Using Nvidia Geforce 9800gt On Dell Inspiron 530

Can i use a nvidia geforce 9800 gt 1gb gddr3 pci express graphics card on a dell inspiron 530? I have a dell inspiron 530, and the graphics card is really crappy. I can barely play vindictus on the lowest settings possible. I want to play some really top-notch games, but i don't want to spend more than $150 on a graphics card. I have zero knowledge of installing graphics cards, so i have no idea if this graphics card is installable into the dell inspiron 530.

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Dell Inspiron 2400 With Nvidia Geforce 8400 Gs

Ok, so right now i have 50 bucks to spend on a video card for my dell inspiron 2400. I went to comp usa and the guy there recommended using the geforce 8400 gs for just light gaming. Is this card ok for this? If not, is there another card around 50-60 dollars i can use?

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Dell Xps With Geforce 9800gt Sli 1gb

I have a dell xps and i want to install a geforce 9800gt sli 1gb, is this graphics card suitable for my pc? The graphics card i was going to buy is a novatech geforce 9800gt sli 1gb, i also want to know if does this graphics card have to be externally powered, i really wish i knew more about pc's, but all i want to do is play some games on my pc without having to buy another one.

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Dell Inspiron 530 Freezes

A friend gave me a dell inspiron 530 and am running a new install windows xp. The computer keeps freezing randomly. It will run fine for a minute and then freezes but more like a hiccup then a freeze it gets stuck and with some serious lag where you can't do anything. But you can wait it out for a minute and it will run again for a little bit and then freeze again. Sometimes to the point where i have to power down and restart. Wiped out xp and put ubuntu i don't have any desire to run windows. Haven't ran it in ten years not going to start now. A little different but same problems that windows had. Ubuntu seems like it tries to fight the freeze, weird. So here's what i did:

It has a sata 1tb hard drive, ran numerous tests on it. All came back negative. 2gb of ram numerous tests on it all good there too. 512 nvidia pci/express ran tests on it( kind of like the ram test) real extensive everything checks out. Jumped the bios to reset it, checked for bios updates. Replaces the cables on the inside. Sata cables, check voltage on power supply. Checked battery every things tip top. Then i thought what the *** i'll completely clean the whole computer, maybe its some dust somewhere, stripped it all apart like your field cleaning your gun. New thermal compound cleaned fans, it looks brand new again. So then i started running tests on the processor speed test and stuff like that to get it real hot everyone always says "oh yup your computers getting too hot thats the problem" nope it ain't. So between fighting the stupid freezing and hiccups and crap like that, i manage to run every test and do everything i can think of to fix it. I'm thinking that maybe the whole motherboard is shot. But where, cause i would really like to know. And is there a extensive motherboard testing program out there, everything i see has to run through windows and most of the utility's i am running to test my cpu are of a live cd or a bootable cd or thumb drive. And thats crazy to cause i can run the utility cds and knoppix cd no problem with no hiccups or nothing. So then i think maybe it is the hard drive but can a hard drive come back with no errors but the read head is the one with the error?

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Dell Inspiron 530 Restoring

How to return my dell inspiron 530 computer to, just when it was out of the box with just the basic programs it came with n everything. Ive seen others ask how to do this with other pcs so i hope i can do it with mine. N will it erase everything else off the hard drive or will it just put it in a separate file that does nothing but take up space. Answer:- start pressing ctrl and f11 together as soon as you switch on, until the option for factory image/restore comes up on the screen.

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Play Crysis On Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop

I just got my new dell inspiron 530 desktop can i play crysis on this? Ok, so it says it has a integrated graphic card i assume its high tech and ive seen some crysis video on youtube. It looks hot and someone said you will need a new computer to play it. So i got the new computer and going to buy the game tomorrow but i want to know will i be able to play crysis at max settings.

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Dell Inspiron 530 Video Card To Run Starcraft 2

Whats a decent, cheap video card for my inspiron 530 dell to run starcraft ii on? I'm running on a glorified. 4500 duo 2. 20 ghz processors, 2 gigabytes of ram, and my computer's stock video card, which is 101. 16% useless for gaming. I'll easily be able to afford some more ram, but the price for a new, decent video card is what's scaring me. I'd like to get the most bang for my buck, so any help would really be appreciated at this point! I have star-craft ii installed, and it's just sitting there.

