Cannot Secure Linksys Router

When i try set linksys secured. I open the set up page sign in as admin, click the wireless tab, change router name to a unique name then save the settings all is ok. Next step i go to wireless security section go into the security mode drop down box and select wep and change the setting to 128 bits 26 hex digits. I then create a pass-phrase and click generate. At this point i select save settings and it will sit there for awhile saving then instead of the successful box coming up a black screen appears with the white box in the center with no radio buttons to select. If i close the page try to connect to the et i get a request for a password. When i input the new passphrase is says they are mismatched. The same thing happens if i try adminĚ as the phrae. I have tried this both with an ethernet cable or without with the same results. I have also tried it with and without disabling ssid broadcast.

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Connect Linksys Router To At&t 2wire Router

Can you connect a linksys router to an at&t 2wire router? I have a 2wire router and its really slow and i wanted to know if i could set up a linksys or faster router to it so it is faster, or if anyone knows of a router that is faster than the 2wire and is compatible with at&t.

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Linksys Router Issues

We have a linksys wrt54g router which has worked great and with little problems. However, we had a storm not long ago and it caused comcast (our internet service provider) to have trouble with their towers and the signal wasn't sent. After the storm and the comcast problems were fixed our router settings were changed and none of the computers in our house could get internet. I then went into our wireless settings and set everything back to factory settings under the administration tab and held the reset button on the back of the router for 10 seconds but still nothing. The computers that are connected say they only get local access and will not connect to the internet. I disconnected everything and did the power cycles as i read to do online but still just local access. I then even decided to try to connect one of our laptops through the linksys routers ethernet ports on the back and still the same thing. The only way i can get online like i am now is to disconnect the router and plug the ethernet cord connected to the laptop directly into the comcast modem. What is wrong with our router?

Can it be fixed or is it fried? The only reason i don't believe it to be fried is it happened to my girlfriend and she called a computer tech guy who was at her house for about an hour and eventually got it going. What should i do i don't want to call the guy cause he's expensive any solutions or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Port Forwarding And A Linksys Router

I'm using a linksys wrt54g with v8. 00. 2 firmware. I'm trying to set up port forwarding for azureus. As it is now i can upload fine, but my past history was all lost and uploading has gone to ***. I went from having a 1. 5 ratio of seeding to leeching to . 5. I looked up how to set things up at, but came across 1 problem not talking about on the site. When i go to my routers web page to set up the forwarding and go to uncheck "block anonymous internet request" it also unchecks "filter ident(port 113). On they still have filter check with anon net request unchecked. I'm wondering if the filter doesn't matter and i can go ahead with setting up the ports?

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Connect Mac And Pc To Same Linksys Router

Can i connect a mac and pc to the same linksys router? That will both be hard wired to the router not wireless.

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Linksys Router Internet Problem

I have been having internet problems here recently. Well, i have been having internet problems for a while but i can't pinpoint when they started coming about. I have been running pretty much the same setup for about five years now and for the most part had little to no problems with it. The only thing i have replaced is the router. I have only one cable line ran into my room so i have to use a splitter so that i can have internet and television. I know i should have one line ran for each but as i said before it was working find for a long time. The old router i had was a linksys, i cant remember the model but it was the blue one with the speed booster and with it i had no problems. For a while now my connection has been running okay but not great but i could deal with it. I was getting pretty consistent results when running a internet speed test. I was in kmart the other day and i saw a signal booster for cable and figured i would give it a try when hooking it up the router fell from where i had it and hit the ground. When i went to get on the xbox and play online i was getting horrible lag spikes and i figured it was something to do with the signal booster so i took it off and put it back the way i had it. I went and ran a speed test and now i'm getting horrible lag spikes. We have 6 meg connection but when i run the test it says anywhere from 6 to 25. I have been trying to run down the problem but i can't figure it out. It's so bad now that even youtube videos are having trouble loading and when they do load up im getting a laggy video. Before i could watch a youtube video in 720p even 1080p without a problem. I hardwired my xbox to the modem and bypassed the router to see if it would still lag and when doing that i have no problem. My question is could dropping the router have messed something up? I don't have the money to go throw down on a new router and that not even be the problem.

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Connect A Linksys Adapter To A Netgear Router

How do you connect a linksys adapter to a netgear router ?


