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Basically i rent a dedicated server from a data center and my cheap self never got the weekly/daily backup plan and one of the hard drives may have gone bad/corrupted. So they are going to load a new primary and set the old primary as a secondary to see if i can possibly recover any of the data. The server is running centos5; are there any remote type data recovery programs that can be used in a case like this? I was also told that if that fails to work out, they'll send me the physical hard drive and i can do data recovery that way. I have never done any kind of data recovery on a hard drive before, so what am i getting into? Can i not send the hard drive to some place that will recover the data for me, put it on another hard drive/dvds/other media and send the information back to me?

If this were you, what would you do?

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Data Recovery - Vista

My ibm ideapad woke up with "missing/corrupt bootmgr". Not good i know, but anyways i was just gonna back up my data and give it a fresh install and everything would be better. Right. No that would be too much to ask from ms. My normal means of data backup in this situation would be to just plug hdd into another computer and copy it off. However when i plug in the drive all the data seems to be hidden. From what i figure probably a vista security. How do i get the data off? The hdd with the data was vista and i'm using an xp desktop to get the data. I see the hdd fine. Just can't access the data. Does anyone know how?

I tried using a data recovery.couldn't think of anything better. Again i can see the data just don't have permission to access it.

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Corrupt Data From Drive Recovery

I have a big problem. I accidentally formatted and reinstalled windows vista on my wife's laptop and lost all of her data. I was able to get the most important data back (55gb), using getdataback, however, when i go to open any of the files, they are all corrupt. Is there any program i can use to fix these files?

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Flash Drive Data Recovery

I have a flash drive that is no longer recognized by windows, nor does the led come on. I'm guessing it is physically shot, its pretty old, its not recognized in the bios either. There are files on it i would very much like to get back, does anyone have any good experience with data recovery labs they can recommend and about how much is cost? Its only a 512mb memorex memory stick.

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Recovery Of Hard Drive Data

I need help to retrieve the data from my western digital hard drive (40g). Last week my power supply burnt and damaged my mother board. So i tested with another existing system unit with my wd hard drive, it hang in the bios stage after the memory test finish. Cannot do anything. Is it the hard drive problem? May i know anyone can tell me how can i recover my data inside this bad hard drive? I need to recover my data since wd technical support only can give me a replacement of hard drive. I heard a lot of information about freezing the hard drive but i dont dare to do it cos i am afraid it will lead to totally un-recovery stage. I have a lot of useful information and some financial excel format that is shared with my roommate.

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Data Recovery From Dead Hard Drive

Are there any softwares to recover data from a dead hard drive. Please help me in this situation since, my hard drive is giving some noise for almost 10 seconds while booting and not even detecting.

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Data Recovery Of A Hard Drive Partition In Two

My drive is partition into 2. A drive c for my xp systems and a d for files. Windows xp doesnt work anymore on the c drive partition and all it does is just keep on going to the windows screen and then restart and will not get pass it. I have installed a second sata drive in my pc and installed xp on it. Now when i connect both drives in my pc including the faulty one, it just does the same thing again with the restarts looping and will not load the working xp thats loaded onto my other sata drive. Is that because they both have the c drive letter on both of them and the xp operating systems?

Is there any way of telling the pc to load the second sata drive with the working xp and disregard the faulty one with a c drive letter partition. All i want is for the pc to see the faulty drive as just another drive with files in there and an xp operating system in there. I am thinking of just getting a usb sata external case tomorrow and put the faulty sata drive in there and connect it to my pc hoping it will not recognise the c drive letter and operating system in there and just copy the files from it.

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Data Recovery Attempt Using Test Disk

I am attempting to restore lost data from an 80gb hard drive. Since i don't really want to deal with the lost data right now, i'd rather just image the drive and store it on my 350gb hard drive. I used the dd command to duplicate the drive to 80gb. Iso. Strangely, i get different results between the drives when using testdisk. On the physical drive, testdisk finds several lost partitions. On 80gb. Iso it only finds a few. What explains the difference between these results? I am worried that the image of the hard drive won't be as good as the original.

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Hard Drive Problem - Data Recovery

I got a harddrive here that's running windows 98 and while you try and boot in it's just fatal error after fatal error. . Vxd's .dlls, mass blue screens and just ends in a freeze up eventually. I'd give the names of the files thats giving errors but it's literally different ones every time. I tried to get into the os from safe mode and it returned a himem.sys error. I figured the ram might be bad but it's good so i copied himem.sys from the 98 cd into windows directory in dos, but still getting the same error. I'm at a loss for what to do now and suppose the only thing i can do is try and recover the data and wipe the harddrive. I was wondering if perhaps i could connect the harddrive to my windows xp machine and salvage the data through there or if anyone has tips on how i could go about this i'd be most thankful.