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Nvidia 9800gt Black Screen

I've had this pny nvidia geforce 9800gt 1024mb ddr3 video card for about a year, and just yesterday i came back home to my computer to have my screen completely black, no artifacts or anything. I restarted my computer only to have the same exact problem, even when trying to boot with the last good configuration. I'm running on a x64 bit vista os, at first i thought that i downloaded an incompatible driver but i chose the right one. I've been looking for solutions everywhere and i can't seem to find one that relates to me. I'm desperate for help. Tomorrow i might head to my local computer shop and ask if they can either test a video card on my machine to see if it's the motherboard or the actual card that's messed up to diagnose the problem. So far my theory is that the driver is messed up. When i boot up vista, i see the "gateway" logo, and then the green bar that loads, but as soon as i get to the login screen (i pass login since my computer logs me in automatically) i hear sound but the screen is completely black with no cursor or anything. I ran my computer in safe mode and it works perfectly fine, but the only way to run windows normally is to uninstall my display driver and boot up normally. However, doing this will also make windows automatically install the driver because of the auto updates.

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Geforce 9800gt Driver Installation Problem

Recently bought a new card nvidia geforce 9800gt (asus). I have googled this problem but no luck. I can not install its driver. Driver installation goes till the half and pc freezes. When i reboot pc again it freezes also. Without installing driver vga works without freezing. Then i turn pc on safe mode remove the driver and install the latest version of it downloaded from the official web site of nvidia. It doesn't help also, can someone point me the way i can take to solve the problem?
Updated driver for chipset on motherboard, also has no effect

Os: winxp sp2
Mb: msi ms-7519 p43 neo (has one pci-e slot)
Ram: kingston 2gb
Hdd: seagate 500 gb, sata
Power supply: 450w, huntkey
Monitor: lg w2234s, 22 "

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Dell Alienware Aw2210 Monitor With Nvidia Geforce 6200 Le

Will dell alienware aw2210 monitor work with nvidia geforce 6200 le graphics card? Also is this monitor compatible with ps3?

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Nvidia Gt 220 On Dell Inspiron Black Blank Screen

I installed a nvidia gt220 on my dell inspiron 530 and when i restart the computer i get a black blank screen? I deleted the old drivers and installed the latest drivers, and now i get a blue screen which crashes my computer and keeps restarting it.

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Nvidia Geforce Gtx 480 Fit In Dell Dimension E520 ?

Would a nvidia geforce gtx 480 fit in dell dimension e520 without changing any of the original components?

Answer:- no. According to the dell website, your computer only has a 305w power supply. A gtx 480 requires allot of power, all most double a regular graphics card. But other than that it should work fine. You will need at least a 650w power supply to run this graphics card, but i would recommend getting something a bit higher, 800w preferably. Buy why do you want to get this card? You're computer is not that great to begin with, only duo core/pentium. This graphics card is way to powerful and everything else in your system will end up bottlenecking it. Don't waste your money on a $500 card when your computer isn't even worth that much. I would recommend getting a xfx hd 5770 1gb, even this might be a little over powerful for your computer. But once again you'll have to upgrade the power supply to at least 450w, preferably 650w.

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Video Card For Inspiron 530

I just bought an inspiron 530 and need to buy a new dvi video card. It has a core 2 quad processor with 4 gb of ram. I also have a 22" digital monitor with 1680x1050 resolution. I am not an avid gamer so i wasn't looking to spend more than $100. Though i would like to have at least moderate gaming capabilities. Oh and in case it isn't obvious, i am basically completely ignorant when it comes to this stuff. So feel free to poke fun if it means you'll give me a good recommendation.

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Psu Upgrade For Inspiron 530

Subject: psu upgrade for inspiron 530 core 2 duo, the desktop unit came with acbell 300w psu. The upgrade is needed for additional power supply to nvidia 8600 gts. This is a common and chronic problem. I just got off chatting with a dell agent. She was adamant that the mother board can support only a 280w psu. (1) i would very much appreciate hearing from an inspiron 530 core 2 duo owner who is actually and currently using a psu upgrade: the make and name of the psu (hopefully with modular connections). (2) i would also appreciate hearing from an owner who has adequately tested using the 2 free sata connectors from the native psu, converting them to 4 pins female and then, through the y-shaped connector(that came with card), to the 6 pin input on the nvidia card. Does the native 300w psu support this extra load gracefully?

