New Pc Build, But Nothing Shows Up On Monitor Screen

Pc powers on, the cpu fan is working, the videocard's fan is working (good signs?), And the cd drives open and close, but nothing shows up on screen. Is anything broken? How can i find out?

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Pc Only Shows Dell Bios Screen

My computer froze after i opened a few programs up, because i only have 256mb of ram. I turned it off by holding the power button, and now when i turn it on, it only shows the dell bios screen, and after that the screen is blank. The only thing that runs is the fan. Tia happened to me also about a week ago, but then it worked again. I am able to get into the norton recovery program that is built in to my computer, it says that my computer is fine, but it is not. Can anybody help? I van completely reset it but that is not an option because i have irreplaceable documents in it. My pc is a dell dimension 1100 desktop.

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Laptop Broke, Now Shows Black Screen

Its a compaq presario v5000 when i turn it on i get the compaq screen very briefly and then the black screen, nothing else happens. Ive tried rebooting with a disc in the drive but i still get the black screen. Any suggestions?

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Nothing Shows Up On The Monitor After Turning Pc On

The problem is that nothing shows up on the monitor after turning it on. We thought it was the video card, but we tested the card in another machine, and it works. The card is fully compatable with the motherboard. We took out all of the jumper pins except the necessary ones (power, hdd led, etc. ), And the machine still doesn't boot. We've also removed all ide drives, everything is removed except the cpu, ram, and necessary components. There is no beep after the machine has been on for a while. Everything works - fans spin, heat sink spins. We've both set up computers multiple times, and we can't think of what to do. The motherboard is a soyo sy-p4i875p dragon 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Pc Start Up, And Nothing Shows Up On The Monitor

I have 2 pc's (a p2 450 and a p3 888), that won't boot up, the fans go on, the lights too, but nothing happens on the screen. My knowledge is not that great, but after reading a bunch of stuff online, if it doesn't reach post and the lights go on, it's either the power supply or the motherboard. B4 i go out and buy 2 power supplies, any way i could know wether it's the psu or the motherboard?

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Computer Turns On, But Monitor Shows Nothing And Mobo Doesn't Beep

Last night i got on my comp and it loaded just fine. After about 20 minutes of use it turned off. I've had random restarts before, but it just shut off, so i turned it back on and here i am now. The cd rom lights came on, all the fans in the computer spin (as well as the graphics card fan), and the mobo power light turns on. The monitor shows nothing at all (no load screen, no bios, nothing), the mobo does not beep, the restart button does not work, and when i power down the system and press any key on the keyboard the system will power back up (but once again, not load at all). I've tried switching the ram in every possible slot combination, but i'm just stuck now.

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How To Build Ur Own Server

How to build ur own server to host games eg.counter strike. What kind of hardware do i need for.

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Looking To Build A New Computer

Ok guys ( lot of these being posted recently) i am looking to buya new computer that i will mainly use for gaming, watching movies (hd), and some school work. Here are the list of questions that i will answer

1) what will you be doing with this pc? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc
Gaming, watching movies (hd), and some school work. 2) what's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?
1500, after tax/shipping

3) where do you live?
Phoenix arizona

4) what exact parts do you need for that budget? Cpu, ram, case, etc. Please be very specific. Looking for a full build, minus monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers

5) if reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. None

6) will you be overclocking?
It is possible, i would have to answer yes on this one. 7) what size monitor do you have and/or plan to have?
Its a 28" hanns-g 1920 x 1080

8) when do you plan on building/buying the pc?
With in a month

9) what features do you need in a motherboard? Raid? Firewire? Crossfire or sli support? Etc. N/a

10) do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable os key/license? If yes, what os? 32bit or 64bit?

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Build A Firewall

I have a company at my house and for now i have a website but it is hosted from a website provider. The first year this service is free but soon enough i will have to pay. My goal is to run a server of my own and host my website and possibly an ftp. But for that i was thinking of also building my pc firewall before as i heard it is way more secure with this then a simple router with a firewall built in it. But i have few questions

1. Is a pc firewall really better then a firewall in a router?

2. If so i heard monowall was good, what do you think?

3. If i use monowall or anything else for my pc firewall can i still use my router and its wan port to extend my network like if i would use a switch?

I need to protect a minimum of 5 computers up and currently running and possibly a 6th because i have this project of building a server. In my current setup i am using a dl-624 router and a hub. Can i still use them with a pc firewall? As for the required hardware i think im ok. I have some old pc's laying around in my closet and an extra nic card somewhere. Im not that good when it comes to networking i know pretty much the basics but thats all. Im not even that much familiar with firewalls and ports. But i am willing on spending more time on the net to learn more about the subject. Is it worth doing this or it is a waist of energy? Any suggestions are welcome and perhaps informations on the way i should start.

