Signal Coming Through Computer / Speakers

Been having this problem for some time, but now it's becoming more and more frequent and starting to get really annoying. There is some sort of signal coming through my computer speakers. It's the same signal every single time and it's a series of beeps, sort of like morse code. It occurs about once every minute or so. I'm really at a loss as to what is causing it. Is there something wrong with the case? With the hardware? With the speakers? How the *** can i get rid of this?

Logitech s200 speakers
Asus a8n-sli premium
Athlon x2 4400+ (s939)
4gb ddr ram
Assorted wd hard drives. About 2tb
Radion 4890

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Using Passive Bookshelf Speakers As Computer Speakers ?

What equipment would i need to get these bookshelves to function as computer speakers?

I know i need cables, an amplifier, and a dac, but i don't really know where to go from there. I think there should be a way to get it to work without getting a bulky audio receiver with tons of extra home theater crap that i don't need, i just have no clue what parts/ cables would be a good match for those cheap bookshelves.

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Odd Sound Coming From Within Computer

Just recently a high pitched sound - thin piercing variety - has begun to emit from somewhere inside the computer. It lasts for ten minutes or so on bootup before disappearing. Iím unable to detect whether itís coming from the h/drive or not as iíve heard that that may be a sign that the drive is on its way out.

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B&w Mm-1 Computer Speakers And Other Options

B&w is releasing what looks to be high-end computer speakers called the mm-1's. if you do not know who b&w are, they make quality home theater speakers. The interesting thing is that they also have essentially a build in dac, the main part of a sound card. The speakers only connect through usb, no sound card required. The mm-1's are supposedly going to be launched in march with a retail of around $500-$650. I am looking to upgrade my computer sound system. Currently i have a creative labs sound blaster 2 audigy gamer and a creative labs s750 speaker system. The s750's keep turning off with well know power supply issues and i do not use the 7. 1 speakers so it is time to upgrade to a top of the line 2. 0 or 2. 1 system. I've looked into the creative labs t3 and razer mako but i've found a lot of rave reviews about the audioengine a5 and a2's. Stereophile magazine out of all magazines gave the a2's a stellar review. The a5's would be too large and awkward for my desk. How would the audigy 2 zs gamer i bought back in like 2004 compare in sound quality to like the asus xonar essense stx? I've read that is pretty much the best sound card at the moment. My options would be to purchase the asus xonar essense stx for $200 and the audioengine a2's for $200 or wait a month and try and get the b&w mm-1's for about $100 to $200 more. My only concern would be about the sound quality interface between using some sort of software, through usb to the onboard electronics in the mm-1's. On another note, i wonder if the b&w's will require more computer cpu power due to the software/usb type audio connection. Thoughts?

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Computer Speakers Recommendation

Please recommend me the best speakers i can get for my computer setup on a $500 budget. It doesn't matter whether they're computer speakers, studio speakers or whatever else there is on the market. I am currently looking at the logitech z5500s but if there's anything else in your opinion that trumps those speakers for gaming and music please don't hesitate to state the reasons why. I have a creative x-fi 5. 1 sound card and i am looking for a 5. 1 or greater speaker setup that can utilize it.

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Computer Speakers For $150

This is my first post on [h] for 1. 5 years. I'm thinking of getting a set of speakers when i go back to college. I'm only using them for music, specifically rock, metal, and trance. From some of my own research i've found that these are all highly recommended:

Swans m10
Swans d1080mkii
M-audio av40

In addition these have been praised as well, though many seem to say that they are inferior to the three above:

Klipsch promedia 2. 1
Logitech z2300

Any recommendations? All of the above are within budget but i like spending less anyway.

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In-ceiling Speakers For Computer

So i want to build a home audio system and connect it to my computer. I will have either 8 or 10 in-ceiling speakers spread throughout the house. Each of 4 or 5 rooms will have a pair of speakers controlled by one of these. Does anyone have any experience with in-ceiling speakers? Can you recommend some under $100 per speaker? Also, what should i be looking for in an amplifier to match this setup? Any recommendations on that as well?

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Best Set Of Computer Speakers For Under $150

I'm looking for a set computer speakers for under $150. I really don't want to go above $150 maybe $160 tops. Price is before tax. I looked into buying a receiver and speakers but i don't think i'll spend the time to upgrade it. I don't have a preference to 2. 1 or 5. 1. I'm just looking for the best option for me. I play games like starcraft, warcraft and mmo's. I like to be able to listen to music and watch movies with some decent bass. I was looking at the x-540's and the g51 but im not sure what are my best options. I looked at several other threads but some of them lead to buying receivers and separate speakers. I'd prefer not to buy a used set if that helps narrow it.

