Data Recovery Of A Hard Drive Partition In Two

My drive is partition into 2. A drive c for my xp systems and a d for files. Windows xp doesnt work anymore on the c drive partition and all it does is just keep on going to the windows screen and then restart and will not get pass it. I have installed a second sata drive in my pc and installed xp on it. Now when i connect both drives in my pc including the faulty one, it just does the same thing again with the restarts looping and will not load the working xp thats loaded onto my other sata drive. Is that because they both have the c drive letter on both of them and the xp operating systems?

Is there any way of telling the pc to load the second sata drive with the working xp and disregard the faulty one with a c drive letter partition. All i want is for the pc to see the faulty drive as just another drive with files in there and an xp operating system in there. I am thinking of just getting a usb sata external case tomorrow and put the faulty sata drive in there and connect it to my pc hoping it will not recognise the c drive letter and operating system in there and just copy the files from it.

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Recovery Of Hard Drive Data

I need help to retrieve the data from my western digital hard drive (40g). Last week my power supply burnt and damaged my mother board. So i tested with another existing system unit with my wd hard drive, it hang in the bios stage after the memory test finish. Cannot do anything. Is it the hard drive problem? May i know anyone can tell me how can i recover my data inside this bad hard drive? I need to recover my data since wd technical support only can give me a replacement of hard drive. I heard a lot of information about freezing the hard drive but i dont dare to do it cos i am afraid it will lead to totally un-recovery stage. I have a lot of useful information and some financial excel format that is shared with my roommate.

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Data Recovery From Dead Hard Drive

Are there any softwares to recover data from a dead hard drive. Please help me in this situation since, my hard drive is giving some noise for almost 10 seconds while booting and not even detecting.

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Hard Drive Problem - Data Recovery

I got a harddrive here that's running windows 98 and while you try and boot in it's just fatal error after fatal error. . Vxd's .dlls, mass blue screens and just ends in a freeze up eventually. I'd give the names of the files thats giving errors but it's literally different ones every time. I tried to get into the os from safe mode and it returned a himem.sys error. I figured the ram might be bad but it's good so i copied himem.sys from the 98 cd into windows directory in dos, but still getting the same error. I'm at a loss for what to do now and suppose the only thing i can do is try and recover the data and wipe the harddrive. I was wondering if perhaps i could connect the harddrive to my windows xp machine and salvage the data through there or if anyone has tips on how i could go about this i'd be most thankful.

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New Installation Hard Drive Data Recovery

Here's the situation:

1. Had a pc with a motherboard that crashed. 2. Pc had 400 gig hard drive of which 380 gigs of data was used leaving 20 gigs remaining. 3. Replaced the motherboard and installed a new windows partition in the remaining 20 gigs of data. 4. Windows runs and everything works fine. However:

1. Old partition 'c:' says it's corrupted. New partition 'e:' says it has around 400 gigs free. 2. Even though 'c:' should contain 380 gigs of data and 'e:' should only contain the remaining 20 gigs. How do i recover my data?

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Corrupt Data From Drive Recovery

I have a big problem. I accidentally formatted and reinstalled windows vista on my wife's laptop and lost all of her data. I was able to get the most important data back (55gb), using getdataback, however, when i go to open any of the files, they are all corrupt. Is there any program i can use to fix these files?

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Flash Drive Data Recovery

I have a flash drive that is no longer recognized by windows, nor does the led come on. I'm guessing it is physically shot, its pretty old, its not recognized in the bios either. There are files on it i would very much like to get back, does anyone have any good experience with data recovery labs they can recommend and about how much is cost? Its only a 512mb memorex memory stick.

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Broken Drive Caused By Data Recovery Software

I accidentally formatted a drive recently and used file scavenger to get the data back, copying everything it found onto another drive plugged into a dock. After rebooting or hotplugging the drive back into the dock it makes my computer freeze up. On reboots windows xp just hangs after the splash screen. I'm assuming i copied boot sector files or something on to the drive that i shouldn't have. Everything is accessible on the drive when i plug it into my laptop running os x, but as soon as any windows install sees the disc it either freezes up or bluescreens. Is there any way to delete the offending files and fix the disc? The only system files i see in os x is a folder "system volume information", none of the $ type files i saw when first scanning with file scavenger.

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Partition A Drive With Data On It

I need to install windows on a drive that already has a significant amount of data on it. I don't have access to any other computers so using partitioning software is not an option. Can i safely create a second partition for windows through the windows setup without harming the data already on the drive? If i can't, is the only option to get a new hard drive for the os?

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Copying Data Off A Mac Sata Drive (gpt Protective Partition)

Essentially, mac crashed, but the hard drive is physically fine. I'm trying to get the data off of it by slaving it to my windows 7 gaming machine. The only problem is that i cannot assign it a drive letter or access it in any way, as it seems to be a "gpt protected partition. " I want to pull the data from the drive. Windows will let me delete the volume and reformat it, but i want to remove the gpt protection and copy my data first. Any suggestions?

