Hp Monitor Integrated Speakers Dont Work

My integrated speakers on my hp monitor don't work, how can i fix them. We sent the computer in to be fixed and since then the speakers haven't worked at all. The green cable is plugged in. They are not muted they are turned to full volume. Answer:-
Since you've checked your audio cable already, check that the computer audio setting is not turned down or muted. You can usually check that by clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Also, check your speakers for any volume controls that may also be turned down. If you've checked your cable and it's plugged into the computer and speakers correctly, and all the volume controls in the software and on the speakers are not muted or turned down, the only thing left is the speaker driver itself needs to be checked and maybe reinstalled or updated. You should really be talking to whoever worked on your computer last to resolve your problem since it stopped working when you got it back.

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Hp Psc1210v Dont Work

Hp psc1210v don't work because it shows no paper when it obviously does. Any suggestions?


Check where you load the paper. Make sure the guides are properly in place. Unplug the printer from the power cord wait about 30 seconds and plug back. Make sure you are using the right paper and no too much of it. Try different type of paper. These are just basic things you can try. If you still get no resolution call hp. Also the hp web site has trouble shooting steps you can try.

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Install Dell Monitor With Integrated Webcam

How do i install dell monitor with a webcam integrated, i installed all the drivers but it doesn't work?


The webcam in your dell monitor is a usb device. It will not work unless you connected a usb cable from your monitor to your computer. Square end into your monitor's square usb jack, flat end into one of your computer's flat usb jacks.

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Dual Monitor Using Integrated Video Card And Pci Card

I have an integrated video card as well as a pci card. Would i be able to set up dual monitors using those two ports? Or would i have to buy a multi-monitor card/another pci card?

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Connect Pc Audio To Monitor Speakers

How do i connect my pc audio to my monitor speakers? I did have speakers to plug into my pc but i plugged them into the the tv in hopes my ps3 and pc would work with it. But how do i get my pc to use the monitor speaker.

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Hp 2009 Series Lcd Monitor Speakers - How To Use ?

How do i have the speakers work on my hp lcd monitor from my laptop? Ok so since i hate the small screen on my laptop i installed my monitor to my laptop, but i am very clueless how to get the sound to work from my monitor? I have a hp 2009 series lcd monitor (wide screen) and i am using a acer extensia laptop with op system windows vista. Anyone know?

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Xbox 360 Connection To Monitor With Speakers

My monitor is a hp w2448hc hdmi, i am using an xbox360 elite, the current cable i am using to go to my monitor is a hdmi to hdmi cable which makes the picture show up on my monitor and play audio through my monitors speakers. Now the problem is i want to play the sound through my speakers. They are an old brand of harman/kardon. They only have a green connection audio jack input thing. I plug that into my monitor and they will not work. How am i able to get these speakers to work through my monitor so i don't have to listen to my crappy audio from my monitor, but listen to the better quality from my speakers. What cables will i need, or is it simply something i am doing wrong?

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Using Passive Bookshelf Speakers As Computer Speakers ?

What equipment would i need to get these bookshelves to function as computer speakers?

I know i need cables, an amplifier, and a dac, but i don't really know where to go from there. I think there should be a way to get it to work without getting a bulky audio receiver with tons of extra home theater crap that i don't need, i just have no clue what parts/ cables would be a good match for those cheap bookshelves.

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Hdmi Connection Not Work On Monitor

Why doesn't my hdmi connection work on the monitor? My motherboard and lcd have hdmi ports. I used an hdmi cable to connect them, but it doesn't display anything. I have a video card installed, but it doesn't have an hdmi port. Any suggestions?

I figure it doesn't work because i have a video card installed. I hope i'm wrong.

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Monitor, Keyboard And Mouse Does Not Work On Amd Athlon Xp

I am building a computer using an amd athlon xp 2700 cpu. I have been working on this for about a month now, and i am still getting the same result. The monitor does not come on. The lcd light is suppose to be green, it stays yellow. The keyboard doesn't work, along with the mouse. Also i receive no beeps from the motherboard what can be the problem. At first i thought it was the motherboard, so i ended up buying a new motherboard and i have the same problem. What is the problem?

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Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard Doesn't Work

Everything was working last night, and right after i connected my phone into the usb , my desk top screen went black and the mouse, keyboard, and even the dvd player stop working. The fans and the light is on and running but nothing else work. I've tried and clean the memory and video card, also bought a new power supply but still doesn't solve the problem. Btw it's an asus m2n-2 motherboard.configuration: windows xp firefox 2. 0. 0. 17

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What Is Intel Integrated Hd Graphics ?

What is up with intel integrated hd graphics? This new computer that i want to buy has "intel hd integrated graphics" and i'm not familiar with that technology. I'm used to seeing desktop computers with crappy graphics card, like geforce 6450sg or something like that, with awfully crappy technology that wouldn't reach 5 fps in any decent game. What's with the new intel hd integrated graphics? Is that good for gaming or just decent technology for new computers?