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New Computer Build

I haven't built a computer in some time at least 4 or 5 years. Needless to say i am behind on the times so i turn to the more experienced pros. I am currently working on building a new computer i have all peripherals mouse, keyboard, headset and monitor (acer p235hbmid black 23" 5ms hdmi widescreen lcd monitor 300 cd/m2 50000:1(acm)

I would have linked it but apparently i am to new

My budget is 3, 500 dollars. I am looking to use exactly that amount, i have been given the money to build the computer anything of that budget that is not used will be returned, so if possible i would love to keep it close to that exact amount. A little about what i use the computer for, mmorpgs, fps, school (basic school work word ect ect) i do not need the office package i can download it for free from my school. I can't really give you exact games i play them all so i would love if it could run anything (at this time of course). I have no preference between amd and intel i have heard intel is a bit better at this time *shrugs* that is just what i have heard. I am not really interested in overclocking with that budget i really should not need to. I would like to have an overabundance of storage seems i always fall short some how. I have always used nvidia but am open to suggestions. If any other information is need please just ask other than that impress me. (Btw i typically do all the shopping at newegg).

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New Build Problems With Powering Up

Processor - amd 64 3200

Gfx xard - gainward 7600gt 256mb ddr3 pci-e dual dvi

Mobo - gigabyte gak8nmf-9 socket 939 nvidia nf4 matx - sound giga lan 1394 usb 2. 0 1800mhz fsb sata 133

Ram - crucial 1gb ddr pc3200 400mhz 184-pin

Cooling - arctic cooling (ac-frz-64p) socket 754 939 940 cpu cooler with heat pipe cooling

Atx case


On wednesday when i built my pc the psu began smoking, i knew this clearly wasnt right so opened the case and pulled it out. I ordered a new psu on wednesday evening, it arrived this morning. The new psu is now fitted but the machine wont start. The psu just seems to hum slightly

It is plugged in and i am 100% sure the powerswitch is connected to the right place on the motherboard. I have connected the 24v connector to the motherboard from the new psu and the 12v to the motherboard but nothing seems to happen! Again the psu seems to just hum.

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New Build Computer Not Power Up

I have recently built a computer, however the computer will not now power up, checked all components were connected and the w/cooling is now removed and the original hsf is on again but just nothing is happening. The only reasons i can think are; fried psu, inncorrectly installed wc, underpowered psu. When i turn the psu switch from "on" to "off" i get a very slight buzz (only lasts for a seond max, this mean the psu is fried? Anyway of testing psu (besides getting another one)? What are the minimum components that can be installed just to get the pc to power on (to give me piece of mind)?

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Advice On Pc Build - Suggestions

My buddy and i are building a computer for him for school, and he wants to pay around $600 and get the most out of it he can. He wants to be able to play some of the newer games and of course you're common stuff like word processing, etc. Here is what i have spec'd out up to this point. Let me know what you think of it and please give any advice about things i should/could change. I'd like to go with a better gpu, but i can't think of any other category to skimp on to free up some monies to do so. Any ideas?

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Desktop Build Assistance

Not having owned a desktop in years (i choose to sacrifice the performance for the portability of laptops) i have been recently asked to help my father build a new one. And if i can i would prefer to build him a better desktop for the same or less. He needs it for graphic editing (works with very large photos and videos and does a lot of heavy work with them). The q&a:
1) what will you be doing with this pc? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc
Graphic editing and creation

2) what's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?
Prefer to keep it at or under $1, 000. 3) where do you live?
North florida

4) what exact parts do you need for that budget? Cpu, ram, case, etc. Please be very specific. Everything* but the monitor

5) if reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. *I have a case but it may or may not be suitable depending on the suggestions i receive. 6) will you be overclocking?
Probably not, but that depends on the performance of it stock. 7) what size monitor do you have and/or plan to have?
Unsure (he didnt specify, and i forgot to ask)

8) when do you plan on building/buying the pc?
As soon as i pick the parts and get them delivered. 9) what features do you need in a motherboard? Raid? Firewire? Crossfire or sli support? Etc. Not sure, probably firewire for any equipment he uses that may need it. Possibly raid but i may just put a 2nd drive in and let him copy backups to it as needed if it's cheaper. 10) do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable os key/license?

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Can We Build A Super Computer ?

I had read some articles regarding that using our old pc's like upto 10 pentium2 pc's and by joiing them together we can build a type of supercomputer(not excatly a supercomputer but its kind). Since i dont remember where i read those articles. So can you guys help me into this. Looking forward to your help.

