Computer Beeps One Long Two Short

I have a a8n32 deluxe and about a month after having the board it start to just shut it self off at random intervals. I thought i solved the problem by changing my hdd sata port to another one on the board but it started to happen today again. Now when i turn on my computer it makes 1 long beep and 2 short beeps. From what i found on the internet that means that i have a failure in the video system. After swapping out my 8800gts with my 7600gt it was still doing it. I've ruled out that the possibility that somethings wrong with my video cards because my 7600gt was in perfect working order when i replaced it. Is there something else wrong with my motherboard that im not aware of?

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One Long Beep Followed By 3 Short Beeps

I just took apart my computer to clean it up some, but when i put it back together i forgot to plug in the 6 pin connector to my videocard. When i turned it on i got a long beep that wouldn't stop. I turned it on and off about 3 times to see if it'd go away before i noticed that i didn't have that plugged into my 9800gt. I plugged it in, then turned it on and the sound went away. Unforunately, when i turn on my pc now i don't get any video. I tried replace the 9800gt to my 7800gt, but i still get the same issue. I tried removing the ram and putting in 1 stick in at a time in different sockets, but that didn't fix anything either. I even tried putting my old 2gb pc6400 buffalo firestix in it, but that didn't work either. So now everytime i turn on my computer i get the long beep followed by 3 short ones. I looked online and it said that it's either memory or videocard issue i believe. If this is in the wrong place, then please move it and i apologize in advance. This is going to be a boring weekend if i can't get this fixed. Any suggestions besides doing a barrel roll?

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Long Beep Then Three Short Beeps

Ok, i dont know how this happened but went to turn on my computer and there was no display, the hd did not bootup and the motherboard beeped. The sequence was poweron - one long beep inmediately then three short beeps stringt after. Also three seconds after that there are two more tones but deeper (like a sound effect from an old beeb or speccy game). Now heres the problem: i don't know the manufacturer of the board and i don't have the manual. Also as i can't see anything i can't get the serial to check on the web. There is little info to be got by looking at the motherboard. There is an sis 5571 chipset, an award bios chip, and a winboard chip but little else labelled. So far i removed all ram and that created a different beeping noise so i don't think its a ram issue. Also the psu works fine and all fans spin. Power to all devices and all cables are attached properly and firmly. Tried resetting the bios by removing the battery for 30min, but that did not help. Tried removing the cards and ide cables, one device at a time but that made no difference either. Bit stuck with this one really. Any ideas?

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Bootup Beeps: One Long Beep Followed By Two Short Ones

Last night my computer was working perfectly fine. Today when i try to turn it on, it makes a strange bootup beep (one long beep followed by two short ones) and the monitor doesn't engage properly (it remains blinking instead of having a steady led, keeps a black screen). I've had this computer for about 2 1/2 years (built it myself) but don't know what's wrong. Any ideas?

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Bios Beeping, A Long Beep Followed By Two Short Beeps

I am receiving the bios beeping of a long beep followed by two short beeps. According to every source that i have consulted about this code, it means that there is a problem with the video card. I have been using this card for a year now and it has functioned just fine up to this point. Nevertheless, i have reseated it several times to no avail. Next, i tried using a brand new video card and received the same error. I can therefore speculate that my issue isn't with the card, but with another component. I am not sure how to tell whether it is the motherboard or the power supply. I am therefore seeking advice on how to tell. At the time the problem began, i was playing stepmania, a dance dance revolution computer emulation program. The game itself can be played on very low-end systems with little or no problem, so i would not expect that it would have over-heated anything. During my gameplay, the computer crashed and restarted itself. After the computer restarted itself, it began booting windows. At the black windows xp screen with the bar that goes across the screen multiple times until going to the user accounts screen, the computer froze and i was forced to reboot the computer manually. From this point forward, the bios began giving the beeps and would not allow the computer to turn on again. I am currently using an enermax 600w psu sli power supply. It has never given me an issue since the day i bought it, nor given me a reason to believe that it was failing. I have connected the video card to the two power connectors with the provided power splitting cable. I have also plugged in the extra sli video card power cable on the motherboard even though i am not using sli. Because of these things, i would certainly hope that the power supply is not causing the issue. I am using an asus a8n-sli nforce4 ultra, pcie socket 939 motherboard. When powered up, the power supply led indicator shines green. All fans turn on, including that of the video card. All pieces of my computer, with the exception of the hard drives and cd drives, were purchased at the same time. I tested the video problem with a brand new bfg geforce 7950 gt 512mb pcie w/dual dvi/hdtv card as well. I am not sure if this is related, but i was having some trouble with my cd drives recognizing some media prior to the problem. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what could be the issue behind this system failure? Also i have tried resetting the bios cmos as well. In case there is use in this information, here is a list of all the parts:-