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Dedicated Network Adapters Vs Integrated Ones

Question is, does independent/dedicated gigabit network adapters perform better than integrated ones on your motherboard? I have a marvell integrated gigabit adapter on my motherboard, and
Some how i feel that it isn't performing as it should be. If it does help, i was thinking of getting a pci or pci-e 1x intel pro gigabit network adapter card. An offshoot to the above question is, will having a seperate network adapter help if i'm already running raid 1 off the integrated storage chipset? Or vice versa. My basic logic behind this question is that, may it be the integrated storage/raid chipset (most likely southbridge) or the integrated network chip; they are both running off the motherboard, thus increasing the processing load of the motherboard by adding both raid and networking processes, might result in lowered performance of the system, entirely. I'm just wondering since this scenario applies for both my pc and my home server.

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Dell Integrated 1.3m Pixel Webcam

I'm thinking of buying a dell laptop (well, not really thinking as much as i'm going to, so please don't tell me that other brands are better :] ), and i'm trying to decide whether it is worth it or not to get the integrated webcam with it, or just to buy one that plugs into the usb port. Can anyone give me the rundown on the integrated camera? I can't seem to really find any information about it. Does it have a microphone, is it reliable, etc.

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Hp Pavillion Ms225 Integrated Webcam

I got an hp ms225 pavillion and it has an integrated webcam built-in and i need help getting it to turn on how can i get it to turn on where i can get on yahoo messenger with it and all.

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Intel Integrated Audio Driver

I was piecing together a extra rig for my daughters to play simple games, listen to music and surf the web. It's basically an older dell dimension 2350 slightly upgraded. It's a 845gl chipset. I put a newer hd in the system and installed a fresh copy of xp. I was able to locate and install the chipset drivers and integrated graphics drivers. I'm trying to find the audio drivers, but the link at doesn't work, nor am i able to find them on the intel site. Does anyone know where i might find them? This is the driver i need: intel integrated audio driver 5. 12. 1. 3713

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Dell Inspiron 1545 Integrated Webcam

Is it possible to get a integrated webcam installed into my dell inspiron 1545 laptop? I have a dell laptop and i didn't get a webcam installed when i was "building" my laptop online. I was wondering if i could send it in or take it to a shop to get an integrated webcam installed.

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World Of Warcraft With Intel Integrated Hd Graphics On I3 530

Will intels intergrated hd graphics on the i3 530 run world of warcraft will a decent fps?


Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. Wow is a low demanding game and will run with most onboard and integrated graphics controllers and being a online based game the performance is also dependable on other factors such as:

1) connection speed ( e.g 4m/bit )

2) ping ( 30ms/millisecond )

3) hardware . (Network card/router )

I have included hardware as a factor because a superior network card (n. I. C ) would significantly improve your ping times thus allowing you to experience a far smoother world of warcraft game and nic, s such as the " killer nic "( ) this network card actually uses a processor /npu (network processing unit ) that operates at 400mhz in tests improved ping times transfer to superior frame rates in games. However this wont improve ping times on a already poor broadband connection !

As i always state in answers regarding game performance its a balancing game. One superior piece of hardware does not make a gaming system, its better having a broad selection of mediocre hardware than one powerful component. You should have no problems. Enjoy world of warcraft .

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Dell Inspiron 1520 Integrated Webcam Problem

Whats wrong with my dell inspiron 1520 integrated webcam? Okay so i have had this laptop for like 2 or 3 years now and the webcam has always worked with no problems what so ever. But then one day i went to go take a picture on it and it was just all black and everything that i try to use my webcam for (oovoo, skype, etc) it says i need to connect a webcam. If i need to like re-install something.

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Will Starcraft 2 Run On Intel Core I3 With Integrated Hd Gpu Core ?

Will starcraft 2 run on a brand new laptop with an intel core i3 with integrated intel hd gpu core? I have a brand new dell vostro laptop with an intel core i3 with an integrated "intel hd" graphics core and 3gb of ram. Does anyone know is this will be enough to power starcaft 2? Does anyone out there have any experience playing starcraft 2 on a laptop with a similar set-up? If so, could you please chime in with details about your experience and the quality settings you play with?

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Integrated Video Card Can Use Ram As Video Memory?

I want to know more about my video card(intel integrated extreme graphics 2 [circa 2003]) cause i don't understand, i tried googling for a while with no result:

1) how much exactly video memory does it have?

2) i heard that if it's integrated, i can go to the bios and make ram be shared with my video memory in case my video ram isn't enough? Is that true? Is that true with my integrated card too?

3) i'm of course going to buy a video card(agp type) capable of handling at least pixel shader 2. 0. If question 2 is "yes", can the new graphic card also be shared to use ram if necessary?

