Local Area Connection Does Not Have Valid Ip Configuration

Local area connection doesn't have a "valid ip configuration" -how do i fix this? So i recently got a new desk for my computer, and must've uplugged something on my router because this is what comes up when i try to see what's wrong. My internet won't work when i plug in everything needed. But when it's just my modem plugged into my computer it works fine(like now). My internet is time warner and my computer is windows 7. And my router is a linksys. (I don't know if any of these are important). Anyways, my computer diagnoses the problem as my connection not having a valid ip configuration. What do i need to do to solve this?

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Local Area Connection Does Not Have A Valid Ip Configuration

I got a new laptop for college and there is a connection offered in my dorm to the school's server through a walljack. I'm connected through a simple ethernet cable and yet my computer just doesn't want to accept the fact that internet is there. I've rolled back the drivers, done a system restore and performed the bonjour service through component services. Pretty much everything every forum has said to try except for reinstalling win7 altogether which i really want to avoid.

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Local Area Connection Is Now Disconnected

Every 30 min's a bubble pops up at the bottom and it says "local area connection is now disconnected" then is says "local area connection is now connected". It does this on both computers at the same time. But one doesn't find the internet connection so i have to restart its connection. Any ideas why it does this?

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Local Area Connection Not Working

Why is my local area connection not working? On my other computer it is not allowing me to connect to the internet and when i click on 'repair' a sign saying- 'windows cannot finish repairing this problem because the following action cannot be completed- ip address' i tried releasing and renewing the ip address, but it says i cannot renew it because of some problem.

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Cannot Find Local Area Connection

I can't find my local area connection. How can i find it? Im on vista. My laptop is the hp pavilion dv6000. On my network connections i only see my wireless network connection. I need the connection so i can bridge my xbox 360 and my wireless so i don't need to buy the $100. 00 wireless adapter.

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No Cable Plugged Into Local Area Connection

How to fix no cable plugged in to the local area connection message? I just recently bought a ethernet cable to run from the router downstairs to the computer upstairs. When i try to make a connection to the internet, the error message about a cable being unplugged form the local are connection pops up. How do i fix this? I know the cable works because i plugged it into my playstation 3 and the internet worked fine on that. The router is a linksys by cisco. The computer is a hp pavillion with windows vista.

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Can't Find Local Area Connection

Normally at first, i can see my local area connection in my network places. But somehow, suddenly i can't. My lan card is glowing and is the lan in my modem so i don't think there's a problem with them. I already checked if my lan card was docked properly and if any cable was connected well. But still, i can't see it. My internet also doesn't work because of that. How can i see it again?

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Local Area Connection A Network Cable Is Unplugged

Local area connection. A network cable is unplugged? Everything on my computer is connected correctly but every couple of seconds my computer says pops up and says a network cable is unplugged. How do i fix this what does this mean could it be a virus?

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Laptop Wont Connect To Internet, Wireless Or Local Area Connection

Last night, the wireless was fine, all connected. Then it randomly went off and wouldn't find any wireless network connections, but i just left it and went off. I went back on a few hours later, and it still wouldn't find any, even though other people could find them in our house. So i used a wire and connected to it and it was fine. Today when i went on, it still wouldn't find our wireless. So when i went to use the wire again, that wouldn't work either. It said i was working off-line, so i changed it to on-line, and it said it can't display the web-page, i really don't know what to do, but i need my internet.

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Connect Local Area Network ( Ethernet ) With Wan

Can we connect a local area network (ethernet) with wan? Suppose we want to connect a local area network (ethernet) with a wide area network, the question arises is, can we connect a local area network with wide area network?

If we directly connect the lan segment to the packet switch of the wide area network, then obviously every signal on the segment will be forwarded to the switch, to prevent this, can be use a bridge to connect this segment to the network switch (because bridge will only forward the packets if necessary)?

Another question arises is, every wan technology uses a specified frame format, suppose the wan is using a frame format that is different from ethernet frame format then what we will do?

