Computer Wont Boot With Both Hard Drives

I was using my computer and everything was great (been using win7 rc for a few months now and it's been superb). Then had the hardest crash i've ever seen. Just pure lock up. Cursor working (moving) but couldn't click on anything, no blue screen, just hanging there. Turned off the computer manually and tried to reboot. Hung on the win 7 logo for more than an hour. Didn't budge. Just hung, tried to boot into safe mode. No dice, hung, i then tried to boot into win 7 dvd, hung on logo as well. Finally i unplugged my main hard drive (150gb raptor) and bam, booted into the dvd. So i'm thinking my main drive failed but on the off chance something else weird was going on i unplugged my 2nd drive (2tb wd) and bam, booted into win 7 dvd. So now i was officially confused. I kept the wd 2tb drive unplugged and tried to boot into windows and bam, booted just fine. So what's the deal? My culprits are ps, then maybe the wd 2tb drive, and finally the mobo.

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Computer Wont Boot / No Longer Find Hard Drives

Ok i've totally ruined my computer, messing about with it trying to get the internet to work better on it i decided to format the hard drives and install windows from scratch. Done this before in the office at work and it was simple enough. Anyways i did it and now when my computer boots it says it can no longer find my hard drives, so cant install windows or do anything. It just keeps going round in circles and every time ends up at the same point saying windows cant find any hard drives to install to and restarts. Anyone know what i can do?

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Multi Boot And Different Hard Drives

So i just built my computer, i have 2 hard drives, both 7200 rpm, one is 160gb and one is 500gb. So basically, i want to install and have both vista and xp, and will be doing alot of video editing and some gaming. So i was wondering what is the most advantageous way of installing these operating systems on my computer?

Will i want to partition one hard drive and put both operating systems on it, and use the other hard drive for data, etc? If i do that is it fine to save programs like adobe photoshop onto the other hard drive and then run it from both operating systems? Will i experience a decrease in performance?

Or will i want to install xp on one hard drive and vista on the other? I read for video editing it is good to have a separate dedicated drive for something, not too sure what they mean.

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Sata Hard Drives Boot Problem

I am having a problem with sata hard drives. I had 4 sata hard drives in a computer. 2 of the drives where in the normal sata part of the motherboard, and the other 2 were in sata raid. The hard drives were not being detected by windows and so i decided to try and move the 2 from the sata ports into the raid to see if they would be detected by windows. The problem is now none of the drives will even boot. I put the drives where they were originally and now it wont boot at all. I am stuck. I have some very important files on there that i need to get off. I have tried putting them in another computer that has sata but it sais that they are just unallocated space and have to be partitioned. So i am stuck.

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Win Xp Can Not Recognize My Hard Drives And Do Not Boot

My "back-up" pc (p4 1. 6, asus p4sdx, 01 hd ata-133 120 gb maxtor & 01 hd ata-100 40 gb seagate) is having a boot problem since this morning. The message is "disk boot failure-insert disk system. ". So, i put my mobo cd in my drive of dvd and i could access dos (only drive "a" - the program "called" my drive of dvd - normally named d by windows - as drive "a")), but i can not reach my 02 hard drives (as if they were "missing". ). Inside bios, within boot menu, i can not set primary master and slave, because they "disappeared" (appears only none inside this option. - As if i do not had any hdd. ) Very strange, as i didn't change any setting of my pc. Well, i need a technical help to solve this odd problem; what can i do to make my pc to recognize my 02 hd's, please?

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Boot Cd Won't Recognize Hard Drives

I have a very serious problem i've been trying to solve for weeks now. I need to format my hard drive, but the problem is that when i try to boot from the xp installation disk it doesn't recognize the hds. This also happens with other boot cds i've tried. The drives themselves are fully functional when i boot from them. When i entered bios, i saw that there is no primary ide master detected (only the cd-rom as secondary), but when the computer boots there is an ide detection phase where i see that the hard drives are being detected. I also tried installing windows using the cd from within windows, but then when the computer restarts i get a blue screen. My computer is infected with viruses, so maybe that is related too. I tried updating my bios version but to no avail.

