Sata Drives - Device Cannot Start - Code 10

I have just reinstalled windows xp pro after being totally frustrated with vista ultimate 64. Install went fine with one exception. None of my sata drive are working, except drive c: which is where the os is installed. I have 6 external usb drives and 1 firewire and 1 esata drive, with 4 internal sata drives. The internal and the esata drives show as generic drives in device manager and give device cannot start code 10 in properties. I have service pack 3 installed and these are all used drives which functioned properly last time i had xp installed. I have installed the chipset. Inf for my intel board, tried using tweakui to select and deselect the drives. No luck. Getting to beating my head on the wall now syndrome . Anyone help with this dilema please. Drives are not raid configured and set to emulate ide in the bios. The highlighted drives are the sata ones that wont start. The maxtor is a sata drive too . And it works. Its the primary system drive.

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This Device Cannot Start (code 10)

My samsung cdrw is generating the error: "this device cannot start. (Code 10)". I went to device manager to see why the drive is not listed on burning apps recorder lists. Device status box in properties is where i found the error. Is the drive done? Or is this some kind of setting adjustment i need to make.

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Device Will Not Start (code 10)

Ok, concerning all that i found elsewhere in reference to external hard drives and the "device will not start (code 10)" message, i am going to take a leap here and assume that it may have crossed paths on this forum also. Believe me when i say that i tried every piece of advice i came across and none of it has worked. Yes, i changed usb slots, i removed the drivers from the registry physically and rebooting my win xp made no difference whatsoever. Does anyone have the solution to this problem?

I'm tempted to switch from usb to firewire but not so sure it wouldn't end up in the same spot and still leave my 200gb of info totally out of reach. I'm looking for a solution that leaves my external hd intact and functional unless there simply is no cure for this problem. I am looking for expert advice from the experts for i am not one.

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Error: This Device Could Not Start ( Code 10 )

I have 895mb of ram on my system now, but i started with 1gb? Anyways, i kept getting blue screens and they told me to use a new video adapter. I got a new video card and it reccomends 1gb of ram. It has a vga adapter that you have to connect your monitor to for it to work. I went into device manager and it said "this device could not start (code 10). " Then after some lagg, the computer froze. Is this a ram problem? And if it is, can i just buy one stick of 2gb ram instead of adding 1gb to the current 895mb? I have windows vista home basic 32-bit. Int pent 4 proc. 3. 0ghz. I went into system setup when it booted, and changed the primary video card to pci-e, which is what the new video card runs on. The video card is the radeon hd 3650 1gb ddr2. This is like my 3rd topic, i know. Bare with me, i keep running into like 2 different problems every day.

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Cannot Find The Hardware Device ( Code 41 )

I am unable to open drive d which is my internal cd reader, i have had a look in device manager which shows windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41),

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Using Sata Drives And Sata Cc

1. Can you plug/unplug sata devices without problems like usb devices?

2. If i get a sata controller card can i also go ahead and add what sata devices i want to add before booting up, or do i need to install it then turn off the computer and then plug them in?

3. What scc would you recommend? The more sata ports the better.

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2 Sata Drives In One Pc

I'm aware this may very well be a very basic question, but i'm going to ask it anyway, before i go ahead and commit myself to it later this morning. I'm putting in my new wd 500gb sataii (5000aaks) hard-drive tomorrow in replacement for my old 80gb sata maxtor hd. I'm hoping to see a big performance increase! Anyway, i'm stuck on backing up all my old files from the maxtor because;

A) my dvd-r drive blows and won't work. And

B) network seems to not be responding, so can't copy across any files to my old mans pc. So i'm sitting there stuck, with at least 10gb's worth needing to be backed up. My old man comes in and suggests i unplug the old 80gb, plug in the new 500gb and set it to 1st boot device in bios, setup windows and get it all up and running. Then, plug in the 80gb hd, set it to 2nd boot device in bios, delete windows and then simply copy across the files from the 80gb to the 500gb, using the 80gb as just a dud hard-drive. I've never done this before, and while it may seem basic, i just want to know if this is possible - if so, is there anything i should know first and will it have any performance impact on my pc at all?