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Public Area Connection - Invalid Ip Address

My public area connection is saying i have a "invalid ip address"? Well about a week ago i was trying to get on xbox live when it stopped working all of a sudden, i am connected with a ethernet cord from my laptop to my xbox 360 and i have a wireless adapter upstairs.comes to find out i checked my public area connection has a invalid ip address. So i was wondering how you could fix the invalid ip address on the public area connection. This is my network connection details: connection-specific dns suffix:

Description: marvell yukon 88e8040 pci-e fast ethernet controller

Physical address: 00-21-9b-e8-57-cb
Dhcp enabled: no
Ipv4 ip address: 192. 168. 0. 1
Ipv4 subnet mask: 255. 255. 255. 0
Ipv4 default gateway:
Ipv4 dns server:
Ipv4 wins server:
Netbios over tcpip enabled: yes
Link-local ipv6 address: fe80::ed1c:bf06:eb5e:fd26%11
Ipv6 default gateway:

Ipv6 dns servers: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1

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Manual Connection Access Configuration

What about manual connection/ access configuration? We required a remote desktop connection manager software that the user can manually enter the connection information. What about manual connection/ access configuration?

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Local Network Connection Cable Unplugged

I have win xp home edition and i recently had a problem start and i have no clue as to how to fix it. Last week my system started giving me the error that my "local network connection cable unplugged" and now i cannot get my network to connect. Here are the specs of my computer: amd xp 2200 cpu; biostar motherboard model: m7viq ver 1. 2 with via vt6103 lan chip; 768 pc2700 ddr memory. I run a vcom (system suite 5 utilities) firewall and virus checker. I have a broadband connection (motorola surfboard sb5100 cable modem) that runs through a 4 port router (network everywhere, linksys nr041). I have 3 computers networked through the same router and modem and no other computer has a problem with connecting to the internet, or to one another. Here are the attempts i have made to try and fix this problem but was unsuccessful (first i disabled the firewall and virus checker):

1. I've checked cable and it was plugged, tried a differnet connection on router and no success. Tried new cable, still not success. 2. I thought maybe a game my brother loaded (heavy gear ii) could have overwrote some important networking files since it is an online game, so i uninstalled the game. No success. 3. I tried 3 different restore points prior to the loading of the game and still no fix. 4. I ran xp's repair current windows utility and this still did not fix my network connection. 5. I've tried a different nic (realtek rtl8139/810x fast ehternet pci card) and it does the same thing as the onboard lan connection by giving me the same error. 6. When i go to the hardware manager, it says that both devices are working properly. 7. I pinged 127. 0. 0. 1 and nic checks out fine. 8. When i do a "ipconfig /all" at the command prompt, i get that both nic cards "media state" are disconnected. 9. I've done research on the internet on this problem and have not yet found an answer. I even went to heavy gear ii site and did not find anything that would help. I'm not even sure that the game caused the problem to begin with, but i'm out of guesses. I would like to go the windows update and run the updates on my system but i cannot get on the net to do so. I did load new drivers from a floppy for the realtek nic but that didn't work either. Can someone give me any suggestions on what to do next?

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Wireless Internet Connection "local Only"

Why does my wireless internet data card connection go from "local and internet" to "local only: a lot? I hate it when it goes to "local only" because i can't surf a lot of the time. Is there anyway to fix it? I use a huawei ec168 data card on an acer aspire desktop that has windows vista.

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Is A Clicking Drive Valid Reason For Warranty Replacement ?

So i have a seagate 1. 5tb that's starting to click. I've turned it off for now and am buying another drive to back the data onto. My question is, after i back the data up, is a clicking drive a valid reason for a warranty replacement? Or will it need to die first? If so, is there anyway to speed up its unavoidable failure?

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Raid Configuration

I'm in the process of picking out parts for a home lan file server. I was thinking of getting cost effective basic parts (unix file server btw) and going out on the drives. I want like 150~200gb of storage, but i was considering a raid config to escape a drive failure catastrophe. Possibilities i was just pondering. 1. 2 raid 1's: 4 80gb drives, where two main drives are mirrored independently. 2. Raid 1: (2) 160gb drives, 1 main and 1 mirror. 3. Raid 1+0 -aka- raid 10 ? Is it me or do the mobo's at newegg not have these?