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Hard Drive Causes Computer Not To Boot

I bought a new pc and was swapping out hard drives when i put in an sata hard drive i use for backup and my new computer wouldnt boot. After a long time of trial and error i figured it was that particular drive and removed it. I sort of put it out of my mind for a few months but now i want to get my data off there. I have my older pc which it was originally in so i figured i could do some testing. The problem seems to be a short in the hard drive. The hard drive is a seagate baracude (sata). I need to use one of those sata power adapters to be able to hook up to my current power supply. Both computers i tested on boot up fine but as soon as i plug in the power cord to the hard drive and hit the power on butt the cpu fan spins like half a turn then stops. After this if i remove the power from the hard drive and hit the power button the computer still won't boot. I must then unplugg the pc from the wall and then the pc will boot. Is there any chance i accidently screwed somethign up during the move or maybe its the power adapter? I used the same adapter before so i'm hoping during the move maybe the adapter got screwed up. Anyone ever hear of this? Any ideas?

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Three Ide Hard Drives In One Computer

I have an old (3 ghz with hyper threading)optiplex 170l on my network that is strictly for movies and is connected to my tv. I have tryed several times to put a third ide hard drive in but it wont work. I have tryed several different drives with the same result. I have also tryed to put three ide hard drives in my other computers with the same result. My question is, do i need a program to run a third ide hard drive in a single computer? Or is my only option to go buy a pci ide card?

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All Hard Drives Are Not Showing Up In My Computer

I have 6 hard drives in my system, but only 4 are recognized and show up in 'my computer'. Bios was able to find all 6 and everest sees all 6, too. What could be the problem? All my hard drives are connected directly to the psu (880watt).

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Computer Wont Boot - Hard Disk Indicator Light Stays On

I have hibernation enabled on my computer. The other day i turned it on and it resumed normally. I used it for a while and then left it. When i went back and turned it back on it wouldn't boot. The hard disk use indicator light stays on. The monitor displays a no signal or cable disconnected screen. I listened to the hard drive and it does not seem to be doing anything. The dvd drive also does not eject. I have tried removing each component hd, dvd, and floppy individually to see if it is caused by one of them. This did not solve the problem. I have double check all of my connections and they are all in there firmly. Normally when i boot up i get a screen from the vid card that counts the ram. Then it goes to the asus screen where i can enter the bios setup. Then it goes to windows. Neither of the first two screens ever appear. I have checked my power supply. It is getting 120v in. At a 4 pin power dongle i get 12v dc out. I don't know what else to try.

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File Transfer Between Hard Drives Causes Computer Crash

I recently installed a new drive into my storage server (one of wd's 1tb green drives) and transferring files to it sometimes results in a computer crash. There were no issues before this latest drive was installed. Crashes have as of yet only happen when this drive is being written to, though i do not write to the other drives often so i am not sure at this point. Crashes happen much more frequently when there is increased disk activity anywhere else in the system. The system is built as follows:

Amd athlon x2 4050e 2. 1ghz dual core cpu
Jetway jnc62k w/ nvidia geforce 8200 mainboard
Os hard drive: hitachi travelstar 5k160 ata-6
Storage drives: 3x1gb wd10eads sata
Windows xp mce w/ sp3

Any suggestions where i should start troubleshooting? Does this sound like a problem you've heard before? I've run smart diagnostics on all the hard drives running wd's diag tools, and it's all come back just fine.

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Computer Suddenly Won't Detect Hard Drives

Ok, so i was installing a new dvd-rw drive i got and it was going good, windows xp recognized it, i was burning stuff. Then nero gives the error "connection interrupted". The drive was stuck and nero froze. So i open my case, make sure all connections are good and reboot. Only this time right after it checks the cd drives to see if it should boot from them, it suddenly starts showing weird symbols scrolling down the screen (like a matrix effect) i have disconnected everything, reconnected, reset cmos, but it still wont detect the hard drives!

