How Much Ram Do I Need For Vista ?

I just got a new vista. Its an hp pavilion with 3 gb of ram and a 32-bit operating system. Its fine for playing games like combat arms but for a game like wow (world of warcraft) it somehow fails. To make it run without a delay i have to lower the resolution to the point were i cant make out most of the words. I also have a mac with 1 gb less ram and i can run wow on it at a higher resolution and it works even better than my vista. My friend said this was because vista takes up too much ram just being idle. I dont know much about pcs (especially vista) because im a mac freak. I just want to know about how much ram it would take to have wow run normaly. My friend suggested 8 gb with a 64 - bit operating system. Like i said before, i dont know much about pcs but i do know that buying 5 more gb of ram is going to cost a lot. Anyone have any suggestions?

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4gb Of Ram - Updated Vista To Sp1

I have just changed the dvd burner from the purple slot gsataii 1 port to gsataii 3 and i updated vista to sp1 and now it show me i have 4gb of ram in my startup welcome screen before this it was 3. 32 of memory why is this?

A big problem my hd light stays on and my mouse don't move around the screen and the blue screen shows up and i have to re-start windows could it be because i changed the dvd sata burner from one slot to another?

Btw my mb is gigabyte n680sli-dq6.

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Ram Drive For Paging File On Vista

Im finally putting together my new computer build and was looking at getting 8 gb of ram, then converting half of it into a ram drive for the paging file. Is there any way of doing this on vista home premium x64 ?

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4gb Ram And Vista 32 Bit Edition Readyboost

I was wondering because 32bit operating systems can address upto 4gb of ram (without the use of pae) so if i was windows vista 32bit edition and had 4gb of ram then if i plugged in a flash drive to use readyboost would it still be able to use it?

I'm not planning on actually doing this as i know i can't actually use a full 4gb of ram on a 32bit os but i was just wondering what would happen is this situation happened, would readboost still work?

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Disable Paging File ( Vista, Ssd, 4gb+ Ram )

I've done a bit of googling and forum reading but i can't seem to get a clear answer on this. I first wanted to disable it to minimize the read/writes to the ssd i just put in a friends laptop. He's got 4gb ddr2-800 ram installed and a 128gb g. Skill falcon with vista ultimate x64 installed. The most multitasking he ever does is having outlook and a browser open at the same time. He plays a game once in a while but that's the extent of his heavy use. It's my uneducated assumption that he's never going to need a paging file because there's always plenty of room in his physical memory. Is this incorrect? It sounds like disabling the paging file would lengthen the lifespan of his ssd a little bit and even speed it up some but i want to get a good answer for [h] on this. Most of the forum's and articles are just people bickering over whether it's a critical component of the os or discussing on what other drive or flash device to store the paging file. I have nothing else attached to the laptop to shift it to so we're looking to disable it completely.

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Should I Disable Virtual Ram With 2gb Ram In Winxp ?

For gaming (bf2, hl2, doom3, fear, etc), surfing, chatting, office, etc should i disable my virtual memory in windows xp?

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Ddr Ram - Does The Ram Need To Be Installed In Pairs ?

I am going to be upgrading the ram in a family members computer. I was told it was a hp with ddr ram. The computer has a 128 in it now. I was hoping to buy the ram before i traveled to their house. Can i buy any brand of ddr ram? Or should it match whats in the computer already. Does the ram need to be installed in pairs? Or can i buy a 512 and have 640 or buy a 256 and have a total of 384?

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640 Mb Ram Showing 610 Mb Ram

I have an 8800gts oc2 640mb ram card. Is there a piece of software that will tell me if the card actually has 640mb of ram?

I ran 3dmark06 and everytime it tells me i only have 610mb of ram. However, it did report 612mb ram when i started playing doom3. I know that some programs will only report the amount of ram as 640mb because those programs are reading the id tag off the card itself. But it would be good to have a program to tell me the amount of ram on the card after doing a scan or something like that.

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Using A 100mhz Ram With 133mhz Ram

Would i be better off not adding a 100mhz ram chip to my existing set of ram chips which are 133mhz?
I heard before that the difference in speed will cause some trouble in the system. But does it really?

