How To Display Mouse Touchpad On Start Toolbar ?

How do i display my mouse touchpad on the start toolbar? So i updated my laptop to windows seven, and then had the touchpad icon removed because i had too many icons on the bottom right hand corner. I get having it viewable is not really my problem but i was able to scroll down the page by sliding my finger down the right side of the touchpad. Now i am not able to i have to scroll from the scroll bars which is a hastle. How do i get it to work? I tried going to the control panel and playing around but i can't seem to figure it out.

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No Display On Monitor On Initial Start Up

Recently when i go to start up my pc after it has been powered down for a few days nothing shows up on the monitor. I have to hold the power button down to turn the pc off, then turn it back on again and then it shows the start up screen. What could be causing this problem?

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Touchpad Not Working After Using External Ps2 Mouse

I recently hooked up an external ps/2 mouse to my ze5400 series laptop, after that the touchpad refuses to work. I've tried formatting and also the mouse doesn't even work in dos. It says mouse driver not installed - mouse not found. Any suggestions?

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Lg Crt Monitor Doesn't Display At Windows Start Up

When i start my computer, my lg crt monitor doesn't display anything. I have to shutdown my system using keyboard (start u, u), and then restart my system. Then the monitor displays. Sometimes it shows some weird reddish color. I don't understand why this is happening. I checked if there are any loose connections, but this doesn't work. I expect a useful solution for this, as i have already checked this site for similar questions.

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Inspiron 1525 Touchpad Mouse Randomly Hangs To The Corner

I have a inspiron 1525 and the touchpad *** me off. At random times when i move the touchpad south with my fingers it makes a twist emotion and goes northwest. And when i just touch it the mouse randomly hangs to the corner? And when i move it in any directions, at random times it forms a x emotion movement around the screen. Is this because of the drivers? And did i mention i wasted 50 seconds to click the "submit new thread" button?

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Disable Toolbar In Firefox

How to make hp search bar go away? I just got a new hp laptop and everytime i open firefox, i have this hp bar at the top, which bothers me. Is there some way to make it go away?

Answer:- follow the following steps:

1. Tools
2. Addons
3. Extensions
4. Uninstall the tool bar. If that doesn't work, try this:

1. View
2. Toolbars
3. Uncheck the toolbar

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Optical Mouse Pointer Doesn't Stop By Edge Of The Screen Display

I just bought a new microsoft wireless / optical mouse ver 2. 0a. I liked it a lot over my previous a4tech mouse. The problem is that when i move it to the full left side of the screen the pointer doesn't stop by the edge of the screen display, it disappears. It seem that the mouse is sensing a wider display on the left side only. Moving it to the top, bottom and right side it stops by the edge exactly. Does the mouse have a hardware defect?

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Second Display In Dual Display Setup Has Stopped Working

I have a pc with dual monitors. Both monitors worked fine for a year, but one day the second display stopped working, and the second monitor. Itís an intel based system with pci-e ati hd2600 video card with dual dvi out. Monitors are both identical acer 22 inch lcds. The issue is that monitor a shows a proper display, but monitor b is blank and goes into power save mode. If i switch monitor a with monitor b, same result. Hence, both monitors are in working condition. If i swap dvi cable a with dvi cable b, same result. Hence, both dvi cable are in working condition. Iíve tried replacing the video card with a new pci-e card of a different brand. Same result. Hence the video card is not broke. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output a, itíll work. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output b, itíll work. Hence, both dvi outputs on the video card work, just not at the same time. Issue occurs the same during post, as well as in windows and ubuntu. Itís not a driver issue. Iíve tried updating the drivers. Iím not sure what this could be.

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Wireless Keyboard With A Touchpad

I am looking for a wireless keyboard that has a touchpad feature to control the mouse. I noticed that one of the logitech dinova's has a $75 mir, but is still $75 afterwards. Anyone know of a decent one for less than this?

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Wireless Keyboards With Built-in Touchpad

I was wondering if people could help me add to my list of wireless kbs with built-in touchpads. I'm going to have a single pc hooked up to multiple monitors, with one being a tv monitor, the other two will be "work" monitors for daily browsing. So, for me, this keyboard will be a secondary one that i can leave on the coffee table while i use my microsoft ergo 4000 to type long things. I'm looking to compile a list of good htpc-themed keyboards, and here's how i'm starting it off:

* Ps3 mediaboard pro (remember to re-map a windows key somewhere, and also get a usb bt dongle-under $5)

* Dinovo edge (slightly expensive, especially when used as a secondary keyboard)

* Dinovo mini (handheld device with a multi-function trackpad)

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Acer Travelmate 8100 Touchpad

Friend at works touch pad for his acer travelmate 8100 has decided to stop working for no apparent reason. I un-installed the drivers then reinstalled them but that didn't seem to do much. (I did this with the mouse though, should this have been done with just using the keyboard?

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Samsung R480 Touchpad Not Working

Samsung r480 touchpad not working properly scrolling and zooming features not working.

