Usb Hard Drive Takes Long Time To Copy Files

I just got a usb hard drive and copied some of my large files to it, and noticed it was taking a really long time to finish. Im not sure what kind of throughput im getting but it cant be much. Its taking somewhere around 15 min to copy a 700mb file.

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Pc Takes A Long Time To Boot Up

First: it takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours to boot up, i don't see anything in the monitor, but the fan in the power supply spins and the fan at top of the processor also works, only the red light of the hard disk turns on. I have tried with another hard disk that works fine in another pc, and it's the same, it takes forever to boot up. I have replace the power supply from 250 to 450 and i still have that problem. Second: after waiting that long for the pc to boot up, the cpu clock speed reads 733 mhz instead of 1700. I reset the jumper in the motherboard, to get the correct speed, but i have to do this everytime the computer has been off for a while. Are the two problems related? Is the motherboard bad? Once the pc boot ups, it works fine.

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Windows Takes A Really Long Time To Start Up

Windows takes a really long time to start up, and when it does, it doesn't last long before the computer restarts. I went into the bios, and the cpu is running at 38*c, so it shouldn't be that. Also, i have a 500watt psu, so that shouldn't be it either, what's the problem?

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Pc Takes Long Time To Boot After Powered On

My computer is taking long time to boot after powered on and also my system performance was slower
How to fix this please let me know. My system configuration is
Intel p4
Asus p4bgl-vm i845gl

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Pc Takes A Very Long Time To Complete The Boot Up Sequence

My daughter has a dell inspiron 1150 laptop which seems to have some sort of memory conflict of sort. It takes a very long time to complete the boot-up sequence and then, for no apparent reason simply slow down to a halt when opening a program (microsoft word, for example). The fan starts working overtime and processing performance slows to a halt. The task manager shows that most of the resources are being consumed by the system idle process. I have run spybot and adaware and mcafee anti-virus and nothing one turns turns up any problems. Any suggestions as to where to look next?

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Copying Live Image To Hard Drive Takes Too Long

I lost gnome desktop of fc13beta so i have to re-install it on my desktop pc. Did all partitioning and formatting in advance via gparted live cd. I set up a 500 mb boot partition (ext3) for grub, a 14 gb root partition (ext4) and a 15 gb home partition (ext4). During installation, copying live image to the hard drive initially was fast but then the installation seems to stop 3/4 of the way through and everything is now frozen. I am waiting for installation to complete. By the way, i just saw an orange icon on the top bar but i cannot know what it says because the mouse is frozen at the moment. Please help me! Installation of fc used to be easy. This is the third time this evening i am having to re-install fc13 beta.

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Bios Takes Long Time To Identify Dvd Drives On Ide 2

I recently updated my pc - new ram, new sata hard drive and a new case. I've put everything in the case and after a few issues, i got it running. I do seem to have some troubles with my cd/dvd drives though and i was wondering if anyone could give me some help. First, here's a rough overview of the important bits:

Msi 865pe neo2 pfisr motherboard
120gb ide hd - on ide1 as master
160gb sata hd - on "ide3"
1 dvd-rom drive - on ide2 as master
1 dvd writer - on id2 as slave

The trouble is that when i have the above setup, the bios takes a long time trying to identify my dvd drives on ide2. It must eventually give up and believe nothing is there. The hd's are fine, just no dvd drives. Now if i unplug the slave drive on ide2, the master drive works fine. I haven't tried putting the slave dvd as a master yet but i'll try that as the first thing when i get back. Is it possible to something blow a drive or ground it to my case? Something stupid like that?

Now lets say i get home and both dvd drives work separately but not together. Does anyone have any clue what else it could be? I've just moved the drives from one case to another so the jumpers are correct etc. The cable is also fine (tried it with a spare - same problem).

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Copy A Folder From A Hard Drive Taking Too Long

Usually it took only 5 or 10mins to copy a 4gb dvd onto a harddrive but now it take too long and even copy from one harddrive to another harddrive on the same ide channel still taking forever. It take 3hrs or more to copy 30gb of datas . Then when i monitor the cpu usage . Everytime when i try to copy it cpu usage go up to 100% . No viruses or spyware (i checked it out already) . Any idea ?

