System Failure, Monitor Does Not Show Anything

I returned from vacation. Turned computer on, fans came on, green light came on, i could hear the hard drive spin up and sound normal, but that's it. No beep, no yellow light, the monitor doesn't think anything is running, the keyboard is dead, num lock won't illuminate, optical mouse is out. Can anyone give me an idea? I'm not very computer literate ( as i'm sure you're aware after reading the earlier part of my post) the computer is a 3 year old hp.

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System Failure ( Restart )

Built this and it has never run without having a system failure resulting in a restart. I tested the old power supply, and the 5v connector failed. So, i bought a new one and figured that this would be the fix to the issue. And no. Any suggestions on what i might look for next? I'm lost.

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Ink Delivery System Failure

Hp multi function printer c7130? Was working ok, printed a good a4 picture then a pop up said " ink delivery system failure , there was a fault code . I have followed various suggestions to reset chips etc but nothing has worked so far. This printer cost plenty so i wonder if by chance someone may have had the same fault.

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Hp Photosmart Ink System Failure

Hp photosmart 8250. Upon replacing the cartridge the screen said "ink system failure" & won't work. Tech couldn't fix. The tech and i did all the "usual" things to fix the printer but to no avail. I did use a hp compatible ink, same brand as i'd used before without trouble. I replaced it promptly with hp product. They gave me an error code of oxc18a0001

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Monitor Doesn't Show Anything At All

When i turn on the computer, the monitor doesn't show anything at all, it keeps telling me to check my connection. I keep trying to restart, and then soon this beeping out comes out (it's the same as the beep at the time when computer boots, but the ones i hear is a beeeeeep beep beep, instead of one quick beep. I checked the plugs and everything and they're all the same as ever before when it used to work, can yall help me?

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Hp Photosmart 8250 Error - Ink System Failure

Hp photosmart 8250 error 0xc18a030a ink system failure. Tried everything from hp website, spent so much on replacement ink, this thing has never worked and i don't have the receipt.

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Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Just built my first pc and configured the bios etc and get the following message:

Boot from atapi cd-rom
Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter. I think this means that i have to insert a boot disk for the cd-rom drive into the floppy disk drive, to install the drivers for it. Can someone confirm this? Also my cd drive is a philips 52x32x52 cd-rw which came with no floppy disks for installation at all, so i am not sure how i can setup the cd drive without an operating system etc.

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Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter

I'm just usng my computer as a normal computer user would use one's computer. Surfing the web, instant messaging programs and the like, then my main harddrive makes a low click sound, then a slightly higher click sound after about half a second, then windows stops responding, then less than a second after my system achieves full lockup. So i'm like, ok, that's weird, and i reboot. I boot into bios and make sure it's not set to turn off the harddrives for any reason, and when i see that it isn't and there are no other wonky settings, i boot windows (xp pro sp2 .net) into safemode and just to make sure, start a virus scan, while that's working i look and make sure drive indexing is turned off (it isnf't on the main drive, so i turn it off) and that power save things are set to always on, and that's all ok, so while i'm waiting for the virus scan to finish, it does the click thing again, locks up, so i'm like *** and i reboot again, this time it gets to the ascii loading bar before the animated startup screen before the login prompt, and it does the click thing and stops, so i reboot again, and this time it gets to "verifying dmi pool data. " After detecting the drives and whatnot, does the click thing and stops right there, then after a minute or so i see "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter". So i sit there getting madder by the second and press enter, then it gives me a blank screen and that message again, and that's where it sits right now as i type this (but once i post i'll turn it off)

So i was running a virus scan, avg free edition, and it scanned the registry and the mbr for viruses and didn't find any, so i dunno, this either is a virus that i don't have a definition for, or some random progressive hardware failure, or my computer decided to crap out on me randomly.

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Insert System Disk And Press Enter, Disk Boot Failure

Looking for suggestions for what to do next. I've built my first from scratch computer using:

Gigabyte ga-8i915p duo-a motherboard
P4 630 3ghz 800mhz fsb 2mb l2 cache processor
Maxtor 200gb eide ultra ata/133 hard drive
2x crucial 1gb ddrii 533 memory sticks

From my old system
Dvd rom

It seems to post ok, but i then get the message

"Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"

I've tried the new copy of windows xp bought for this build, and also the disks that came with the board and the hard drive. Each time the same message comes up. I've searched through all the documentation that came with everything, the net, and some books, nothing i try works. Can anybody help please?

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Usb System Monitor

Does anyone know if someone makes an accessory that plugs into a usb port to display things like cpu%, memory used%, gpu/cpu temperatures, clock, etc? I have an old logitech g15 that will show me a clock or the cpu% and memory used %, but i want to replace it with a natural style kb. If i can get something like that, then i wouldn't have any more need for the g15, plus i'd have extra functionality. I bet these things could sell for ~$150 if they had a color screen and perhaps interacted with games, like the logitech products do. B&w, with the temperature monitoring, i'd pay $80.