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Sata With Pata Drives

I have been working on this for the past couple of days. The boys over at pronetworks helped get me set up and at least in so i could install windows xp pro and move forward but i have another seagate drive that's a pata (what does the p stand for?). I have a:

Gigabyte ga-8i945p-g socket t (lga 775) intel 945p atx intel motherboard

Intel pentium 4 531 prescott 800mhz fsb lga 775 em64t processor

Seagate barracuda 7200. 9 sata ncq 3gb/s st3160812as 160gb 7200 rpm 8mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s hard drive

And another fairly new seagate pata drive. The trouble, as least for me, is that i am used to regular ide drives. I don't know anything about raid and got this sata drive by accident (didn't read up on that because i didn't know better. Honest mistake but it's working fine and i'm happy. The read issue is there is only one normal ide slot. I have my two optical drives in there (empress dvd writer as master, yamaha cdrw drive as slave) as i use both, the yamaha more than the dvd writer but i need them both available. So there is no other ide channel that will allow me to hook up this other ide connector drive which has all my music and a couple of other very useful partitions on board there. So what do i do?

Is there a converter kit that i can get to hook up the pata drive to make it work through one of the other 3 remaining sata connnectors? That seems like the most elegant solution. Learning raid is not really high on my list but if it's easy enough and it works then i'm open. The bios are quite strange conpared to my other gigabyte board i have in my older computer so it took me a while to figure all that out since most of the intergrated peripherals area deals mostly with ata, raid and sata and making them all work together.

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Sata Dvd Rw Drives

However, i realized i also bought 2 dvd-rw drives, in sata not enough sata ports on the mobo. So a couple of questions follow:

1) is sata really faster for dvd-rw drives than ide?

2) is there anyway to inline/series the (2) sata dvd-rw drives, kinda like you do with ide (master/slave)?

3) are there any sata->ide reverse adaptors (not the opposite, i know those exist)?

4) based on the above answers, should i:

A) get a pci-e sata raid card to handle one of the raid arrays, and keep the dvd-rw drives as sata? (Although those are dang expensive, and i don't know where that pci card is gonna fit - got an 8800gtx, pci slot-cooler, wifi card. An extra slot but no room down there)

B) return the dvd-rw sata drives and get (2) ide dvd-rw drives?
Another option that won't require me spending a lot of money?

Eesh, i'm kinda stuck on my build if i don't have a cd drive to read from for windows install(i don't have any extra ones sittin around - and i want to install my raid 5 storage array right away)


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3 Or More Sata Internal Drives

My mb has 2 connectors for sata drives (and 2 for pata). I want to use at least 3 sata internal drives. Is this possible, daisy-chaining one drive to another? Or am i just stuck with 2 only?

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Which Drives On Which Sata Ports ?

I recently picked up a couple new drives - an 80 gb intel g2 ssd (system) and a 750 gb wd black (storage). So these are on top of my other 500 gb seagate hdd and sata dvd burner. I have an abit ip35 pro mb with six sata ports in groups of two. My question is, does it matter which goes on which (like it used to with pata slave and master). Right now i have the following, but i'm not sure if its optimal:

Port - drive
1/2 - x-25m/none
3/4 - wd black 750/seagate 500
5/6 - sata dvd burner/none

How does that look?

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Sata And Ide Drives Difference

I've heard about ide drives and sata drives. I don't know what the difference between them is.could someone explain this to me? Is my setup (in sig) capable of sata interface?

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Sata Drives No Longer Recognized

I have vista 64bit installed on the c-partition, which is a raid 0 array of two 500gb drives. I have windows 7 installed on a 750 gb drive. I have an additional 500gb drive installed as well. All sata drives, along with two sata optical drives. Externally i have two esata acommdata 1tb drives and two 750gb drives on this machine. Motherboard is gigabyte ga-p35-ds3r w/ intel ch9r raid controller. In both the bios and either os, the external harddrives are not recognized. I'm stumped.

