Pull Mac Address From Disconnected Mobo

I recently built a new computer for my brother. After installing all the old disks into the new computer i realized that i forgot to pull the mac address from his onboard-lan. Is there anyway i can pull up the mac address without having to reconnect all the drives? It's a dell, can i use the service number online to retrieve it?

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Hp Photosmart B209 Mac Address

Can someone please tell me where to find the mac address on hp photosmart plus b209 for wireless connecting? There is no sticker, there are no details where the serial no etc are. I have filtering on my netgear wireless router & need the mac of the printer to add. Answer:-
Check this link: http://bit. Ly/cu6l9v

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Mac Address Invalid In Both Flash And Cmos

I suppose this issue could go under motherboards. Anyways let me list what i think is wrong. My physical address (mac address) is reading 00-00-00-00-00
I get this error in the boot screen "mac address invalid in both flash and cmos, press f1 to continue"

This occurred after i updated to latest bios and cleared the cmos. My mistake was i cleared the cmos immediately after the update, where on asrock website they say do so after an inital boot up and shut down. Oh yah i have an asrock dual vista lg775 motherboard, via pt880 pro/ultra chipset. The via lan chipset is vt6103

Basically what i'm trying to do is somehow flash in the mac address, with a proper one. I'm not even sure if i can do that, i may have to rma the board. Asrock website instructed me to fill out a technical report and submit, which i've done already. However i don't like waiting and am trying to fix this bugger myself. I've downloaded the app which runs from dos off of a bootable floppy that is capable of flashing the mac address, however i don't know if it's do able cause i don't have a mac address as of this moment. Will putting in a new one even do anything now? Oh yeah my lan is still working, which is kinda weird considering other sources i've looked at suggested that the lan would not be working if this problem had occurred. Any suggestions?

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Change Mac Address Of Bluetooth Dongle

How to change mac address of a bluetooth dongle? I have purchased 3 bluetooth dongles in the past with no problems. They are high end dongles that each have their own unique mac address, and are the same brand and model. Last month i decided to buy a bunch of dongles from ebay. I bought 20 to be exact. They were a dollar a piece and free shipping from hong kong. Yea, i knew to at least expect garbage for that price, but it wasn't a lot of money so i figure i'd take the gamble. They are generic dime sized dongles. I wasn't too worried if they would of be horrible quality due to their price. Just one of my high end dongles costs more than 20 of these cheap ones combined. However, i don't like putting all of my eggs in one basket, so i decided to buy a total of 20 dongles between 3 sellers just in case one seller had bad dongles, especially since they come from hong kong and takes 3 weeks for delivery. I tested each and every one of them on my 1st laptop with my phone. Out of 20, only 1 ended up being bad. Not bad at all. They work wonderfully. Wireless range is about half to 3/4 of the high end dongles so that's not too bad. Well i have lots of pcs and laptops in my house. I decided to install the dongles all at once after testing each one, and something weird was happening. My blackberry was getting confused as to what device to connect to. The device names were all mixed up, i'd have connection failures, etc. I decided to take a look at the mac addresses of each device and noticed that they are all the same! Well actually, each sellers dongle had its own mac address. Each seller's dongle were a little different from eachother. In other words, i have a total of 3 different mac addresses because each seller had their own generic brand/model of dongle. I am glad i decided to split my purchases between different sellers or else i would have ended up with 20 dongles with the exact same mac address, which causes all sorts of crazy problems due to conflicts. The dongles work great on their own, but when trying to use 2 of the dongles from the same seller together, it doesn't work due to the same mac address. Is there any way to change a mac address on these bluetooth dongles/adapters?

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How To Pull Data Off Dead Laptop Hard Drive?

I've done it multiple times in the past, but this time i fear the drive itself may be damaged. My laptop just died and i used a sata-to-usb converter to connected the pulled hard drive to an old power mac g4. It shows up in disk utility but doesn't mount. Any help is appreciated, as i foolishly don't have a backup. All i want to is to mount the drive one last time in order to perform a feel backup.

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Local Area Connection Is Now Disconnected

Every 30 min's a bubble pops up at the bottom and it says "local area connection is now disconnected" then is says "local area connection is now connected". It does this on both computers at the same time. But one doesn't find the internet connection so i have to restart its connection. Any ideas why it does this?

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Dsl Internet Connection Disconnected

Whats wrong with my internet connection? About every hour to minutes my dsl goes down, i use at&t self support, it tells me that my dsl line is disconnected, but when ever i make a phone call it gets reconnected.

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Dsl Get Disconnected When Phone Rings

Why does my dsl get disconnected every time the phone rang? Does anyone else got the same problem? And how do we fix it?

