Lexmark X3550 Scanner Fails After Xp Reload

Had to reinstall xp on compaq laptop. Downloaded driver pack for x3550 all-in-one from lexmark. Appeared to install properly and printer works, but pressing scan button gives "cannot download application list". Attempting to scan from pc gives "check your usb cables" error.control panel->system->device manager shows the scanner driver did not load. Clicking on "reinstall driver" gives "cyclic redundancy check error". Reinstalling and reinstalling drivers repeatedly doesn't help. Lexmark tech support logged onto the laptop but couldn't find problem. Obviously the scanner driver could not be installed, but why? Some vague statements on net suggest the usb drivers are at fault, but what is solution? Is the problem with the compac usb drivers?

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Lexmark P6350 Scanner Problem

I have a lexmark p6350 all-in-one printer, which worked fine on xp. When i use the installation cd on vista it seems like it worked but it didn't have any way to scan and when you try and print something it would come back with an error. I installed a driver off the lexmark website but it only lets you print. I can't find a scanner driver, does anybody know of one which would work for my printer? It also has a usb port and photo card slots. If there aren't any scanner drivers, is there some way i could use them instead?

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How To Use Lexmark X5450 Printer Scanner ?

How do you use a x5450 lexmark printer scanner?

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Lexmark X2500 Scanner Problem

Why wont my lexmark scanner/printer scan my paper? I have a lemark printer that can also scan photos and documents. It says x2500 on it o i guess that's which version it is. There are buttons on the side to work it manually, and there is one that i assume is to scan something to your computer, because it has a picture of a scanner with an arrow pointing to a computer. When i press the button nothing happens, and yes my computer is on. When i try to scan something from the computer it tells me to push the button on the printer, which still does nothing, which makes no sense cause all the other buttons work. How do i get it to scan the paper to my computer so i can send it to my friend who needs it by monday which is the next time i see him.

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Lexmark Scanner Turn On But Nothing Scan

I have a lexmark printer with a scanner when i turn it on and try to scan something nothing happens. The monitor stays the same nothing moves how do i fix my scanner.

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Lexmark X2600 Scanner Not Working

I just installed my lexmark x2600 printer, the printer works but not the scanner, how do i fix it?

Answer:- unplug the usb cable from the lexmark, power it on. Now re-install the software and let the program tell you when to re-connect the cable. Re-connect when ask, let the software finish installation. Reboot and windows will find the scanner. Now go in the scanner program that you have just installed, look in the file and select twain driver. Select scan and that's it.

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Lexmark X1180 Scanner Problem

I have a x1180 all in one scanner and when i click scan a error message comes up asking me to do things which i have already done remove usb power cable etc.

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Lexmark 3400 Scanner Problem

I have a lexmark 3400 printer and i just finished taking the printer apart to fix a small switch that was causing a "cover open" error, but not the scanner head jams. When it begins to scan, the head moves left a bit smoothly, then goes back right, then jams and repeatedly clicks while the belt tries to pull it but it wont move. Is there a way to fix this? Do you think i broke it because i had to take the ribbon wire off and put it back in? Is there a way to take the glass/cover off to try and un jam the head?

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Lexmark X1185 Scanner Not Working

How do i get a lexmark x1185 scanner to work if i don't have a disk? I'm using a toshiba laptop? I'm a tard and i don't know how to work this thing!

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Lexmark Scanner - How Do I Scan Onto Computer?

I don't use lexmark printer. I use hp psc 1410 all-in-one printer. There should be a software to go with the scanner like the hp printer. Maybe you have already installed the program without knowing what the program is for. Try searching for it on your computer. My hp scanner software goes by the name of hp document viewer. You need the software when using the scanner to save the document image onto your computer. If you cannot find it, try to find the software and driver cd that came with the printer. If not, go to the lexmark website and search for the software/ driver and download it.

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Lexmark Scanner Scanning Issue With A Image

My lexmark scanner is only scanning a strip of the image? I am trying to scan some artwork, and for some reason it is only scanning a small strip of the artwork, specifically, the top of the sketchbook. No matter what i do it will not scan the entire drawing. It scans other drawings perfectly fine. This is getting very irritating.

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Lexmark 5600 6600 Scanner Dpi

I want to know the scanner dpi on the lexmark 5600-6600 series printer? And is the dpi adjustable? This is the lexmark all-in-one printer with scanner.