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Computer Wont Detect Hard Drives When Raid Enabled

I've gotten them to work before in raid, recently i formatted my drives and i had set the bios to 'defaults'. Well, the drives are formatted. I can go to bios and my hds appear, i go to enable raid and save the settings only to return to bios and see they're gone. And when i hit f10 to go into the raid setup, it shows both of them but they are in red highlight. Ive been messing around in the settings see if i turned anything on last time but have had no luck. I've got a feeling its something simple i'm just not seeing. Edit: 680sli mobo|2x wd250 hd|geforce 8800gtx|2 gb corsair|core2 duo e6600

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Are Two Hard Drives Better Than One Large Hard Drive ?

I got asked a weird question by someone i know, are two hard drives better than one large hard drive, i really don't know if the difference can be seen because i have 2 hard drives so. I have a 75gb raptor and a 400gb ide but i've never thought of that before, the lady who asked me said she was going to buy a new pc and does alot of work editing videos and had the choice of a pc with 2 sata hard drives or 1.

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Cannot Boot From Hard Drive

If i put a windows xp disk in the cd drive and both the hard drive and optical drive are connected, it will boot past post and then stop with a flashing cursor. If i disconnect the hard drive, it will boot past post, read the cd and run setup. No matter what, if a hard drive is present, it will just stop after ide detection and flash the cursor. I've check the bios and the hard drive is recognized and it's setup to boot from cd first. I've tried another known good hard drive, tried changing cables and ide slots. Even cleared cmos. I've pretty much tried every configuration that i can think of. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone ever encountered this issue? I'm thinking mobo but am confused as the optical drive works on both the primary and secondary ide channels.

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Xp Does Not Boot From Hard Disk

I have bought a new hdd (ata), with jumper on master. I did installed xp professional sp2 (genuine licensed) once, this morning, everything was ok. After installing xp, i have booted from hdd without problems and even i did some small disaplay changes (resolution, colors, things like that), but i have installed nothing else). I've closed the os, closed the pc and went out for about 1 hour. When coming back the system refused to boot again from hdd. As i had nothing else installed on hdd except the xp, i decided to boot from cd, format again the partition and reinstall the xp. Surprise: the hdd is visible (bios sees it), is to be formated, xp files are copied on the c: partition as normal, no errors, but when first time the installing program needs to re-boot, it can not re-boot from hdd, and keeps booting from cd again and again. Any ideas?

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Cant Boot From My Xp Hard Drive

I have two hard drives, one with vista and one with xp. For some strange reason, all of a sudden i cant boot from my xp hard drive. All i get is a blank screen after post with a blinking cursor like in command prompt (though i cant input any commands). In bios, i cant select that drive as a bootable one. The drive shows up in vista's device manager, but i cant access the drive (it doesnt turn up in "my computer". Its like the drive exists, and it spins up, but its not there. File recovery programs cant work because they dont pick up the drive. Im not so much worried about recovering the windows install etc than i am getting some of my crucial files off it. Anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions?

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Hard Drive Causes Xp To Freeze On Boot Up

I have an older dell system (by older i mean over 3 yrs) and i installed a wd 160 gb hard drive in it about a year ago using the supplied controller card, with an ntfs format to the drive. The drive (which has been my main data storage drive since i installed it) worked fine for that year. Resently i was installing a program off of a cd that was scratched up pretty bad on to that drive. After multiple cleanings of the disk, and crashing of the installer the computer totally locked up. I couldn't even get the num lock lights to function. So i hit the reset button. When the computer tried to come back up it froze at the blank (black) screen after the windows xp booting screen. After some intenstive trouble shooting of the attached hardware i discovered that if i removed the 160 gb drive from the system (either physically, or by disabling the controller card) the system booted fine. I also tried the drive connected directly to the eide controller on the motherboard with only the boot drive as the only other device and it was connected to the other controller, this also caused the system to freeze in the same spot. Trying the drive on another xp machine, and a windows 2000 machine resulted in simular issues (the windows 2000 machine stoped at the windows splash with the scrooling blue bar. )