Computer specifications:

Asus a8n-sli nforce4 ultra, pcie socket 939 motherboard
Ocz 2048mb pc3200 ddr 400mhz el platinum (2 x 1024)
Amd athlon 64 x2 4200+ socket 939 (manchester)
Enermax 600w psu sli / server ready, pfc
Evga geforce 7900 gtx 512mb pcie w/dual dvi

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Long Beeps Starting Computer

When i try to start my computer, i get long beeps and it doesn't start. Please help!

Configuration: windows xp internet explorer 7. 0

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Beep Code - 1 Long, 2 Short

This morning my pc told me my network cable was unplugged after being on the net for 30 min. I rebooted the computer and was confronted with the beep code: 1 long, 2 short. No video though case and cpu heat-sink fans are running. I researched these codes and found : video ram error or memory error (depending on where i went). This is what i've tried:

(1) reseated video card and memory
(2) swapped video card to diff pci-e slot
(3) swapped video card for known working backup
(4) swapped memory for spare set of 2x512mb pc 3200
(5) gave mobo a once over to check for blown caps >>>none found

Things i'm contemplating doing:

(1) changing power supply (too much hassle now since i'm going to work in 20 mins). (2) try other 2 memory slots (didn't do it yet since manual said to use a1 and b1 slots for my configuration). This incident will make me get off my ass and finally upgrade to my i7 system in waiting, but i hate to build under these conditions. Any and all input and suggestions are appreciated. This is my system:

Asus a8n 32sli deluxe
Opteron 170 (stock)
Evga 8800gts video card
2x1gb ocz ddr pc3200 (set to correct voltages and timings)
Enermax noisetaker eg701 power supply
Samsung and seagate sata drives (2 of each)
Benq 1620 dvd burner

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Computer Will Not Post, No Beeps

Turned on my main computer this morning after a week or so of it being off, and got nothing. The psu turns on, the fans spin, the hdds spin, the cd drives will not operate. In the past when i have seen this i get an alarm/beep/chirp from the system speaker letting my know of a problem - here i get no such indication. I reseated the processor and fan, removed ram, video card etc. Unfortunately i do not have a similar system to swap parts with. What does this sound like to you guys?

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Computer Beeps Then Freezes

My computer is acting weird. When i right click the desktop, the menu appears in very slow motion and transparent. Then after few seconds everything freezes i cannot move mouse cursor also and i get a long beep and then restart. What is the problem can some one explain ?

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Computer Beeps And Freezes

When i turn on the computer, i see the windows splash screen, and then i just get a black screen. I must do a cold boot and then i can go into safe mode. But in safe mode, certain functions cause the computer to freeze and beep. I went to system tools, disk cleanup and the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. I tried to launch a mcafee virus scan, but again, the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. I ran a hijack this log but i went to save as and tried to save it to a floppy. Again, the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. Does anyone know what causes the beeping? Could it be a virus? If so, how can i remove it since the computer freezes and beeps when i try to run my virus scan.

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Computer Beeps Once Then Freezes

I currently have a problem with one of my home pc's. The pc is running windows xp pro with all the latest updates. When i start the pc it starts fine with no problems, but after about 15 minutes the pc beeps once and then completely freezes, nothing moves, i am unable to turn off the keyboard cap lock lights, unable to move the mouse etc. Normally i would say that this is something to do with the motherboard because it is effecting the keyboard etc. However this has happened to one of my other pc's in the past, i formatted the drive and it was fine. I think that it maybe caused by a virus because i am unable to run any of my anti-virus tools. I have installed: superantispyware, malwarebytes, avg free and spybot. The only ones i can get to work is superantispyware when running in the alternative start mode. I have tried the following so far: booting in safe mode but the pc does eventually do the same thing and freezes. I have tried running mscopnfig and removing unwanted services and startup items but again this hasnt made any difference. I have checked the event logs and nothing is there. Please can anyone offer any help?

