6 Screen Ati Eyefinity Configuration

We're just doing a bit of testing here in the lab today, and wanted give you all a glimpse of what was on the test bench. We have already given you glimpses of amd's ati eyefinity technology running on more than three screens on a few occasions in the past, but we haven't had the ability to do any hands-on with the technology up to this point because the radeon hd 5870 eyefinity 6 edition and the requisite software wasn't quite ready yet. Well, it's here now. And we'll be able to give you the full scoop very soon.

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Eyefinity Configuration - One Card For Each Monitor

With crossfire and eyefinity having a hard time coexisting, would it be possible to use a single card to drive a single monitor? This would mean, if i want to do a 3x1 monitor config, i would simply buy 3x 5870's and not put them in tri-crossfire. Just have one card drive each monitor. Perhaps someone here (brent?, Kyle?, Anyone?) Could clarify if this is possible. Imo, if it is not an option, i think amd/ati would do well to think about implementing it. This kind of configuration would have better performance than a normal tri-fire config, what with multi-card scaling not being 1:1 with a single card. I figure if you could hand each card it's own 1920x1200 chunk of the pie, each card would perform awesomely. Someone else already provided me a link to this website:-

Which shows 4 cards in non-cf mode running a flight sim. There are 4 instances of the game program running on the linux box, and the driver used was an in-house linux driver. If you pay close attention, you'll see that the four quadrants of the display move at different times as the camera pans. So there is some sync issue with the kind of demo setup they had there. I don't think running multiple instances of games is a viable solution for end users.

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How Many Monitor The Ati Eyefinity Support ?

I went to ati page and it is shown 6 monitors max (at 8192 x 8192), but as far as i know at this point ati only support 1 gpu for eyefinity. So my question is currently ati will support only 3 monitors or 6 monitors?

*Side question: if i setup eyefinity will it act like giant panel in window mode or multi-display (let's say if i maximize a window will it expand across eyefinity?)

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Ati Eyefinity - Warranties And Support

Does any one company offer a lifetime or longest warranty on the latest 5000 series cards? Who has the best customer support/rma through past experience? Who's cards are known to get higher oc's?

I'm mainly interested in eyefinity feature and is why i'm thinking of going ati route. Three dell 2408wfp lcd's is what i'm looking at. Only wish someone out there would make a frame-less lcd. As it's a whole 2" on each side of the center lcd after putting them side by side, which i think would be a bit annoying. Also will nvidia's higher end cards have their own multi-monitor support such as ati's eyefinity.

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3 Screen Eyefinity - More Lcds

I have a radeon 5870 with 3 dell 2209wa's in eyefinity and i have 2 spare hannsg 28 inch lcd's. I only have pci express 1x slots on my board besides the single 16x. I am wondering if its possible to make an even further extended desktop of some sort by adding in a card such as:

I normally know it would work but eyefinity kind of changes everything i know at least in theory so if anyone has done this it would be helpful to know the results. I also wonder if it would still be possible to game on just the 3 screens powered by the radeon 5870 possibly through windowed mode for games?

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Fix For Eyefinity Screen Blackout Issues

I think i have tried everything that is possible to fix this issue and i have found a workable and permanent solution. Let me tell you first of all i signed up for these forums just to post this. These are things i have tried before anyone reads any further in an effort to prevent people from trying them on their own as they seem useless for the most part. - 2 totally different pc's (mobo, proc, everything different)
- 2 different brands of 5870 (sapphire and asus)
- 12 different monitors (different brands and ports)
- 7 different adapters (from display-port to basically everything)
- 8 different drivers
- 2 different o/s installs (including fresh reformatting on both as well so 4 technically)
- Many, many different cables
- Different peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc)
- Every possible setting i can think of with regards to windows 7
- Every resolution from 1920 x 1200 to 640 x 480 and different refresh rates up to 120hz in one case
- So much thought and troubleshooting and reading it will make your eyes bleed

So, after all that it was a 5870 bios flash that fixed it. This bios from ati changes the voltage of the display port slightly and that keeps the monitor from going into power save or standby or simply losing sync. Read more at the forum.

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Ati 9800 Screen Issue

This is running on my older server the card is a ati 9800 and i have no idea its running like the image below. http://i413.

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Grey Screen Crash - Ati 5xxx

Do you get the grey screen of death? I'm curious what percentage of hd5000 owners have these crashes.

