluxe Motherboard Help

So my motherboard is doing something pretty weird once i press the power button on my pc the computer turns on for about 5 seconds and then a long high pitched beep followed by two lower pitched beeps can be heard coming from the motherboard the computer wont boot and the screen will be blank but the power to my computer stays on, anyone have any ideas what is going on with my computer. Here are my specs:-

Asus p6t deluxe motherboard
12gbs ddr3 1333mhz ram
Dual gtx 295 graphics cards
1tb hdd +300gb hdd + 1tb hdd
1000 watt pwrsupply
Haf 922 case

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Asus P5q Deluxe Boot Up Issue

I finished building my brother's new computer a few days ago and everytime after the post when it shows the lifestyle p5q symbol it says, " initializing. ", Then "no hard drive is detected", then boots to windows desktop. My boot priority shows hdd #1, dvd-r #2, i don't want to update the bios unless i have to! My brother will not except this on a computer he spent over 1000. 00 dollars on, i have to remove/fix this error from happening. I would be grateful for any help, thank you!

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Asus K8v Se Deluxe Sound Problem

The message i have in control panel/sounds and audio is "no audio found", and everything is grey. There are no exclamation marks in device manager and all drivers seem ok. The bios audio card option is set to "enabled", but somehow, the sound doesn't work. The onboard audio card disabled itself when i tried to install drivers of tv card (leadtek winfast tv2000 xp expert), and now the audio doesn't re-enable itself even if all pci slots are now cleared. I tried the following :
- Flashed latest bios (1005) for mb
- Installed directx 9. 0c
- Installed latest via drivers from viaarena
- There are no pci cards on pci slots

It is not a lead/speaker problem as when i try to play an mp3/cd with audio software (real player/wmp), there is an error message saying something like :"no device installed or another device using sound or driver problem" can you think of something else i could do ?

I even checked the services part and windows audio is started.configurations:-
- Asus k8v se deluxe (using the onboard audio)
- Amd athlon 64 3200+
- Win xp home sp2
- Geforce4 ti4200

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Asus A7n8x Deluxe Bios Settings

I have been trying to modestly oc my mobo but to no avail. I have tried just about every conceivable mem' timing settings incl voltages, but it will not boot up completely. It goes through to just before the windows desktop and then resets itself back to the beginning again. I have tried various combinations using cpu multiplier, cpu freq' and upping the volts to 1. 825 but no good. Before someone suggests clearing the cmos - i have done that too on numerous occasions. Nothing i try seems to work. I'm sure it has something to do with the mem' settings. I have plenty of cooling fans, 2x256mb kingston ddr400 pc3200 ram, western digital 80gb hard drive & an amd athlon processor. Would anyone with a similar setup be able to post their bios settings for me to try or any suggestions as to where to go from here b'cos i'm out of ideas!

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Upgrade On Asus M2n32-sli Deluxe

I currently have a asus m2n32-sli deluxe wireless board with a athlon x2 5400+ processor. I'm thinking about upgrading, but i'm not sure what to upgrade to. We mostly game on this board and whats the computer is mostly for. I know my board isn't compatible with the second set of amd quad-cores that came out, but there are still quite a few number of options. So, what do you recommend? The list is above. I'm asking to make sure because i know its not always the bigger the number the better, so i need advice!

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Using Ballistix Ram With Asus A7n8x Deluxe

I just got two stix of ballistix ddr pc3200 2-2-2-6 , has anyone tried this ram with asus a7n8x deluxe?

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Overclocking Asus A8n-sli Deluxe

I have an amd 3000 64bit 939 chip with an asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard with 1gig corsair value ram and i would like to overclock it but not sure what i should change? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Overclock Asus A8r32-mvp Deluxe

I have the asus a8r32-mvp deluxe board, it has many options to overlcok but when ever i reboot it says overclock fails and just boots windows. I'm not sure what to do, can anyone help?

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Asus A7n8x-e Deluxe Cl3 And Cl2

Ram: corsair 1gb ddr xms3200c2pt twinx (2x512mb) cas2

Motherboard: asus a7n8x-e deluxe (dual channel)

Cpu: amd 3200 xp

I have recently purchased some corsair 1gb (see above) and iím running an asus a7n8x e-deluxe, 3200xp cpu (400fsb). I donít know if this is a problem but in running this memory i have noticed its running at c3, and not cas latency 2, as it should. Is their a reason for this? In first noticing this problem i had updated my bios to the latest revision from the asus website, (1013). I still, however do not seem to be having any luck, with getting it to run at c2.

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Asus A8v-e Deluxe Support Amd Fx-60

I have an asus a8v-e deluxe motherboard, it is about 1 year old. It doesn't support amd x2 but it does support amd fx. If i buy an amd fx-60, do i need to upgrade my motherboard or will this one do?

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