Also, if i go raid, sata raid or pata raid? Opinions wanted. Any other information involving storage/raid would be appreciated.

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Optimal Ide Configuration

I have 1 hdd and 3 cd/dvd drives. I'm trying to set them up for best burning. Here is my current config. Ide1:
Master: 40gb hdd
Slave: aopen dvd-rw

Master: nec dvd-rw
Slave: plextor cd-rw

I'm concerned about burning dvd's from one dvd burner to the other. And also writing images of dvd to hdd and burning them from the image. The nec dvd-rw is what i use to actually burn the dvd's, the other dvd-rw just reads most of time. I have heard that certain ways you setup your drives and where they are positioned on the ide cable makes a difference. Any suggestions on optimal setup?

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Locked Boot Configuration

I have been given a dell latitude cpx h450gt. It has windows nt 4 installed, and is password protected. Normally i would run my password unlocker on it, but as i cannot change the boot sequence, because it is locked, i cannot do this. How can i unlock the section of the configuration?

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Router / Switch Configuration

I am using a 4 port (linksys wrt54g2) router, and i need to add more ports. I'm considering purchasing a 5 port switch (d-link des-1105). I'll have the switch plugged into the router, and the router plugged into the cable modem. This leaves me with the following:

3 open ports on the linksys router
4 open ports on the d-link switch

I'm wondering how i should connect my devices. I have the following:

3 computers (wired, not wireless)
3 voip phones (wired, not wireless)

Does it make a difference which devices i plug into the switch and router? Will i have less bandwidth on the devices connected to the switch, compared to those connected directly to the router?

*As a side note: according to the instructions, my voip phones need to plugged into a router. They will not work, for example, if plugged directly into the cable modem. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but i thought i'd mention it.

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4 Sata Drive Raid Configuration

Ok i just bought some drives and have played around with the setup and wanted to get some feedback on configuration. I have 4 750gb sata drives all 7200rpm
Samsung spinpoint f1
Wd caviar black
2x wd caviar blue

I had the samsung and the wd black drive in a raid 0 initially and when i got the blue drives i put those in a raid 0 and was just backing up the first raid 0 to the second once a week. Now i've configured them in a raid 5. Is this the best solution for performance. I'm not terribly concerned with redundantcy i just want to be able to have some sort of protection. I was fine with the once a week back of the raid 0.

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Hard Drive Configuration For Gaming Pc

I'm building a new gaming rig and am trying to figure out what i want to do as far as the hard drives go. Creating a storage server so don't need much of a storage space. Three ideas that i have are:

1) two 500gb wd black in a raid 0
2) one drive as os, second as install/storage
3) cheap small drive as os , second for install, and third for data (mostly iso's for the games, i hate trying to locate the cd)

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Eyefinity Configuration - One Card For Each Monitor

With crossfire and eyefinity having a hard time coexisting, would it be possible to use a single card to drive a single monitor? This would mean, if i want to do a 3x1 monitor config, i would simply buy 3x 5870's and not put them in tri-crossfire. Just have one card drive each monitor. Perhaps someone here (brent?, Kyle?, Anyone?) Could clarify if this is possible. Imo, if it is not an option, i think amd/ati would do well to think about implementing it. This kind of configuration would have better performance than a normal tri-fire config, what with multi-card scaling not being 1:1 with a single card. I figure if you could hand each card it's own 1920x1200 chunk of the pie, each card would perform awesomely. Someone else already provided me a link to this website:-

Which shows 4 cards in non-cf mode running a flight sim. There are 4 instances of the game program running on the linux box, and the driver used was an in-house linux driver. If you pay close attention, you'll see that the four quadrants of the display move at different times as the camera pans. So there is some sync issue with the kind of demo setup they had there. I don't think running multiple instances of games is a viable solution for end users.