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Ati 2600 Pro Black Screen

I am having a very weird behavior with my ati 2600 pro card. I lost my hard disk due to an electric shock while i was cleaning the dust out of the pc. At that same time i detached the cooling fan of the video card to clean it as well and putted it back and since then it has stop from accepting the ati drivers . I have reinstalled my os (vista or xp i have tried both) and once i have tried the ati drivers and rebooted i have heard all the normal sounds of windows starting but only getting a black screen . I have restarted in safe mode and search into all possible situations, corrupted drivers, etc. Have restarted and reinstalled the driver in a different way and all i have obtained is this message . Impossible to initialize, "the handler is invalid"

The card with the native windows driver doesn't show this behavior . All this have been using windows vista. I decided to try it with win xp sp 3 and it starts but showing all type of corruption in the image and with the lowest resolution and the lowest color quality 8 bits , when i try to raise it shows a message of something wrong with gpu. So will somebody knows anything at all, what this could be? Did i fried my card? Hopefully no.

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Ati Radeon 9250 Black Screen

I just bought myself a ati radeon 9250 agp. I am having problems on getting this thing to work. I search this forum on this specific card and this specific problem but cannot get a definite answer of getting the problem fixed. I have changed the video option in cmos from pci to agp and have uninstalled the last video card software from this computer. The only thing i see in the screen before is goes black is cmos boot screen and when window is loading before you go into the window login screen. After that it goes black. I reinstall the old video card and it works normally and does not go into the safe mode view like you first install windows xp. I appreciate all the help i can get and i would to thank those in advance for their input.

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Ati Catalyst Drivers - Screen Dead On Boot

I recently bought my wife a new machine, including a radeon hd 4800. After installing the newest ati drivers, windows needed to reboot. The windows xp logo came up, and then the screen went blank. At this point, you would normally expect windows to load, but instead the monitor's led switched to the blinking amber "the machine isn't on" state. I did some research online, and this problem appears to be years old. Apparently, the video card drivers are shutting off the monitor when they load, and never bothering to turn them back on. Ati's support website (here) is down with a sharepoint error, but i've so far tried three different driver versions. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know for sure what the solution was to this? There are a couple of work-arounds, including booting, then putting the computer in sleep mode and waking it back up, but my keyboard doesn't have a "go to sleep" button so i can't do that.

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Ati Radeon 9700 Pro Blank Screen

My problem is this: occasionally my screen is blank after coming up from sleep-mode or restart. This also happens after playing half-life 2 and doom 3. Sometimes after a minute or so, the screen will come on fine and sometimes it is blank for a very long time. Things that i have done to solve the problem include unplugging, then reconnecting the dvi cable and, just this morning, updating to the catalyst 5. 1 drivers. Nothing seems to be working . . . On another note, after installing the 5. 1 catalyst control center, restarting my computer and loading the program gives the following error:

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on ok to terminate the application. "I have uninstalled all ati programs and drivers off of the computer and re-installed with no apparent luck. I'm a little upset that i can't fix this issue and hoping that someone out there knows what the *** is going on and could offer some advice! My computer set-up is as follows:

Dell 8200
Ati radeon 9700 pro
Lg 19" flatron lcd monitor
796 mb ram

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Raid Configuration

I'm in the process of picking out parts for a home lan file server. I was thinking of getting cost effective basic parts (unix file server btw) and going out on the drives. I want like 150~200gb of storage, but i was considering a raid config to escape a drive failure catastrophe. Possibilities i was just pondering. 1. 2 raid 1's: 4 80gb drives, where two main drives are mirrored independently. 2. Raid 1: (2) 160gb drives, 1 main and 1 mirror. 3. Raid 1+0 -aka- raid 10 ? Is it me or do the mobo's at newegg not have these?

Also, if i go raid, sata raid or pata raid? Opinions wanted. Any other information involving storage/raid would be appreciated.

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Optimal Ide Configuration

I have 1 hdd and 3 cd/dvd drives. I'm trying to set them up for best burning. Here is my current config. Ide1:
Master: 40gb hdd
Slave: aopen dvd-rw

Master: nec dvd-rw
Slave: plextor cd-rw

I'm concerned about burning dvd's from one dvd burner to the other. And also writing images of dvd to hdd and burning them from the image. The nec dvd-rw is what i use to actually burn the dvd's, the other dvd-rw just reads most of time. I have heard that certain ways you setup your drives and where they are positioned on the ide cable makes a difference. Any suggestions on optimal setup?