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Creating A Recovery Partition

I want to create a new recovery partition for my laptop, as the previous owner erased teh one that was on here to install a different os. My aim is to use this laptop as a testbed for working with installation cds and whatnot, and i'd like to be able to hit a button and restore teh machine back to a default state. Anyone have any resources for me?

Also, anyone happen to have the installation cds for a presairo 1200us?

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Unformatted Partition Recovery

I just had a partition say that it wasn't formatted. Only one of them, from a hard drive that is split into 3 partitions. It had tons of music/mp3s/tv shows/games/backups on it and i am trying to think of how to get it back. Any ideas? Right not it is showing up as an unformatted 74gb partition in my computer and disk manager. Anyone ever have a similar problem as this? I am considering formatting it (with a quick format) then trying to use a data recovery program to get the data back.

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Corrupted Ntfs Partition Recovery

Am having some major problems with my seagate hdd. It has stopped booting, it does not get detected each time i have to format c: to go to desktop. I have 5 partitions. Once am there on desktop partition d: shows ntfs volume asks me to format it and shows empty. It has 40gb of mp3 files. As a dj by profession it would be huge loss for me if i lose them. Recently i purchased a wd hdd and have xp on both of them. Now am trying to recover data from the old hdd to new by tools like active file recovery , active partition recovery, rstudio, ntfs data recovery and similar tools. But am having a strange problem. I can recover data from all partitions except that one d:

Whenever i scan d: it shows all data that should be there but when i try to recover a folder initially it starts recovering but soon it shows read error and that hdd disappears from my computer. After doing some research about this issue i changed my data cable and now my motherboard but still it doesn't help.

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Hard Drive Recovery Possible ?

My seagate 1. 5tb 7200. 11 seems to have died quickly, and before i realized what was going on the drive is only detected in the bios, and trying to access anything just gives me io errors. Is there anything else i could try? I have it backed up with the exception of 10gb or so of new data that wasn't caught by the nightly backup. I suppose the only other method would be to replace the controller. I did try the freezer trick for about 8 hours but it didn't seem to help.

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Data Recovery - Vista

My ibm ideapad woke up with "missing/corrupt bootmgr". Not good i know, but anyways i was just gonna back up my data and give it a fresh install and everything would be better. Right. No that would be too much to ask from ms. My normal means of data backup in this situation would be to just plug hdd into another computer and copy it off. However when i plug in the drive all the data seems to be hidden. From what i figure probably a vista security. How do i get the data off? The hdd with the data was vista and i'm using an xp desktop to get the data. I see the hdd fine. Just can't access the data. Does anyone know how?

I tried using a data recovery.couldn't think of anything better. Again i can see the data just don't have permission to access it.

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Data Recovery Programs / Options

Basically i rent a dedicated server from a data center and my cheap self never got the weekly/daily backup plan and one of the hard drives may have gone bad/corrupted. So they are going to load a new primary and set the old primary as a secondary to see if i can possibly recover any of the data. The server is running centos5; are there any remote type data recovery programs that can be used in a case like this? I was also told that if that fails to work out, they'll send me the physical hard drive and i can do data recovery that way. I have never done any kind of data recovery on a hard drive before, so what am i getting into? Can i not send the hard drive to some place that will recover the data for me, put it on another hard drive/dvds/other media and send the information back to me?

If this were you, what would you do?

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Hard Drive Died - File Recovery

I am running win 7 and 1 of my drives isn't working right. I have 2. 1 [ sata ]120 gig has win 7 on it, the other 120 gig [ide] for storage is not working. I have to boot with it unplugged or the win 7 tries to check it and after about 20 minutes will finally boot in to the desktop. I can see the drive in my computer but not extract any files from it , computer hangs trying to read it. What software do i us?. Ive tried partition wizard and can see all my files but it wont fix anything. , Seems it wont read in windows. I will try to put it on a xp box tomorrow.

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Data Recovery Attempt Using Test Disk

I am attempting to restore lost data from an 80gb hard drive. Since i don't really want to deal with the lost data right now, i'd rather just image the drive and store it on my 350gb hard drive. I used the dd command to duplicate the drive to 80gb. Iso. Strangely, i get different results between the drives when using testdisk. On the physical drive, testdisk finds several lost partitions. On 80gb. Iso it only finds a few. What explains the difference between these results? I am worried that the image of the hard drive won't be as good as the original.

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Ide To Usb 2.0 Cable For Data Recovery

I've encountered quite the problem. I have an old ide drive that i need to get data off of, so i hooked it up to one of those ide to usb 2. 0 adapters. I've connected all the hardware, windows 7 recognizes that there is something new plugged in and installs a generic usb storage device driver. The drive even shows up in the disk manager. The problem appears when i try to initialize the disk - when i attempt to do so, i receive an error message that says that the device is not ready. At first i thought it might be a jumper setting - the drive was originally set to cable select. I removed the jumper so it would then be set to slave. But this didn't work. I also tried unplugging the drive, uninstalling the generic usb driver, restarting, and plugging the drive back in. But that didn't work either. So. Thoughts?