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Nvidia Geforce - Code 12

I have a year old polywell with 2 gb of ram, amd 4800 and a nvidia geforce 7800 gt card and a samsung 970p monitor. Recently my screen has slowed down and when i scroll up and down instead of scrolling smoothly it scrolls one section of a time and has become very choppy. I went to my device manager and under display adaptor the nvidia geforce 7800 gt card has a exclamation point. When i went into the nvidia geforce 7800 gt card properties i get the following message for the device status:

"This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. Click troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device. "

Is my graphics card dying?

When i go inside my computer and to make sure the graphic card is securely attached and put everything together, the graphic card works again and everything is fine. The next time i boot up the computer, the graphic card does not work and i get the same code 12 problem. Any advice on how to fix this.

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Nvidia Geforce Fx 5500 Problem

I installed my graphics card nvidia ge-force fx 5500 and the monitor led turns orange but the on-board graphics still works. I even disabled it and nothing happened it just went back to default video do i have to disable that too? How do you disable on-board video through bios?

Case: zion solaris atx
Os name: ms windows xp pro 5. 1. 2600 service pack 2
Os kernel: ac pi - apic pc
Cpu name: athlon mp processor model 10 (barton)
Frequency: 1199. 96 mhz
Multiplier: x12
Fsb: 100 mhz
Chip set: via apollo km400
Main board: asustek computer inc. A7v400-mx (dmi)
Bios model: phoenix - award bios v6. 00pg
Bios vendor: asustek computer inc. Bios date: 12/21/04
Super i/o chip: win-bond w83697hf
1. 20 ghz
992 mb ram

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Overclocking Nvidia Geforce 7900 Gs

I'm running a nvidia geforce 7900 gs, and i was overclocking it at the "optimal frequencies" according to cool bits, and my computer froze up and now for the last day i'm not longer able to overclock my card anymore. Changing the frequency one notch will cause my pc to crash. I've re-installed drivers, updates bios, ect. I'm at the end of my rope here, i feel i've tried everything. When i move the frequency, my screen flashes to a black screen, then normal, then black, ect and eventually reaches the blue screen of death. The card still works fine normally. But it won't let me underclock or overclock. I don't understand why.

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Nvidia Geforce 7600 Gs Problem

There is a problem with my video card but i am not sure what is wrong. It is nvidia geforce7600gs, my system is windows xp professional service pack 2. My pc restarts automatically if i try to watch a movie with any of the following: bsplayer, vlc, windows media player, media player classic. I installed a software to test my hardware- it is called test my hardware and when i test my video card it gives me an error is not a valid integer value. I tried to test the direct 3d through dxdiag and after i hit the direct 3d my pc restarted and the resolution was then automatically set to the lowest and when i tried to change it, i could not, it did not give me the option to change at all. I had to restore the system. If i go to the device manager i see that my video card driver is working properly. Even though it was ok, i went to nvidia website and tried to update the driver. After i installed the update, it gave me a message that the system could not be modified. If i deinstall the driver and install the new one, it gives me the same message and the system actually does not install any driver at all. So, i ended up restoring the system again to the point where it still had the driver installed. Everything started a couple of days ago. Firstly, it was only restarting sometimes when i try to start movie, now restarts every time. For your information, i thought service pack 3 may cause me some problems and yesterday i removed it from control panel. It had been installed automatically with windows updates. But removing it did not solve my problem.

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Nvidia Geforce 7950 Gt Bottleneck

Will the nvidia geforce 7950gt get bottlenecked from my computer specs? How about the 6800gt? Im trying to get a agp card that wont get bottlenecked or will barely get bottlenecked by a tiny bit from my computer because why would i get a card thats being bottle necked when i could get a cheaper card and get the same performance because its all tied down by my slower components in my comp you know?

Intel pentium 4 socket 478 processor with 800fsb and 512kb cache at 3. 0ghz, with 2gb pc-3200(400mhz) ram.