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Computer Just Beeps Continually

I moved my fsb up to 200 and changed my system performance to turbo. And my computer just beeps continually when i try to boot up, and nothing comes up on the monitor. The fan turns on though. I have screwed my computer up, i am such a dumbass. Can i clear my bios somehow, or do i need to replace something? I have an amd athlon 2600+ and a nforce2 motherboard, ga-7n400e(-l), 1 gb ram

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Computer Crashes - Beeps Continuously

Lately, my computer has been crashing seemingly randomly, and then proceeds to emit beeps from within the tower until i get up to restart it. The crashes seem random, as they occur even at night, when the computer is sitting here not in use. The tower then beeps until it is restarted. I had originally thought this was caused by a loss of memory, as this problem occurred almost everytime i would try and rip a cd with itunes. Now, however, it happens even when i simply run firefox, or even let the computer sit with nothing in particular running.

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Hard Drive Beeps, 2 Beeps Then Repeats

Trying to add a second harddrive, which is wd 120gb. But when i plug it in (in same place where my other 80gb hd works) the hard drive beeps, (2 beeps) and then repeats. Depending on jumper settings somtimes it will continue to load, (with beeps) havnt let it go to far, bcoz i figure beeps are tellin me somthing is wrong, and somtimes shuts down after 15 or so seconds. What shall i do? On primary socket i have os hd, and cd-rom, on secondary ide i did have 80gb, set to master i believe, which worked fine. My goal would be to have all 3 working, as i need to copy data from one to other, however i would settle for just having new 120gb working and 80gb not there install.

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How Long Does Desktop Computer Last ?

I am on my 5th desktop computer since 2000 (y2k). The most common thing that seemed to give out first (within 3-5 years) was the power supply, which i successfully replaced each time - with the recommended replacement. However, it seemed like some (unidentified) components of the motherboard(s) also failed on each and every one of my previous desktop computers. Not knowing enough about computer hardware, i took a couple of my first ones to some folks that were in the business of repairing computers for a diagnosis and possible repair. (This is how i found out about the power supplyís). After a few rounds of this, when the computer that i had broke down, i decided to just get a new one (in the $500 - $1000 range) and donate the broken one to a non-profit computer repairman that gave his repaired electronics to charities. I have had as many as 3 desktops at one time, but never one for more than 5 years - even though i work to keep them in good condition (like vacuuming them inside and out ever 3 months, etc. )

I do realize that since bic invented disposable lighters that it makes more sense to buy new rather than purchase fluid, wicks & flints. And - these days it costs less to buy a new digital camera than to get one repaired - but, is it now also the same with the average desktop (generally better to buy new rather than repair)?

Whether or not that's the way it is these days, does anyone know - what the average life is of an average desktop computer? (Average = common brand name, $500- $800)

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When Using Mouse Computer Beeps And Cursor Freezes

Its nothing to do with any program but like when im using my mouse i just get some beeps from the computer like 1beep, 2beeps, 1beep then my mouse will freeze and i either get movement back and its all ok or the cursor freezes but everything else is ok, i will give 2 examples

1. I was on the desktop, msn messenger was dl'ing and i just finished updating direct x. The folder with everything i extracted i highlighted and tried to move then i got those beeps and the cursor froze, but msn continued dl'ing and then completed! I reset and installed it, wasnt even corrupt or owt. 2. As i was filling out system specs in user cp now, i went to click on the privacy thing if i want others to see my specs and as i clicked i got the beeps but i got movement back, then a few mins later as i tried to scroll down same thing but im still going. Now as im writing this im running blend test on orthos and 50 mins so far. Also i have speedfan running. - Ram? Maybe a possiblity but surely orthos would have shown that by now?
- Cpu overheating? But idle im 25 degrees and right now under 100% load im 40 degrees
- Psu? Not enough power or something? But i aint got a powerhouse rig really. Any help is appreciated! And the beep happend again now! Also, i checked the manual if the beeps meant anything and nothing, but any beeps you get is when post, not in windows.

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Computer Not Booting, Monitor Blank, No Beeps

I having trouble booting my computer, when i turn on my computer there no beeps, the monitor is blank, all the fans are running at full power, the power and hdd led are both on, my dvd-rw has power but my dvd-rom does not (the dvd-rom is new got it two days ago), optical mouse light up, no light on the keyboard, all the hardware looks fine, i took every thing out of the motherboard blow out dust then put the cpu, memory and video card back on and try booting it and the same thing happens no beeps and blank screen. I then reconnect every but did not connect the ide cable to the dvd-rom and try booting it and the same thing happens but this time the dvd-rom has power. Iím not sure if itís the motherboard, the power supply, the cpu or the memory.