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Video Ram Vs System Ram

I have a celeron dc e1200 overclocked to 2. 67 ghz, but have but 1 gb of system ram (dimm issues) and an his ati hd3450 pcie (256 mb of ddr2). I'm looking at doing two upgrades: adding a single 2 gb dimm (the motherboard holds a max of 4 gb in three slots) and a graphics upgrade (initially to a visiontek hd4350 (512 mb of ddr2) whch i'm buying locally for specific reasons; for this purchase, online is not an option). The question is, which upgrade (vista ultimate x64) should i do *first* to increase gaming performance (primarily in ut3 and burnout paradise ultimate box)? (I will be doing both upgrades; i'm simply trying to determine upgrade order. )

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All In One Printer With Vista

Turns out my hp deskjet 5850 wireless printer is not compatible with vista and i really dont feel like waiting for a driver (if one does come out). Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a all in one (my scanner doesnt work either ) printer that is compatible with vista and is descent. I would prefer it to have some sort of networking either wireless or wired.

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Vista Bsod

I recently started getting bsod crashes with my system and eventually it would not boot at all. I was using winxp pro 32bit . I decided to go with vista ultimate 64 bit when i did the re-install. All of my hardware supports 64bit and vista so i expected smooth sailing. Boy! Was i wrong. This os upgrade was a nightmare. I did get all the drivers installed and i have no hardware conflicts in the device manager. This is where the problems begin and raise my questions. After shutting the pc down and re-starting, i would get a bsod just before vista reaches the spot where you would add your password. I thought it might be bad drivers, so i uninstalled and re-installed them all. I even tried an os re-install. All to no avail. I started removing hardware to see if it may be a bad card or something. All was going well. I finally got to the ram. I went through each stick in each mobo slot and they all booted the system with no problem. I ran memtest86 through 10 passes and the ram passed. This is where i get lost. I placed 2 sticks of ram in the first channel of slots and the system works fine. No more bsodís at all. I added 1 more stick for a total of three gbís. No crashes or bsodís. The system seems to run slower with three gigs rather than two. I add the fourth stick and the system boots up. I have no idea why. I wait for the complete boot and then try to restart. Bsod on re-boot ! I remove 1 stick (doesnít matter which slot) and the system boots fine. 64 bit systems are supposed to support eight gbís i thought?

Does anyone have an idea of what else i should try?

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Installing Xp Over Vista

I am not a great computer geek or techie please give me a solution for my problem. I recently got 1tb external hitachi simple drive and connected to my dell inspiron 1545 running vista on it and i wanted to install ubuntu and windows xp both on my external hard disk and i successfully partitioned 20 gb(ext4 linux file system) for ubuntu and 40 gb(fat 32) for windows xp. Somehow i installed ubuntu successfully and now i am trying to install xp but i get that blue screen error and after reading few forums i did changes in the bios sata operations and changed from ahci to ata and installed xp successfully and again when i booted i get that blue screen error after windows xp loading screen (after 2-3 bars loaded) and again i read few forums and found that i need to update some drivers in win32 and my question is already my windows xp files are in external hard disk which is clearly visible when i connect it to vista. Can i change it directly? Will it work? If not what should i do to get rid of this low graded vista?

My advice to everyone is, i am not against microsoft because i was a serious 98, 2000, nt and xp user but this vista and 7 are really **** for their security issues.

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Nvidia Drivers For Vista

*** is up with nvidia and their lack of official vista chipset/platform drivers? The only vista platform drivers listed in their dl section is for the nforce 3, and those have been there since beta/rc times. Sure they have official vista graphics drivers and their ntune, but the come on nvidia! The other camp has both 32bit and 64bit vista drivers for all of their products.

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Vista 64 Driver For Ati Tv Wonder

I have an ati tv wonder remote control edition that is a tuner/video capture device. Now that i have built a new rig and placed the card in i cannot find a driver that will work with this. Can anyone help me with this or let me know if i have to just get another card. I would hate to do so.