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New Pc Build, None Of My Usb Ports Will Work

Built this new gaming machine and powered it. Everything seems fine, the leds, the fans, the dvd drive. I'm trying to set the bios up for the mother board but none of my usb ports will work. None on the extra card, not even the ones built on the motherboard. That is the only thing wrong. Any ideas?

3200+ amd 64
K8n neo4 motherboard
6800gt 256mb nvidia geforce graphics card. 1gig of ram
80gig sata hard drive

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Computer Build Website Database

I'm making a website that will contain databases filled with computer builds to help out the first time builders in choosing their parts. There's also other things, but this, along with a few extra things coming are the main area of this website. But i guess the main reason i made this is because i love keeping track of computer hardware, and this website could also turn into an archive as well - comparing things down the road is something i would like to do. So, if anyone has any new recent builds, with benchmarks (like 3dmark 05/06, super pi, etc - these are not needed but would be nice to have) and they would like to add them to my website's database, please private message me the main parts, with links to them on newegg so i can calculate the current price, and add them. I'm not completely familiar on the amd side of things, so those would be really needed. Throwing together c2d setups aren't and issue because i've done so much research on those when i built my computer, but those are always welcome as well.

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Stumped On System Build Crashes

Hardware install went fine, i installed the newest drivers for forceware, nforce chipset drivers and i installed the updates for the soundblaster as well as installing all the windows updates. The pc runs fine except when playing games, it randomly crashes in far cry and hl2/source games. There is no bsod the computer just stops and the last sound stutters for a moment and then it reboots. I don't see anything suspicious is event viewer other than a few "an error was detected on device deviceharddisk0d during a paging operation. " Entries in the system log, but these aren't happening when the crashes occur. When i open the mini dump file i think it's telling me nv4_mini.sys is the problem which i know is a video card driver file. I ran memtest86 for 8 hours and didn't get any errors.nvidia monitor says 34c cpu 38c system 62c gpu. Ive tried older drivers, newer drivers, updating the bios, doing a reformat/reinstall, checked all the bios settings, and trying different video settings in game and in windows. Im trying to figure out what to troublshoot next can anyone please give me a clue?

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Need To Build A Computer For Work, $1200 Budget

I do internet marketing and it's time for a new office computer. Using a 4 yrs old dell and it's just become too slow. Looking to build a quiet, and powerful computer i can use for work for a few years. The last time i built a computer was 9 years ago so i'm very unfamiliar with today's technology and would appreciate any help. I'm also really interested in getting a ssd harddrive. 1) what will you be doing with this pc? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc
Work. Websurfing, excel. 2) what's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?
1200 before shipping and taxes

3) where do you live?
Atlanta, i'm near a fry's

4) what exact parts do you need for that budget? Cpu, ram, case, etc. Please be very specific. Everything. 5) if reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. Mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitors. No computer hardware though

6) will you be overclocking?

7) what size monitor do you have and/or plan to have?
Three dell 20" monitors

8) when do you plan on building/buying the pc?

9) what features do you need in a motherboard?
Raid? Firewire? Crossfire or sli support? Etc. No clue

10) do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable os key/license? If so, what os? 32bit or 64bit?

Nope, looking to buy windows 7.

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Pc Monitor Screen Kept Going Blank While Using

Yesterday my monitor screen kept going blank while using my pc. The fans and computer were still running and the monitor was receiving no signal. A buddy was at my place and said he had the same issue and to replace my monitor. I went and bought a new monitor came home, hooked it up and the same issue kept happening. Funny thing is, if i hook the monitor up to the motherboard monitor connector everything works correctly. So am i left to think this is a videocard and/or powersupply issue?

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Wide Screen Monitor Is Stretching Everything

I'm not so good at the techie side of things and was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I have just bought a new 19" widescreen tft monitor (packard bell 900w) which has a max resolution of 1440 x 900. My toshiba satellite laptop has a screen resolution set to 1024 x 768. I plugged the new monitor in and it stretches everything out to cover the whole screen, thus everything appears stretched from left to right. I have a 'nvidia geforce4 420 go - 32mb' graphics card. Can anyone help me step by step set up so that the display is correct. I assume it's using display properties > settings, and setting up a second monitor, but the simple screen resolution bar in that window only goes up to 1024x768.

