Esata Hard Drive Not Recognized In Vista 64

Esata hard drive not recognized in vista 64, well it does, as long as i do a "scan for hardware changes" in device manager every time i want to use it. But if i just plug it in and turn it on it doesn't get recognized. Any ideas why?

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Hard Drive Not Recognized On Vista 64 Bit

I physically installed the wd1600ys western digital 160gb caviar hd into the computer. Pata and sata cables. However it is not recognizing it. I had the old install disc for xp version which will not work on my vista. Now that being said i am unable to find the drivers needed for my computer to recognize it. I believe it needs western digital tools. I called the tech support at western digital and they stated the drivers are only available for vista 32 bit. My vista reads 32 programs. He couldn't tell me where those drivers were. He was pretty aggravated when he picked up probably because someone called him and complained that their cup holder( disc drive) was broke when it spilled the drink. Please direct me to a website where i may download the driver to recognize my hd.

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Hard Drive Stops Getting Recognized

Sometimes my external hard drive(s) stop getting recognized by my computer. If i go to my computer it will show "local disk (i" in there but it will not have the bar under it showing how full it is and it won't let me access it. It usually takes a few minutes for it to become accessible again. It's always one of my 1tb western digital external's. Just a few minutes ago all of them became unrecognizable for about 30 seconds. What could be causing this? Could it be heat related?

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Raid Configuration Problems On Esata External Hard Drive

I have an external sata hard drive. I installed the internal sata to esata adapter card and booted to windows xp. The instructions said to first connect the esata cable, then both usb connectors of the double ended usb cable (the 2nd connector provides additional drive power for low powered laptop usb ports) and then connect the small usb connector to the drive. At this point the drive is supposed to be recognized, the drivers installed, and the drive should be enabled. Nothing happened. I thought my sata ports may be configured wrong in the bios and the sata mode was set to combination. The other options are raid autodetect/ahci, raid autodetect/ata, and raid on. It seemed to me combination would be the best since i was not using raid. When i looked for sata drive 0, it was listed of course, but the other sata ports were said to be disabled in combination mode. I set the mode to raid autodetect/ahci (this is the default in the bios), shutdown, connected the esata and usb cables before booting, and the drive was recognized in the bios but right after i got the bsod with a stop error. I finally set the mode to raid autodetect/ata, saved, powered down, connected all my cables before booting, the drive was recognized in the bios, and after startup in windows xp, the drive was recognized and usable. Just to test, i shutdown again and unplugged all cables, rebooted and after startup i connected the esata cable, and then the usb cable and nothing happened once again. So i can't get plug-n-play to function properly. Any ideas?

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External Hard Drive Not Recognized And Not Initialized

I have an external western digital 640gb hard drive. When i purchased it i hooked it to my dvr. The dvr formatted the drive. I have video recorded on it and would like to transfer to my computer. However, i plug it in my computer (after installing software drivers) and it recognizes it to install it. When i go to device manger it is showing there. When i go to disk management it says "unallocated" and "not initialized". How can i get my videos from the hard drive to my computer? I was told by wd that i would have to format the drive through windows xp but then i would loose my data. I was then told i could send my drive to a data recovery partner of theirs and they could recover it to the tune of $1000. 00.

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Hard Drive Not Recognized After Power Off During Boot

Ok a few months ago i was dual booting linux and windows with two hard drives. Then one day my friend turned off the power to the computer when linux was booting. Well basically linux ate both hard drives. I used my emachine reboot disk and all was well, until i realized that the other hard drive wasn't being recognized. So i put it as master rather than slave and it was like error. So i put in my emachine boot disk for that drive and it was all good and ran windows ok. So i put it back on slave and it would still not recognize. Is there anyway that i can have windows re recognize my second hard drive or be able to completely erase everything on it. Oh yeah 1 more thing. I tried using eraser a hard rive erasing program and it found the lost drive and erased on it but windows wouldn't see the drive after i did it.

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Hard Drive Not Recognized After Reformat Not Completed Successfully

Anyone know why? I formatted it to ntfs in windows 7 and a popup came up saying "the format could not be completed successfully". Then the drive did not show up. It does not show up in computer management / disk management at all. I have tried it plugged in internally through ide and externally through my enclosure. I have also tried to see if osx could recognize the drive in disk utility but no luck. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Usb External Hard Drive Not Fully Recognized By Xp

I have a hdd with an ide/usb converter to be used as an external usb hdd. It was working fine the couple of times i used it, but apparently something happened and now it is not fully recognized by xp. When i turn the hdd on, xp tells me new hardware found, then says it is a disc unit, then nothing happens. My pc does not show the disc, neither the explorer does it. I can not open device manager unless i turn the hdd off. I have un-installed/installed all usb controllers. Same problem. The above happens with my desktop. There is no problem using this usb external hdd in my notebook. Any idea what the problem is? How to solve it?