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Ide Drives In Sata Only Computer

I've got a couple ide hard drives and i would like to continue using them for storage rather then just letting them sit around unused. However my current computer doesn't have any ide ports or molex power connectors. I've been looking around for items that would allow me to continue use the drives however i'm having trouble finding anything that actually looks reliable. While full speed usage would be nice, i would be happy just so long as i can find a way to use them. So i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to go about this without using poorly designed parts that are more likely to destroy the drives then let me continue using them.

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Sata Drives Not Hot Swappable

I just built a system that i have a small problem with. The old system was built around an opteron 170 and had 3 sata hard drives. The hard drives had a drive bay switch system setup that could turn the drives on and off. If i had one drive running, i could turn on another hard drive and could then access the data on it. On my new system (intel i7 920) i moved the hard drives and the switches, but it does not work quite the same (hot swapable). That is, when i turn on the second switch, i cannot access the second drive. If i reboot (or turn on 2 switches before turning on), it works just fine. Is there a driver or some other software that i need to add? I am running winxp pro, but will be switching to win 7 in about a month or so. Btw - i did run the chip-set drivers and sata drivers after formatting the main hard drive. My motherboard is an asus p6t deluxe v2.

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Bios Not Picking Up Sata Drives

I have three sata hard drives which aren't being recognized by bios:

Samsung spinpoint t hd400lj 400gb sata-ii 8mb (7, 200rpm)
Western digital caviar se 200gb, wd2000jd (7, 200rpm)
Western digital raptor 74gb, wd740gd (10, 000rpm)

On: evga nforce 680i

The samsung is brand new and the two wd drives were working in my old system. Now they all seem dead. Is it possible they've all died from static charge during installation?

I've built a new system, everything seems fine apart from the hdd's not being picked up. I'm not running raid. I've tried booting to winxpsp2 install disk, windows didn't pick them up. Even though i'm not running raid, should i press f6 during install and install raid drivers?

I've also tried:
Clear cmos. Different sata cables. Different sata power cables. Different jumper settings. One drive at a time.

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Sata Hard Drives Boot Problem

I am having a problem with sata hard drives. I had 4 sata hard drives in a computer. 2 of the drives where in the normal sata part of the motherboard, and the other 2 were in sata raid. The hard drives were not being detected by windows and so i decided to try and move the 2 from the sata ports into the raid to see if they would be detected by windows. The problem is now none of the drives will even boot. I put the drives where they were originally and now it wont boot at all. I am stuck. I have some very important files on there that i need to get off. I have tried putting them in another computer that has sata but it sais that they are just unallocated space and have to be partitioned. So i am stuck.

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Sata Hard Drives For Raid On A Perc 6/i

I've been working on a server build for awhile and decided that the poweredge t610 that i've configured on dell's site should fit the bill, and then some. I'll be loading windows 2003 standard onto it. I have some questions and would appreciate any input. Please see the attached image for details of this build. The server will be used primarily as a file server. My questions mainly involve hard drives. 1. I was thinking i'd just make a simple mirror for the system drive out of the two sata drives included in the attached build. Should i use the onboard raid for this, or should i use two ports on the perc. 2. I'd like to create a 1tb (or larger) raid 5 or 6 array using the perc to serve network folders. What sata drives should i purchase for this purpose?

3. I'd like to have a nightly backup to one of eight 500gb sata drives that i already own. 7 are maxtor quickview 500 (model: 3h500f0) and 1 (warranty replacement for a dead maxtor) is a seagate barracuda es (p/n: 9bl146-303). Can the nightly backup go onto one of these and can it be hot swappable? Would i need to use a port on the perc or could it be onboard? Do i need to buy special "drawer" attachments for each of these drives so they can slide in and out easily?

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How Fibre Channel Works With Sata Drives ?