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Connect A Second Monitor Now Screen Is Blue

I plugged in a second monitor to my gtx 280 and easily had both running. After a single restart both monitors no longer boot up with a good visual to the desktop. It's a unintelligible mess of purple and blue that is indescribable. I've disconnected one. Tried both separately. I've booted to safe mode which i am in now and reloaded the latest drivers. I've run windows vista repair and nothing there. I've set the resolution to rock bottom to see if a cross compatibility issue occurred(where the smaller monitor picked up as the main and couldn't compute. The major issue is that the computer is actually "locking" up on me. In a couple instances the computer screamed at me as if the video card was not plugged in yet this happened after going through the vista boot sequence and loading to desktop where it freezes up. Someone throw me something to try because i'm out of ideas at the moment. Fyi: i also just got a g15 keyboard and a razor mamba mouse but both were perfectly fine and involved multiple reboots with these devices operating before i had done the second monitor.

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Screen Went Blue And No Signal On Monitor

I recently purchased an hdmi cable to use for my computer. As soon as i connected one end to my video card and the other end to my monitor, i went into the built in monitor settings (the dvi cable was still plugged in as well so i could do this) and switched my display to hdmi. After that, my screen went blue and i got a no signal message on the monitor. Now the problem is, i can't even revert back to my original display settings, so i can't even get anything to show on display anymore (i am using my netbook atm). I tried restarting, as well as disconnecting the hdmi cable on both ends and reconnecting dvi. Nothing. The screen stays blue and tells me theres no signal. Keep in mind that i didn't even save any settings. I simple selected hdmi and that was it. Can't see desktop, and i can't even see the bootup sequence. I am very baffled here does anybody know what i can do? The video card is a geforce gtx 295, and the monitor is a benq 2200hd.

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Monitor Screen Blurs And Pc Hangs

I have a intel pentium 4 3 ghz pc. Recently my pc seems to hang and the monitor gets blurred. This happens even when i keep my pc idle and in bios screen. Can any one help me find out what can be the problem.

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Monitor Issue - Purple Screen

Recently i've experienced an weird anomaly. I just installed windows xp and have now 2 os (98 se also). When i turn my computer on and go to windows 98, all colors are displayed fine, but when i go to windows xp then very often the picture is a bit purple (sometimes the colors remain normal, but i've noticed that after windows loading screen sometimes a quick purple flash goes quickly through, then the screen is purple). The loading screen itself is always ok. If i restart the computer now then the colors remain wrong and the only thing that helps is to shut down and unplug the computer. I've read about magnetic issues, but i really don't believe that this is the problem cause degaussing won't help then and i don't have any magnetic items near the monitor either. Is it windows xp display drivers that don't work with my computer normally?

The monitor itself is an old yakumo yk1795aet, about 8 years old and i haven't found any xp drivers for it. Or can it be wrong videocard driver that's causing it? It's ati rage pro turbo agp 2x and i've downloaded the newest rage drivers, but that didn't help. Anyway, i'm quite confused as i have no idea why this anomaly occurs. Hope someone here has some ideas in this case.

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Hp Laptop Monitor Screen Problem

A couple of days ago, my screen completely blacked out. We called tech support who said it was a back light problem (the computer still started up and if you shone a flashlight on the screen you could see the desktop). The next day it started right up and i could use it for a few hours. Then it blacked out again. I called hp again and they said they would send us a shipping box for warranty work. While waiting for the box, i've been plugging into another computer monitor to do my work, which works fine; however, occasionally, after plugging into another monitor i am able to disconnect my laptop from the other monitor and use for a few hours. But the second i close the laptop, the screen goes black and i need to hook into the monitor again. Any ideas?

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Dell Monitor Screen Flickering

When ill start my computer, lcd monitor screen flicker.

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Dell Monitor Screen Goes Blank

I have a dell 19" monitor. Model #1907fpc. The monitor turns on for a second and i can see my desktop but then the screen goes blank. Anybody out there that can give me some advice on how to troubleshoot this issue? I want to keep this monitor as it has multiple usb ports on it. Also does anyone know how to open the monitor so i can take a look inside to see if anything came unplugged?

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Tft Flat Screen Monitor Problem

When i switch the monitor on it switches on but the display only goes on for 2 seconds then goes off again even though the green power light on the monitor is still on. I can only very faintly see whats on the monitor as it is as dark as if the monitor was switched off. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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Make Lcd Computer Monitor Into A Tv Screen

I am wondering how i can make my lcd computer monitor into a t. V. Screen? I am looking at a few monitors. One has hdmi and one just has dvi and vga. I have a dishnetwork box without hdmi so i am using component. I was wondering if all i would need to do is get a hdmi to component cord and plug it in? Or do i have to mess with the setting or other things? Also i heard you can get hd channels over the air with a hd antenna. Is that true? And how would it look on my monitor if it can support 1080p?

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