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Nvidia Geforce 6600 Crashing

I bought my nvidia geforce 6600 from the company evga, about 4 months ago. In the first 2 weeks it ran fine, and there was no problem. After the first 2 weeks, i booted up my computer and went online to watch shows on youtube. After the first minute of watching, my computer froze hard. I had to restart my computer using the power button. I have no trouble with playing games, my computer has never frozen during gameplay. It freezes mostly when i watch videos on the internet, or video downloads. It also freezes up sometimes when i surf the internet. I have received error messages after crashing, like " nvidia geforce 6600 has caused the problem contact manufacturer " i have downloaded the latest nvidia drivers, after cleaning up my old drivers. I also downloaded the hyperion drivers for my mobo. After downloading the drivers, the problem persisted, so i searched through forums, and tried switching to an older 77. 2 nvidia driver (after cleaning up the newer drivers) this also did not work. I also tried cleaning up the hyperion driver, and downloading the 4 in 1 driver from via. This also did not work. My motherboard model is a p4m266a- 8235, manufactured by gigabyte ( i tried the site, it wasn't helpful) it's chipset is the via p4x266a, and the mps version is 1. 40. The south bridge is vt8233/8733c. I have a 400 watt power supply, by powmax, it is a atx switching power supply. I have a celeron processor, equivalent to the pentium 3 processor, running 2. 02ghz. My computer has ram of 768. It is a windows xp 32-bit computer.

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Is Nvidia Geforce 210 Is Good?

I've checked the specs and it sucks but the thing is, it promises less pressure on cpu and it can run hd smoothly. Here's what i want to do:

-Edit 18 mega-pixel photo on photoshop (raw files are 24mb each pictures)

-Full hd video editing on sony vegas 8. 0

-Open up demanding application at the same time (photoshop and sonyvegas)

-View hd content online without lags


Atleast run games that are made from 2002-2006

I currently use, uhh some cheap crap intel integrated onboard graphics. Budget $50 and i"m getting this card at a price $40. Is this the best bang for the buck? Is this the best i could possibly get with my needs and budget?

Btw my pc is a lil low profile, small case but can fit gt 210

1. 8 ghz dual core
2 gb ram (forgot what ddr and what mhz)

220 w power-supply, but i think i can get away with that mount cuz my motherboard, ram and cpu doesn't look like it's running at a full 220w.

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Nvidia Geforce 8600m Gt Problem

Guys here is the problem. A week ago i was playing day of defeat source and everything was fine. Until later i uninstalled mw2 and went back to playing day of defeat source. A few minutes into the game the system crashed and went into low resolution and have a distorted colours and lots of lines vertically. The day after i noticed the fan stopped working so i went to a computer store to get it cleaned and when i was there he noticed that the copper was bent and not making full contact. He fixed that and fastened the gpu and put some thermal paste. I managed to play game for to check it out and later i quited. But after switching the laptop on again i went to watch a video but i got an error that display driver stopped working and that is has recovered after 10 seconds system crashed again and back to low resolution and lines and distorted colours. And when i try to boot it gives me blue screen on start up. So i had to disable display adapter. Name nvidia geforce 8600m gt

Pnp device idpciven_10de&dev_0407&subsys_9016104dŽ 4&19fdab84&0&0008

Adapter type not available, nvidia compatible

Adapter description nvidia geforce 8600m gt

Adapter ram not available

Installed drivers nvd3dum.dll, nvwgf2um.dll

Driver version7. 15. 11. 5665

Inf fileoem 4. Inf (nv_g8x_m2_2 section)
Color planes not available
Color table entriesnot available
Resolution not available
Bits/pixel not available
Memory address0xce000000-0xceffffff
Memory address0xd0000000-0xdfffffff
Memory address0xcc000000-0xceffffff
I/o port0x00002000-0x00002fff
Irq channel irq 5

VlŽ (7. 15. 11. 5665, 7. 27 mb (7, 626, 400 bytes), 20/11/2007 08:48)

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Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200 Boot Up Problem

I just assembled a new pc on my own accord (obviously for $$ reasons). I had an old 128 mb nvidia geforce fx5200 on me from my old pc. I had been using since last november. I plugged in the card in my new pc (mci p4mam2-v motherboard, 1g pc2100 ddr ram, p4 2. 3 ghz) running win xp home edition. My old pc (piii 600 mhz, 408mb ram) was runninng a win xp pro. Windows detected the card properly and installed the drivers properly. I was all happy so i plugged in my monitor to my agp card but got a blank screen. That is the monitory still gets a signal (its not switched off) but all it displays is a small black screen). The drivers were installed automatically by windows and recently when i moved i lost the original box pack for my graphics card hence dont have the original driviers from nvidia. Thinking further that it might be drivers problem i went to nvidia's webpage only to find that download site was down. In the end (i think out of spite ) i rebooted the pc only to find that the monitor was not getting any input from the cpu (it kept flashing). I let it run for a while keeping my fingers crossed. After a while, i think after the blue progress bar, i found that the monitor was once again giving me the black screen. I dont know what to do further. I have read through the suggestions trying to search for the right answer in different threads to no avail.