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Computer Beeps And Resets When Playing Old Game

When i tried to play the old game of myst after a few minutes my computer would always beep and crashed (instantly reset). I have award bios and accordgin to some websites the alternating high/low beeps i heard one or two seconds before the crash means exactly: "either the cpu is not seated properly or the cpu is damaged. May also be due to excess heat. Check the cpu fan or bios settings for proper fan speed. " I don't know why it only did that with the crappy old game of myst. I do crazy things with my pc and my temps are always fine even with my oc. Once i got a look at the temps while it was beeping like that and they were perfectly nomal (for me 56 is normal, and my warning beep is set to 66 and i know the beep is different anyways) so guys, was myst doing something bad to my cpu or is something wrong with my computer? Well also just wondering cuz i went back to stock speeds and myst works fine? When it was oc'd it survived stressprime for a few hours before i decided it was enough and it never crashed on me.

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Computer Freezes, Then Long Beep

Often when i boot my computer, usualy the first time in the day or whatever, after 10-20-30 minutes of use it will act a little bit funny. First of all, when i right click the desktop, the menu will only half appear. Sort of semi transparent. Then a few seconds later, everything freezes, and i get a long beep until i restart. Then everything seems fine again?

Im thinking it could be a power-supply issue. Im pushing it a little bit with 380w and my set up i feel, but does anyone have any other ideas? What could the long beep mean? I also think it could be dodgy ram. Ill give more details if needs be, i just thought i'd post in case anyone had some ideas.

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Specs For Computer To Use For Long Hours

What kind of specs must be needed for long hours use of computer?

Answer:- what will you be using the computer for? I don't think you need any special specs to use a computer for a long period of time, but again, it depends totally on what you will be doing. Will you be making and editing videos? You'll need higher specs for this. If you are going to be typing on a word processor, specs won't matter as much. It all depends on what you will be using it for, but i don't think you need super-charged specs to run your computer for a long time. You will need a cooling system, but the fan that your computer comes with should be fine. Unless you are going to be running a lot of processes at the same time, you shouldn't need a liquid cooling system.

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Computer Won't Boot / No Lights, Beeps Or Anything

No lights, beeps or anythng. I made sure to turn the psu switch on and tried other plugs but it won't even turn on. Specs:

Gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p

Corsair cmpsu-650tx

Amd phenom ii x4 945

G. Skill 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1333 (pc3 10666)


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No Display, Computer Freezes, Long Beep

I've tried to troubleshoot my way through this, but find myself too frustrated with my own machine to think straight. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The problem started with my monitor (seemingly at random) going into power saving mode. I wouldn't be able to bring it back out of power saving mode without doing a complete restart of my system. I suspected either the video card (ati radeon x1300 w/256mb) or the monitor (lg lcd). I tried a different monitor and had the same problem. I tried switching the connection from dvi to vga. Still, the same problem. Definitely the video card. Except now i'm not so sure. I just fired it up again and opened the web browser, only to have the whole computer freeze up on me (i could move the mouse, but that was all. Clicking and keyboard commands were completely useless) and then my display went dead black, without even the warning about power saving mode. The computer appeared to still be running, though. The lights were on, and i could hear fan noise. So, i powered down, waited 5, then powered back on and attempted to login as admin in safe mode. Windows didn't even finish booting this time before it froze. There was also a long, continuous beep coming from within the case. The screen went dead again, the beep continued, and the computer still seemed to be running. I powered down, waited another 5, then powered back on one last time. This time, though, the screen wouldn't come on at all. The computer, though, did again seem to be running (lights, fan noise, etc). If not for the freezing and the long beep, i'd still suspect the video card, but now i'm not so sure. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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5 Beeps, 1 Beep, 2 Beeps, And Then 3 Beeps

When i turn my computer on, i hear 5 beeps, 1 beep, 2 beeps, and then 3 beeps. What does this mean?

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Computer Freezes On Boot - Long Time To Load Windows

I was having issues with a game of mine hard locking my pc. The only way to get out of it was to hold down the power button and force the pc to power down, then boot back up. Trying to trouble shoot the game, this happened several times. Then, it started freezing on the memory test. It's not really freezing, though - if i leave it sit for a very long time ( 5 to ten minutes ), it will eventually boot into windows. Any ideas?

