Connecting Dvd Vga With Computer Vga

How do i connect dvd-vga with computer vga? I have a dvd player and it has vga port. Now i want to connect my dvd player with laptop through vga adopter. Is it possible.

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Can't See Computer Screen After Connecting Vga / Rgb To Tv

Can't see computer screen - tried to connect vga/rgb to tv, changed display settings. ? I changed my display properties to show on tv screen, it doesn't work. Now i can't see computer screen on tv, or computer screen at all. Is there anything i can do? Is there a manual undo button? Can i do system restore by clicking on something?

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Connecting Dell 3100 To Tv Via Vga Cable

How to connect dell 3100 to my hd lcd tv via vga cable? I've been trying to connect my pc (dell dimension 3100) to my hd lcd tv, but am having no luck. I am connecting them together through vga cable but when i change to the "pc" output on the tv, it says "no signal". Can anyone help solve this program? I am using the standard graphics card, which is an intel card, version: 6. 14. 10. 4543.

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Monitor By Vga Cable

I have a laptop (with display at 1366x768) and i have a vga cable connecting to a tv monitor. When i have the settings at 1366x768, my laptop display is great, but the tv monitor displays the screen small and centered to the right, and doesn't show the full screen. If i put the settings at 1280x768, my laptop screen gets a little fuzzy, but shows good on my tv monitor. Is there a way i can have it so the tv monitor is in its best display setting while having my laptop at a different display setting? Or any other help fixing the problem? I want both laptop and tv monitor to show the full screen, i do not want it as one extended screen.

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Connecting Laptop To External Lcd Using Vga Output

My laptop lcd monitor is broken , i want to connect the laptop to external lcd using vga output, how to do so? I tried just connecting the laptop with the external lcd using vga cable, but it didn't work. I think that i need to click right click on desktop then "expand desktop" or something like that, but the problem is that the original laptop monitor is broken and i can't see anything throw it, can't see anything at all. Any idea how to connect it to the external monitor?

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No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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Vga Or Dvi To Connect To Computer ?

Vga or dvi to connect to computer? So i got a new monitor that allows me to connect with a vga, dvi, and hdmi. I am planning to use the hdmi port for my xbox 360. Should i connect the pc with the vga or dvi port?

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No Output From Vga Card ?

I have a friend's pc which has been causing some trouble lately, like freezing in winxp and shutting down etc, so i brought to my house to format it and freshly install xppro (which was installed in it less than a year ago) and this pc is hardly used!

When i tried to switch it on this morning , after it has been about a month swithced off, nothing came on the display. The pc booted normally without any beeps but my tft remained swithed off. First thing i tried was a new vga card and hooked up another tft. But it didnt help at all. The problem persisted!

Im suspecting that there is some kind of fault in the motherboad which is a gigabyte socket a board and is less than a year old.

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Eyefinity With Dp To Vga Adapter

I was reading over on widescreen gaming forum that users have successfully utilized this:

To run a 3rd monitor off the displayport, as opposed to dropping 100+ on the bizlink dp to dvi adapter. For those of us planning to run 3x22", it doesn't look like there would be any sacrifice in image quality using vga rather than dvi. Just thought i'd pass it along. Kyle or brent, if you guys get a chance, i'd sure love some additional confirmation on this

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Dvi To Vga Adapter

I'm getting the 6600 gt ( bfg ) soon , but i just realized that the card have these connectors only ( connectors: dual dvi-i, hdtv / s-video out ). That means there is no vga connection. And what i have in my house is this 19' crt monitor. So shall i get a dvi to vga adapter or what ? And how much do these costs ? ( I think it's the adapter won't come with the box, here is the link for the card ). Never saw a dvi to vga adapter and i don't know if i need one and how much do they cost. Thanks in advance guys !

Edit: sorry for the rush, i realized that a dvi to vga dongle is included in the box. Anyways to not make this thread totally trash, what is the main benefit for a dvi-i connector?

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Vga To Dvi Adapter

I have dell lcd 1704fpt which supports dvi, my integrated video card only has a vga port, would there be any quality loss if i get vga to dvi adapter?