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Lexmark 1200 Scanner Wont Work

My lex 1200 printer works fine on vista, but won't scan. The all in one centre won't open, i have tried downloading drivers, patches, un-installing and reinstalling etc. Etc. And still the printer works but the scanner doesn't. Is there any other way i can use the scanner, with free scanning software or anything?

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Lexmark 2600 Scanner Wont Scan

Ok, so it has a printer, a scanner, and fax machine or something. Anyways, i've been trying to use the scanner and the directions in the user guide were pretty simple. But it doesn't work.

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Lexmark Scanner - Crop And Join 2 Photos To 1

My printer scanner is lexmark x190, i use windows xp, can i crop and join 2 photos to get everyone into one?

Answer:- it's unlikely that any 'packaged' editing software will be capable of that. You'd need a 'paid for' application like paint shop pro etc. Try a low-tech solution - print a copy of each photo and (assuming they are of similar sizes) use a skill/craft knife or scissors to 'crop' them. Then join with scotch tape on the back and scan. Use your editing suite to erase any join marks and re- print.

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Lexmark Scanner - How To Scan And Save It To Computer ?

I own a lexmark 2500 series printer + scanner, how do i scan something and save it to my computer? Ive tried but when i scan it, it just scans and prints automatically? And i cant find a way to save it to my computer.

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Why Isn't Lexmark Scanner Working?

I have the lexmark printer thing with the scanner printer copier etc. But lately ive been having alot of problems with the scanner. Just today i tried scanning it and it made the image really dark, and then it didn't respond, so i closed it then it just wouldn't scan. It made a noise, then showed me a blank page, even when i used scan to application. Last time it wouldn't scan because it said it was busy and it told me to change the color ink. Ive reinstalled it before, and i tried restoring my computer, but it never stayed fixed for more than a day. Is it just a pile of junk now or can it be fixed?

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How To Save Scanned Doc As Pdf Using Lexmark Scanner ?

Lexmark 7600 printer/scanner, how do i save a scanned doc as a pdf? Is a tiff. Similar to rtf. ?

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Cd Rw Drive Fails To Initialize

I am having a wierd problem with my msi 52x cd-rw. I just upgraded my cpu, mb, and ram to a athlon 64 3200+, asus k8v - deluxe, and 1gb corsair mem. Everything else i re-used from the old system, msi 52x cd-rw, plextor dvd-rw, maxtro 120gb hd, maxtor 60 gb hd, aiw 9700 pro. Let me tell ya what, this setup eats apps for breakfast. Very fast. Ok, here is the problem. When i try to burn using the msi 52x with nero or alcohol 120%, the drive failes to initialize. Currently, the msi drive is set to master on the the secondary ide channel. Here is what i have tried so far. Msi as slave on the primary ide channel. No worky
Msi as master on the primary ide channel. No worky
Msi as the slave on secondary ide channel. No worky
Msi as master on secondary ide channel. No worky (current config)

This is very frustrating, the drive worked fine in my previous setup. (Abit mb) any suggestions?

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Hard Drive Fails To Boot

I have a diamondmax plus 9 which i store in an external case and it connects to my computer through usb port. It currently has 2 partitions on it. Ever since i made a third partition on it: ntfs 32k cluster size, it has seemed to have screwed up and fails to boot each time. How do i stop the 3rd partition from booting up or get rid of the 3rd partition without affecting the other 2 because of valuable data?

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Installer Fails With Vs 2008 Express Installed

This problem still exists in windows 7 x64 and ran in to it last night again. The ati cat driver install and uninstall fails, the installer extracts the files no problem, runs the actual installer file and you go through the first few steps, then the installer window just disappears and windows pops up an error saying the installer didn't finish correctly would you like to reinstall with recommended settings, which also fails. I've narrowed it down to visual studio 2008 express which you can download for free from

I think its component vs installs like microsoft c+ redistribute that clashes with the installer, i've found posts about other people saying it's a c+ redist conflict. Anyway i'm running windows 7 x64 ultimate, with visual studio 2008 express sp1, this is a really stupid problem to have, it needs to be fixed, i can't bloody well uninstall my whole development environment everytime i want to upgrade my drivers!