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Connecting Radio Speakers To Computer

I have radio speakers that i want to connect to my computer but im not sure how to do it, it has the rca plugs on the radio with some type of game option not an aux so i was thinking if i just had to get a male stereo cable with a male red, white on the other side and use the game option. Is that going to work?

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Computer Speakers Vs Receiver + Bookshelves (2.0)

Goal - 2. X sound for music, games, movies from my pc. I have a dedicated 9. 2 home theater so i am not looking for surround sound - just good quality stereo for the computer i use the most. Option #1 - computer speaker set (something like maudios, or a logitech z2300 or some such. Willing to spend maybe $200. Option #2 - i have a couple of decent av receivers that have been retired and are sitting powered off on a rack. For example an onkyo tx-sr702. I don't have spare speakers lying around but it seems to me i could get some decent bookshelf speakers for the same $200. The space for #2 is not an issue with my setup, i have a shelf where i can keep the receiver. Given the two approaches, which way should i lean?

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Hp Pavilion Computer Speakers Are Not Working

Hp pavilion computer speakers are not working, the speakers im using have the name harman/kardon on the front, the lights are lit and everything is plugged in and the volume is up on the speakers and the computer, what could be the problem?!

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Computer Not Sending Signal To Monitor

My computer suddenly stoped sending a signal to the monitor when you turn it on. It sounds like it's working but the monitor only says no signal imput and then turns off. The computer itself remains on. Any idea what may be causing this or how to fix it?

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No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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Connect Logitech X240 Speakers To Computer

How can i connect my new logitech x240 to my computer? So i buy these new speakers and i had ones that were old so i disconnected them and like i connected my new logitech x240 and i cant hear anything.

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Connect Dual 15" Pa / Dj / Band Speakers To Mac Computer

How do i connect pair of dual 15" pa / dj / band speakers to my mac computer to play music? Do i need buy something else to work this? I want to know how to connect those speaker to my mac os x (tiger) computer (headphone plug-in). Or do i need to do other thing to connect my mac?

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This Connection Is Untrusted Keep Coming

Why does "this connection is untrusted" keep coming when i go to everyday websites? Like facebook, bbc etc. I use mozilla and i occasional get that weird yellow/white page asking me if i want to continue, what is this?

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Explorer Crash - Keeps Coming Back

When i right click on some folders. I will get a explorer crash then a internet explorer crash. The explorer crash is

Appname: explorer.exe appver: 6. 0. 2800. 1106 modname: shell32.dll
Modver: 6. 0. 2800. 1106 offset: 00048062

Then after that this error comes up
An error has occurred in internet explor. Internet explorer will now close. Anyone have any idea how to fix? I got rid of any bho that didn't look needed specifically one for dap(download accel plus) and one for adobe. Any advice here?

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5850 Coming Out Of Sleep Error

Anyone having trouble with overclocked 5850 or 5870 coming out of sleep mode? I'm using windows 7 32 bit and when the card comes out of sleep, it will hang and the computer will lock upf or a few seconds. Then i get a message saying that the display driver has recovered and all is good again. I am wondering if when using afterburner to oc, when the cards come out of sleep they are still clocked at the overclocked core and mem however don't get enough juice initally, (cause the error is the same error that i get if i overclock the card but leave voltage at stock. Booting into windows the card will hang and then get display driver recovered message).

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Noise Coming From Headset Microphone

I use a voice chat program called mumble for gaming with my team fortress 2 clan. It shows me the amount of noise generated by my microphone and it seems to be a lot. Is it because of my sound-card or my headset? I have a steel series 5hv2 headset if you're wondering and i'm using on-board sound. Would getting a new sound-card help?

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Connect Tv To Laptop No Sound Coming

I've connected my laptop to the tv with a hdmi cable, and i'm trying to watch a movie, but there is no sound coming from the tv. How do i make this happen?

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Ticking Noise Coming From Hdd And Motherboard

I'm a bit panicy atm because the i turned on my pc yesterday and a loud ticking noise could be heard. I've had problems with one of the hard drives before(have to format it every month or so coz it won't load windows saying that a file is missing or currupt) so i thought it was that. I disconnected that hdd, switched on my pc and the ticking was still there. Disconnected both drives and the ticking got quieter, and appeared to be coming from the cpu or cpu fan. This is always accompanied by a very fast flashing of the hard drive light(synchronised to the ticking noise) whether my drives are connected or not. My computer does not reach post(or at least i can't tell because no signal is getting to the monitor) any ideas? Motherboard faliure perhaps?