Depending if my integrated video card can use ram as video memory, this will help me decide whether i should get more ram or an agp video card that has a lot of video ram

I can't test the bios because i just ordered the old desktop and it will take a while to come:

Compaq evo d510 cmt

Windows xp professional

Intel pentium 4 2. 4 ghz single core

512mb(768ram) 80gbhdd agp slot

Integrated card extreme graphics 2 (circa 2003)

http://h18000. Www1.

If anyone should know, i have a powerful laptop already and i don't want to kill it by hours of basic stuff this old desktop can do.

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Speakers Under 50

I have 50 to spend for my speakers, seeing as my speakers just broke, and the warranty finished last month im really annoyed anyways the speakers i have chosen are : logitech x-530 do you think this is a good choice? Im mainly using it for gaming and music, movies aswell sometimes.

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Speakers Are On, But Not Detected

I have a dell computer dimension 4700 and my speakers are on but when i go to the speakers window everything is in grey and says it is not detected and i have no idea what to do. The speakers are on because i can here some buzzy noises and the lights on. I have all dell cd'sfor applications and drivers and utilities but i dont know what to do?I can't find an audio cd. Is that what i need or?

It use to work before but my computer received a virus so i had to reboot my whole system.

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Notebook Speakers Around 20

I'm looking at picking up a pair of speakers for my mp3 player (not ipod). I'm looking to spend around 20, and think my best bet is a pair of 2. 0 speakers from a decent manufacturer like creative etc. Does anyone know if travel speakers are made, with interchangeable plugs on the end for use abroad? If not which do you think is best buying a set out there and dumping them after, or getting an english pair and using a travel adapter.

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5.1 Headphones And 2.0 Speakers

Ok, i'm not sure how i can get this setup to work correctly. I have an x-fi titanium sound card, creative gigaworks t20 series ii speakers and the turtle beach hpa2 5. 1 headphones. Headphones have 4 leads to go into the sound-card and they work got me the speakers for my birthday as i have none. Has anyone any idea how i can set these up to work right? Or will i just end up plugging them in separately as i need them.

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Tv Sound Through Pc Speakers

Samsung syncmaster monitor and tv, problem with sound. I have the above tv and use it as a computer monitor combined, however the sound from the tv is poor and tinny. I cannot get the tv's sound to run through my pc speakers (which is far superior). Is the answer buying one of these home cinema systems or do i need more cables etc?

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Setup 5.1 Logitech Speakers

Today i purchased my new spakers, are a x-530 model from logitech, need to say it's my first 5. 1ch setup. The problem is i'm using vista and the speakers doesn't work properly, when trying to play a music file it only sounds on stereo (subwoofer+2 speakers), but setting the setup to 5. 1ch using control panel all the speakers sounds fine, very odd. I readed various post about this issue, and they say that vista sucks rendering 5. 1/7. 1ch, but the posts was kinda outdated (more than a year ago). Is it possible that i'm doing something wrong?, I need to confirm that the speakers works fine, it had 1 month of warranty and i'll return to my home tomorrow and i'll not be able to go back here after 4-5 weeks.

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Speakers Wireless Setup

I have a great pair of speakers attached to my macbook pro. The problem is i'm trying to go wireless so that i can move my macbook pro around my desk or room without having to worry about wires. This will just make my work flow better. I am wondering if there is some kind of way to make my speakers wireless, and i just need to plug some kind of adapter into my audio port on my macbook pro. Basically i'm looking for a product that will meet those demands. Btw i attached an image of what i'm trying to do.

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B&w Mm-1 Computer Speakers And Other Options

B&w is releasing what looks to be high-end computer speakers called the mm-1's. if you do not know who b&w are, they make quality home theater speakers. The interesting thing is that they also have essentially a build in dac, the main part of a sound card. The speakers only connect through usb, no sound card required. The mm-1's are supposedly going to be launched in march with a retail of around $500-$650. I am looking to upgrade my computer sound system. Currently i have a creative labs sound blaster 2 audigy gamer and a creative labs s750 speaker system. The s750's keep turning off with well know power supply issues and i do not use the 7. 1 speakers so it is time to upgrade to a top of the line 2. 0 or 2. 1 system. I've looked into the creative labs t3 and razer mako but i've found a lot of rave reviews about the audioengine a5 and a2's. Stereophile magazine out of all magazines gave the a2's a stellar review. The a5's would be too large and awkward for my desk. How would the audigy 2 zs gamer i bought back in like 2004 compare in sound quality to like the asus xonar essense stx? I've read that is pretty much the best sound card at the moment. My options would be to purchase the asus xonar essense stx for $200 and the audioengine a2's for $200 or wait a month and try and get the b&w mm-1's for about $100 to $200 more. My only concern would be about the sound quality interface between using some sort of software, through usb to the onboard electronics in the mm-1's. On another note, i wonder if the b&w's will require more computer cpu power due to the software/usb type audio connection. Thoughts?

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Switch Between Headphone And Speakers

Is there a way to switch between the headphone and computer speakers without having to plug/unplug the headphone every time? Basically, i want to be able to leave the headphone plugged in and to switch back to speakers without having to unplug it.

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