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Ide To Usb 2.0 Cable For Data Recovery

I've encountered quite the problem. I have an old ide drive that i need to get data off of, so i hooked it up to one of those ide to usb 2. 0 adapters. I've connected all the hardware, windows 7 recognizes that there is something new plugged in and installs a generic usb storage device driver. The drive even shows up in the disk manager. The problem appears when i try to initialize the disk - when i attempt to do so, i receive an error message that says that the device is not ready. At first i thought it might be a jumper setting - the drive was originally set to cable select. I removed the jumper so it would then be set to slave. But this didn't work. I also tried unplugging the drive, uninstalling the generic usb driver, restarting, and plugging the drive back in. But that didn't work either. So. Thoughts?

System specs:

Win 7 ultimate x64
Intel dp55wb
Core i5 750

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New Installation Hard Drive Data Recovery

Here's the situation:

1. Had a pc with a motherboard that crashed. 2. Pc had 400 gig hard drive of which 380 gigs of data was used leaving 20 gigs remaining. 3. Replaced the motherboard and installed a new windows partition in the remaining 20 gigs of data. 4. Windows runs and everything works fine. However:

1. Old partition 'c:' says it's corrupted. New partition 'e:' says it has around 400 gigs free. 2. Even though 'c:' should contain 380 gigs of data and 'e:' should only contain the remaining 20 gigs. How do i recover my data?

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Broken Drive Caused By Data Recovery Software

I accidentally formatted a drive recently and used file scavenger to get the data back, copying everything it found onto another drive plugged into a dock. After rebooting or hotplugging the drive back into the dock it makes my computer freeze up. On reboots windows xp just hangs after the splash screen. I'm assuming i copied boot sector files or something on to the drive that i shouldn't have. Everything is accessible on the drive when i plug it into my laptop running os x, but as soon as any windows install sees the disc it either freezes up or bluescreens. Is there any way to delete the offending files and fix the disc? The only system files i see in os x is a folder "system volume information", none of the $ type files i saw when first scanning with file scavenger.

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Cannot Get Into The Bios Options

Building the pc gave me no problems until i went to turn the thing on. The first bios screen showing my gpu flashes no problem. The second bios screen begins going through my hardware, but it stops after it displays my processor. I can't tell if it's frozen or not because the keyboard i have plugged into the system doesn't seem to work (the lights aren't on)

I was wondering if this is possibly a problem with my memory. (Since that is the next thing bios should display) i have heard that the memory i purchased refuses to run at anything but 1. 8v, but what do i do since i can't get into the bios options to change that? Anyone ever have this problem? Or can anyone give me some troubleshooting steps i can go through to pinpoint (or fix) what's causing the problem?

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B&w Mm-1 Computer Speakers And Other Options

B&w is releasing what looks to be high-end computer speakers called the mm-1's. if you do not know who b&w are, they make quality home theater speakers. The interesting thing is that they also have essentially a build in dac, the main part of a sound card. The speakers only connect through usb, no sound card required. The mm-1's are supposedly going to be launched in march with a retail of around $500-$650. I am looking to upgrade my computer sound system. Currently i have a creative labs sound blaster 2 audigy gamer and a creative labs s750 speaker system. The s750's keep turning off with well know power supply issues and i do not use the 7. 1 speakers so it is time to upgrade to a top of the line 2. 0 or 2. 1 system. I've looked into the creative labs t3 and razer mako but i've found a lot of rave reviews about the audioengine a5 and a2's. Stereophile magazine out of all magazines gave the a2's a stellar review. The a5's would be too large and awkward for my desk. How would the audigy 2 zs gamer i bought back in like 2004 compare in sound quality to like the asus xonar essense stx? I've read that is pretty much the best sound card at the moment. My options would be to purchase the asus xonar essense stx for $200 and the audioengine a2's for $200 or wait a month and try and get the b&w mm-1's for about $100 to $200 more. My only concern would be about the sound quality interface between using some sort of software, through usb to the onboard electronics in the mm-1's. On another note, i wonder if the b&w's will require more computer cpu power due to the software/usb type audio connection. Thoughts?

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Scanner Options Not Set

Will my scanner work if i only have it connected with the usb cord? My laptop is vista, and since my printer/scanner isn't compatible with it, i have only used the usb cord to print from it. I have never used a scanner before, i have no idea, what is supposed to be done with it, so i plugged in the usb and pressed the "start scan" button and the printer's screen said "options not set". Am i doing something wrong, or is it just impossible?

