Usb Wireless Adapter To Connect To Internet Using Linux

Can a usb wireless adapter help me connect to the internet using linux? Right now i can dual boot with windows 7 and ubuntu linux. My wireless card doesn't work with ubuntu. So i was wondering, could i buy a usb wireless adapter and try to connect to a wifi network using that? If so what is recommended to get? And where could i get drivers for ubuntu linux?

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Usb Wireless Adapter Wont Connect

I went to a clients house today, he has a windows xp machine running off a cable modem, and a wireless linksys router. I purchased a netgear usb wireless adapter, with excellent range, i installed cd rom software, and can see the wireless router sending off a signal at 65% bouncing to around 40%. When i connect, it either says limited connection or no connectivity. I reset the router, checked the wep password, etc, still cant get it to work. He says another tech came over awhile back and had the same issue and couldn't figure out why they could not get a successful connection. I to am having this trouble and would like to fix it soon! What should i do? Buy an actual router for his dell desktop to connect to the other router? If so will i have the same issue? What type of problems can this be caused by? And what are my options?

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Can't Connect Usb D-link Rangebooster G Wua-2340 Wireless Adapter

I use a d-link rangebooster g wua-2340 wireless adapter and everytime i plug it in to find the software i get the error: "the hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software. " I had the software before but i accidentally deleted it, and by doing that i lost internet connection on my computer. It wants to find the software but i have no internet connection for it to do so!

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Can I Use Usb Wireless Card To Connect Imac To Internet ?

I have no airport card for imac g5 10. 4 installed. Can i use a usb wireless card to connect to the internet?

Answer:- if the card is compatible with mac, and your mac has usb port then it should work.

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Connect Wireless Modem With Linux Ubuntu

How do i connect a wireless modem with linux ubuntu?


Here is the official ubuntu wireless documentation

Cards supported




In the event of your wifi card being unsupported you can use ndiswrapper here is the official ubuntu ndiswrapper documentation. https://help.

Ubuntu 10. 04 (lucid lynx) user guide

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Ativa Wireless-g Usb Network Adapter Drivers Install Problem

I have ativa wireless-g usb network adapter and it's been a problem to install. Idk if this thing requires the software but i highly doubt it. The model site says it has vista drivers but they are in beta stage but i still tried to install them but for some reason the install wizard said they installed but there isn't any trace of any files in the main folder in program files and the app. Won't even start upon start-up.

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Can Connect To Wireless Network, But Not To Internet

I have a cable broadband connection comming into a linksys wrt54g. I can connect to the router and all of the computers on the network can share files, but not all of them can access the internet. I have noticed that on the ones that can connect, in the 'network connections' window, there is is an 'internet gateway' icon. I'm not to sure why this is. I have set up upnp on the router and all of the computers, i believe this has something to do with it?!?

Is this the reason why the internet is not working on the computers where this 'gateway' does not appear?

I have set all of the ip's manually and also tried it with no wep, but still no internet on some of the computers. I should point out again that all of the computer seem to connect to the network fine and can 'see' each other, but some of them can't connect to the internet, these ones being the ones with no 'internet gateway'.

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What To Connect Into Computer To Have Wireless Internet ?

What do i connect into my computer to have wireless internet? Okay i brought my laptop to europe i thought my cousin had wireless internet so i could hook up my laptop with his wireless connection, so what is that bar looking thing that you plug in to the usb port you buy this and then you have internet.

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Cannot Connect To Internet - No Wireless Connections

My boyfriend let be borrow his laptop for a month and i thought i could have used it to do my homework. But when i when to the library to use it i couldn't find no wireless connections and i could not get connected! My friend came over yesterday and she said that i had to delete some files because it could of probably had virus and she when to run and deleted temp. %Temp% and prefetch. What do this files do? Is this way i cannot connect to the internet.

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Wireless Internet Wont Connect

So, my computer crashed, and i found my old 1 in storage. I connected it at home and the wired connection didn't work at all, so i tried wireless, only to find that it said connected but nothing would work, ie for example. So i noticed it was sending out packets but not receiving, i fixed this by selecting properties for my wireless connection, i scrolling down to the internet protocol tcp/ip, and double clicking it, and checked the box that said, "obtain an ip address automatically" but it still will not connect to the internet even though it says "connected" please help! I work off of my computer, it is very important! Im at a friends house now!

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Hp Laptop Wont Connect To Wireless Internet

I have windows vista and ever since i came back from college where i was using wired internet my laptop wont connect to my homes wireless internet. We have netgear and the only way i can use my internet is with an adaptor. It says my settings are correct to set up my wireless internet.

