Gaming Headset For Under $100

I'm looking to replace my logitech gaming headset that recently crapped out on me. Can anyone recommend good ones for under $100? Also, if i get one that only has analog connections, can i reuse the analog to usb adapter that came with the logitech headset i currently have? So far im looking at the plantronics gamecom 377 since its only $45 .

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Gaming Headset / Phones For Under $100

I was looking to get a new headset / headphone to use with my pc. I currently have a cheap plantronics headset, which after an hour of use starts to make my ears hurt and sweat. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to a good solution. I have been researching the topic, and was wodering if games really took advantage of having a good set of headphones, or am i better off just getting a headset. My main use would be for gaming, and to a lesser extent music/movies. I was looking at the razer carcharias for a gaming headset; however, i was thinking maybe a headphone/mic combo would be better. My friend has the razer carcharias, and i find them very comfortable. I want an overear headset like the carcharias, i am open to either a headphone/mic combo or a headset, for under $100 perferably sub 80, with preferebly velour(sp?) Like earpads, as opposed to the plastic on my current plantronics that cause my ears to sweat. Also, if it matters i am using onboard audio.

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Headset Around $50 - $100

I need a good headset for around $50-$100, mainly for music (rap, rock) and movies. Any suggestions?

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$100 Headset

I've been using a creative fatal1ty headset for the past few months and while it's done its job, it's been pretty uncomfortable. I bought that back for 20 dollars and i think it's time to raise my budget for a good comfortable set. What's the best headset i can get for about a hundred bucks? I'd like it to be over the ear with leather padding with usb connectivity.

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Gaming Mouse For Money Under $100

I am looking for the best gaming mouse i can get for the money under $100 and to many to chose from. I play guild wars most of the time.

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Gaming Headset

Well my zalman 5. 1 gaming headset finally broke after 3 years and i am looking for a replacement. I am not totally sold on the 5. 1 headset fad. The positioning is good but i have tried my x-fi sound card in headphone mode it is seems to sound just as good/better than just regular 5. 1 audio. So i am looking for a decent headset for my gaming needs. I have to say that i am not that much of an audiophile at all. I don't listen to that much music, and was content how my zalmans sounded music wise. My primary use will be for games. A microphone would be a big bonus. I have never had one before, and it would be very useful when playing tf2, or l4d. My price range is around $100 cad. So here is a list of some that i have been looking at. I am open to suggestions other than the ones below. What do you guys suggest/ recommend?

Sennheiser hd435
Sennheiser pc151
Sennheiser pc161

Razer carcharias (i have heard great things about these)

Razer barracuda hp-1 (i just put these out there. The 5. 1 isn't very important to me, but a friend has these and they do sound pretty good. )

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Gaming Headset $20 - 40

Anyone know of a good gaming headset between 20 and forty bucks? I see the logitech precision for about 15 bucks but i've read that its made poorly and breaks easily.

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Gaming Headset For $65

Looks like my altec lansing headset is finally taking a dump. The wire going to the right earphone is finally giving out and cuts in and out. I'm getting ready to go shopping for some headphones, but unfortunately i know walmart has a limited in-store selection as opposed to their on-line selection. If i'm going to be resorted to ordering online, i want something that you guys think is going to do well!

Sound is a plus, i definitely want to be able to hear things coming as best as i could. I already know 5. 1 is a gimmick so i'm not too worried about that.comfort is also key, especially for those long gaming sessions. The altecs weren't bad, however sometimes after long sessions the cartilage on my ears would begin to be sensitive to touch and be sore. If i could get full headphones that completely cover the ear, i might try them, but anything that is known comfortable is good. Decent mic: don't like crappy quality, something that i don't have to up the db to the max just so people can hear me, but then again i know that differs based on ventrilo codecs and windows (windows vista x64 atm, windows 7 soon). In-line volume control w/ mute for mic would be nice too! I haven't checked out best buy or anything yet, but what do you guys think would be great that would be preferably under $65 / $60 if i can help it!

