Can I Burn Movie File / Slideshow From Sony Vaio Movie Story To Dvd ?

Can i burn the movie file/sideshow that i made in sony vaio movie story to a dvd? I created a file with different video clips in sony vaio movie story. Should i convert into a different format so i could burn into a dvd file? Help. Does it work like movie maker?

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Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Won't Render Movie

Why wont sony vegas movie studio 9 render my movie? I've tried everything. I either get a message that says that i don't have enough memory left, it freezes, or it just closes. I first tried to render it hd, but now i've just given up and i just need it rendered, at any quality. After it said i didn't have any memory left and that i should close some windows, i closed every window i had open other than movie studio. Then i deleted a bunch of my old ms movies to clear room. But it still won't work. Every time i try to just publish it directly to youtube, it immediately freezes. But most of the time, it just won't work. The elapsed time ticker will continue to go, but nothing else will. It makes no progress. It's a little over 8 minutes long and it was shot on an hd camcorder.

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Transferring Movie To Dvd-r

My boyfriend is in the marines so i decided to compile a bunch of pictures and some movie clips onto microsoft moviemaker. I put music to it and i went out and bought some dvd-r maxell cd's so i could burn the movie onto the cd and mail it to him. My computer says that there isn't a cd that it can write the movie to. I saved it to windows media player hoping to burn it from there, but no luck. Does anyone know how to save movies from microsoft movie maker onto a cd or a dvd-r cd?

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Burn Video Onto A Dvd Using Sony Vegas Pro 9

I have sony vegas pro 9 and i want to burn my video onto a dvd? Ok i have sony vegas pro 9 editing software and i luv it! I made a video of my holiday to disneyland this year and i want to burn it to a dvd and be able to play it on my dvd player on the television how do i do this?

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Program To Burn Mpeg4 To Sony Dvd R 4.7 Accucore Disc

What program do i use to burn an mpeg4 to a sony dvd r 4. 7 accucore disc? I am looking for a free program that will burn a mpeg 4 movie for free. , Completely free. Ps i have already tried dvd flick and imgburn and i have a dell inspiron 1525 running on windows vista home basic.

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Pc Just Shuts Off In The Middle Of A Movie

My pc just shuts off in the middle of a movie. I try to turn it back on. It doesn't. 1. I assume 'power supply' so i get a new one, great deal off newegg. 2. Stripped computer down to bare essentials in every possible combination i.e. One ram no ram. 3. Removed battery then put back in, reset cmos. Tried with both psu's. 4. Reseated proc. And removed motherboard to make sure there was no metal contact. Results: i get no fan noise from any fan. Monitor light stays amber. Pc does absolutely nothing with either psu. No post beeps. What's up?

I have another pc from my moms, it got struck by lightening. The green light comes on on the mobo, but the front case light blinks yellow. I use the pc for work, so it's critical i have one that functions.

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Hardware Raid For Movie Server

I have a question for the hardware raid guru's out there. Currently i have a system setup as a server (vista x64), with two seagate 1tb drives, and two 500gb drives. I use the server for storing all my dvd's using vista media center with mymovies. I have 3 pc's throughout the house that connect to this server to stream the movie content (including one connected to my home theater). So far this has worked out great, but the problem for me has always been storage running out, and the speed of navigating through mymovies and actually starting the movies (which tend to take 30+ seconds at times, longer if multiple machines are streaming movies). To fix these issues, i intend to put a 60gig ocz vertex drive as the boot os (which should speed up scrolling and searching through the mymovies database), and get a hardware raid card to hopefully speed up the pausing before each movie starts. The raid would also provide me with greater storage potential (as i have the motherboard sata headers maxed out now), and allow me some redundancy should a drive go bad (i don't intend to re-rip over 600 movies). My thoughts were to get a raid card that will do raid 6 (for the added redundancy), with six 2tb drives (so it will be n+2 for a total of 8tb of data on 4 drives, with 2 extra drives for parity). So far my choices for cards have come down to the following:

Adaptec 3805

Areca acr-1220

Highpoint rocketraid 4320

I chose these cards, based on the number of drives that can connect to them (as i will be using 6 initially, but can expand to 8 drives in the future), and the price (as i want to keep it as inexpensive as possible). So my questions for you all would be, am i missing anything by going with these cards vs. Some other hardware raid card? Will using a raid card actually speed up launching of movies on multiple pc's? Should i switch from vista x64 to windows server 2008 or even windows home server? Anyone have experience with the above cards and windows7 x64? Please let me know your thoughts, as i don't want to make a mistake on a large purchase like this. Thanks for the help.