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Laptop Touchpad Isnt Working

For some reason i just turned off my laptop then i came back, turned on my laptop and my touchpad wasn't working and i press caps lock my keyboard doesn't work luckily i have a backup mouse and keyboard. Someone tell me what is happening. Answer:-
Sounds like the cord inside the laptop that connects the keyboard and trackpad to the motherboard of the laptop is lose. If it is under warranty take it in for repairs, if not then open it up and plug it in tight. Also make sure no moisture is around plug while you have it open.

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Touchpad Doesnt Work With Ubuntu

I just installed ubuntu v10. 04 yesterday as a dual boot; but the touchpad hasn't worked at all with ubuntu. I had to tab to select my options to install it. The mouse is just frozen. The mouse work perfectly with windows 7. I'm obviously not computer literate just wanted linux because coworker recommended it over windows specs: sony laptop, 4gb ram, 2. 10 ghz, 500gb hd.

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Configure Touchpad On Compaq Laptop

How do you reconfigure the touch pad on a compaq laptop, either right-click on the touchpad icon in the notification area and there will be an option to adjust the settings, or start, control panel, mouse and again there will be an option to adjust the settings.

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Change Ps2 Touchpad Fresh Rate

I was wondering if it's possible to change my touchpad ps/2 fresh rate?. I was on google and already tried the regedit under "i8042prt/parameters" create a dword (32-bit) and put 200 (which is the max). After rebooting i'm still running 48hz. I tried ps2rate which was meant to be for windows 95 & 98. However when i set the rate and click ok it says missing "ps2rate. Vxd please put it in the same directory has the exe". The ps2. Rate. Vxd is in the same dir has the exe. Does anyone know of any other application or edit i set the rate at higher for my touchpad?

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Touchpad Scrolling Not Working On Remote Desktop

I recently installed remote desktop update on my hp laptop running win xp. After that i noticed that when i connect to other desktop computers, also running win xp, from the laptop, the touchpad scrolling stops working (both on remote comp and on the laptop). If i close the remote desktop connection then after some time scrolling function starts working again. I tired to install synaptics driver update from microsoft website but that didn't fix it. I also have a vaio running vista, and even that gives the same problem. Has anyone else noticed similar problems and know of any solutions. I frequently use remote desktop, so need to fix this.

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Dell Inspiron Touchpad Tap Feature

We have an old inspiron here (an 8100 i believe) that has a touchpad and a little nubbin track-point thingy. Both have left and right click buttons with them, the trackpoint's being just beneath the spacebar. We've been trying to find a way to disable just the "tapping" feature on the touch-pad, leaving the pad working only as a pointing device and not a clicking device. The tapping feature of the touchpad is often way too sensitive, registering clicks when you're not trying to do anything but move the pointer around. All we could find so far are programs that work in linux that do this, but nothing that would work in windows. Anyone here know of a solution to this?

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Sony Vaio Screen And Touchpad Issue

I have a sony vaio vgn-a140 laptop (15. 4" screen) that is not functioning correctly. The screen has lines up and down it that are the result of a mainboard/video chip hardware issue (i think). I plugged it into an external monitor, and it looked the same (lines, etc). I took it apart to poke around and it appears to have video integrated onto the mainboard. Question 1) does anyone know of a way of fixing this or trying to fix it w/o replacing the mainboard? If i have to replace the board, i may just have to part it out. It's not worth hundreds of dollars to me to fix. Question 2) when i took it apart, i severed the thin ribbon-like cable that connects the touchpad to the mainboard. Really, really dumb move on my part. Is there anywhere to buy one of these? I don't even know what to call it, really. It's copper colored and thin and looks like it would cost $0. 03 to make, but if i can find one, i'm sure it'll be ~$20-$30, or i'll have to buy a whole new touchpad. Sigh.

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What Are Right / Left Click Buttons On Laptop Touchpad ?

What are the right click /left click buttons on a laptop touchpad called?

Answer:- it's called a left and right touchpad button or touchpad buttons because you can click or let's say press it.

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Compaq Presario V5000 Keyboard / Touchpad Problem

I recently bought a compaq presario v5000 of a friend, the problem with the laptop is, sometimes the touch pad wont work correctly, it moves very erratically or not at all and somtimes the keyboard will completely scramble so all the buttons still work but for example the caps lock key would be the letter "f" and the letter "f" will be return , and other times both the keyboard and touch pad will work completely fine. I thought it could be a bios problem so i updated to the latest version and still the problem remains, i have been searching on google and can't seem to find any info on the problem, has anyone heard of this problem and if so, is there a fix for it? I have taken the laptop apart and made sure that the keyboard and touch pad are connected correctly.

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Laptop Touchpad Cursor Doesn't Move

When i got my new laptop it was fine, and then it happens occasionally but when i go to do something on the touch pad the cursor doesn't move and it stays in one place and moves up and down and i have to press firmly on the touch pad to stop it, is there any other way to stop it because i don't want to break the touch pad.