I know about tiered storage. Enterprise ssds or 15k ultra320/sas drives on tier one, sata drives for tier two, and then a tape library for tier 3. So if it's a fibre channel san, how do those sata drives connect to the fibre channel hba? I thought that fibre channel hbas required fibre channel hard drives. I'm going to buy a book on sans, but i'd just like a little information now.

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Wd 500gb Sata Drives / Formatting Issue

So story goes i have 4 almost identical western digital wd5000aaks drives here, 500gb, 16mb buffer. I had put them in my fileserver as a raid-0 stripe of 2. 0tb and everything was swell. In windows home server i was able to use it as if it were a 2tb (more like 1. 8tb) hard drive and removing it from the data pool and quickly backing up files due to the striping. I have never had a problem with the drives, i even have more than just these 4 but they are in other computers, i really like these drives they love raid. I was able to remove the disk from the drive pool completely and remove the disks, good. Now the confusion. See before i took the hard drives out i went to the rocketraid's bios and deleted the array, right? Then when the computer restarted i took a hdd out and put it in another computer, nothing. Doesn't even spin with power. Try it in the internal sata ports, sata card, usb, everything, no show. Not showing in disk manager or the like, not spinning up, no my computer, etc. So i put the drive back in the server, shows up perfectly in the rocketraid bios shows up in windows, it's basically back at home i can do whatever i want with it. Go into disk manager, delete the partition, create a new ntfs partition, and it shows up in my computer. I take the drive and put it in the next computer it won't show up anywhere. This one particular drive when i connected it, it showed ~465gb unformatted space in disk manager. I format it and now a strange thing happens: it has 4 partitions now instead of the 1 i asked for. It's like [100gb unformatted][43gb unformatted][802gb drive _][50gb drive f] what the ***! The drive f even shows up in my computer. The 802gb one is nowhere to be seen but the disk manager. I have no idea where it grabbed these figures (remember this is still in the same server the raid0 was created. I go into the rocketraid bios and it's just a plain jane legacy 500gb disk, although i did try creating a 'single disk' jbod on the drive and then removed it because it didn't help. That's just one of the drives so far all 4 of them are doing the same thing. I just put one in a dell optiplex gx270 and nothing in the bios (do i need to jumper to 1. 5gb/s?), Tried it on a sata -> usb adapter and get the same issues, shows up in device manager as a random hdd w/o a name, appears as though it can be safely 'removed' from windows but it gives you an error. Will show up fine in the server any day of the week. Any light on the topic?

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Mixing Ide / Sata Raid Drives

At the moment i have two 120 gig hard drives installed and working, and wish to expand my storage capacity. My motherboard has two raid connections as well as the above, can anybody advise if it is possible to run two raid drives in addition to my two ide drives.

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Sata Drives Recognized By Bios But Not Detected By Vista

What it says on the tin, really. I installed two new maxtor 250gb sata drives this afternoon, as companions to my 500gb main c:/ drive. They are picked up in the bios just fine, but vista can't see them. They don't show up in disk management or the device manager, so i can't format them or do anything with them. I've looked through the manual and the bios very thoroughly, but i can't find anything wrong. Everything that should be enabled is enabled. It's an msi k9n mainboard. I should stress that this is not a raid setup - i just want two extra hds.

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Whats The Difference Between Ide And Sata Dvd Drives ?

Are there any difference in quality or speed?

For ide, i just need one ide plug to connect 2 drives to the mobo right?

For sata, it would need 2 sata plugs and it would take up 2 sata ports?

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Seagate Sata Hard Drives Detected Incorrectly

I have 2 seagate baracuda 7200. 7 sata hard drives (not in a raid configuration). One is a st3160023as (windows instalation) and the other is a st380013as 80gb. Both of these drives are recognized in the bios and by windows correctly but. When i open any program hat reads the model number of the drive they both read as st3160023as. This is realy annoying because in monitoring programs only one temperature is detected because the program thinks they are both the one hard drive. Can someone who knows something about this problem please help me. Ps i dont know if it will help but i have four sata ports on my mobo. The drives are in prots 1 and 2.