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Monitor Displays Signal Cable Disconnected

My monitor displays signal cable disconnected what shall i do?

Have you tried plugging in your monitor to a different system unit? If by doing this solves your problem, then i would assume a graphics card problem, or maybe a contact problem of it to the main board. Then, you can try cleaning the graphic card contact. If this didn't work, you probably have a faulty card. Or you may try plugging in a known good monitor to your system unit? If after doing so resolves the problem, then the problem is on the monitor. Signal cables of monitors are the common cause of it, you may try moving the cable while connected to your pc. Replace the cable if possible.

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External Hard Drive Was Disconnected Improperly

My external hard drive was disconnected improperly, how do i bring it back? I disconnected my seagate freeagent drive by accident while it was syncing and now my operating system won't allow me to enter the drive. It says that my drive is corrupted or unreadable, and that i need to reformat it to use it, and i don't want to lose the data on the drive. I just want to take the data out.

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Nokia 7210 Cell Keeps Getting Disconnected While File Exchange

My nokia 7210 cell keeps getting disconnected while file exchange via bluetooth with my dell inspiron laptop? What should i do? It never happened before. I tried removing n reconnecting the devices.

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Determine Physical Address

Consider a simple segmentation system that has the following segment table:

Starting address length(bytes)
660 248
1752 422
222 198
996 604

For each of the following logical address, determine the physical address or indicate if a segment fault occurs:

A) 0, 198
B) 2, 156
C) 1, 530
D) 3, 444
E) 0, 222

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Can't Renew Ip Address

I have a desktop hooked directly to a motorola sb5101cable modem through usb at the same time i've connected a laptop directly to the cable modem through the ethernet port and i was getting a limited or no connectivity message on the laptop, checked the ip address and it was invalid so i did ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew and it said it was unable to renew address.could this be because my desktop was connected to the internet at the same time?

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How To Calculate Physical Address ?

Can anyone help me calculate a physical address for a memory location? I know the bus width (bw), segment address (sa), and logical address (la). Memory location #1: bw - 12 bits, sa - a5h, la - 09h

Memory location #2: bw - 20 bits, sa - 2e1h, la - 81bh

The sa and la have to be represented by numbers the size of a register (words) and the final answer has to be in hex.

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Hp Complaint Email Address

I need an email address for hp. I have been searching their website for hours and cant find anything. I want to write an email of complaint to hp for the charger i have for my compaq laptop. It has stopped working and i know numerous people who have had a problems with theirs. I have been through so many and the same thing keeps happening to all of them. It is like there is a loose wire in the box thing in the middle. But i need an email address because i know a letter will take too long to be replied to and i cant guarantee a reply. My laptop is out of use as the battery is flat. Really annoyed with hp right now.

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Stuck At Obtaining Ip Address

I've tried just about every typical wireless internet troubleshooting solution i know of, including resetting the router, and i still can't connect. The best i can do is "limited access. " Windows troubleshooter seems to think that i have entered the wrong security key, but that is not the case. And the problem is not with my computer because i can't connect with my droid either. It gets stuck at "obtaining ip address. " Any ideas?

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Ip Address For Lexmark X8350

Does anyone have the ip address for an lexmark x8350? I need to know the ip address for specifically the lexmark x8350.

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Cannot Renew Ip Address Error

I just had cable internet installed and the day it was installed it did not work. The status of the connection keeps telling me that it is acquiring the network address but when i go to ipconfig i have no ip. And when i release the ip and go to renew it i get an error telling me that the rpc server is unavailable.

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Ip Address And Router Trouble

We have a desktop computer, a laptop, and an ipod touch. With our router, for some odd reason, we are only "allowed" to use the internet on only one of the devices at a time. For example, right now i am on the laptop (wireless), and if another person in the house wants to use the destop, i have to turn my wifi off cause on the desktop it says that there is an ip address conflict. I'm not sure on how to fix this in order for us to all use the internet at the same time. At first i called the router company (i have a dynex enhanced wireless g router) and they told me that they couldn't help me and that the problem was my network card and that microsoft could help me fix the ip address. So i went and called microsoft, no help. They said that the problem was in part of our internet provider. So, of course, i called my internet provider, and they said that they would have to configure my modem and router for $130. I'm sure there is a way for me to fix this problem without having to pay that much.

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Nokia M1122 Modem Ip Address

I just got a nokia m1122 for free from work today its default ip has been changed to something unknown, is there anyway i can change it back. Any help would be really great because i need this modem very badly and 56k isn't good enough, and my isp said there will be a 1-3 week wait on my new modem.