System specs:

Win 7 ultimate x64
Intel dp55wb
Core i5 750

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Hard Drive Recovery Process With Mechanical Failures

Unfortunately, i have to recover data and my backup hard drive is failing. It's a mechanical failure - lots of clicks and some high-pitched squeals. Looked into hard drive recovery options and it seems like they all want to charge me hundreds or thousands of dollars. Does anybody know of a reasonably reliable hard drive recovery process that can deal with mechanical failures but at a reasonable price?

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Partition A Hard Drive

Ok so i have a new hdd that i would like to partition and i will be installing win7 (rc) as my os. I know very little about partitioning so what is the best way to go: can i create partitions before i install the os? Should i use win7's partition program or a third-party program?

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How Do You Partition Your Hard Drive ?

Just curious how you have divided up your hard drive with partitions. I have a single 250gb drive, with just one partition. I had left up 10gb to install the gigagyte express recovery, but decided that was probably a bad idea. So now i just have one hard drive, with one partition.

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Slave Hard Drive Partition

I have installed a second hard disk to my pc, its quite big 250 g. I wanted to partition it. I searched the internet found this article

But when it says quote: at a command prompt, type fdisk, and then press enter. The following menu is displayed: i get a message that the fidisk is not recognized. I tried to change the prompt to c:> but it still does not work. Would someone give me a step by step guide to partition a secondary hard drive.

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Hard Drive Partition Software For Xp

I have a pc i had to send back to the manufacturer. When i got it back my hdd was split into two partitions. I want to collapse them together. I know in vista you can do this thru the os. Not so much on xp. Anyone know of a good free partition software i can get to do this? I don't need it for anything else, just this merger.

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Partition Hard Drive Without Formatting

I accidentally ran the "clean" command during diskpart in command prompt on the wrong drive. So what that did was delete the partition of the drive. But i did not format the drive after this, so my data is still there. The drive is currently unallocated, is there anyway i can partition the drive (to ntfs) without doing a format ? I've searched on google and all i found was crappy software that did not do what i wanted. I've tried hiren's boot cd partition tools no luck there. Also tried testdisk no luck there either.

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Deleted The Partition By Accident, Data Still Remains

I was reinstalling windows the other day on my desktop and i by accident deleted the partition of my external hard drive. I have ran scans from the wd website (it is a 2. 5" wd passport) and it detects the files as they existed there before; but once it finds them it wants to charge me $120 to get it off. I also tried partition magic- it recognizes the drive and the used space on it, but won't let me partition the drive without wiping it clean (at least not by simple right click -> create)

Can anyone recommend me any ways to re-create this partition without having to format it on either windows or osx (or any way to do it without having to install linux for fdisk? I hear from an it friend that this will work, but avoiding having to install a new os and learn how to use it).

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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Western Digital Hard Drive Partition And Format

I have a western digital caviar 11200 i'm trying to partition and format but having problems. Actually i have 3 old drives that i'm cleaning up and going to sell, 2 worked fine but not the wd drive. After putting it in i boot up the computer and it detects the wd drive as the 1st drive and dvd drive as the 3rd and cdrw as the 4th. It doesn't detect my 40gig drive at all. When doing the other 2 drives it would detect my 40gig hard drive as the 1st and the other drive as 2nd. I have tried all the jumper settings, master, slave and single. Nothing works. What am i doing wrong? Is there anything else i should try. I know this drive works because it was taken out of a working machine 2 weeks ago.

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Assign More Space To A Partition Without Reformat Hard Drive

I partitioned a 160 gig hard drive i had 60gb for xp and 100 gig as storage but after recently updating my games collection im running out of space on windows partition. Is there a program or anyway i can assign more hard drive space to windows c: without having to reformat the whole thing?

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Transferring Data From Old Hard Drive To New Hard Drive

I have a dell dimension 2400, and according to the dell disk monitoring system, the drive 0 on the primary ide channel is operating outside of normal specifications, and it advises me to back up my data and get a new hard drive. I currently have a maxtor diamondmax plus 8 (6e040l0) which is the failing one. I plan on getting a hitachi deskstar p7k500 250gb ide hard drive. However i don't really know how to transfer all my data and my system files including my windows xp system files to the new hard drive. I've burnt my whole hard drive on to dvd's (about 24gb -> 6 dvd's). However i've also heard of disk imaging, although i don't really know much. If i install my new hard drive, and turn the computer on, how far will the computer boot?, Since there is no system and os files on the new hard drive. Will the opening dell page load, and will i be able to get into setup?

And if the computer won't boot far enough for me to get into the user accounts, how do i transfer my dvd data and system files to the new hard drive?

Then there's disk imaging. If i create a disk image of my entire hard drive, where do i store it, and will it be as big as all my files i.e. 24gb, and is the only way of storing it on a external hard drive?

Finally i was wondering how am i supposed to restore the files in my disk image if my computer won't boot far enough for me to actually do anything. I'm sooooo sorry that i've asked a zillion questions, but i really have to know before i make the purchase.

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