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6 Screen Ati Eyefinity Configuration

We're just doing a bit of testing here in the lab today, and wanted give you all a glimpse of what was on the test bench. We have already given you glimpses of amd's ati eyefinity technology running on more than three screens on a few occasions in the past, but we haven't had the ability to do any hands-on with the technology up to this point because the radeon hd 5870 eyefinity 6 edition and the requisite software wasn't quite ready yet. Well, it's here now. And we'll be able to give you the full scoop very soon.

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Router Traffic Monitoring And Configuration

I have a router and i have three devices connected to it. I need to monitor the traffic each device uses and more importantly reserve an amount of bandwidth for one one the devices. One of the devices is a digital satellite receiver so i need the bandwidth to be reserved for it while other 2 pc's are powered off. I guess in this case software would not be an option because the pc's will be off. Is there a setting in the router that i can set to achieve this ( i haven't found so far). The router is trendnet tw 100-s4w1ca

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Samsung Syncmaster 940bw Configuration

I just got a new monitor at my office. It's a syncmaster 940bw from samsung. It is 19" and the native configuration is 1440 x 900. When i use this configuration, everything is fine but i feel that things are quite small. So i tried another configuration but the other configurations that are offered when i go to the configuration panel on windows are the following :

1280 x 768
1280 x 720
1280 x 600
1152 x 864
1024 x 768
800 x 600

I tried the 1280 x 768 but i would really need is 1280 x 800. The 1280 x 768 configuration stretches everything. Is there anything i can do to be able to us 1280 x 800 ?

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What Is A Local Print Spooler?

It's a buffer that stores the output that a program is sending to a printer, so the program can finish the printing process quickly. The buffer then feeds data out to the printer at whatever speed it can take it. The 'spooler' bit is a hang over from the days of computers using punched paper tape - it was a mechanical system that allowed the tape to be fed in fast and read out slowly, as needed.

Nowadays it's just a bit of software in the printer driver or operating system. The local part usually refers to network printing, where a program on one computer is sending something to a printer somewhere else. Local is the machine you are at, the other is the remote (whichever way around it happens to be).

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Computer Does Not Start After I Change Memory Configuration

My computer wont start after i change the memory configuration on bios settings from automatic to manual - aggressive, any ideas on how to get the bios setting screen up?

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Whs - Loading The Disk Configuration Information

I just added 2 wd black 1tb drives and a promise tx4 sata300 controller to my whs. I ran out of room. I already had an identical card in the server so it was detected by the bios and whs and both drives showed up during the bios boot and in device manager. I can access the shared folders via the shortcuts on my other computers but the connection software indicates i am not connected. Accessing the computer directly, everything looks okay but when trying to open the disk management folder in the admin tools, i only get the message that it is "loading the disk configuration information. Since these are brand new drives is it automatically doing a full format? I have been stuck here for a couple of hours. I know from installing a 640gb drive that a full format will take about 2 hours. Is that what is going on now?

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Windows Could Not Start - Hardware Configuration Problem

Ok so i have dual boot on my computer with vista and xp and a few days ago when i tried login into xp i would get the error message "windows could not start because of a hardware configuration problem" so the only way that i could solve the problem was to reinstall xp. But now it's almost like it's not there. Like i mean i can now log into xp and everything with no problem, but when i go to 'start' and then click on 'computer', the drive is not there. The only thing that's there is the vista drive and the recovery drive. I mean i'm glad that i can now log into xp and everything is working, but it's really irritating me that the xp drive is not showing up anywhere. Even when i go to 'computer' and right-click and go to 'manage' and then go to 'storage' and 'disk management', the space is there but it's not labeled with the drive letter or anything like that, it just has the size of the drive, and nothing else . And when i right click it and go to 'change drive letter and paths' it doesn't work, it says 'the operation failed to complete because disk management is not up-to-date'. This is really irritating me. Can someone please help me with this?

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Cannot Connect To Wireless Local Network

I can not connect to my wireless local network. I have internet access but i can not access the computers on our network. Why is that? I assumed virus is blocking my access, am i right?

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