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Take A Screenshot Of A Blu-ray Movie

Ps3 is connected to display via hdmi and vista computer is connected via vga, anyway to print screen a blu-ray? If both devices are connected at the same time, how can i take a screenshot of a blu-ray movie i am watching. Anyway to get the ps3 or computer to do this?

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Screen Keeps Flashing When Watch Movie Or Play Game

While trying to watch a movie or play a game at night my screen keeps flashing it seems to only happen when the aircon is on it is kinda hard to click on anything when the screen recovers as once i click on an icon its starts the flashing again the memory and other devices have been checked and fine but the last thing is the graphics card. I have a nvidia fx5200 128mb old i know and before i attempt to change it i would like to know if anyone else has come across the same issue in my past computer i had a nvida fx5500 that also given me problems but in a different manner. So again i am looking to hear if this has happen to anyone else and if they know of a fix because if it turns out to be the card that has had problems i have another 14 computers to sort out.

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Screen Freezes When Load Browser Page With Flash Movie

When i load a browser page that has flash movie, or if i load up guild wars, then the computer will completely lockup, the screen freezes, mouse/keyboard dont work, hard drive light is one solid color, and it remains like that forever, until i turn it off and back on. The weird thing is when i hit the reset button it actually wont make the screen freeze go away i hear/see the cd drives doing the power reset, but the frozen image still remains on the screen!

But when i power off and power on, it boots up again. Sometimes it will freeze again right away, other times it will happen after say 10+ hours of use. Anyone know what could be causing this? Mem test reported 0 errors. Prime95 wasnt crashing either. I'm thinking maybe its the video card?

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Dual Monitor - Watch A Movie And Play Game At Same Time

I was wondering if there was any way for me to be able to play a full screen game like counterstrike source, and watch a movie with an s-video plug on my tv at the same time. I tried it and when the game loads on my main monitor while the movie is running on my tv, the movie re-adjusts itself and doesn't fit onto the tv correctly (a part of the video is cut off). Am i doing something wrong, or is it not even possible to do this?

System specs are:

Athlon xp 3200+
1gb pc 3200 ram
Radeon 9800 pro video card.

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Blue Screen - When Watching A Movie, Or Playing A Video Game

Ive had this problem for the past 5 days or so, before then everything was fine. What happens is after 15 minutes of watching a movie, or playing a video game i get a blue screen of death. If i just surf and read text it doesn't seem to happen, or as much. This is incredibly annoying as i pulled my computer apart and back together again, and removed the hard drive and formatted another and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on it just to try to fix the problem, and it still remains. I tried switching between 2 identical 2 gig ram sticks, and the same problem happens so i doubt it's the ram. The error that comes up changes, sometimes it's " fault_in_nonpaged_area ", sometimes it's fltmgr.sys, or irql_driver_not_less or_equal"

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Sony Vaio Laptop Dvd Player Region

What's the region on the dvd player on a sony vaio laptop? I'm planning on buying a concert dvd online and it says its dvd region 3 and to make sure that my dvd player is region 3. What's the dvd region on a sony vaio laptop? Will the dvd play on my laptop?

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Sony Vaio Blu Ray Computer Cant Play Dvd

I bought a sony viao blu ray computer, i cant play the blue ray dvd? It said it had to update some key, but it didn't do that. I bought the computer and the blu ray dvd a year ago and didn't find it until now. Should i phone sony or what? I think it said the acca key or something. And i know nothing about any keys. I just set up the computer and that was that. Anyone know what i can do. Does this mean i can't watch any blue ray movies?