I even moved all of the data off of one of the other drives, reformated it, and reinstalled windows xp, and service pack 1 on that drive. When i connect the 160 gb drive up it does the same thing. Also trying to reinstall windows with the drive attached causes windows to freeze at the point that it tries to check that drive. Now here is the real puzzling part, running the western digital diagonstics (it's called life gaurd or something like that) it doesn't show any bad sectors or anything on the drive (i did the extensive test that also does a phsyical scan of the drive, looking for damage to the platters i assume), and running ntfs-reader allows me to read, and copy the files off of the drive, unfortunitly i don't have enough combined space on the two good drives (a 20gb. And a 9gb) to copy off the mission critical stuff i have stored on the drive (about a years worth of video editing of old vhs tapes that i was transfering to dvd for my inlaws. ) Any suggestions other then reformat, and re-edit the vhses?

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Failure To Boot From Hard Drive

I have two hard drives. I tried installing windows vista business on the first one to use in a dual-boot configuration with windows xp which was on the second hard drive. Well, the vista installation worked fine, but when i went to boot into xp, i found vista's boot loader hadn't recognized windows xp. Clearly frustrated, i tried several different things until i finally decided to format the first hard drive. It was horrible i lost my entire data from the hard drive. Vista made my data vanish. I hate it. I tried using repair tool and many recovery software, but it did not work.

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Hard Drive Fails To Boot

I have a diamondmax plus 9 which i store in an external case and it connects to my computer through usb port. It currently has 2 partitions on it. Ever since i made a third partition on it: ntfs 32k cluster size, it has seemed to have screwed up and fails to boot each time. How do i stop the 3rd partition from booting up or get rid of the 3rd partition without affecting the other 2 because of valuable data?

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Can Not Boot Into Windows When External Hard Drive Is On

Ever since i installed my sata hard drive when ever i reboot the computer and have my external hard drive connect and powered on the system hangs and does not complete the boot up. What is the cause of this? Can you disable and options in the bios this way if i have any usb device it will not interfer with the boot up process?

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Hard Drive Encryption Upon Boot From Usb

I am getting a few new external 500gb hard drives (try 3), and i am going to be needing some kind of encryption program. All 3 drives will be encrypted, but one of them is going to have a few backups on it - acronis trueimage ones. I know trueimage can encrypt, but i want to get the best possible encryption, if only so i can point and laugh as i describe how long it'd take to crack it. I've considered truecrypt, however, it requires encryption software on both ends. I want something that, upon boot from usb, asks me what the password is, and then becomes availiable to the system. Is there anything like that availiable? Truecrypt is probably going to be used on the other two 500g's (unless you guys have better suggestions), but i do think it'd be a good idea to keep the data encrypted on the backup 500g.

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Hard Drive Chkdsk Problem On Every Boot Up

What i mean by my drive "acting up" is that every time i reboot, it asks me do a chkdsk for this specific drive, there are always "corrupt" files that need to be deleted or realigned or w/e and it happens on every bootup. Recently, i've had some of my game folders disappear but when i click the shortcuts on my desktop, the games still work fine. It seems to me like the drive is dying (raptor 74gb - out of warranty), but it passes the smart test and has 0 errors in a wd diagnostics extended test. Error scan in hd tune 4. 01 shows nothing as well, but when i got to 'health', it says:

(05) reallocated sector count 199(current)/199(worst)/140(threshold)/3(data) - warning
(C4) reallocated event count 199/199/0/1 - warning
(C7) ultra dma crc error count 200/253/0/308 - warning

What does this mean? Is the drive dying or what?

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Hard Drive Not Recognized After Power Off During Boot

Ok a few months ago i was dual booting linux and windows with two hard drives. Then one day my friend turned off the power to the computer when linux was booting. Well basically linux ate both hard drives. I used my emachine reboot disk and all was well, until i realized that the other hard drive wasn't being recognized. So i put it as master rather than slave and it was like error. So i put in my emachine boot disk for that drive and it was all good and ran windows ok. So i put it back on slave and it would still not recognize. Is there anyway that i can have windows re recognize my second hard drive or be able to completely erase everything on it. Oh yeah 1 more thing. I tried using eraser a hard rive erasing program and it found the lost drive and erased on it but windows wouldn't see the drive after i did it.