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Sata Drives Recognized By Bios But Not Detected By Vista

What it says on the tin, really. I installed two new maxtor 250gb sata drives this afternoon, as companions to my 500gb main c:/ drive. They are picked up in the bios just fine, but vista can't see them. They don't show up in disk management or the device manager, so i can't format them or do anything with them. I've looked through the manual and the bios very thoroughly, but i can't find anything wrong. Everything that should be enabled is enabled. It's an msi k9n mainboard. I should stress that this is not a raid setup - i just want two extra hds.

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Moving Vista To New Hard Drive

I have vista basic on my dell. I am going to install a second hard drive. I found on western digital web page that says i can right click the old drive and use cut and it will remove the whole drive from the old western digital and then select the new drive and copy the entire drive to the new hard drive. This sounds too simple. Will it work?

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Hard Drive Monitoring For Vista

Can anyone recommend a free utility that can actively monitor the health of a hard drive. I would also like it to give some kind of alert if it detect any kind of problem. I did some searching on [h] and the internet but was not able to find much in the way of freeware.

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Do I Have To Format A New Hard Drive Before Installing Vista 64 ?

I just installed a new wd 1tb black hard drive into a new system. I installed vista 64 without doing any type of format. Was i supposed to format the drive before installing the os?

Or does it automatically use ntfs?

Just want to find out right away so i can redo it if necessary.

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Problem Installing Vista On Sata Ii Hard Drive

I have just built my first computer and cant get vista ultimate to install on my barracuda 7200. 10 sata 3. 0gb/s 500-gb hard drive. When i get to the screen that asks you to select your hd to install vista on, it recognizes my drive but has a message on the bottom of the screen stating. "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation. "

Is their anything i can do to get windows installed on this hd?

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Suggestions For Esata Flash Drive

I have found myself in need a of a portable storage device and figure a flash drive will suit my needs. However, whilst i was looking for a usb one i noticed you can now get e-sata connections and i have one on my case so for flexibility of use i thought i would look for one. I noticed the ocz throttle primarily but also the likes of the kanguru e-flash drives. I am not too sure what i will be storing on this but don't want to be too restricted. Does anyone have any experience of these types of drive, are they worth it over a plain old usb one?

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Power Down External Esata Drive

I am using one of these external usb/esata drives with a wd 1tb black hdd

I am using it with an asus p6t deluxe motherboard and the esata port does not support hot swapping so if i connect it i have to restart the machine for it to be detected in windows also i read that you should not even connect it while the computer is on if the port is not hot swappable. It works greats but the problem is that the drive is always on and spun up and running very hot, i don't access it much but don't want the hassle of restarting the machine when i want to power it down or access it?

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Nas Or Usb / Esata Drive Case ?

Im thinking of using my 1 tb drive as a media drive for my setup. Currently i have:

1) deskop - esata, 1xgigalan
2) laptop - usb, 1x 100mbps lan
3) 100mbps wireless router with 4 port switch

I dont switch on my desktop 24/7 so i plan to get a drive enclosure for my hard disk. I will be storing all my bt and media files in that 1tb drive. I have done some research and here are what i found out. 1) usb/esata - fast data transfer rate, 30mb/s for usb2. 0 and almost max for esata. 2) nas - bit torrent feature looks tempting because i plan to use it 24/7 for bt. But i heard the built-in client is inefficient and will be slower and harder to manage than normal windows bt client. Is it true? Since i'm using 100mbps switch, transfer rate between my pc and nas will be painfully slow, max around 10mb/s. Some nas enclosures comes with print server function which enables me to share my usb printer with both my pc and laptop. I really dont know whether it is worth to get nas which is more expensive then normal usb/esata enclosure and slower. Please give your suggestions.

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External Esata Drive Write Protected

I have an external drive i am using for backups with acronis home and the damn thing keeps getting write protected. I can remove the write protection with diskpart only if the drive is open in explorer and in a day or two it goes back to write protected and acronis can't save to it.

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Esata External Enclosure That Can Accept Ide Drive

Are there any esata or nas external enclosure (with 3 or more drive bays) that can accept ide drives?

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Esata Thumb Drive For Page File/temp

I have been meaning to ask this for probably a year now and i always see to forget it. Is it viable to set your page file/temp in windows to a esata thumb drive to increase performance and not require the hard drive to move read/write heads around just for stuff like this? If it is an option, why don't more people do it?

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External Enclosure / Drive With Usb And Esata Recommendations

I'm looking at the acomdata executive pd320use-bl 320gb 5400 rpm 8mb cache usb 2. 0 / esata external hard drive - retail at newegg. Has anyone used this product?

Does anyone have recommendations for a similar product and/or an enclosure which i buy the drive separately? I primarily plan to use this as portable storage and will be using the usb most of the time. It would be nice to have the esata available for when the devices it is hooked to support it, but is not absolutely necessary.

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Esata Front Port Drive Bay Replacement

Does anyone know of a drive bay replacement, preferably a 3. 5" floppy size in black, that adds an esata port to the front?