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Vista Lockup / Freeze

Well i got another issue this time its with vista it basically freezes i cant move the mouse hdd led shows no activity nothing responds even if i leave it for a while nothing i have to reset it or power it down through the power button. Im currently doing a memory test to see if its the ram but i tested the ram before and it was fine. The issue started happening about 2 weeks ago before that everything was stable no bsods nothing i havent flashed my mobo bios as it was running fine, i thought it might of been the ati drivers 9. 5 because the issue started around the date they were released when i reformatted i used 9. 5 and the issue came up early in the install(so i thought it must be the driver as thats the only new driver i used and i had no other applications etc installed) then i reformatted again with 9. 4 it stopped freezing for a good while until after sp2 was installed the freezing started happening again. Heres the strange bit i noticed it happens when i open certain apps utorrent or the steam server browser thats when it 8 times out of 10 happens i have no clue what it is. My guess is its my memory or harddisk but i think its possibly the video card because whenever the issue occured after restarting the pc in the login screen my monitor wont display anything i know its the log in screen because i hear the sound effect and if i type my pw i can see the g15 apps load on the g15 keyboard screen (i resolved this using vga instead of dvi but it shouldn't happen in the first place). Ohh yeah everything is running at stock speeds.

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Vista Boot Very Slow

I turned all my settings back to stock for the oc and reinstalled vista but it is still taking forever to load, i have no idea why. Once inside vista, it runs just fine. Any suggestions? This is vista 64 on i7 with a ex58-ud5 board.

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Windows Vista Hangs Sometimes

From time to time, and this doesn't happen every time, i would play a movie and the file would chug, the audio and video would stop, but the computer is still running fine for everything else, the audio would start up and the video would play catch up to the audio. After that the video would continue playing. This happens from time to time, but never in the same place twice. I turned off the indexing option, anti-virus is off, reinstalled the codec pack and even tried other codecs to the same result. Does anyone else have any sort of similar experience to this?

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Data Recovery - Vista

My ibm ideapad woke up with "missing/corrupt bootmgr". Not good i know, but anyways i was just gonna back up my data and give it a fresh install and everything would be better. Right. No that would be too much to ask from ms. My normal means of data backup in this situation would be to just plug hdd into another computer and copy it off. However when i plug in the drive all the data seems to be hidden. From what i figure probably a vista security. How do i get the data off? The hdd with the data was vista and i'm using an xp desktop to get the data. I see the hdd fine. Just can't access the data. Does anyone know how?

I tried using a data recovery.couldn't think of anything better. Again i can see the data just don't have permission to access it.

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Bootup Problem In Vista

I have a machine that has vista, i guess home edition, the 32 bit version. I bought a generic flash drive the other day. I own one already also. When i plugged it in, it gave me the message that the installation failed. I believe i did a restart and removed the original flash drive and plugged the new one in. It installed on the same drive as the older flash drive. I found out how to assign a new drive letter for the new one. I thought everything was fine, but when i shut down my computer and turned it back on it started giving me the message that my boot up drive had been changed and to go to setup. At this point by cd rom drive was not recognized as the bootup drive when i put my recovery disk in the machine. With help from my brother i was able to set my boot up so that the cd rom was the first boot up and the hard drive the second boot up drive. Now the cd rom is recognizing the the recovery disk but i still get the message about my boot up being changed. I took a couple of pictures of the setup, one for the boot up drives and the other is for the hard drive priority in setup. I have two hard drives on this machine and the two flash drives. Can anyone figure out what is going on?

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Logitech G5 Not Being Detected With Vista

Well i installed the latest version of setpoint 64-bit and the *** doesnt show my mouse, all it shows is help and support stuff, no game or sensitivity options i had in xp.

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Cloning Vista From Old Drive To New

So i just got done getting the drive cloned and ran hdtune a few times. On a couple runs, my min dropped to 10-15mb/s which doesn't seem normal. These are close to the results i typically get though (unless something is loading in the background - this is my os drive by the way). How does it look?

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Is Eax Support In Vista Necessary Now ?