Any comments or suggestions on this matter?

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Vga Cords Necessary For Monitors ?

Are vga cords necessary for monitors with built in speakers to work?

Vga cords is just for the graphics. The speaker will requires another cable. Check your monitor, there should be another jack with a speaker icon. You need a cable from your computer sound output jack to the monitor sound input jack.

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Connect Pc To Tv With Vga Hdmi

How to connect pc to tv with vga in hdmi? If i only got vga and buy an vga to dvi converter and an dvi to hdmi cable, does that work if i want to have high quality?

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Connect Pc To Tv Using Vga Cable

How do i connect my pc to a tv using a vga cable ?

There are vga to tv converters (svga cables(*) are only usable if ur computer has a svga-out (*), and i believe (only 90 percent sure) they don't carry high def video) but they are rather expensive:

Try aiming for hdmi when u buy a new device. Hdmi is a great connective system, it carries both hd-video and sound and is easily switchable by using a hdmi-switch. Hdmi is also used in all types of modern home-entertainment appliances and also in computers and monitors so it's the best (wired) connectivity system available today.correction: svga is a video-standard, not a connectivity standard. Sometimes svga is confused with s-video. S-video is a connectivity standard (cable) that only carries normal density video just like for instance scart:


The only high definition connectors a comp can have for as far as i know are:
- Vga-out
- Dvi-out

This might be a cool solution if u have a hd-tv with hdmi in, see the video:

Although u would need to find a way to keep using ur monitor, if u would want to do that, like a vga splitter or something. Or just buy a new monitor because those converters and cables and stuff are quite costly. Or upgrade ur graphical card to have 2 dvi outputs (there are cheaper dvi to hdmi adapters) (*) should be s-video.

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Connect Rca To Vga

Can you connect rca to vga? I have the droid incredible. It has a micro usb output so that you can connect a micro usb to rca so that you can see everything you do on a tv. Is it possible to get an rca to vga so that i can connect it to a computer monitor?

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Triple Vga Monitor Support

I have just purchased a dell dim5150 desktop (2 x pci & 2 x pcie slots) with nvidia geforce 7300le graphics card (1 x dvi & 1 x vga connection). I also have 3 x 19" analogue monitors which i need to use as one widescreen. Obviously the card i have is 'pony' & cannot support all 3 monitors. So what do i do?

1. Buy another nvidia single vga pci card? Will this work?

2. Run a dvi cable with dual vga head? Any such cable?

3. Buy a matrox millennium p650 agp card? Which in turn requires buying a new motherboard with agp output. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope there is a cheap & simple solution? Im not worried about 3d gaming quality.

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Dual Vga Video Card

I'm getting a little fed up with trying to get two video cards to work together properly, mostly because one is new and one is old, and one's agp and the other's pci. They work fine really, but i'm forced to have the suckier pci card as the primary card since it doesn't like being a secondary card. Anyway, are there any recommendations for dual vga video cards? By this i mean cards with two vga ports for two crt monitors. I don't need anything special. I don't play games. The most graphics intensive thing i do is use the new google earth. The only thing i'd like is that it's able to get up to a resolution of 1152x864 with a refresh rate of at least 70hz. Any ideas? Is it even worth it?

That's right, i don't play any games.

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Vga Monitor For Dvi Port

I have a dell e177fp monitor that i want to set up as a second monitor. I already have another monitor using the only vga port on my system. Now there is a dvi port in my system also which could be used to connect a second monitor. Unfortunately, the e177fp monitor doesn't have a dvi port (neither does the other monitor). My question is, if i use a vga to dvi adapter to connect the e177fp to the dvi port, will this work?

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Playstation 3 Vga Monitor Connection

I recently ( like literally half an hour ago ) bought a ps3 - which has yet to be delivered. For my xbox 360 i use an adapter cable to my 24inch lcd monitor, which only has a vga input. What difference i've noticed with the ps3 is the hdmi input. And i've only read success stories for the ps3 with a hdmi to dvi connector : not vga. Audio isn't a problem. What i just want to deal with is finding a way of connecting the ps3 to the vga slot in the back of the monitor. Anybody have any ideas?