You don't. You connect the adapter to your computer. The brands of adapters and routers don't matter as networks are standards based, not proprietary to any particular manufacturer. Edit: once you've installed the adapter just run the wireless management app and select your wireless network. It does not matter what brand the router is.

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Linksys E1000 Router Slows Connection

Linksys e1000 router severely slows my connection. For some reason when i run my connection through this router it slows everything down immensely. This is what i get:

Wired connection: modem -> desktop = 20+ mbps (download)
Wired connection: modem -> router -> desktop = 1-5 mbps

It's so bad i can't even stream a movie fluidly from my laptop (wireless) to my ps3 (wired). Any ideas?

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Connecting Linksys Router To Comcast Modem

We recently upgraded to comcast high-speed internet from our existing at&t. The tech guy that came only installed internet on one computer. Note: using comcast's modem directly hooked up to the computer worked fine. The problem is that we have two computers. So set it up using a router the same way that worked while using at&t. Modem <-> router <-> computer

After setting it up, it searched for an ip but was unable to find one. I am sure the router works fine because i had no problems while using it with at&t's internet. Without an ip, i can't configure the modem to communicate with the router, using a web browser. Any input on how i can fix this or what i am doing wrong is much appreciated. Modem - arris tm602g/ct
Router - linksys befsr41 v. 2

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Linksys Wireless Router Stopped Working

I have a linksys wag200g wireless router. It is connected by wire to a desktop and wireless to a laptop. The wireless has suddenly stopped working - internet still works perfectly fine on desktop!

I just spent an hour on the phone to a linksys "support" person. They came to the conclusion that it was a problem with my laptop not the internet as it was not showing up under wireless connections. However this is not the case as there is no wireless internet available on my ipod touch either (which i use internet on quite frequently). I have since managed to get the wireless internet to show up on both the laptop and ipod touch, however still neither of them will actually connect to it!

I've tried googling the problem but found no helpful answers. It's important that i have internet on my laptop! Hopefully someone can help without me having to stuff around with too many settings in fear of making the desktop internet go too.

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Linksys Wmp54g Wireless Router / Adapter Problem

I have a linksys wrt54g router which is 3 years old and have a linksys wmp54g wireless adapter that i am using to connect to the internet via wireless. I am currently having problems connecting to online games. Thinking that my router was the problem, i attempted to connect to another wireless network and join an online game. I was able to connect, but was having the same problems ( lag spikes and disconnects ) as my wireless network and it has about 40% less signal strength than my wireless signal. But here is the odd part. When i connected to my network again and joined the same game, the lag gets even worse than it was from the weaker signal and i was getting 98% signal strength. And 90% of the time, the game would eventually crash to the desktop when it attempts to connect to a server. Internet browsers are also starting to be affected. Sometimes websites load normally. But from now and then, i would have to refresh the webpage because it is starting to take quite a long time to load a webpage which would of taken me a few seconds to load rather than a minute. There also some delays when webpages are loading and then the webpage would eventually load normally after a abnormal 5-10 second delay. Would this be a sign for me to get a new router and wireless adapter? If so, what do you recommend?

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Block Computers Access To Linksys Wireless Router

Ok, so like we are at the whole arp command area in my cisco class and i got me a question. When you do the arp -a command you get a list of hosts on the network and the mac addresses.could i use this information to block computers access to my linksys wireless router? And would/could it work on wireless users.

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360 N Wireless Adapter Compatible With G Linksys Router ?

Can the 360 n wireless adapter connect to my g linksys router? Im getting a 360 wireless n network adapter and i have a g router will that work?

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Secure Digital Memory Cards

I don't know what forum this really belongs in, so mod's please move this if i'm way off. Anyway, i'm looking into getting a new secure digital card (256mb) for my kodak dx6440. I'm trying to get recomendations for a card that has good write/read speed. I've looked at the lexar 32x and the sandisk ultraii. Any other ideas or personal experiences? Or does anyone know of any good camera sites that have reviews?

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How To Secure Bsnl Wireless Network?

How can i secure my bsnl wireless network?