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Locked Boot Configuration

I have been given a dell latitude cpx h450gt. It has windows nt 4 installed, and is password protected. Normally i would run my password unlocker on it, but as i cannot change the boot sequence, because it is locked, i cannot do this. How can i unlock the section of the configuration?

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Router / Switch Configuration

I am using a 4 port (linksys wrt54g2) router, and i need to add more ports. I'm considering purchasing a 5 port switch (d-link des-1105). I'll have the switch plugged into the router, and the router plugged into the cable modem. This leaves me with the following:

3 open ports on the linksys router
4 open ports on the d-link switch

I'm wondering how i should connect my devices. I have the following:

3 computers (wired, not wireless)
3 voip phones (wired, not wireless)

Does it make a difference which devices i plug into the switch and router? Will i have less bandwidth on the devices connected to the switch, compared to those connected directly to the router?

*As a side note: according to the instructions, my voip phones need to plugged into a router. They will not work, for example, if plugged directly into the cable modem. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but i thought i'd mention it.

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4 Sata Drive Raid Configuration

Ok i just bought some drives and have played around with the setup and wanted to get some feedback on configuration. I have 4 750gb sata drives all 7200rpm
Samsung spinpoint f1
Wd caviar black
2x wd caviar blue

I had the samsung and the wd black drive in a raid 0 initially and when i got the blue drives i put those in a raid 0 and was just backing up the first raid 0 to the second once a week. Now i've configured them in a raid 5. Is this the best solution for performance. I'm not terribly concerned with redundantcy i just want to be able to have some sort of protection. I was fine with the once a week back of the raid 0.

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Hard Drive Configuration For Gaming Pc

I'm building a new gaming rig and am trying to figure out what i want to do as far as the hard drives go. Creating a storage server so don't need much of a storage space. Three ideas that i have are:

1) two 500gb wd black in a raid 0
2) one drive as os, second as install/storage
3) cheap small drive as os , second for install, and third for data (mostly iso's for the games, i hate trying to locate the cd)

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Router Traffic Monitoring And Configuration

I have a router and i have three devices connected to it. I need to monitor the traffic each device uses and more importantly reserve an amount of bandwidth for one one the devices. One of the devices is a digital satellite receiver so i need the bandwidth to be reserved for it while other 2 pc's are powered off. I guess in this case software would not be an option because the pc's will be off. Is there a setting in the router that i can set to achieve this ( i haven't found so far). The router is trendnet tw 100-s4w1ca

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Samsung Syncmaster 940bw Configuration

I just got a new monitor at my office. It's a syncmaster 940bw from samsung. It is 19" and the native configuration is 1440 x 900. When i use this configuration, everything is fine but i feel that things are quite small. So i tried another configuration but the other configurations that are offered when i go to the configuration panel on windows are the following :

1280 x 768
1280 x 720
1280 x 600
1152 x 864
1024 x 768
800 x 600

I tried the 1280 x 768 but i would really need is 1280 x 800. The 1280 x 768 configuration stretches everything. Is there anything i can do to be able to us 1280 x 800 ?

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Manual Connection Access Configuration

What about manual connection/ access configuration? We required a remote desktop connection manager software that the user can manually enter the connection information. What about manual connection/ access configuration?

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Computer Does Not Start After I Change Memory Configuration

My computer wont start after i change the memory configuration on bios settings from automatic to manual - aggressive, any ideas on how to get the bios setting screen up?

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Whs - Loading The Disk Configuration Information

I just added 2 wd black 1tb drives and a promise tx4 sata300 controller to my whs. I ran out of room. I already had an identical card in the server so it was detected by the bios and whs and both drives showed up during the bios boot and in device manager. I can access the shared folders via the shortcuts on my other computers but the connection software indicates i am not connected. Accessing the computer directly, everything looks okay but when trying to open the disk management folder in the admin tools, i only get the message that it is "loading the disk configuration information. Since these are brand new drives is it automatically doing a full format? I have been stuck here for a couple of hours. I know from installing a 640gb drive that a full format will take about 2 hours. Is that what is going on now?