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Connect Wireless Internet To Computer With Wire

If i have a computer that cant connect to the internet wirelessly can i connect with a wire? I was wondering if i can connect it directly into the modem or into my router can i connect to the internet that way? If so how? I think the computer has xp if that means anything to you.

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Hp Pavilion D6000 Cannot Connect To Wireless Internet

I have an hp pavilion d6000 and i cannot connect to my wireless internet? I get connected to my router sometimes and other times it either takes a long time or doesn't connect at all. Also when i go to the network connection it has 5 bars, and says my router but the picture says unidentified network. I have tried everything and cannot update no internet, i have uninstalled and disabled, logged in multiple time and still nothing. It is an broadcom. Also i lost connection when i turn off my computer and turn it back on.

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Usb Malfunctions When Connect A D-link Dwl-g122 Wlan Adapter

I'm wondering why the usb malfunctions when i try to connect a d-link dwl-g122 wlan adapter, but works fine when i try to connect a casio digital camera. When the wlan is plugged in, windows gives me the "a usb device cannot be recognised as it has malfunctioned" baloon in the system tray. It's wierd because a couple of hours before it was fine. It's not just affecting a few ports, it's all of them, inclusing the front panel ports. I tried a clean install of windows xp, and that failed.

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Third Party Devices Cannot Connect To Internet Using Wireless Network

Wireless network won't let third party devices connect to internet? Recently, my computer has denied access to my ipod, 360, and pc to the internet. Although i still can connect to the network i cannot recieve internet from the network. It says that i am connected to the network on all three but if i attempt to go on the internet it doesn't allow me to do so. I was hoping someone could tell me how i could fix this problem. I have a linksys cable modem with usb and ethernet connections with a linksys wireless - g broadband router (4 port switch).

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Dell 1525 Won't Connect To Wireless Internet

The laptop sees the connection. And the connection works perfectly with other laptops. But this one just doesn't seem to want to connect to anything! It's running windows vista.

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Laptop Wont Connect To Internet, Wireless Or Local Area Connection

Last night, the wireless was fine, all connected. Then it randomly went off and wouldn't find any wireless network connections, but i just left it and went off. I went back on a few hours later, and it still wouldn't find any, even though other people could find them in our house. So i used a wire and connected to it and it was fine. Today when i went on, it still wouldn't find our wireless. So when i went to use the wire again, that wouldn't work either. It said i was working off-line, so i changed it to on-line, and it said it can't display the web-page, i really don't know what to do, but i need my internet.

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Transfer Internet On Usb Wireless Lan Adaptor To Wifi Router

How do i transfer the internet from a usb wireless lan adaptor to a wifi router? I have internet from usb wifi lan adaptor and i will like to transfer via the cable to a d-link router (air plus g+) in order to connect others computers on internet, so any idea how to do it?

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How To Connect Usb Internet To Ps3 ?

How to connect a usb internet to a ps3? How to connect a mobile modem to a ps3?

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Usb Ethernet Adaptor Unable To Connect To Internet

I have connected this a new usb-ethernet adaptor to my laptop which is running w2000 and loaded the driver but i am unable to connect to the connections shows the device is working correctly. If i replace the device with a wireless dongle then i can connect to the internet so it is not a firewall or broadband problem. My laptop only has one usb port so i am switching between wired and wireless internet connection, the wireless works and the wired doesn't.

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Laptop With Wireless Usb Doesn't Connect To Wifi Connection

Why doesn't my laptop with a wireless usb drive connect to my wifi connection? Since my laptop doesn't have a wireless card, i got a wireless usb for it. The problem is that when it tries to find connections, mine doesn't show up. Even when i place my laptop next to my router, it still wont pick it up. At times it does show up, claims to have a low connection, and tries to connect but it then disappears again and doesn't connect after all. What should i do in this situation? Nothings wrong with the usb and it is compatible with my wifi so whats wrong?

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Connect Ipod Touch To Verizon Wireless Usb Modem Wifi

How do i connect my ipod touch to verizon wireless usb modem wifi? I recently purchased an ipod touch 8 gb 2nd generation. And my internet service is verizon wireless' usb modem. We were told in the beginning that we got wifi, but i'm not sure how to set it up so it will be compatible with my ipod. How do i set it up?