1) find the default user and password to access your router's user interface:

2) connect your computer to the router using an ethernet cable. Open your browser and go to http://192. 168. 1. 1

3) key in the default user and password. If the defaults don't work then you have to call up the company or person who set up your wifi. If you still can't get the user and the password then the only option left is to reset it by pushing a pin or tip of a pen through the small hole located at the back of the router. Hold it until the power goes off and back on. This usually takes about 5-30 secs depending on the router brand. It will erase and reset your router to defaults. You may now log in using the default user and password and configure your router. 4) look for the wireless settings page. Setup the password for the wifi connection. Use wpa2 personal encryption instead of wep as the wep is easy to break. 5) you will also need to change the default user logon name and password so nobody can remotely change your settings unless they personally go to your house and reset the router the way you just did. 6) you can also change the router's default ssid (service set identifier) to an ambiguous name so nobody will know what brand of router you are using and from what source the wifi signal is coming from. Don't put your name on it unless you want to. If you want to know more information, read your router's manual.

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Secure Erase Of Large Hard Drives

Is there anyone who has some experience with securely erasing data on large capacity hd's. Like with this method:

http://cmrr. Ucsd. Edu/people/hughes/secureerase. Shtml

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Can't Use Sharing On Secure Wireless Network

I have three pc's two are hard wired and one is wireless, i cant connect to my wireless pc unless the network is unsecured i want to be able to use my network secured and still be able to use sharing, and printer, my router is a wrt54gs, and the wireless pc is using a wusb54gp. Also have another question, i am unable to use remote programs like radmin and twd remote anything, why is this?

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Is Data Sent From Computer To Wireless Printer Secure ?

Is the data sent from a hp600 series wireless computer to a hp c4780 wireless printer secure? If not can i make it so?

No, its technically not "secure", why would it be? The cia is not eavesdropping on what you are printing off, unless you are a terrorist. Your neighbors probably don't have the hacking skills needed to "sniff" your pc to printer network traffic. If you work in a occupation where security is required, then the it staff at your job will have recommendations on how to print securely. There is no way i know of to force a secure connection to a printer, unless that printer supports some type of encryption. Perhaps some of the higher end (expensive) printers allow encrypted connections, but i don't know any specifics.

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Secure Connecting To Network While Working From Home

What are the secure options for connecting to the work network while working from home i.e. Teleworking? I would like to telework from home permanently. This would require me to be logged onto the network at the office all day so that i can get mails, work on files etc. What are the secure options for doing this. Would i connect directly to a computer physically at the office using one of these programs like logmein or could my computer at home log onto the network at work like any other computer at the office.

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Dell Vostro 1500 Secure Wireless Connection

I hope you are doing well. My girlfriend just recently switched from a regular wired dsl connection to a wireless connection. She is using a dell vostro 1500 laptop, and is using the software that comes with it to connect to the internet, which is called dell wireless wlan card utility. Her dsl provider is sbc yahoo!

Currently, the dell wireless wlan card utility shows that the wireless connection is not secured (there is no security lock next to her network name). How do i go about securing the wireless connection so others are not able to use it without first entering a network key?

I have searched but was not able to find step-by-step instructions. I did, however, find dozens of web sites that recommend me to secure my wireless connection - too bad they didn't tell me how to do that.

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Linksys Befsr41 Problem

I'm having a weird problem with a router "linksys befsr41". Ok here is the deal i'm trying to add another computer to the router which has four ports, and i'm only using two out of the four. I have two desktops hooked up to the router ran a 50ft cable to the laptop in the other office and pluged it in, but the laptop seems to not want to communicate with the router. It does reconize the network when i plug it in but it comes back with a limited or no connection issue, and for some reason the laptop has a ip address that is really messed up the router is setup to give the computers a ip address automatically but this is not and address that router has given way out of it's range. I think that this is the issue but every thing i try to get rid of the ip address does no good any ideas.

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Linksys Wrt54gs Firmware Issue

I had sent my router back in for a warranty repair in august of last year. During that time i purchased a second router to use until i got this one back. When i did get it back it sat around for a couple of months as i didn't have a use for it initially. I find now as i'm attempting to use it that it still does not work! The power led does not stop blinking and i am unable to connect to the router. According to the manual this could be due to corrupt firmware and suggests that i upgrade it. As i said before, i cannot get into the router to do this though. It is not giving out an ip address. I am sure that the product is no longer under warranty. Is there any chance of repairing this item or is it time to just throw it away. A trend that is becoming troublesome with my linksys products.