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Local Area Connection Does Not Have Valid Ip Configuration

Local area connection doesn't have a "valid ip configuration" -how do i fix this? So i recently got a new desk for my computer, and must've uplugged something on my router because this is what comes up when i try to see what's wrong. My internet won't work when i plug in everything needed. But when it's just my modem plugged into my computer it works fine(like now). My internet is time warner and my computer is windows 7. And my router is a linksys. (I don't know if any of these are important). Anyways, my computer diagnoses the problem as my connection not having a valid ip configuration. What do i need to do to solve this?

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Local Area Connection Does Not Have A Valid Ip Configuration

I got a new laptop for college and there is a connection offered in my dorm to the school's server through a walljack. I'm connected through a simple ethernet cable and yet my computer just doesn't want to accept the fact that internet is there. I've rolled back the drivers, done a system restore and performed the bonjour service through component services. Pretty much everything every forum has said to try except for reinstalling win7 altogether which i really want to avoid.

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Windows Could Not Start - Hardware Configuration Problem

Ok so i have dual boot on my computer with vista and xp and a few days ago when i tried login into xp i would get the error message "windows could not start because of a hardware configuration problem" so the only way that i could solve the problem was to reinstall xp. But now it's almost like it's not there. Like i mean i can now log into xp and everything with no problem, but when i go to 'start' and then click on 'computer', the drive is not there. The only thing that's there is the vista drive and the recovery drive. I mean i'm glad that i can now log into xp and everything is working, but it's really irritating me that the xp drive is not showing up anywhere. Even when i go to 'computer' and right-click and go to 'manage' and then go to 'storage' and 'disk management', the space is there but it's not labeled with the drive letter or anything like that, it just has the size of the drive, and nothing else . And when i right click it and go to 'change drive letter and paths' it doesn't work, it says 'the operation failed to complete because disk management is not up-to-date'. This is really irritating me. Can someone please help me with this?

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Logitech Usb Mouse Configuration To Work In Dos

I have a logitech mouse. It is a usb laser mouse. I have it hooked to a p/s2 port. I'm trying to get to work in dos and i'm having a problem. Can someone tell me the configuration for it to work in dos? I've tried everything i can think of with no satisfaction.

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Raid Configuration Problems On Esata External Hard Drive

I have an external sata hard drive. I installed the internal sata to esata adapter card and booted to windows xp. The instructions said to first connect the esata cable, then both usb connectors of the double ended usb cable (the 2nd connector provides additional drive power for low powered laptop usb ports) and then connect the small usb connector to the drive. At this point the drive is supposed to be recognized, the drivers installed, and the drive should be enabled. Nothing happened. I thought my sata ports may be configured wrong in the bios and the sata mode was set to combination. The other options are raid autodetect/ahci, raid autodetect/ata, and raid on. It seemed to me combination would be the best since i was not using raid. When i looked for sata drive 0, it was listed of course, but the other sata ports were said to be disabled in combination mode. I set the mode to raid autodetect/ahci (this is the default in the bios), shutdown, connected the esata and usb cables before booting, and the drive was recognized in the bios but right after i got the bsod with a stop error. I finally set the mode to raid autodetect/ata, saved, powered down, connected all my cables before booting, the drive was recognized in the bios, and after startup in windows xp, the drive was recognized and usable. Just to test, i shutdown again and unplugged all cables, rebooted and after startup i connected the esata cable, and then the usb cable and nothing happened once again. So i can't get plug-n-play to function properly. Any ideas?

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Ati 5850 Vs Ati 5870

I'm looking at buying a new video card, and i was looking at either a 5850, or a 5870. I have chosen that i want an xfx card, so i limited it down to here:



The 5850 is $280-$325, and the 5870 is $390-$500. (The $500 is the 2gb card). I was looking at some benchmark results, and i was wondering, it it really worth the difference? I'm interested in some pretty heavy gaming (crysis, gtaiv, etc. ), And i'm coming from a 5770, so either of these will be a great improvement, but i am hoping to not have to upgrade this for a while, and i was just wondering what you guys think. Also, cross-firing is not an option for me, so please don't suggest it. My specs:
Gpu: xfx 5770 1gb
Cpu: amd phenom ii x6 1055t
Mobo: asus m4a77td
Psu: xion 700w

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Getting Eyefinity With Two Monitors

I've got two monitors, stupid company left one out when they shipped it. I didn't get charged but anyways, i might get a 3rd or i might not. My question is:

How is eyefinity with two monitors? Does it even work? Shouldn't bother with it?
I'll probably just end up getting another monitor anyways though.

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