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36.6 Wd Raptor Sata Hard Drives Clicking Randomly

I currently have asus a7n8x-e deluxe mobo, with antec true 430w power supply. And my cpu is amd 2500 barton, and my video card is radeon 9800 pro. I've replaced every single one of these because whenever i setup my computer on a raid, they start clicking. And the clicking sound isn't like where it sounds like two metals are rubbing, but more like the hard dive looses speed and it spins backup to the right speed. In the beginning, i had two 36. 6 wd raptor sata hard drives setup on the raid. They work fine sometimes. But sometimes it would start clicking randomly. So i thought it was maybe the motherboard, and i replaced it, same problem. So, then i went to get rid of the sata raid all together, and bought myself a promise fasttrack tx4000 raid controller with that, i currently have 4 ide wd 80gb hard drives setup on a raid. Everything was working fine for like a week but then back to the same problem!

I can't tell you the number of times that i've replaced my hard drives because of this clicking sound. So i'm almost 99. 9% sure its not the hard drives. And it can't be the mother board because i've had 3-4 different mother boards (kept sending them in for rma) i'm pretty sure its not the raid controller because even with the new mother board, i'll have the same problem on my sata drives. The only possible thing that i can think of, is that the power supply isn't strong enough. But i would like to hear all possible opinions before i go ahead and buy myself a new power supply. I'm really getting sick of all this raid problems.

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New Sata Drives Not Found Until Forcing Intel Matrix Scan

Ever since i got my new motherboard (system in sig), sata drives have lost much of their plug-and-play allure. I clone my system drive to a backup drive regularly and i also plug in other peoples drive for repair quite frequently so i'm constantly plugging-in and unplugging sata drives. But now with this new board, drives plugged in won't be found until i either reboot the pc or open intel's matrix storage program and force it to rescan for plug-and-play devices. Am i missing some bios setting? I've tried in both vista ultimate and windows 7 rc and it's the same scenario for both. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Sata And Ide Drives Blue Screen Stop Error

I just built my first computer and am having difficulties installing windows. I was able to successfully install windows on my sata drive (320gb seagate sataii), but i wanted to use this drive solely for video. So i hooked up my older hitachi deskstar 120 gb harddrive that i had to my ide connection on my new gigabyte motherboard. I unplugged my sata drive, set raid settings under bios to ata instead of sata, then inserted my windows xp disk into my cdrom drive and started the computer. The xp startup starts, installs the initial drivers, then when it tries to start installing windows, i get a blue screen stop error. What could be the problem?

I tried using my other ide drive i had (hitachi 200gb deskstar) and the same problem happens. Yet, when i start windows on my sata drive, both ata drives appear in windows and i can access them. I am able to install windows without any problems on my hitachi 120 if i do it on another computer, but it worries me that i can't do it on my new one.

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Windows Xp: Wd Passport - Usb Device Does Not Recognize Device

I bought a wd passport 160gb. And it worked fine i left it running on my computer for 2 weeks and now its not working error (usb device does not recognize device) so i thought i broke it, i went out and bought another one and i am getting the same error with the new one and old one, on mulit computers that it worked on in the past, i even tried in on new computers. Any ideas?

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Will 3.5" And 2.5" Drives Interconnect With Sata Connector ?

Will 3. 5" and 2. 5" drives inter-connect with the new sata connector?

I eventually want to have an external 2. 5" esata drive. I'd like to buy a sata 2. 5" drive for now but not buy an enclosure yet. The only true esata 2. 5" enclosure i could find was here:

And i don't really care for it. I'd like to wait until more enclosures are released. Another question. Will a sata pci card interface be just as fast as a native sata port from the motherboard?

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The Device, Device Cdrom0, Has A Bad Block

Just felt like checking my event log and i see that i'm getting cd rom errors that read: "the device, device cdrom0, has a bad block. " My cd drives work just fine. Any ideas what this means and if i should worry?

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