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Hardware Raid 5 Options For Win7

I have an areca 1220 card, and i love it. But i want to migrate to win 7, fresh install. Areca doesn't seem to support win7 from what i can tell. When i build a new system, with new hd's, i still want to go with a raid 5 storage system, using large hd's. Since i'm buying all new (or plan to at least). I'm open to suggestions for what hw i should get. Any advice for me?

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Turn Off Monitor Under Power Options

I have noticed that my monitor may stay on long after the time limit set in control panel/power options. This usually happens after i retire for the night. I have determined that the only time it happens is when i place my logitech lasermouse in its charging cradle, . If i leave the mouse on the pad, the monitor shuts down, if i place the mouse in the charging cradle, the monitor stays on. I have no idea whether there is a fix for this.

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X850 Pro Flash Options

I've purchased an ati x850 pro (i think i got the last one from ati's clearance section) and it should be here later today. As far as i know, this is not a vivo card, but i could be wrong. I've searched the web for information for flashing this card so i can use 16 instead of 12 pipelines, but it seems as if that all the solutions are for the vivo version. A couple of questions:

1) how do i tell if the card is vivo or not?

2) where can i find the tools and instructions for flashing the card so that it will use 16 pipelines?

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Hp Officejet J4680 No Scan Options

Why does my hp officejet j4680 say there are no scanning options? I was scanning some things to my computer from my hp machine that i got recently and it was working fine until it told me "no scan options, please refer to device documentation to troubleshoot. " However, the papers that came with the machine don't say anything about how to fix this. What should i do?

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Hp Officejet J4580 No Scan Options

I have a hp officejet j4580 printer. It works fine with printing and everything but it won't scan. Every time i press the scan button it says "no scan options. Refer to device documentation to troubleshoot. ". So then i went to the help section and it won't let me do anything.

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Hp Officejet 5610 No Scan Options

How do i get my hp officejet 5610 to scan again? A week ago i moved my home office computer and printer. The printer will fax and print but when i push the scan button it says "no scan options". Now in the past i have always shut down the computer and restarted it and made the scanner work. Also i push help on the printer and go through the help menu. Also it states there is no computer connection. That is not true.

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Hp Officejet J4550 No Scan Options

My hp officejet j4550 says "no scan options. " I tried reloading the cd and it's all installed. So, why won't it scan?

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Rr4320 Drive Choice Options / Opinions

My small 3x250gb array is way past running out of space, and i'm tired of backing up all my data to dvd, and i've been looking to buy new drives to create a new raid 5 array for a while. My controller is a highpoint rocketraid 4320, and the drive compatibility list is located here. Based on the list and correspondence with highpoint tech support, i've narrowed my options down to these:

1. Wd wd1001fals - 1tb wd black. It is on the compatibility list, and on sale with free shipping (at the moment). No longer supports tler through wdtler, but still listed as supported by my card. 5 year warranty. 2. Samsung spinpoint f3eg hd203wi - 2tb

Not on the compatibility list, but highpoint mentioned they have no issues with samsung drives and the controller. Better cost/gb, leaves more space open to throw more 2tb drives in the array for upgrades. 3 year warranty. 3. Hitachi deskstar 7k2000 - 2tb (i think newegg has the model numbers mixed up here)
Same reasoning as the samsung spinpoint. I know the wd drive is not a raid drive, and i'm pretty sure the samsung and hitachi aren't as well, however highpoint told me that only wd drives marked with an * have problems with raid, and that they do not know of any issues with samsung or hitachi drives in raid. Since these are the most affordable drives, cost / gb and the 2tb drives leave me open for more expansion in the future, i'd like to purchase one of them. I don't really want to fill my controller with 500gb drives which will limit me in future upgrades, nor can i justify financially right now the cost premium of wd re drives. I've never used nor researched a samsung or hitachi drive before this point so i am less familiar with them. They seem to get good reviews on newegg regarding raid support compared to a wd non re drive. Any suggestions, opinions, experiences with these drives would appreciated.

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Hp Officejet 6310 Printer No Scan Options

I'm trying to scan using hp officejest 6310 printer and it is saying no scan options refer to device documentation to troubleshoot, i don't have a manual.