Would connectors like this work? :

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Connect Ps3 To Vga Monitor

How can i connect my ps3 to a vga monitor? I was wondering how i can connect it without buying that 20 cable, can i just connect with a simple hdmi to vga cable which is only 3? Or are there any other ways which don't cost as much as buying the 20 cable?

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Using Dvi / Vga Ports Simultaneously

My boss wants a new video card and dual monitor set-up. I've ordered 2 kds rad-7gs flat panel lcd monitors for this purpose, i think they use 15-pin d-sub vga connectors. Most of the video cards i've been looking at have multiple video out ports, however there are very few video cards out there with dual-vga ports. I'd rather get a better video card with 1 vga / 1 dvi out and just use a dvi-vga converter for the second monitor. I'm worried that i wouldn't be able to use both ports simultaneously. Is this possible? I've noticed on the spec sheets some of them list "dual monitor support". If that's not listed, should i assume that the ports can't be used simultaneously?

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Powerbook G4 Dvi-vga Adapter

Does anyone know if the dvi-vga adapter that came with my powerbook g4 can be used on a pc (nvidia geforce4 ti) to connect a monitor?

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Connect Monitor And Projector In One Vga Out

How can i connect monitor and projector in one vga out i have only one in my cpu is there is a connector for to? Im asking if there is a connector for one.

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What Resolution Does Vga Connection Support ?

What resolution does a vga connection support? I have my pc connected to my 37 in lcd tv ( 720p ) . While windows explorer looks funny(pixelated) or "splotchy", movie files tend to look pretty good, especially if they are higher quality like a 2g mkv file. Does the problem lie in the vga connection being inferior or the 720p tv ?

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Connect Laptop To Tv Using Vga To Rca

Connect laptop to tv using vga to rca, since my laptop doesn't have s-video out, i tried connecting it to me t. V using this http://bit. Ly/b9fcby and it kinda worked because on my t. V (42"hd plasma) it comes up as a bunch of black and white scrambled up lines, so i know im pretty close but i still need some help. And the graphics card on my laptop is intel 4500m.

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Connect Analog Tv To Laptop Vga

How to connect analog tv to laptop vga? I just got an item on ebay that allows me to connect a computer vga to a tv, but i can't get it working! Does any 1 know how to get one working? P. S. I already know about those vga transcoder boxes.

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Using Vga To Connect Laptop To Monitor

I'm using a macbook pro, and i have a minidisplay to vga adapter, and i'm buying a 22-inch vga/dvi display. My question is, will everything look/act okay on the external display if i'm using a vga? I've heard mixed reports about video quality, etc.

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Connect Vga Cable From Laptop To Tv

Can i connect a vga cable from my laptop to my tv? Okay, i have a vga port on my laptop and a video in on my tv - red, white and yellow phone type input? Its a company laptop and i don't have admin rights. Also the tv has component and hdmi inputs, my laptop only has vga. Whats the best way to connect to the tv?

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How To Fix Broken Vga Output?

I have been running an external monitor off of my laptop for some time now. I unplugged my laptop to watch a movie on my tv with it. When i plugged the laptop back into the monitor after watching the movie, i have problems with the image. There is a section of the image that shifts to the left (the whole width of the monitor but only . 5 inches thick) for a split second. It does this every few seconds in a different position everytime. It is hard to explain. I know it is the video card and not the monitor or the cable. I tried using a different monitor and it did the same thing. The laptop screen works fine, the problem is only with external graphics output. I restarted everything. No luck. I reinstalled the driver and it seemed to fix it for a while, then it started again. When i adjust the settings using the nvidia driver software, the whole screen shifts. This is why i believe it is a software problem. When booting windows, the screen is fine; the problem only occurs after the os is booted. I'm not sure what to do. I've heard maybe i should try flashing the bios?

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Lg W2243s-pf Lcd Monitor Vga Output

I bought an lcd lg w2243s-pf monitor and it has only vga output why ? The screen is full hd (1080p) and i'm wondering if the analog output would make him lose some quality.

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