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Linksys Wrt54g Firmware Upgrade

When upgrading a linksys wrt54g's firmware via the web interface, is it necessary to power cycle the router after the upgrade, or does it automatically reboot without user intervention?

Note: this is in hardware because it concerns the actual piece of hardware rather than the networking/security aspects of it.

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Linksys Wpc11 Version 3 Firmware Issue

I previously had a linksys wpc11 (version 3) working perfectly well under a win2k system. I briefly switched it out to use in another laptop running winxp. After installing, winxp "upgraded" the firmware for the card. Now the card won't work in the win2k system anymore. For that matter, it won't work in any system that isn't running winxp. Now, the simple solution would be to re-flash the card with the original firmware; except that it isn't available for download. I called/chatted/emailed linksys regarding the issue and they insist that: a) what i said isn't possible and b) no they will not give me the firmware. I've tested this in multiple systems and am certain that what i say is correct. Anyone else experience this problem? Any possible solutions?

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Linksys Pci Adapter With Speedbooster Wmp54gs

In the settings menu for this adapter, there is an option called "bluetooth collaboration". Does that mean i would be able to get it to work with bluetooth devices?

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Linksys Wrt54gs With Speedbooster - Network Problem

I've been having problems with these linksys wireless broadband routers. I just am on my 3rd router, and this time it's the wrt54gs one with speed booster. This computer and a laptop is connected to the router. The laptop is connected wirelessly while this one is plugged in. When i first got it, i followed the instructions from the cd and everything was going well. However, after a few days, when i turned on the linksys easylink advisor, it says that i've installed a new router. When i clicked yes and ran the test thing again, it went pretty well but when i turn it on again, it says this again. So, i decided to leave it but i'm having connection problems now. On the router, each time my neighbor (who has the wireless laptop) goes online, the wlan light blinks crazily while mine (1) is still but sometimes blinks. The internet light is also blinking crazily. When she isn't using it, the wlan light stops and i get to use the internet but it's still really slow even though it has the speed booster. Sometimes, i when i can't take it, i press the cisco system button all the way to the left and it does something which i would be able to use the internet for a few minutes. Well, it seems that it's a first come, first serve kind of thing where whoever gets online first, gets the better connection, sort of.

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Can Xbox 360 Connected To Router Interfere With Other Router Connection

Can an xbox360 connected to a router interfere with another person's router connection? The netgear router is in my room and my xbox360 is connected to it with a wired ethernet connection. My father is convinced that the xbox360 is the reason that he frequently doesn't have a connection, or it's very slow, and has to unplug the router for 60 seconds. I don't think that makes sense, especially since he'll have problems when i haven't even used the system all day. Also, his connection has gotten worse since he traded in our linksys router for this netgear. Can my xbox360 be interfering with his router connection, or is it the router?

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Wireless Linksys Connection Has Low Signal Strength

My wireless linksys connection has a very low signal strength but it normally has excellent today my pc has been running real slow because the signal strength is very low. Its always excellent, except for today. How can i get it excellent again?

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Adsl Modem / Router With Wireless Netgear Router

I have a problem and do not know where else to go. I currently have an adsl+2 modem/router and recently bought a netgear wireless rangemax 240 router for wireless capabilities. I cannot get the two to work together. It doesn't help that im very in-experienced with networking either. My connection is pppoe and i need a sign in. Is there a way to bridge the 2 routers together?

I plug my netgear into the modem and it receives no internet signal. Ive tried numerous ways of doing it. Nothing works. I don't know if im suppose to use port forwarding or what. Any information would help and please, if you could. Bust it down 2 y/o style so i understand

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Linksys Wrt120n - Error 321 - Ethernet Cable Not Connected

I just got my new linksys wrt120n router yesterday and i decided to set it up as soon as i could. I followed all their instructions, plugged in the things in the way they showed; and then, after the last step, they can't configure my router or my network. It says that my ethernet cable does not appear to be connected properly. But it is, i've checked it every time, and it is connected. If anyone has any advice or solutions/answers to this problem, then please tell me. I really don't want to buy a router just for it not to work at all.

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