Usb Works Intermittently

Got a dell presion tower and some devices work in the usb ports and some do not. Some memory sticks work fine but others give me a usb error in device mgr. Same as some external hard drives. It does show that some devices are connected but the indication in device manager says that drivers are not loaded with the yellow exclaimation point. The device then does not work. Some work fine though is strange.could it have something to do with service pack 3 with xp pro?

Is there some setting in the bios that i need to tweak?

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Usb 2.0 Ports Works Intermittently / Temporarily

I have installed a usb card into a pci slot and it works fine. The card came complete with a ribbon cable and front usb ports all duly connected but these ports seem to work only intermittently and then only as usb 1. I have removed the card and reseated it but to no avail. I am running windows xp sp2 with athlon xp 1900 & 512mb ram. Can anyone suggest what is wrong?

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Usb Works With Keyboard And Mouse But Won't Read Usb Stick

Hello guys, i've this problem since some time. My keyboard and mouse work properly but the system seems to fail in reading usb sticks. They do appear in my computer but when i access them it either says " f: is not accessible. Impossible to satisfy your demand because of peripheral error e/s ", or, it allows me to enter it but there are no files listed. The stick works ok in other machines and there are files on it. It also takes a long time for the system to see the stick. I did have some viruses but now the comp is clean as i ran all the programs suggested in networking&security section of this forum. Help!

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Can Usb Hub Works As A Splitter ?

I got the assumption that a usb hub would work as a splitter of some sort. I purchased a hub and hooked up my external hdd to my pc and the other end to my x360. I figured i could add files and watch them on the x360 without taking the cord out and keep going back and forth. So am i wrong? Or this ain't possible?

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Usb Hub Works As A Splitter ?

I got the assumption that a usb hub would work as a splitter of some sort. I purchased a hub and hooked up my external hdd to my pc and the other end to my x360. I figured i could add files and watch them on the 360 without taking the cord out and keep going back and forth. So am i wrong? Or this ain't possible?

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Usb Keyboard Works In Bios But Not In Windows Xp

I have this friend whose ps/2 keyboard port is broken. He bought a usb keyboard to use with his pc, but when he gets to the winxp welcome screen, the keyboard wouldn't work, so, naturally he can't logon for the keyboard to be recognized. Are there any possibilities to get the keyboard to work before logging into windows? Also - the usb keyboard works when he tries to go into the bios.

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Hdd Works On Usb Enclosure Yet Bsod Over Esata

So i bought a 1 terabyte western digital caviar green edition in october and just let it sit in a closet til yesterday. I decided to install it as a 3rd hdd but it would crash when i tried to format it. I then tried to install w7 on it and still crashed and bsod'd

So i decide to use it on my usb enclosure and what do you know, it works, i can copy large isos to it in 3 minutes or so, i copied 1gb of pictures on it and copied it again on the same drive with no problems (this would crash before on direct sata to mobo) i even partitioned it in 3 and copied data across all partitions with no problems but obviously i want sata speeds and not usb speeds. Any help?

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Pc Shutting Down Intermittently

Reading some other posts from willhub" the symptoms sound similar to mine, apart from the fact that my computer will shutdown at various stages;

Whilst playing a game
Normal desktop usage or idle
Even before xp is loaded

I tested the memory from a bootable disk - got to 20% and then the system powered off. Interesting thing is this only started about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The system for no reason just started turning itself off and when attempting to power back on nothing happens!
I thought it was a ventilation problem so installed thermaltake fan/temp controller to see. All temperatures were fine but still kept shutting down.

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Pc Freezing / Crashing Intermittently

This is a relatively new build. I'm trying to diagnose the issue but i am finding it more and more difficult to pin-point what the problem is. The pc freezes/crashes during gameplay of several titles and will even lock-up after sitting idle for several minutes/hours. I have enough experience with hardware to diagnose these kinds of issues, but this one seems to be eluding me. I assumed i was either having temperature, memory or video card driver issues as these have all lead to similar problems in the past, however, all of the above has been tested and seem to be normal. The cpu is running up to 70c in some cases during full load, but as this is one of the higher-end prescotts the temperature seems nominal. I have other prescotts that run this high. I have tested the memory, several times, with several different mem-test applications, all of which show no errors. I have tried using several different drivers for the video card, and again, not one thing is fixing the problem. I think in my frustration i may be overlooking something minscule that is the cause of the problem. Anyone with a similar experience or with any advice feel free to give some suggestions.

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Computer Freezing Intermittently

The screen will freeze up for about 5 seconds intermittently. I reformatted thinking maybe there were some corrupted files, and it's still freezing up. I can't install anything without the computer freezing up throughout the install. Is the hard drive failing?

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Intermittently Computer Freezing

Temps are fine. The screen will freeze up for about 5 seconds intermittently. I reformatted thinking maybe there were some corrupted files, and it's still freezing up. I can't install anything without the computer freezing up throughout the install. Update: i tried to reformat windows again, and now on 2 different tries it locks up during the installation of windows. Is the hard drive going bad? What could it be?

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Computer Pauses Intermittently

I'm having a pc problem that i was hoping someone could give me some insight on. My machine pauses for 2-3 seconds intermittently. I seem to notice it more when i'm playing a game, but it does happen when i'm just surfing the internet. The sound loops, the mouse freezes, everything stops for a few seconds then when it recovers the mouse and sound jumps to where it should be. I've got a 500w p. S. So i don't think it's that.could it be the hyperthreading? I haven't tried disabling that. I'm at work right now so i don't have access to my machine, but if anyone has any ideas i'll make a list and try them when i get home.