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Computer Keeps Trying To Acquire Network Address

My acer aspire one won't connect to my linksys router, even though other devices do connect. My acer connected to the router before, but when i got a new router, it just didn't connect, even though my other devices connected fine. When i turn on my computer, on the right hand corner on the bottom pops up and says, "wireless networks detected, click here to connect. " Or something like that. I click it and it gives me the list of available networks to connect to. I click the one i want and it just goes to the point where it tries to connect to the router. It doesn't even ask for a wep password. It just keeps on trying to acquire the network address or something like that.

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Ip Address In Network Connections

Why do i see this ip address in network connections? My anti virus program norton shows the local ip address 127. 0. 0. 1 in network connections, what does this mean?

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Change Ip Address With Wwan Connection

Is it possible to change my ip address with a wwan connection? I have a verizon wireless internet card - the kind that plugs into the usb port. And i have windows 7. Is it possible to change my ip address? If so, how do i do it?

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Renewing Ip Address - Network Problem

Ok well, we recently bought my wife a new computer, and when we did we also bought a 5 port hub (6 if you count the uplink) some ethernet cables so i could hook both of our computers and my ps2 up to our cable modem. Well i got mine working fine, cable modem is plugged into the hub and my computer is plugged up to the hub and mine runs fine. Hers tho, it tells me hers has "no or limited connectivity", if i try to go to repair connection it just sits there forever at "renewing ip address" so anyone have any idea's what i'm doing wrong or what i'm not doing?

To set up mine to work on the hub i went to the network wizard, create new network, then it asked me if i wanted this computer to connect through another computer or if i wanted another computer to connect through this one, i click 'other' then there's an option of 'this computer connects to a hub, and so do other computers on my network' so i chose that for mine then did the same for hers, hers isn't working and mine is so i don't know what's wrong.

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Memtest Errors On One Single Memory Address

When running memtest86, a well known test utility, it revealed way too many errors to be healthy, but one thing that i find puzzling is that it's only with one certain pattern that i get a lot of errors, and when i say a lot, it ranges around 6 million errors. It's a 512 mb stick, and for the whole 512 mb on the pattern 00000000-1 it shows nothing but errors/bad data. Besides that it shows about 38 errors on other addresses. This stick is toast i'm guessing?

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Invalid Ip Address Disconnects Internet Every 5 Mins

My internet connection has been very unstable lately, and as i discovered, my "ip address type" seems to go from "assigned by dhcp" to "invalid ip address" every now and then. So instead of obtaining an ip address automatically, i manually put in a static ip, and that seemed to solve the problem for a while, but it came back. This time the thing goes from "manually configured" to "invalid ip address". And when that happens my ip address and subnet mask becomes "0. 0. 0". Hence my internet works on and off and it's really annoying.

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Limited Or No Connectivity - Network Address Not Assigned

My computer keeps saying that and i can't access the internet, it says something about a network address not assigned. But the internet is working on another computer using the first computer's router but for some reason the other won't. Any help?

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Wifi Ip Address Not Found - Limited Or No Connectivity

So last night i turned on the laptop and it would connect with my home internet, but it would say limited or no connectivity. When i tried to open internet it would say internet connection not found but when i connected the ethernet cable to it, it would say limited or no connectivity but the internet would open up just fine. I know it's not my internet because the desktop works just fine. The computer thing in the bottom shows that yellow triangle with the exclamation point in the middle. When i opened the wireless thing, it said repair, so i clicked on it and it opened up a little box saying disconnecting, then reconnecting, then trying to find ip address, then it says ip address not found. Help? Suggestions?

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Hide Ip Address / Location When Connect To Internet

How to hide my ip address and location when i connect to the internet? I want to download some programs that because of my location it isn't possible for me. How can i download them easily?

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Public Area Connection - Invalid Ip Address

My public area connection is saying i have a "invalid ip address"? Well about a week ago i was trying to get on xbox live when it stopped working all of a sudden, i am connected with a ethernet cord from my laptop to my xbox 360 and i have a wireless adapter upstairs.comes to find out i checked my public area connection has a invalid ip address. So i was wondering how you could fix the invalid ip address on the public area connection. This is my network connection details: connection-specific dns suffix:

Description: marvell yukon 88e8040 pci-e fast ethernet controller

Physical address: 00-21-9b-e8-57-cb
Dhcp enabled: no
Ipv4 ip address: 192. 168. 0. 1
Ipv4 subnet mask: 255. 255. 255. 0
Ipv4 default gateway:
Ipv4 dns server:
Ipv4 wins server:
Netbios over tcpip enabled: yes
Link-local ipv6 address: fe80::ed1c:bf06:eb5e:fd26%11
Ipv6 default gateway:

Ipv6 dns servers: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1

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