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Long File Names Error - Windows Xp - Unable To Copy Files

I have a windows xp home system with all the latest service packs and patches installed; and it has a primary ide hard disk and a secondary scsi hdd and an ide cdwriter/dvd. When i tried to copy files between these drives, it results in the following error: " cannot copy. . Filename. The resulting file name is too long. Specify a different file name". However, i do not have any problem copying same files from/to these drives to an usb memory stick and vice-a-versa. These long files are typically ie favorites or some other downloaded files. This problem started appearing only in the last one or two months, after upgrading to additional patches on service pack2. This problem was not there with sp2. Many of my friends with xp / home editions have similar problems of copying long filename files, which we used to copy without any problem few months earlier. Perhaps it is time for microsoft to look in to this error. Unable to get any help from any where on the internet or newsgroups for this one.

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Hard Drive Crash - Pc Stopped For Long Time On Bootup Logo

I have a sony vaio laptop and today when i tried to boot it up it stopped for a really long time on the boot up logo then the screen went black and the words "operating system not found" showed up in the top left hand corner. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem?

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Copy Problem - Cannot Copy Or Drag Any Files To Blank Disk

I have a dell xp laptop and i have a copy problem i cant copy or drag any files to a blank disk how can i fix?


Turn off pc/laptop. Disconnect cd/dvd drive*, turn pc/laptop on, allow to boot fully, then turn off again. Re-connect cd/dvd drive and turn on. Windows will re-build the drivers or start the 'found new hardware wizard'. If that doesn't work, log on as an administrator. ***Always back up the registry before making changes (make a restore point)***

Click start, and then click run. In the open box, type regedit, and then click ok. In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:


Ensure the right pane has cd/dvd drive in it. In the right pane, click upperfilters. You may also see an upperfilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click upperfilters only. If you do not see the upperfilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the lowerfilters registry entry. To do this, see 'note'. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. 'note'

In the right pane, click lowerfilters. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. Exit registry editor. Restart the computer. If you do not see the lowerfilters registry entry, this can't help you any further. *Most laptops will have either a sliding switch or 1-2 screws holding the drive in. Sliding the switch or removing these screw/s will enable the drive to be pulled from the machine.

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Free Software To Copy All Files From Drive

My 1. 5tb drive is making clicking noises and is really really slow to work with. I bought a new 500gb drive, is there any free software that will allow me to copy all the files off the 1. 5tb drive (actual data on this drive is less than 200gbs) onto the 500gb drive so i can then boot off the 500gb drive?

Is that even possible?

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Copy All Of A Drive's Files To Another Drive

If i'm on windows (windows 7) what's the best way to copy all the files of one drive to a folder on another drive, besides using the windows copy that will most likely complain about something. The drive i'm copying from and the one i'm copying to is not being used for an os. Both are external drives plugged in by usb.

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Dump Usb Files To Hard Drive Automatically

I was wondering if there was a way to automatically dump the contents of a usb drive to a hard drive once it's plugged in. I do a lot of work on my usb drive and it would make my life a lot easier if there was a way that i could have the contents dumped to the hard drive automatically without any interaction.

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Copying Files From Internal Hard Drive To External Usb 2.0

About to start new build. Since present eide hd will not be available for transferring files to new eide hd, i'm thinking about copying files to external usb2. 0 hard drive, and then copying them to new eide hard drive when new build is up and running. The external usb drive will be used in the new build. I need to know if this is feasible and, if so, how do i do it? Do i just copy a file at a time?

Or do i need to establish folder for groups of files? The files are a mix of photos, music, and doc files. I do not want to foul this up and lose everything i have in the process. I tried this once before when i had to reinstall xp home and found subsequently that i could not access the files i had sent to floppies.

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Scrolling Takes Much Time In Windows Explorer

Most notably on web pages, scrolling takes forever. One tick of my scroll wheel will take 3 seconds or more for a web page to refresh in the new position. It also happens when scrolling through windows explorer and when i open my start button > all programs menu. I havent noticed it on much else but i havent tried doing much else program-wise. I have run many instances of different web based avs thinking it was a virus. Kasperky online, trend micro house call and dr web cureit. All have come back clean so far. Have also run ad aware and spybot s&d with negative results. Tried a hijack this log on the auto parse page and it also returned clean. What else can i do to find a resolution to this?

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Slow Hard Drive - Takes A Minute To Open A Folder

I recently built my i7 rig, and installed w7 on my c drive, with my d drive for storage. I decided to do some cable management but i left the drives plugged in, and now when i reconnected everything, my c drives runs normal but my d drive is very slow taking more then a minute to open a folder.

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Copy Everything Onto The Other Hard Drive

Everything i have is currently on my 320gb hd. I want to put all on my 160gb hd that i recently formatted. Is there any backup program i should use or can i just copy everything onto the other hard drive? Will it boot from that hard drive if i just copy everything? Surely it can't be that easy.