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Random Short Lockups

I'm working a computer for a friend. Its a turd hp thats a couple years old. The problem is random, generally short, lock ups (ie not "lag"; aka freeze up - no movement on screen, mouse, video etc) sometimes followed by a total freeze where the system has to be rebooted. Having a decent amount of know-how having built my own computers i figured the problem had to do with hardware - possibly the drivers thereof. To make sure it was nothing else stupid i formatted the hd and put a fresh xp sp2 on it. I installed all the drivers specified by hewlett packturds. The problem has not been cleared up. I have been monitoring the system temps/voltage (speedfan) and have run tests on the ram (memtest) just to eliminate some easy problems but both have been doing great. I now believe that the problem lies in the crappy generic 5 ounce power supply hp puts in their systems. Assuming this is the problem. My only dilemma is i haven't noticed any drops in voltage while running speedfan when the lock ups have occurred. This can mean either its not detectable, the program can't read the voltage while the computer is locked up (lol), or speedfan isn't reliable for this type of diagnostic.

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How Do You Short Stroke A Hard Drive ?

I've never done this before, but i'm picking up a pair of western digital 640gb (the aals version) and i'm going to at least try it to see what happens. I know that hitachi makes a tool for short stroking their hard drives, but i don't know about western digital. Short-stroking just seems like a fancy way of saying 'partitioning', but i didn't know if you can limit partions to certain areas of the disk itself. Any ideas here?

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Gaming Keyboard With Short Keystrokes

I've been doing some research lately on gaming keyboards. So far the g15, saitek eclipse ii, and merc zboard look great. What i'm really looking for is a board that isn't gigantic, has all the standard keys on it, backlighting, and most importantly short keystrokes. I think the eclipse ii would be the best choice, but i just wanted to know what other people thought.

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Os Drive - Short Stroked .12 In Raid 0, Or Ssd ?

I'm in the upgrade process, and am building an i7 computer that will be running windows 7 and be used primarily for br ripping, encoding and editing, as well as gaming. My question is, due to the relatively high prices of a ssd right now (i see most ~60gb ssd going for ~120-180), would it be worth it to get two of the new . 12 500gb platter seagates, short stroke them, and put them in raid 0? For example, buying two of these: seagate 1tb 7200. 12, short stroking them to 100gb / disk, then putting them in raid 0 running together. Because it's using the outer layer, how would that performance compare to a raptor or, say, a ssd?

The reason for asking this is i also have a lot of storage, and will be needing to upgrade my storage in probably 6-8 months or so. If i went ahead and bought the 1tb seagates, used them for the os, then later on down the road (when ssd get a tad cheaper / gb), pop the seagates into my storage computer, and buy a ssd to replace the os drive. What kind of differences will i be seeing? One of the major problems i think i will run into is that i will be picking up aion to see how it is (~10gb starting, without patches), having the os (what is win7, 8 gb or so?), Main programs ie photoshop, ripping software, conversion software, etc, and that's about it. I don't *think* i'll need more than 60gb, but i would prefer to at least get 120gb ssd if i was going to go that route, but for the cost, it doesn't seem worth it with the rate of technological improvements in ssd/hdd recently. Edit: just curious, when ripping / encoding videos, it is beneficial to have a source file on one hdd and the dest file on a different hdd, correct? Ie, having the source on the os drive, encoding it to a secondary hdd, then erasing/moving the source to the dest?

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No Post Beeps

During recent use of my comp i noticed it was just shutting down. Turns out it was running hot and one of the cpu pins was cracked (how i dont know). So i bought a new cpu, plugged it in and now i get nothing. No display, no beeps nothing. I have tried the usual solutions. Video card, ram cmos, still nothing. Fans work and power is getting to the system.

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Bios Beeps

I was trying to install more ram into my computer and was unsuccesful because i could not get to the motherboard. Upon putting it back together, i realized i forgot to keep track of the power supply connector for the master cd rom drive. Since it needed a 4 pin connector, i picked one at random. When i rebooted, bios sent out 3 beeps and i couldn't see anything on the screen. I was able to operate the cd-rom though. I did not remove the old memory, nor could i upgrade it. I'm not sure if i damaged it. =( But, after switching the 4 pin connector w/ another one, my computer was able to reboot. This seems strange as all of the 4 pin connectors should work. Today, it crashed and then refused to reboot at all. Now bios is giving out a 4 beep signal. For an hp pavilion, it's either the timer on the mother board or the memory. Is there anyway to figure out which it is?

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