I was reading over at head-fi, and i've come across several posts from individuals stating that they have transitioned from an x-fi card to an external dac / dac + amp and have actually enjoyed "better sound" while gaming (granted, you need to have alchemy). By no means do i second-guess this setup with regards to flac/ape, or higher / hi-def movies, but i'm curious as to others opinions on this.

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Tape Drive For Vista

Ok since they toke away out of the box tape drive support for vista what is everyone using for doing backups with their tape drives under vista?

The quantum sdlt tape drive was free along with the adaptec scsi card and 80+ tapes that were only used once so i do not want to hear just use an external hard drive. So far it looks like novabackup is the best bet but i was wondering if there was something better or even something that is free.

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Two 7600 Cards With Vista

I currently have an nvidia 7600 dual dvi card, works great, love it. (Nvidia geforce 7600 gs )

Now i want to add another dvi card, possible another dual. I am looking at getting one from newegg
Which is a
Msi nx7600gs-t2d256eh geforce 7600gs 256mb 128-bit gddr2 pci express x16 video card

I do have a free pcix16 slot open, but not sure if there would be any conflicts or issues to worry about. Wide open to other suggestions in similar price range, need to do something quick - 2 monitors just isnt enough! (Old pc had a cheap pci card for the 3rd monitor - crt) now i have 3 lcd's and want to run them all from this machine with option for a 4th at some point. Can i safely purchase this card, or should i expect trouble?

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Overclock Only Works In Vista, Not In Xp

Well to start this is my first processor overclock and i am pretty satisfied with the results. Except i cant boot into xp. It posts just fine and vista and kubuntu boot too and both show the overclocked result. I ran orthos for about 20min in vista without a problem but i stopped it because the main problem is i cant boot xp when overclocked at all. I even tried raising from 1. 8 to 1. 9 to boot xp and its still a no go.configurations:-
E4300 at 3. 02ghz 1. 3v
Geil 2gb (2 x 1gb) ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) dual channel at 2. 0v
Ecs nf650islit-a

At first i thought my oc was too high to boot windows so i kept lowering it until i was back at 1. 8 then i tried for the heck of it raising it to 3. 02 and booting kubuntu since it kept posting fine and kubuntu worked then tried vista and that worked so i was baffled at why xp would not. Additional comment:

I just used ntune to try overclocking in xp and it was able to get a measly to a 1. 9ghz. Why cant xp boot while vista and kubuntu work fine. This is driving me insane.

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Hp 1020 Vista Problem

I have a 1020 hp printer. It worked fine with my windows xp . But with my laptop it doesn't work. When i plug it in and turn it on , it says usb device not recognized . I downloaded vista driver from hp site , when i execute the installation file it copies some file and then nothing happens , sometimes it starts the installation but after a while says the installation failed . Anyone know what should i do to make it work?

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Running 2 Monitors Vista

I want to have three monitors on a dell optiplex 745 running vista. I only have one pci-e and two pci slots. I would like to use a dual-head video card in the pci-e slot and a single-head video card in one of the pci slots. The problem is that vista will only recognize one video driver. So both cards must use the same driver, even though they have different form-factors. Does anyone know if this is possible? And if it is, which video cards would you recommend to complete this triple-monitor setup?

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Dell 1510 With Xp And Vista

I have xp pro installed on my dell 1510 it also came with a vista reinstall disk can i run both?

Answer:- you can dual boot them but it will just use lots of disk space, if it was me i would just stick to xp.

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Where To Download Antivirus For Vista?

Answer:- in my opinion kaspersky is the best antivirus available. It is a bit more pricey than the others but i think its well worth it. They have the highest detection rate of all the top antivirus programs and has been recommended by a lot of pc technicians that i've talked to. Bitdefender is also great and a lot cheaper. Bitdefender is also a lot lighter than kasperksy and so uses less resources. If you have a lower end machine go for vipre as it has the lowest resource usage of any of the popular antivirus programs and is still a great product. In my opinion avoid mcafee (huge resource hog) and norton. If your looking for free antivirus then avg is by far the best!

The website is at http://free.

Theres some great antivirus comparison and review websites on the net. Take a look at these three:
http://anti-virus-software-review. Topten¶

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