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Use Hp Laptop As Monitor For Ps2 System

How can i use my hp laptop as a monitor for my ps2 system? I want to know if its possible to use my laptop as a monitor (or screen), for my ps2 console.

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Usb Hard Drive Does Not Show Up

I have a usb case and i put a laptop drive in and windows recognizes it in the device manager but it does not show up anywhere. Originally i had another laptop hard drive in there but it died. I thought it would be simple plug and play but it won't show up so i can't format/use it.

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Windows Show Extra 24 Mb Of Ram

Ok the math does not add up i recently added 512 mb of ram and in windows task manager under performance it shows 1048 mbs of ram where is the extra 24 mbs of ram comming from? I talked to the manufacture of the ram and they sounded kind of puzzled. He thought that it might be adding an unused portion from my video card ram? 512+512 does equal 1024 doesn't it?

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Audigy 2 Does Not Show Up In Device Manager

No pci audio devices or anything show up and despite reseating it, it does not come up as new hardware found or anything. It's simply as it doesn't exist. I've tried a repair install of windows. Nothing. Here's the kicker, it worked fine until i swapped out my x1900xt for a replacement after it died.

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Fullscreen Games Show Only Black

I just got an 19" lg flatron l1932tq. Newer games such as oblivion, battlefield 2142, and others only show a black screen (with sound). These game run perfectly in windowed mode. Older games like counterstrike source and call of duty 2 work perfectly fine. Ive tried using different resolutions from 800x600 to 1280x1024. I exchanged the monitor for a new one and still have the same problem. I am using a radeon x800 xl agp card with latest drivers dec 13 2006. On windows xp pro.

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Flash Drive Memory / Space Do Not Show

I have a 4 gb lexar usb flash drive that i used as a readyboost drive with my vista laptop. Never noticed that it made much difference so i want to use it as a reg flash drive now. Problem is that i can see only 20 mb of files on the drive and it shows as having only 85 mb of free space and 3. 65 gb of used space. All the rest of the memory apparantly is being reserved or used by other files that don't show. I've tried setting it to show hidden files but that only added two small files of less than a meg. Question is how do i reclaim the memory and get it back to 4 gig? Is there a way to just wipe it clean? Or is that not what i want to do?

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Cd-rom Won't Show Up In Bios

I have a mitac 8355 based notebook. The cd-rom that came in it stopped working so i bought a used one on ebay for $30 and it works perfect except it doesn't show up in the bios. When windows boots the drive works great. The previous drive was a qsi sbw-242(b?) And the new one is a sbw-242u that has a dell logo on it. My plan was to install another os on the laptop. I'm currently blaming the dell logo but am open to other theories.

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1 Terabyte Hard Drive Show As 931

Why does my 1 terabyte hard-drive show as having 931. 51 gigabytes? I partitioned it using gparted live cd. It has an ntfs partition of around 899 gigabytes and a fat32 of 32 gigabytes. The total available disk space is 931. 51 gigabytes. It's a lacie 1 tb external hard drive. I started to format it using windows but it was taking way to long so i canceled the process and partitioned it using gparted instead. Everything is working fine. But is it possible that i lost some disk space during the previous format attempt?

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Sd Memory Card Not Show On Computer When Connected

I have a 2gb sd memory card but it did not show on computer whenever i connect it with my computer?

Answer:- sometimes they are hidden under one of the drives, in you media reader, open up in my computer. If each drive doesn't show the names like sdmedia or something like that, then open each drive one at a time, like if it says f, g, h, i drives, open each one one at a time then the card will show a misc file and another file, open that other file and it will have all your info on it. If you try all of them and it doesn't show up, then your card reader is too old to read it or your card is not compatible to the reader.

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Cd Drive Does Not Show Up In Device Manager / Windows Explorer

My girlfriends brother just got given some old laptop. However the cd drive doesn't seem to be working, so being the person who knows the most about computers that he knows, he gave it to me to take a look at. So here's what i can see. It doesn't register in windows explorer

It doesn't show up in device manager, at all. However it does flash its little light when i put a cd in. I would like to perhaps reformat but i cant do that without a cd drive. So ideas?

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Dell Inspiron 15 - Which Color Would Show Less Scratches / Marks ?

On dell computers, which would show smudges/marks less: the lime green or the passion purple? I'm debating between the passion purple and the lime green dell inspiron 15. I'm leaning more towards the green i think, because the purple seems a tad too light and almost pink for me to like. But i was wondering which color would show less scratches/marks.

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Sata Hdd Do Not Show Up In Windows Vista But Shows In Bios

I just bought a new computer with one sata hard drive in it. Everything is fine with the computer. I had an old computer that had two hard drives in it. Ither was one sata hard drive from my old computer which was a secondary hard drive used for storing media. It worked properly in that computer. I then proceeded to plug it into my new computer. Now, only the original hard drive in my new computer shows up under my computer. My secondary sata drive only shows up in the bios. How can i get this to work so that i can enjoy my music and videos on my new computer?