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Dual Hard Drive Selection On Boot

I have two hard drives, one wd 80 gig hard drive and one wd 40 gig hard drive. I set the 80 gig one as my main hard drive, the master, and the 40 gig one as the slave. The 80 gig one is for windows xp so i can use it as my main system and the 40 gig one is to set up a ftp server and the operating system is windows server 2003. I want it so that when i boot my computer, it will give me the selection, the choices in other words, to select which hard drive i want to use. Like when you partition a hard drive, it gives you a choice of which partition you want to go in when you boot it, right? Is it possible to do the same with two hard drives? If so, how can i set it up so it will be like that?

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Boot From Ubuntu External Hard Drive

I like to use ubuntu linux, as it makes a change from windows, and well. I like it, my question is, is it possible to boot from an external hard drive? I currently have an acer 1672lmi laptop, and my hard drive is getting full, so i have decided not to partition and install ubuntu. So is it possible to install ubuntu to an external hard drive, and have a grub boot loader on that drive, so when i plug it in and load it up, i can use default windows (c drive) or ubuntu on the external. If not how can i get a new laptop hard drive (about 80gb) and then copy all my files from this hard drive - ie a duplicate, so i would have 2 partitions - the 60gb (identical to this one - an exact duplicate, including windows. ) And a 20gb partition, for linux.

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New & Old Hard Drives

I am currently building a system and want to use my old hard drive with the new one. The old drive is a 3. 2gb ibm and the new one is a 30gb western digital. I just want to make sure that i don't compromise any data on the old hard disk (i have backups for some of it but not all) when i'm putting it together and setting things up. Should i set up the old one as the master and the new as the slave or vice versa? Also, if i set the old drive as the master should the computer boot even though the motherboard is new (and different from the previous system the drive was in)?

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Need Help With Hard Drives

I have vista and xp running fine, set up the raid array no problem, but the raid array isn't visible for access in either xp or vista

In vista it prompted for raid drivers which i then installed, but still no access (isn't visible in my computer) though it's visible in the device manager

In xp the raid array isn't visible at all, not even in the device manager
In the bios i have the sata controller set to raid

Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?

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How To Best Use Two Hard Drives?

I ran over my computer with my van. I had forgotten that i had taken it out and left it in the driveway. Go ahead, laugh. At least my misfortune will serve some purpose if only to amuse. It is (or was) an emachines t3604. Yes, i know it's not a great computer but it was my computer and had my business records on it. The van tire didn't run completely over it. It pushed it along the pavement and caved in the front. The case is trashed as are the removable drives. The motherboard is probably junk too but the hard drive survived unscathed as has the power supply. I've taken what's left of the computer (the mother board and hard drive) to a place that specializes in data recovery. The thinking is that they will try to boot up the hard drive and transfer the data to an external hard drive that i will use on another computer. The tech recommended looking on ebay for a replacement mother board to rebuild the computer as i have several cases and many external drives and various computer paraphernalia in my collection of junk. However while looking for a mother board on ebay, i found another complete (except for operating system, keyboard, monitor and mouse) emachines t3604. I put a bid on it. If i win the bidding and my original hard drive checks out ok i will have two hard drives. One of my junk computers has two hard drives with the second in slave mode. I assume this is to automatically back up the primary hard drive in case of failure. I don't know if this is possible with the more modern emachines t3604 and i'm not real solid on how to set this up. The older style hard drives had jumpers which were pretty simple. If this isn't the best thing to do with two hard drives i'm open to all suggestions.

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Computer Does Not Boot At All

This computer i just recieved to do some work on wont boot up at all. I mean no beeps, no lights no nothing. The only thing that happens is when you plug it into the wall a little green light on the ps starts blinking.

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