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5.1 Gaming Headset For Xbox

Do these exist? My zalman theatre 6 headphones (non usb version) have died after 2 years so i have dropped back to a pair of cheap hd201 sennheiser stereo headphones but they are not great for pc games. After using 5. 1 headphones for so long the software positional effect that kicks in when you select stereo in games like lfd2 sounds tinny so i am after a new pair of surround headphones. I am tempted to get another pair of zalmans but it would be nice to get 5. 1 out of my xbox 360 for headphones - something i currently can't do. My guess is they would need a built in or separate headphone amp that can accept 5. 1 digital and output it to 3 x 3. 5mm jacks. Anyone know of a good set that does this? I thought a new sound card like an x-fi might be able to do this but from what i can gather from google they can only decode stereo digital signals. If this cannot be done the local store down the road also has a razor hp-1 gaming headset - i'm wondering if anyone has used these and if they compare favourably to the zalmans?

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Gaming Headset Without Usb

Whats the deal with all the good headsets being usb? Im looking for a closed ear set of surround type phones. Any ideas?

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Gaming Headset Suggestions

Price range is around $100, currently no amp. My priorities are gaming, comfort, and music in that order and while i am by no means an audiophile, i wouldn't want to completely sacrifice music for any of the others. I could live without pounding bass though. I do have a desktop mic but i much prefer a uni directional mic so a built in mic is a plus. After looking through this forum for quite awhile, i think i've narrowed it down to:

Beyer mmx 1
Steelseries 5h

I haven't been able to find any good reviews on the logitech g35s but i would assume i'd be sacrificing quality for all of the little extras that i can live without. On a side note, do the beyer mmx 300s sound half as good as they look? If i recall, someone said they were just another headphone with a mic attached.

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Choosing Gaming Headset

What would be my best bet out of these or are there any other suggestions?

- Will be used for gaming. - Completely wraps around ear. - 3. 5mm jacks. - Don't want to spend more than 35, these are all 25-35 right now over at newegg. - Don't want to have to replace them in 5 months. Sennheiser pc151
Creative fatal1ty
Steelseries 3h
Plantronics . Audio 355

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Gaming Headset Under 200 Bucks

I'm looking to buy a new headset for ventrilo (mic) and for cod4 (headphones), i don't really care if its 7. 1 or 5. 1, i doubt you can actually hear the difference, please tell me if there is a difference, for ive been using these 400 bose headphones from my dad, i just want to get my own, considering it doesn't have a mic with it and i have to use a stand-alone mic. So this is my criteria:-

Under 200 bucks
Can buy at a store such as bestbuy, microcenter
Good mic quality
Comfortable, like cushiony, pics inc. On bottom
Good sound quality

This is the type of over the ear i want, g35 is an option, but im not sure about quality, input plz?

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Gaming Headset Between $200 - $300

Anyone have any suggestions? I play all sorts of games, from rpgs to fpss. I currently have koss sb40's but i want something better now that i will probably be getting rid of my 5. 1 speaker setup because of spacial reasons.

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Whats A Good Headset / Microphone For Gaming ?

I've been doing alot of gaming lately and i was hoping to get an good headset/microphone for gaming. Ill be mostly using my microphone mostly but occasionally at night might use the headset for the sound also to watch movies. Any good ones out there? For 20-30

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Review Of Logitech G35 Gaming Headset

Some people like flat sound, some people like bass heavy, others, like a bit more midrange, it's all a matter of taste. Now, with that said, there is such a thing as accurate sound reproduction, but this too is a difficult thing to quantify, but i'm going to do the best i can in this review of logitech's new g-35 gaming headset. What makes this $150 headset unique is that it's a usb 7. 1 surround sound headphone, which as the package says, is powered by dolby. It looks like logitech and dolby laboratories worked together on these and incorporated dolby headphone. This means you'll get a simulated 7. 1 channel surround field from a two channel source. I've heard it before and it was pretty amazing stuff. Read more at the forum.

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Sennheiser Pc350 G4me Gaming Headset

Anyone have a set or know of a better gaming headset and mic? Just wondering if they are good and worth buying.