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Instructions On Dual Hard Drive Storage Options

I just went through a pretty catastrophic loss of data due to drive failure (click of death). Fortunately, i backed up things like photos and other essentials but lost a lot of other things i wish i still had. Anyways. I had my programs / os on c: and i used a seperate drive for my documents. I learned my lesson and i am going to use two drives. Here's my question. Is it relatively easy and dependable to setup 1 drive as os/programs and then a raid 1 setup for my documents using two additional drives? I've never used any type of raid configuration and i'm looking for something stable. Speed [for the mydocs drive] isn't a priority for me. Or, is there a way to just have the two drives but just use one and have them sync with each other (preferably on schedule) for selected folders? In other words, files would just be stuffed in to drive 1 - and periodically, a certain set of folders is synced to drive 2. I don't know what kind of information i have to list but i use an :-

Am3 gigabyte ga-ma785gpmt-ud2h motherboard
Amd 785g nb and sb710 sb. My os drive is a maxtor 16mb cache 300gb sata
And i bought two wd green 32mb cache 1tb drives for my documents
And windows 7.

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Ocz Ram Options ? Plat Vs Gold Vs Rev 2.0

When i went out to get my new ram today i realized there were 3 options available all priced the same. Which of these is the best for a gaming comp? Mobo is evga 590 sli, cpu is x2 3600+ oc, ocz gamexstream 600 watt psu and evga 8800 gts 320mb video. Ocz 6400 2gb ddr2-800mhz:

- Platinum
- Platinum rev 2
- Gold

All are within $2 bucks of each other her, just wondering which to pick out. Again, comp is for gaming mostly, some minor video editing.

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Cant Install Programs From Cd

I am having a problem i cant install programs/games from a cd i have a dvd rom in my comp but when i go to my computers it says that i have a cd rom so i went to device manager and check it says i have a cd writer which yes i do but where it is supose to say i have a dvd rom it says i have an image simulation scsi cdrom device. Can some one help me get my dvd rom workin and when i try it install programs/games it says i get an error called "crc" error and i cant seem to find out what it is so please help.

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What Programs Should I Remove?

Am cleaning up the disk. I want more space on my computer and i don't know what programs i should remove because i don't want to remove any of the programs i do need and there so many programs that i don't know about. So i am going to list the programs and you guys tell me which ones to remove, so. Here they are:
Adobe air
Adobe flash player 10 plugin
Adobe reader 9. 2
Anytv pro trial 4. 51
Apple application support
Apple mobile device support
Apple software update
Divx player
Divx plus directshow filters
Divx plus web player
Itunes (i don't know, but i think i might need itunes to download music)
Java(tm) 6 update 17
Microsoft .net framework 2. 0 service pack 2
Microsoft .net framework 3. 0 service pack 2
Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1
Microsoft internalized domain names mitigation apis
Microsoft national language support downlevel apis
Microsoft security essentials
Microsoft silverlight
Microsoft sql server 2005 compact edition [enu]
Microsoft sync framework runtime native v1. 0 (x. 86)
Microsoft sync framework services native v1. 0 (x. 86)
Microsoft visual c+ 2005 redistributable

Microsoft visual c+ 2008 atl update kb973924- x86 9. 0. 30729. 4148

Microsoft visual c+ 2008 redistributable- x86 9. 0. 21022

Microsoft visual c+ 2008 redistributable - 86 9. 0. 30729. 17
Ojosoft total video converter
Realtek ac'97 audio
S3 s3display
S3 s3gamma2
Tuneup utilities 2008
Unichrome igp driver & utilities
Vexcastplayer 2. 0
Via platform device manager
Via rhine-family fast-ethernet adapter
Windows xp service pack 3

Sorry for the long list, but i don't download programs a lot so i don't know how these programs were installed onto my computer. I think its my sister who had done it cause she uses my computer too. If you could take your time telling me what programs to remove and what to keep. It would be appreciated.

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Hardware Monitoring Programs

Can anyone recommend any good programs that constantly monitor your cpu readings, such as cpu temp, system temp, 12, 5, 3. 3, and core voltages, etc. ? For those that know, a program that works like msi's pc alert (except one that is compatible with all mobos) would be great.

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Certain Programs Lock My Computer

Some programs lock my computer up. I am not sure if it's hardware, or software based. My computer literally locking up, forcing a hard reboot. Programs like skype, crysis warhead (regular crysis runs fine), fallout 3 with an update higher than 1. 4. I also have problems with gta iv, the new red faction, and various other programs, not all being games. If anyone can help me, that would be fantastic. Specs:

Radeon 3850 (512mb)
Wd blue 640 gig (sata)
6 gigs of generic ram ddr2 800
Pentium e5200 wolfdale 45nm 1. 124v
Ocz 700watt stealth extreme
Motherboard is a "gateway fmcp7am nforce 730i rev. B1"
Bios: "american megatrends inc - r01-a0 - 10/31/2008"
Vista home premium x64

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