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Connecting Verizon Fios Wireless Internet But Pc Does Not Have Wireless

I have verizon fios wireless internet and i want it to connect to my desktop but my pc doesn't have wireless? Hat should i get for it to have a wireless connection? My pc is a dell dimension e520

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Internet Speed Slows Down When Network Adapter Is Connected

Why does my internet speed slow down when my sister plugs her network adapter in her computer? I have a wireless-n linksys adapter and she has a wireless-g netgear adapter. When her adapter is not connected to her computer, my internet is super fast. When she plugs it in, my internet speed slows down way too much. Sometimes it doesn't even load up any webpages. Our main computer in the basement is connected to a wireless-n router and i connect to our network called "linksys". She connects to the same router but her connection is "ng_profile"? I don't get it, i just want my speeds to be normal.

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Decent Wireless Adapter

I'm looking for a decent and cheap pci wireless adapter. I prefer wired, but i have to use wireless lately. I got a cheap-ass usb card that failed miserably for free. Then i ordered a gigabyte gn-wp01gs from newegg for it's favorable reviews. But apparently nobody uses it for gaming, because i get some bad packet loss. (Like 15-25%). It's ridiculous! My roommate has a wireless adapter built into his mobo and gets 0% packet loss, so i know it's me. I've tried a higher powered antenna on the card too. I get a great signal, just unreliable. I'm also on windows 7. I've heard that the new zero configuration type thing for windows 7 causes packet loss sometimes, but i haven't been able to fix it. Anyone either know how to fix packet loss on windows 7 or a card that won't have so much?

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Wireless Adapter Broken

I can't really describe it but my rosewill rnx-easyn1 wireless network adapter stopped working. It was bent because it i accidentally walked right past it when it was plugged into my computer and bent it to the right. I straightened it so it was okay. After a few months, it started bending again so i moved it to the back so that solved my problem. I then had a vacation for 1 month and when i returned my mom had moved everything to my old room. I checked the wireless adapter, it was still fine a bit bent. But now it's all loose, when i was moving back to the other room today it separated. (The metal and the wireless 4 metal part thing). I put it back together like the way it should be but it didn't work. I could go to the rosewill warranty place but i don't want to pay 25$ for it, so is there any way to fix it or do i have to buy a new one?

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External Wireless Adapter For Laptop

I have an hp touchsmart laptop (which i've recently learned is infamous for wifi problems) and the wifi constantly turns itself on and off. The wifi light above the keyboard switches from blue when it's on to red when it's off. It never stays on for more than an hour and usually goes back and forth every 2-5 minutes or so. It looks like a christmas light show. It's not my network card that is broken, i guess it's a hardware problem with the switch. If i plug in an ethernet cable everything runs fine!

Anyway, this started (of course) about a week after my warranty expired! Hp is wanting to charge me a little over $100 to fix it. I figured buying an external wireless adapter would be better (and cheaper). Like the netgear usb dongles. But i have just a couple questions about them, probably dumb questions so i apologize. 1. Do they work good? I use my laptop for gaming when i want to lounge on the couch or play at friends houses. If it is going to run slower than my internal adapter, it won't be worth it to me. 2. My current internal network adapter is not n, so if i get an n dongle will it actually run at n speed?

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Internet Explorer Doesn't Connect To Internet

My internet explorer doesn't connect to internet?

Answer:- nowhere near enough information to give any meaningful suggestions beyond, "have you tried turning it off and on again?" Try it with both computer and modem/router. Other information you could've included would be:

Do other browsers work on the same computer? Operating system? Ie version? Has this always happened, or is it something that's just started happening?

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Linksys Wmp54g Wireless Router / Adapter Problem

I have a linksys wrt54g router which is 3 years old and have a linksys wmp54g wireless adapter that i am using to connect to the internet via wireless. I am currently having problems connecting to online games. Thinking that my router was the problem, i attempted to connect to another wireless network and join an online game. I was able to connect, but was having the same problems ( lag spikes and disconnects ) as my wireless network and it has about 40% less signal strength than my wireless signal. But here is the odd part. When i connected to my network again and joined the same game, the lag gets even worse than it was from the weaker signal and i was getting 98% signal strength. And 90% of the time, the game would eventually crash to the desktop when it attempts to connect to a server. Internet browsers are also starting to be affected. Sometimes websites load normally. But from now and then, i would have to refresh the webpage because it is starting to take quite a long time to load a webpage which would of taken me a few seconds to load rather than a minute. There also some delays when webpages are loading and then the webpage would eventually load normally after a abnormal 5-10 second delay. Would this be a sign for me to get a new router and wireless adapter? If so, what do you recommend?

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360 N Wireless Adapter Compatible With G Linksys Router ?

Can the 360 n wireless adapter connect to my g linksys router? Im getting a 360 wireless n network adapter and i have a g router will that work?

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