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Gaming Headset For Price Range $50 To $140

I use to be all about the headset with the pull down mic on it for gaming but switched to a headphone and stand-up mic setup about a year back. I'm just about over it now as the sound quality is relatively poor and it picks up background noises far too well so now i'm looking into headsets that are relatively inexpensive but suitable for gaming. I've done some shopping around and i'm seeing alot of the new headsets have the mic on the cord which i am pretty much against 100% unless there is a reason i'm not seeing. Price range is $50-$140. I just want to get something decent, suggestions?

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Usb Headset Vs Sound Card + Headset

It's been a long time since i've looked into headsets, and owning a *great* one i have to ask the question yet again. Currently, i use a medusa 5. 1 surround headset that is plugged into my sound card for positional audio in gaming. It works pretty well. That said - i have looked at some of the newer headsets, and they are all usb, pretty much eliminating the need for me to have a sound card at all.

My question is - how good are these usb headphones (specifically for gaming) if they come from logitech or razer or something? Is the cpu usage going to go up a lot (this was why i went the way i did with the medusas), and are there any real benefits to having a sound card any more?

I don't watch movies or listen to music much on the pc, and even if i do i don't care about the sound quality. I have a nice home theater for all that. Anyway, i was thinking about buying the g35 headphones from logitech but i'm hesitant because of the past information i've had, so i wanted to vet it all with you guys first .

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Usb Headset Vs Analog Headset

So my beloved usb headset died on me. So i went on search for a new headset. I tried 2 very expensive, nice analog headset but their microphone just is not loud enough for everybody. I have tampered with the sound settings with all the way possible. But there are still people who cannot hear me or say i am too low. So i did a little bit of research and found out, even though gamers prefer analog headset for the sound quality usb headsets are the way to to get your voice heard. They transmit the voice digitally while analog headset convert it to digital and then transmit.

Also non-gamer people who use their computer for phone calls etc also prefer usb over analog becuase of its clarity in voice transmission. Although i heard something about usb headsets eating up cpu or something like that i have never experienced any problem from my side. So i am now declaring myself as usb headsetter for life after trying to make it work with 2 different analog jacking headsets. I will never look back again. Which one do you have? How do you cope? What settings you have if you have an analog headset? People have trouble hearing you even if you are about to swallow your mic?

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Steelpad 5h Headset Headset Issue

Anyways i decided to go with a the steelpad 5h headset because i heard good things about it and it plugs into the sound card and is not usb, a big plus in sound quality. Problem is i can't figure out how to plug the damn things in correctly. The headset has two jacks, pink and green. Pink is usually the microphone and the green is sound output. The sound card has a jack for microphones but three for sound output (front, back, and sub. I think). My audigy2 manual says nothing about headsets and neither does the creative website. In fact, i could find nothing similar to my dilemma online. I tried all the different jacks but can only get the front, back, or sub to work never all three. This is a true 5. 1 headset so i don't know what else to do. What do you think i should try cause i'm running out of ideas?

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Headphones $100

I currently have a pair of sennheiser pc-151s (headset) but i never use the microphone and i find them to be quite uncomfortable. So i am going to sell them on ebay and get a pair of decent headphones instead. Main usage will be for playing pc games (fps mostly) and occasionally some music (no particular type of music). The budget is flexible, but in the region of 65 ($100). Though electronics tend to be more expensive here in the u. K so that kinda throws the currency conversion out the window. Currently using the asus p5q pro's integrated audio:

Audio chipset: realtek alc1200
Audio channels: 8 channels

Would it be a good idea to get a sound card for headphones in this price range?

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100% Random Hardlocks

I've had a problem that's been plaguing my computer for months the computer will randomly (no pattern or event will trigger this) hardlock and i will be forced to reboot. I've reformatted and reloaded windows several times. I've run memtest without errors, and prime will not error out (though the computer will occasionally lock if i run it long enough). I can be playing a game, watching a movie, browsing the web, listening to music, encoding video, or be away from my computer entirely. It has locked under all of these circumstances. Temperatures are normal (upper 30s to mid 40s) and my voltages are great. I have tried running with no pci cards in the system and it will still lock. The only constants that remain are my hard drives and my floppy drive. Everything else has been replaced or the computer has been run without before crashing.