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Nvidia Geforce 6200 Turbocache Problem

I bought a nvidia geforce 6200 turbocache card because my old one got shorted out and i couldn't see anything. I installed the card and everything works fine like my desktop and everything is just fine i can see and play starcraft fine. But i want to play world of warcraft and it doesn't work it just goes to a black screen and starts blinking. I updated the card to the 257. Something update and it didn't do anything. Dxdiag wont pick it up either and device manager says this windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). I uninstalled it. Rebooted the computer and my computer still looks normal and i can play starcraft still as if the card is installed. So i ran the installer again and nothing happened when i rebooted my computer. I also cant access the nvidia control panel it says you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu ( which i am). I also have directx 11. It doesn't wanna detect the card or whatever. Also the windows experience index will not update from my last card, when i run the refresh it says that it cant complete the index due to an error being reported from the os blah blah. I also have a 2 ata channels and a standard dual channel pci ide controller.

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Nvidia Geforce Gts 250 Or Gt 240?

While gts250 formerly known as 8800gts, 9800gtx, 9800gtx+, but the card itself is by far superior to the gt240 (the performance is roughly the same as 9600gt). And because it can do better, it also requires a decent power-supply. As from the details listed on nvidia's website, the card requires 105w to operate. It isn't much, but still would be troubling for a brand-less power supply (those claiming itself to be 500w but it fact it can only do 240w) to provide.gt240 is generally the same as 9600gt, the difference being nvidia used the 40nm fabrication process (being the same as the redesigned gts250) which allows roughly the same performance as 9600gt but at a lower power consumption. It is therefore does not require a 6 pin pcie power cable running from the power supply to provides power for the graphic card while it is a must for gts250. In terms of actual number of wattage, it is a 69w graphic card so most power supply should be able to make it. (Note there's still a number of uncertainties as how poor any power supply can be. )

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Nvidia Geforce 5200 Fx Agp Card Problem

I've just purchased a nvidia 5200 fx graphics card and tried to install it on my pc. However, i am having no success in getting it to work. I have an onboard agp graphics card at the moment and believe that this may be part of the problem. Most of the time my pc gets to the windows xp professional start screen and then goes blank, i assume this is because the drivers on the system don't match the hardware or because the card is overheating.

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Xfx Nvidia Geforce Gt 220 1gb Bottleneck

I have a xfx nvidia geforce gt220 1gb and im running a core 2 duo 2. 2ghz at the moment, i am hopeful to buy an amd 9850 quadcore black edition, would my graphics card bottle neck the amd?

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Intel D915gav & Nvidia Geforce 9500 Gt Compatibility

I am planning to buy a 1gb nvidia geforce 9500 gt graphics card for my pc soon. So my question is will it work with my intel d915 gav motherboard? If yes, then how to install it (software wise)? What are the ati equivalents against 9500 gt?

Pc config:
P4 3ghz ht
1. 5gb ddr1 ram at 400mhz
Intel 915gav mb (has one pcie x16 slot)
450 watt psu

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Is Nvidia Geforce 9600 Gt Or Ati Hd 4850 Better For Gaming ?

Is an nvidia geforce 9600 gt or ati hd 4850 better fop gaming? Is an intel dh55tc board enough for these? I have a 450 w smps, should i upgrade it? Does core i3 processor help any way graphically for games.

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Nvidia Geforce 220 Fit In Compaq Cq4010f ?

Will a nvidia geforce 220 fit inside a compaq cq4010f pc? I need to get a new card because i believe my other one is broke. I have a pny nvidia geforce 210 currently. From the pictures the 220 looks thicker than the 210 and the space i have to install it in is cramped, about 3 inches wide, 8 inches long. On the 210, i had to remove the bracket that holds the monitor cables to make it fit and consequently the hdmi cable is just dangling inside the computer. I have a 400 watt power supply so that should be no problem but the space i have to install the card in is, again, very limited. Will it work? If so, should i stick with pny as the brand for the card?

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