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Hard Drive Copy

So i'm in the market for a new drive and i was wondering is there a program that would allow me to copy all the data off my old drive on to my new one? I need more space but i really don't feel like re-installing me os, updating all my drivers again, installing all my games again, and transferring all my music, movies and pictures to my new hard drive. So does anyone know of a program that would do this? Or if this is even possible?

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What Is Easiest Way To Copy Entire Hard Drive Into Another One ?

I have a friend who life far away, so i can not just stop by and fix this. This would be too easy she need to copy her entire hard-drive into another hard-drive. The hard-drive contain the os, apps, data and everything else. What is the easiest way to do this? She is not really computer savvy, so i am trying to find a way or software that is very user friendly.

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Computer Freezes On Boot - Long Time To Load Windows

I was having issues with a game of mine hard locking my pc. The only way to get out of it was to hold down the power button and force the pc to power down, then boot back up. Trying to trouble shoot the game, this happened several times. Then, it started freezing on the memory test. It's not really freezing, though - if i leave it sit for a very long time ( 5 to ten minutes ), it will eventually boot into windows. Any ideas?

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How To Download Files At A Certain Time From Internet?

Is there a way to program a computer to download files at a certain time? I have satellite internet, so downloads are limited. The satellite company offers free downloading between 3-5am. Is there a way to program my computer to start downloads at that time without having to physically be in front of the computer?

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External Hard Drive - Should I Keep It On All The Time ?

I've just bought this samsung story station 1tb 3. 5" external drive. Tbh it's my first external one. So i was wondering should i keep it on all the time, or it's better to turn it off when not in use? It's being used as multimedia storage.

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Files On Hard Drive That I Cant See

My friend has given me his pc to look at, the problem is one day he had all his music on a second hard drive then the next day it had gone, however all 80gb are still on the drive as they take up the space on the hard drive but i cant see the files, i have tried show all files and windows check disk for bad sectors and that hasnt worked? Any ideas, also it doesnt have a floppy drive so i need a program that i can burn onto cd!

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Files Off Old Hard Drive

I know this has been asked 100 times, ive googled it and everything, but i haven't been on the forums recently i was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get my save files off ( i don't have the ps3 anymore so fixing the ylod wont work)

I just need 2 save files on it (little big planet / wet) is there any new programs that will let me do this? . 85 percent complete in lbp and almost finishing wet are things i do not want to do again. Edit: well i was hoping that after this long someone would do it, guess ill check in another year lol until then anyone want to do a quick run threw of lbp?

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Hard Drive Access Slow, Not Due To Drive, But Files

Ok, this is a bizzare problem i have never seen, but there is a certain folder on my old machine's old 80gb western digital 8mb cache ide hdd, that when you go to open the folder the window will stop responding and it takes over a full minute to come back, but still it doesn't open. Then when you try again it will open just fine. I thought that perhaps if i copied all the files over to the new machine's 400gb sata drive (the sata is the primary and the ide is slave in this machine), that the issue would be resolved, but now it acts exactly the same way when you try to open that folder off of the sata drive.

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Is There Any Way To Recover My Files From Hard Drive ?

I was rearranging some cables in my case today and when i booted the system up windows is now saying i need to format one of my secondary drives? It looks like it can't read the file system on the drive anymore. Is there any way to recover my files?

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Files At The End Of A Hard Drive

Are there any docs, articles, or threads/posts regarding file performance at the end of a hard drive (edge of the platters)? Is faster access at the edge of the platters or the center? I read at the edge but i'm not sure why. I am thinking the center would rotate data under the heads fastest, but that's why i wanted the article to read up.

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Hard Drive Is Not Detected On Boot Up Half The Time

So i bought one of those new 2tb wd hard drives, and when i start my computer the drive is generally not recognized in the bios the first time. The bios hangs at the sata port the drive is in for ~20 seconds then says none. Once i reset my pc once or twice the drive shows up like normal, with no issues. Other than this the drive works perfectly. I'm a bit skeptical of these drives since my first two attempts were doa; is this the sign of a faulty drive or does anyone have ideas as to the cause? I have of course checked the cables.

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Get Encrypted Files From Slave Hard Drive

I some how messed up my hard drive and cant get my pictures off of it. It all of a sudden wouldn't log into windows, so i was trying to hook it up as a slave, but when i did that it wouldn't let me get my files off, because they were encrypted. How do i fix this so i can get them off?

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