I've submitted a support ticket with sapphire as they make my 5970 and i can't find anywhere on ati/amds site to actually get feedback to them! Does anyone know how to get in touch with them?

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After Changing / Adding Hardware, Computer Fails To Boot

I changed the cpu fan as it was making some buzzing noises so decided it was getting old and replaced it. Also i added in a dvd player as the other drive could not play dvds. While doing this i also unscrewed the hdd from its location to remove it while changing the cpu fan and also to make sure it was secure as i had a feeling it was loose. Put everything back together, hit power. Psu fan spun, cpu fan spun, gfx card fan spun, cd drives can open/close, hdd spins up, but no beeps at all and the monitor does not activate, the light by its power button just flashes.

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Computer Fails To Wake Up From Sleep Mode Properly

Basically, when i got this new computer in september or so, going to and resuming from sleep mode worked correctly. But then, resuming suddenly stopped working, and hasn't worked since. The error message i get is the same as this guy here (but only when resuming, not when (re)starting). Usually it's the first error in a bsod, sometimes it's been something about the hard disk after the system actually already showed the desktop. It's a major annoyance, as i run a lot of apps at once. So while i'd like to save electricity by putting the computer to sleep when i'm away for a while, i currently have to either leave it on, or close a lot of apps with stuff open in them. As for a cause, i tried chkdsk as the article suggested. Bios settings haven't changed in the meanwhile or anything, so it shouldn't be anything bios-related. The hard drive - currently only using one internal hd - is otherwise working fine, so i'm not sure how it could be a hard drive issue. It's also a rather new drive, bought along with the rest of the system's components in september. Obviously that doesn't mean it can't be faulty, but there's been no other indication that it would be. Any suggestions?

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Video Card Beep Error - Windows Fails To Load

Last night my comp was making a loud beeping noise and it turned out to be my video card. So i boot it up, get all the screens and it eventually hits the windows screen with the options of safe mode, last known configuration that worked, and run windows normally. The problem is no matter which one i pick (done them all several times) it always does the same thing. The window logo screen loads where the little blue bar travels across below the logo usually meaning windows is starting up, but everytime it has that screen for about 15 seconds then a quick flash of the blue screen of death and my computer resets and does the whole process again?

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How Do I Use Hp Scanner?

It's a hp deskjet f2480 all in one printer, scanner, copier and i'm not familiar with scanning. When i put what i want to scan under the thing all it does is copy it on to paper. I want to scan it onto the computer not copy it. How would i scan it? There are 3 buttons. One is a red cross next to it it says cancel, a white square next to it it says black, and i blueish green square next to it it says color. What do i need to do to make it scan onto the computer and not copy onto paper?

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Scanner With Feeder

I currently have a dell branded all-in-one printer. Its pretty much useless except for the scanner. I use it to scan magazines. About 50-60 percent of the time it works well. Otherwise is jams. This happens most often with time which uses thin glossy paper. Does anyone have experience with a scanner with a respectable document feeder that can handle many different types of paper. I'm not looking for professional grade, but i am willing to spend the money for quality.

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No Scanner Connected

Why does printer and computer both say no scanner connected? I have new usb cable. Answer:-

Is this a multifunction printer? I assume so, since you say the printer indicated no scanner connected. Disconnect the printer and delete it completely from the system. Reboot, and then re-install it from the install disk. Don't connect anything until the instructions tell you to do so. That should take care of the problem.

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How To Use Hp Scanner With Macbook ?

How to use hp scanner with macbook ?

Answer:- do you have software with it and is it mac compatible? Scanners generally come with an installation disc. You would have to go to the hp site and see if you have no disc. The mac osx generally has most drivers already preloaded for all popular scanners and printers. What happens when you plug it in and turn it on?

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No Ocr On Hp Scanner

I have a hp 3 in 1 printer. I pressed something by mistake and now when i scan a document i cannot get it to use ocr to save to text as an editable document - the option just does not appear. I have deleted and reinstalled the software.

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Cannot Get Hp Scanner To Work

I cant get my hp scanner to work. Answer:- if you have the software to install it, power on the unit but do not plug in the usb immediately. Start the installation and let the software tell you when to re-connect the usb cable. After the setup, reboot and windows will find the new scanner. Go in control panel and select scanners and cameras to use your scanner or look in the hp folder in the start menu and start the solution center. That's it.

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