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250 Gb Drive Recognized As 128 Gb In Xp

First, i know why this is happening and that i can fix it by upping to service pack 1 or 2, as described in this thread: http://forums.

Second, i want to use this new drive as a backup so i can reinstall with xp sp2. If i format it as 128gb, can i use those 128 gigs safely to store my backup files? So when i reinstall with sp2, it won't erase anything on that drive?

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Usb Backup Drive Not Recognized By Ps3

I formated a backup drive to fat32 from windows vista. My vista computer and xp computer recognized the drive but my ps3 will not, does nor show up anywhere. My usb 8g flash drive works fine.

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Asus A8v: Sata Drive Recognized As Scsi

Well i've finally moved out of my shuttle and into a full size atx case. My thanks to freedom eclipse and mkmods for helping me out by selling their old components. So i'm all up and running and now it's just the teething issue(s). Why on earth does xp have to be a dick? I mean, when i got the machine up and running from the very first boot. It worked brilliant. Until another reboot after reinstalling some applications (i.e. 3dmark06) it now says my sata hdd is scsi. Which means i can't use it. Now my mobo has two raid controllers, one via and one promise. I've used both, disabled both (bios and windows) and i still get my soddin' hdd show in device manager as flippin' scsi.

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Hitachi Xbox 360 Drive Recognized By Windows

How do i get my hitachi xbox 360 drive recognized by windows? I want to flash my xbox, with jungleflasher, but it's hitachi so it needs to be in mode b. Jungleflasher can put it in mode b but it wont recognize that i have the xbox connected to my computer. I have a dell dimension 8400, inside there is one extra sata port that i have the drive connected to, im powering the hitachi drive with the xbox. So what do i need to do to make jungle flasher recognize the drive. ? And i have windows xp, and also what firmware do i need.

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Sandisk Cruzer Titanium Flash Drive - Usb Device Not Recognized

Bought a sandisk cruzer titanium flash drive which worked fine for 6 weeks. Now when i plug it into the usb 2. 0 port on the front of my machine windows xp responds "usb device not recognized. " The drive is not present in my computer or disk management but shows up as an "unknown device" in device manager. The drive does work, however, on another computer at work. The same problem also has started with an ipod.

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Vista Installation / Wd Hard Disk Driver Problem

I purchased a 32-bit vista home premium dvd (legal copy) to install on my newly bought wd 400gb caviar se (8mb cache - model number wd4000aajs). First of all, after windows loads the files for installation or whatever in that gray progress bar on the bottom of the screen it takes about 7-8 minutes just hanging on that blue/green splash screen. I then am amble to choose the language and click the install now button. It then goes to the "please wait. " Screen for another 5 minutes - is this 15 minute wait in total normal?

Now the real problem, i'm getting a "driver error" message at the 'collecting information stage' - it is simply asking for a driver for my hdd (wd4000aajs). I am then given the option to browse a cd/dvd. I have tried 2 versions of western digital cd - version 11. 1 and 11. 3 (i.e. , Diagnostic/recovery/drivers cd). It couldn't find any appropriate driver for the hard disk. I searched and searched but couldn't find any vista driver for my 2nd gen sata hard disk? Wd's download library page doesn't say anything about vista compatibility except they are continuously updating the drivers (my a s s)

How can i solve this problem?

1) i downloaded sata ahci drivers from biostar's web page. I will put those into a diskette and try again in the same stage. Perhaps vista finds sata drives for the motherboard and my problem ends!

2) should i update the bios version first? Or should i change any settings in the bios?

3) likewise, do you think playing with master/slave jumpers on the drives might solve the problem?

4) if it doesn't work with above options i am thinking to assemble the rig in its barebones (cpu/ram/vid card/1gb ram/ 1 hdd/1 dvd) - right now everything is connected to the mobo and i already put it inside the case. I generally try to post it in the barebone stage - if it posts i put everything inside the case. And in this situation it posted so i went ahead and put everything inside the case. I'm too lazy to pull them out!

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Cloning Vista From Old Drive To New

So i just got done getting the drive cloned and ran hdtune a few times. On a couple runs, my min dropped to 10-15mb/s which doesn't seem normal. These are close to the results i typically get though (unless something is loading in the background - this is my os drive by the way). How does it look?

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Tape Drive For Vista

Ok since they toke away out of the box tape drive support for vista what is everyone using for doing backups with their tape drives under vista?

The quantum sdlt tape drive was free along with the adaptec scsi card and 80+ tapes that were only used once so i do not want to hear just use an external hard drive. So far it looks like novabackup is the best bet but i was wondering if there was something better or even something that is free.

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No Floppy Drive Support In Vista

I hooked up my floppy drive last night to flash my vid card and all vista keeps saying is it cannot find a driver for my device. Has anyone here seen or heard of this before and if so is there a fix besides reinstalling o/s?

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