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Dvd Burner, How To Burn ?

I just got my first dvd burner with nero 7 essentials and is just to much software just to burn one file to cdr. I don't know where to start, please help. Which one of those will get me a burned cd? It should be against the law to included that much software!

Nero home essentials se
Nero productsetup
Nero startsmart essentials
Nero online upgrade

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Dvd-r Burn Problem

I have a asus desktop with a hl-dt-st dvdram gh40n ata device, i am trying to burn a movie using a dvd-r with no success. It will only burn on dvd+r. How can i get it to burn to a dvd-r? Is there settings i need to change. I have nero also. Answer:-
The hl-dt-st dvdram gh40n ata device is right dvd burner drive which should support dvd-r disc, so i think there is a compatible problem between your burning software and your dvd burner drive, maybe you an try to use another software to have a test, if you want to burn your movie to any dvd disc as data data dvd, you can try rz free dvd burner, it can burn any files or folders to any dvd discs as data dvd, such as burn your movie to dvd-r disc, and the burned data dvd can be played well on computer, but can't be played on dvd player, or if you want to watch the burned dvd well on dvd player, you can follow me to use rz dvd creator, it can convert any movies to video dvd and burn to any dvd disc, such as convert your movie to video dvd and burn to dvd-r disc, easy to use, insert a dvd-r disc into the computer dvd burner drive, run rz dvd creator, select the dvd burner drive as the target folder, drag and drop the movie into the software, then press the "start "button you will get a right video dvd from your movie, and the burned video dvd can be played well on dvd player. You can yahoo or google search and download rz free dvd burner or rz dvd creator, both easy to use.

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Burn Vcd To Dvd

I have several vcd files that i want to burn onto a watchable dvd. I have searched a little and cant find to much reliable looking info. I want to be able to make chapters on the dvd also. I plan to use nero, unless there are any other suggestions out there. Also, what format dvd should i be using, -r or +r?

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Hp Dvd 635 Drive Wont Read Or Burn

I have a 3yr old hp dvd635 (dvd rw) drive. Can you please have a read through the following symptoms of my drive, make some comment on what might be happening to it and hopefully make some suggestions as to how to fix it? Thanks heaps. Until two weeks ago i could created dvd images and burn dvd-video from those images, create cd data discs, audio cds from image files, etc. However, a week ago the drive failed twice when burning an audio cd (once using nero express v6 and then 10mins later using windows media player 10). On the third attempt it began burning cds and i managed to successfully burn two cds. 3 weeks ago i burned four dvds from images (images created using that drive) without any problem and have viewed those dvds several times using this drive. However, tonight it couldn't read two of those dvds (note that i'd played the dvds in a dvd appliance 15mins earlier without any problem so the dvds are healthy). The dvd drive couldn't access them and eventually returned the error "a disk with an unsupported format in drive f:"

I did test the drive using a commercial dvd movie tonight and it played it without any problem. The other night i also tried to burn some files to a dvd-r. Nero express got through the initialization stage of burning the dvd then failed ( 5% through and then froze with the dvd drive just sitting and clicking periodically). It failed twice, destroying two archive quality dvds. Any thoughts and advice?

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Films On Dvd Rom Turn Out With Pulsing Motion After Burn

When i burn films on my dvd rom they turn out with a sort of pulsing motion when watching them back. Is there anyway to fix this problem? Or is that just the way it is?

Ive checked the dvd rom and its fine and have even tried another in my pc. They play fine on the pc (nero show time) but when there played in any dvd player you can notice the pulsing motion. I rang the manufactures to see what i could do about it and they did a check (all came back fine) , then they asked me if i was using a torrent to download the film in the first place, when i replied yes they refused to help me but did mention that there was a way to sort out the problem!

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Cheap Sony Vaio E

Where could i buy the new sony vaio e cheap? I tried buying it off ebay but i didn't find what i wanted.

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Toshiba Or Sony Vaio ?