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Dell 926 Printer Doesn't Show Up In Menu

Why doesn't my dell 926 printer show up in my menu in windows 7? When i had vista, dell data showed in my menu. When i converted to windows 7, i had to download the drivers etc. From the internet. Even though i show the printer in the devices and drivers area and can use the printer, i can not do a direct scan by using the menu as i used to do.

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Iomega 1tb External Hard Drive Doesn't Show Up

I recently purchased a 1tb iomega external hard drive and for some reason when i plug it into the usb slot the little icon in the bottom right hand corner comes up for the safely remove option but when i go into my computer it doesn't show up. Sorry if this has already been asked and solved but its my first time on this site just registered to see if someone could help with the problem. Also it makes the my computer screen have the not responding think in brackets and asks me to either wait or close the program etc. And when i close it it makes my desktop disappear but if i have internet explorer or anything else open that stays open. I thought it was just my crap laptop but i tried by bros computer and it didn't work either. I kind of forgot to mention it did work before i did use it like i had something like 200 gigs used. Bought from a shop not off the internet.

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Total Pc Failure

Copying cd and computer went blank with no video signal. Re-boot no effect- no boot sequence noises and no video signal. Swapped video card checked connections, swapped monitor - no go. There is power to components. Motherboard failure?

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Intermittent Boot Failure

The problem is intermittently the system powers up but fails to even attempt to boot - no bios beeps, and bios and vid. Bios screens not displayed. Drives spin up ok. Have tried different case and psu (in fact system is currently in borrowed case). The system only ever fails to boot if the system is cold-started - the system warm-reboots ok. Tried different ram, had m/b replaced once, new m/b been returned to dealer where they (supposedly) found no problems when tested with other kit and with my psu, but system not been professionaly tested as a whole. Have also tried different graphics card, removing modem and sound card, running system from hdd only, but still having problems. All connectors are firmly seated. There are no config options in bios or jumpers for ram and the cpu is set up correctly and automatically. Have used 375 and 300w psus with system (300w seemed better then system started playing up again)
Nvidia geforce4 mx440 agp8x graphics card (8x is supported by m/b), and have also tried geforce2 4x. The os may be irrelevant, but i've tried winxppro, win2000, winnt4, mandrake linux 9 and a linux distro that boots from cd (knoppix). All drivers installed ok. Won't even bother with win9x/me because i hate it.

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Random Power Failure

Lately, my pc has been randomly shutting off. I thought it might be a software issue, so i went to reformat my hd when it powered off. Here i am with a box w/ no os that keeps shutting off every 5 minutes. Every other computer in my house works fine, so it isn't an electricity issue. I also replaced the power supply, which cost me $60. What else could possible be causing theis odd phenomenon, because i would like my pc back.

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Bios Flash Failure

This acer aspire m5100 desktop was having freezing issues, so i decided to update the bios to see if that would fix things. The flash was going well, until the very end where the status bar showed red, indicating failure to write at those sections. The computer rebooted and failed to post. Fans spin and everything, but nothing shows up on the monitor and no beeping from the motherboard. What do you guys think? Game over? Or is there some way to revive the computer?

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Bsod - Hdd Failure

I'm running xp pro sp3. I can't remember the last time i've installed new hardware or software. Out of the blue the other day, i noticed foobar2k wasn't reading some of my music off my drive. I checked the files themselves on the 500 gb, and when clicking on the folder received a message to the effect that the files were not accessible. Found that kind of alarming. Then later in the day, experienced my first crash. Just a complete as-is freeze up with stuttering audio that never budged even after about a 30 minute wait-out. Rebooted and chkdsk popped up for the 500 gb drive. I figured as much. However, chkdsk would repeatedly fail to complete. I used another utility, spinrite, directly off a boot disc. Without even being in windows, it still froze about ten minutes into it. At this point i basically could not keep my computer up and running without it soon crashing. I pulled the 500 gb drive to just give up for now. Everything seems like it is running more or less stable with just the raptor. But then, i decided to usb transfer some of my music to the raptor from my blackberry (setup to act as a flash drive). Within about 30 seconds i got my first ever bsod on this machine. 0x0000008e (0xc000001d, 0xbf852646, 0xac387698, 0x00000000)

Win32k.sys - address bf852646 base at bf800000 datestamp 48025f2a

Anyone have any idea what could be going on? Google results for the stop code gave vague suggestions at best. I really don't even know where to begin!

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Motherboard Failure Rate

I'm a system builder, and i order most of my parts from newegg. In my i7 systems i have been using the asus p6t deluxe v2 for almost all my builds, but lately i've had over 50% failure rate with the boards. This is over the last month and over 27 units. I'm just wondering if other builders are getting the same failure rate, or if i just got a really bad batch. Its so bad at this point i'm ready to switch to another board, but i'm not sure which one to move to. I need boards that overclock well (4. 0 ghz on the 920 with liquid cooling) and have dual lans. Of course, they have to support at least 2 video cards in full x16 mode also. I'm thinking of trying the asrock supercomputer x58. Any comments or suggestions from people who are having similar problems or have a great mb they've used for a lot of builds will help.

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