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Dell Laptop Touchpad Cursor Moves Randomly

We have been noticing a weird behavior in 2. 5-3 years old dell laptops recently! About 4-5 dell c500s-c600s have terribly weird touch pad behavior, the cursor moves randomly anywhere and then gets stuck in any of the corners of screen. This sometimes goes away when pointer stick is disabled. Other wise it does the same even with external mouse connected. I have done fresh rebuild of all 5 laptops with new drivers. However this problem comes back! Any one observed similar problems?

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Lenovo 4446 Laptop Touchpad Doesn't Work

I have lenovo model no 4446 laptop. Yesterday the touchpad and 2 buttons stopped work. I don't know what happened. I think, i might press some fn keys. But i don't know which ones so can anyone tell me how to fix this problem.

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Toshiba Satellite L45-s7423 Power Cord Issue With Touchpad

My toshiba laptops touch pad will move erratically and click randomly whenever it is plugged in, this problem does not occur when laptop is unplugged and i believe it may be related to a heating issue because when i lift it onto my knee or hold it up it works fine, this is the 4th power cord i have gotten for this laptop (other three stopped working) and it is a new design from the other 3 and problem did not occur with the other cords.

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Which Mouse Is Better ? Usb Mouse Or Ps2 Mouse

I hear that ps2 offers better refresh and stuff with optical mice is this true? I always thought usb would be better cuz its newer and faster.

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My Computer Cannot Start Up

My computer turned on fine this morning but about 15 minutes ago i tried it and when i start it up, it stays at the screen where it shows me what kind of motherboard i have. (Asus a8v-e deluxe) my keyboard does not work at all. I already tried plugging it in and out. I have no clue about my mouse. But after that, i have to shut off my computer. What is the problem?

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Pc Won't Start Sometimes

When i press the power switch, the system (lights, fans, dvd) turns on for about 5 seconds and then turns off again. During this 5 seconds the monitor doesn't even power on, it remains in standby. After this happens, i'm not able to power on the pc again without re-plugging the psu cable before. I unplug the cable, wait for the mb light to turn off, plug it back in, and (lol) without touching anything the power turns on by himself and turns off after 5 seconds. And now i try to turn it on by myself pressing the switch and.

A) the system starts up without any problem and keeps working normally during the whole day


B) it turns off after 5 seconds (same story again)

Sometimes a happens, sometimes b. What is going on here?

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Start Computer But Nothing Happens

I tried starting up my computer tonight, and what happened was that i got to the screen where the windows icon appears and the little blue bar moves to indicate it's loading, then the screen goes black and the little light on my screen starts to flash like it usually does if the computer is turned off or if it's in stand-by mode. I try restarting it, and press in the restart button. Nothing happens, the computer doesn't even sound like it usually does when it restarts. I shut it off completely, and restart. The screen stops blinking, and i barely get to see the black screen that comes before the windows screen before the same thing happens again. I restart again, hammer the f8 button to try and start it in fail-safe mode. I get to the fail-safe menu, but before i have time to select anything, the screen goes black. I try a fourth time, this time pressing delete so i can get up the bios menu. Nothing appears this time at all. I have not tried anything since then. This came out of the blue, i have not installed or removed any hardware, and i haven't installed any software either. My specs are:

Motherboard: matsonic ms-9077
Cpu: intel pentium 4 2. 53 ghz
Ram: 1024 ddr
Harddrive: maxtor 80 gb
Graphics card: ati radeon x800xl
Psu: chiefetec something (i don't know what to look for, it says max load 360w)

The computer is about 3 1/2 years old by now, except for the graphics card which is about 1 1/2 years old. If you need to know anything else tell me, because i have absolutely no idea what is happening.

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Laptop Inbuilt Synaptics Mouse & External Mouse Fail To Work

On my ~1 year old win xp pro laptop, the inbuilt synaptics mouse and any external mice, ps2 or usb fail to work. I'm having to use it via keystrokes only, so even typing this is hard to get to it. I've had this problem since this morning. I brought it downstairs (its kept upstairs) and turned it on, and when it booted to the welcome screen, the pointer was in the center and my ps2 optical mouse (chic) wasn't responding, although the actual led bit was on. I tried my touchpad (synaptics model) and that also doesn't work. The animated icon in my systray didn't respond to my touches. I have since tried 2 other mice, one ps2 and 1 usb, and i have had no luck. The only way to control my mouse is using mousekeys (ugh) or using a mouse via vnc. I have no hardware devices listed in my mouse hardware list in the control panel. I am not sure if it is a hardware or a software problem, but if i fear the worst, and it's hardware, perhaps my ps2 controller thingy busted? Although it shouldn't take out usb or touchpad either. I hope its more of a software problem, but after rolling back system restore point from last friday (when it definately worked), i have had no luck. I have also reinstalled the drivers for my usb mouse and the driver cd that came with my laptop. I am really stuck, and i won't be able to take it into technical support until monday. I really hope to have this fixed asap. Any help you can give me would be great, and as i use my laptop a lot, i'm really stuffed, everything else seems to be working okay, and i have not noticed any other problems, although there was a process in task manager using about 92% of cpu called sypad or something similar.

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