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Weird Sound Coming Out From Hard Drive

I got a working condition controller card (same hard drive controller card but it is manufactured in 2001 but my old controller card was manufactured in 2002) from my friend and i replace with my old fried controller card. Then i plug in as a slave in my working condition desktop and switch on the computer. In this time, the bios is not hang but it doesn't recognize my hard disk and also there are some weird sound like hitting something coming out from my hard drive. I don't know what to do now? Am i right to say that, my controller card is not compatible with my hard drive? Or my hard drive is totally damage due to the short circuit problem?

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Corsair Hx620w Died - Smoke Coming From The Back Of The Psu

Last night while reading the news and listening to music, my computer just shut off. That is when i noticed black smoke coming from the back of the psu!

I've contacted corsair for an rma, but i have no way of testing whether anything else was damaged. Should i be worried of other things being fried? Seems like a pretty bad power surge could have happened. Nothing in the house indicated it was a power surge from the outlet power strip its plugged into. Lights didn't dim, the computer next to it didn't have a problem. Etc. Also, when i get a new psu, is corsair responsible for replacing anything since it was a faulty psu? I've checked and double checked for any problematic grounds and things.

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Monitor Won't Wake Up When Coming Back From Sleep - Windows 7

I recently upgraded my dell dimension desktop to windows 7. In order to do so, i had to install a new grapchis card (nvidia geforce). I set the pc to sleep after a period of time. When i go to move the mouse and wake the computer back up, the pc itself seems to respond, but the monitor never comes back from sleep. I have no choice but to reboot to get the monitor back. Any suggestions?

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Monitor Stuck In Power Save Mode After Coming Back From Long Idle

Not sure if this is os, display or graphics card trouble; i have my displays set to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity in windows 7 with a nvidia gtx 260. If i come back to the computer, after it has been idle for a long time (especially when logged out) the secondary display will turn on but the primary display will be stuck in power save mode. When i move the mouse or hit a key, the secondary display (dell 2407wfp) shows the wallpaper image or blank screen if logged out but effectively turns back "on".

The primary display (dell 2408, much newer) flickers for a sec, shows the dvi icon, then goes back to power save mode and turns off as if its not getting a signal from the graphics card. Turning the monitor on or off again does not solve the problem. Restarting the computer (holding down the power button) does solve the problem, but i'd rather not hard-restart it like that every time i come back to my computer. Sometimes by bringing a window to the foreground on the primary display, such as pressing ctrl alt del then opening task manager blind, or right clicking on the secondary display and opening the nvidia control panel, i can get the display to turn back on.

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Speakers Under £50

I have £50 to spend for my speakers, seeing as my speakers just broke, and the warranty finished last month im really annoyed anyways the speakers i have chosen are : logitech x-530 do you think this is a good choice? Im mainly using it for gaming and music, movies aswell sometimes.

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Speakers Are On, But Not Detected

I have a dell computer dimension 4700 and my speakers are on but when i go to the speakers window everything is in grey and says it is not detected and i have no idea what to do. The speakers are on because i can here some buzzy noises and the lights on. I have all dell cd'sfor applications and drivers and utilities but i dont know what to do?I can't find an audio cd. Is that what i need or?

It use to work before but my computer received a virus so i had to reboot my whole system.

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Notebook Speakers Around £20

I'm looking at picking up a pair of speakers for my mp3 player (not ipod). I'm looking to spend around £20, and think my best bet is a pair of 2. 0 speakers from a decent manufacturer like creative etc. Does anyone know if travel speakers are made, with interchangeable plugs on the end for use abroad? If not which do you think is best buying a set out there and dumping them after, or getting an english pair and using a travel adapter.

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5.1 Headphones And 2.0 Speakers

Ok, i'm not sure how i can get this setup to work correctly. I have an x-fi titanium sound card, creative gigaworks t20 series ii speakers and the turtle beach hpa2 5. 1 headphones. Headphones have 4 leads to go into the sound-card and they work got me the speakers for my birthday as i have none. Has anyone any idea how i can set these up to work right? Or will i just end up plugging them in separately as i need them.

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Tv Sound Through Pc Speakers

Samsung syncmaster monitor and tv, problem with sound. I have the above tv and use it as a computer monitor combined, however the sound from the tv is poor and tinny. I cannot get the tv's sound to run through my pc speakers (which is far superior). Is the answer buying one of these home cinema systems or do i need more cables etc?

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