I'm choosing between the sony vaio y series with an intel core i5-430um (1. 20ghz) processor, 320gb hd at 5400 rpms, and 4gb of ram and a toshiba satellite m640-bt2n22 with similar specs. The prices are pretty much the same, but the sony is nicer aesthetically. The sony also lacks an optical drive, but i'm willing to deal with an external if i get it. Which computer would last me longer and work better?

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Macbook Or Sony Vaio

What would be better to get. "Macbook" or a "sony vaio for $950"? So i have a choice of getting a macbook which will cost 950 after student discounts or another kind of laptop for 950. I was thinking about getting a sony vaio and i figured id get more out of my money if i went with the sony. Heres a little about me: i love to play pc games (vaio). But i like to make movies and make music (macbook). And im a high school student and i also really don't care about weight as long as i don't have to lug around a 100 pound laptop. I also don't care about whats more user friendly. i.e mac. So what should i get. And if u don't mind can u add a pros and cons to whatever u suggest.

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Sony Vaio E Keyboard Skin

Where can i buy a sony vaio e keyboard skin? I want to buy a keyboard skin for my sony vaio ea. I live in ontario, canada, i know sony style canada sells them for $29. 99. I find it to expensive since sony style usa only sells it for $19. 99. But i can't buy it, i have to buy it from sony style canada. I know ebay sells one. Here's the link, http://bit. Ly/c6y8jb

Do you guys think the seller's pretty reliable? I'm kinda worried about buying from ebay. Do you know any other sites that sell authentic sony vaio keyboard skins ?

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Hp Touchsmart, Sony Vaio, Imac

Which computer should i get? Hp touchsmart, sony vaio, or imac? I'm looking for a touchscreen computer. Features i would want are:

-Large screen, slim all in one computer. -Blu-ray compatible . -Web cam, windows home&&student. -Great entertainment features, i'd like to also use the computer i get as an hdtv. I want to know which is more reliable. Which computer is better by far, and if you could provide links, that would be much appreciated.computers that i need to choose between are:
Hp touchsmart 600-1120
Sony vaio l
Imac (not as interested, but i hear its a good competitor)

Which computer is better over all? I'm a high schooler so i need a good student computer, & a great entertainment center. I'm planning on getting a game system later on.

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Sony Vaio Vpcy2190x Laptop

How good is the sony vaio vpcy2190x laptop? Any problems you've encountered with it? Any reason you wish you'd gotten a different laptop? I'm a student looking for a decently-priced, good-sized laptop that is also nice to look at.

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Sony Vaio Webcam Program

What is the webcam program that comes on a sony vaio? Ok so, i had a bad hard drive and had to go get it fixed. I ended up just getting a new hard drive and i had nothing on it. I was wondering what computer program came on it. I cant remember the name but i could record things, take pictures, and add effects. I wanted to re-download it.

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Battery For Sony Vaio Ea24fm/w

Can i get a better battery for the sony vaio ea24fm/w? I am having trouble with choosing a new laptop and for me it is between this sony vaio and possibly the hp pavillion dm4, my biggest qualm is that the battery life hp=5hrs or so, sony=3hrs or so. If i could get a longer lasting battery for the vaio at a reasonable price, i would probably go with that. Any advice?

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Sony Vaio Or Hp Touchsmart Tm2t

Which is better sony vaio or hp touchsmart tm2t? I need to compare the two. I am leaning more towards the hp? Any advice

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Sony Vaio Extended Warranty

So i currently have a vgn - cs320, and so far the only problem i've had with it is the fan. My 1 year warranty ends in about two weeks. I was just wondering if anyone had any problems with a sony vaio laptop after this one year period and if its worth it to purchase an extended warranty?

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Sony Vaio Or Apple Macbook

You see, i have been wanting a white macbook for a while now, and i really want to try a mac, but i recently discovered the white sony vaio and now i don't know if i should still get the macbook! I would be playing sims 2 and 3, browsing the internet, and creating movies. Which one do you think is better for me?

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