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Headphones For Around $100-150

My friend is interested in buy some headphones for around $100-150 cad. So far he's been eyeing these headphones. What do you think of them, and can you suggest any others in a similar price range (that i can get in canada)?

All prices in cad:

Equation audio rp21 (new) - $150 (tax included)
Audio technica ath-a500 (new) - $140 (shipping included; does anyone how much customs duties are for these?)
Akg k260 (used) - $150
Akg k240 (used) - $100

Also, do you think any of these need an amp to sound good?

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Sata Drive Under $100

My current win7 system is running off of a 320gb ata100 drive because all my sata drives are in my whs system. I now want to move my os drive to a faster sata drive, but i don't know which would be best. Speed is my main concern then storage size. I would prefer at least another 320gb drive but i can go somewhat smaller if necessary. My budget is under $100 but the cheaper the better.

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Wireless Headphones Around $75 - $100

I need a nice pair of wireless headphones for home and possible work use. Mainly for listening to and constantly running over the wire with my chair. I don't need a $1, 000 pair but want the best possible hardware for around $75-$100. Anyone have any input on some of the best bang for the buck wireless headphones?

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$100 Vs $300 Headphones

Can someone who really knows the difference tell me what improvements you can expect from $300 cans, compared to, say, $60-100 ones? Is there actually a difference in sound quality (noticeable to the average person)? Is the comfort significantly better? (I assume yes on the latter, but i've never worn truly expensive headphones)

Since i use headphones so much nowadays, i'm thinking about getting a new pair (my 80-something-dollar sennheisers are on their last threads, and the comfort isn't very high) and i want to know what i can expect in more expensive ones. (Actually, what i really want to know is why $100 can't even get you something that doesn't grab your head like a nutcracker (my sennheisers) or not have enough bass (the siberia steel series i returned))

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Headphones Under $100 Better Than The Ksc75

I have koss ksc75's and i think they are amazing. I bought the audio techinica ath-ad700's thinking i would get a great improvement and i am really disappointed to be honest. Bass is quite lacking and the high's are pretty intense. I mean i got the koss' for less then $10 and i honestly think they sound 98% as good as the $100 ad700's. I am going to return them tomorrow because they just didn't cut it for me. I have listened to them connected to a dedicated sound card (asus xonar and spdif out to a dac) and they still barely sound better then the koss'. Are there any headphones under $100 that are justifiably better then the ksc75's in terms of sound quality? These koss' are quite legendary for how good they sound and for much they cost. Should i just stick with them?

I want phones that have good bass response but that don't muddle the mid's and highs. I am looking at these sennheisers. The hd280's are also pretty nice looking but i read they have slightly weak bass and the highs can be to over powering. I think i might just been spoiled by the koss'.

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Headphone Around $100 Recommendations

So the wire on my old hd437s gave up on me, and i'm in the market for a new set of cans. Looking for a pair of open headphones, and my budget is around $100, although i'd be willing to spend a bit more if it's worth it. I'll be using these at home, so i don't need anything lightweight. Used is fine; i'd rather save a few more bucks if possible. Any recommendations would be much appreciated . Also, i'm in canada, so please don't post any links to us stores unless they ship to here for a reasonable price. And if you're selling something that might interest me, feel free to let me know.

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Crashes @ 100% Cpu Load

Whenever im finished downloading something, or loading a game, or doing anything that takes a lot of cpu power for more than 4 or 5 seconds, my computer will completly freeze and. My keboard, and everything locks up. I end up pressing the reset button my computer so i can get back to whatever i was doing. I have found this happening whenever i try to load half-life 2. I never had a problem before so im not sure what could be causing this. My specs are in my signature. And nothing has been overclocked.

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