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Intermittently Computer Pause

My computer is pausing every couple of minutes sometimes more sometimes less for about 2 seconds. It hangs the mouse or pauses a song or video when this happens. It all started when i went to ie7 then went back to ie6 (had to replace some files on the system for logging in. I do not recommend back tracking like that). I have since gone back to ie7 and run all sorts of spyware and antivirus scans to no avail.

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Mouse Intermittently Freezes During Gameplay

Here's what's going on, this system was running perfectly fine for about a year, then out of nowhere, the mouse would stop responding randomly while playing games. The rest of the system was fine. I could type, open applications and do everything with the keyboard while the mouse was locked up. I started by wiping the drive with windows clean, and installed just my drivers, wow and cs:s since those were the two games i was playing at the time. When that didn't work, i tried swapping out the usb keyboard and mouse for ps/2 keyboard and mouse, but the problem persisted. After a while of putting up with it, i noticed the northbridge chipset (nf4) fan was varying in speed. I replaced it with a thermaltake cooler with no luck. While i tried different things, i noticed that sometimes when my machine booted and listed the irqs for onboard devices, it would show usb with an irq, but most of the time it would show ' na ' for usb controllers. Then i gave up and picked up a cheapy ecs board with the same onboard periferals (nf4). I thought my problems were over and i started an rma for the board. Then while i was playing, the mouse locked up again and i could still use the keyboard and the system was responsive just like before. I borrowed a 7950gt from my roommate and tried that in the machine, but that didn't fix it. I noticed it wasn't that bad this time though. Trying to think of what it is that is different, i opened winamp and started listening to music. Almost instantly it got 10 times worse. That's it! So i pulled the x-fi sound card and fired up wow. I played for about an hour and a half when i started noticing it again. Only this time it wasn't nearly as bad. But i'm out of ideas. The os has no trouble booting, and had no trouble installing xp again. I let memtest86+ run overnight and it came up with zero errors. With that i ruled out cpu and memory. The only two things left in my machine are the psu and the hard drives. The drives are fairly old, but i'm hoping someone here has some advice that i could take before replacing the psu and hard specifications:

Asus a8n-sli deluxe
Amd x2 4400+
Antec 600w psu
Seagate 120g sata i
Maxtor 120g sata i
2x1gb ocz dual channel ddr400
Creative x-fi
Saitek backlit keyboard
Logitech mx revolution

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Mouse Pointer Freeze Intermittently

Well, i just finished my new build and it seems the only issue i have now is that my mouse pointer will freeze intermittently. I cannot go more than 30 seconds without my mouse pointer stopping dead in its tracks for between 3-10 seconds at a time. During this time, my keyboard still functions, applications/games are still running normally, and i am still able to tab around/enter data in various fields without issue. With the help of process explorer, i've deduced that my system is infect not hanging, nor is the mouse freezing up as a result of cpu utilization/poling activity. It's a clean install of vista home premium x64, evga classified 760, latest whql drivers off, and the mouse is a wireless logitech g7. - The mouse works fine when used on my laptop (not a connection/battery issue)
- I've tried it with and without logitech's setpoint utility installed. - I've utilized every usb port with no change in behavior. - I've tried changing the vista theme from aero to classic to basic. - I have not tried a wired mouse as of yet (will later today)

Anyone have any ideas or something else to try?

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Website Play Music Stalls Intermittently

I have a dell computer, running windows xp, when i play music off the website, my music stalls intermittently and sometimes starts playing again, any ideas?

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Computer Loses Internet Connectivity Intermittently

My computer loses internet connectivity intermittently, even while the road runner connection. My other computer is working fine on the wireless network. The wireless network icon shows "excellent" connectivity, while there is no internet connection on the computer in question.

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Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Cpu Fan Spinning Intermittently

My arctic cooling freezer 7 pro cpu fan is only spinning intermittently on my asus motherboard. I have an asus p5n-sli-e. The fan is plugged into my motherboard by the 'cpu' power socket (4 pin, not molex). The cpu power socket it plugs into works - as i was running another cpu fan on it just fine, and occasionally it will spin up for a few seconds but never any longer. Cant use this pc very much as obviously the cpu overheats which crashes the pc.

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Laptop Works Only Sometimes

When i turn it on, most of the time the screen is just blank (no light at all), but i still hear cd-rom for a few secs (it has no hdd, i use cd-booted-linux. Occasionally the screen displays normally. Also when the screen displays normally and i'm using it, sometimes the screen freezes. I'm thinking this might be the problem with the cable that connects to the screen. If so, how do i fix it. If not , what's the problem?

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Mouse Still Works When I Shut Down My Pc

Does anybody else have this problem? Why when i shut down my pc, my mouse still works?

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Overclock Only Works In Vista, Not In Xp

Well to start this is my first processor overclock and i am pretty satisfied with the results. Except i cant boot into xp. It posts just fine and vista and kubuntu boot too and both show the overclocked result. I ran orthos for about 20min in vista without a problem but i stopped it because the main problem is i cant boot xp when overclocked at all. I even tried raising from 1. 8 to 1. 9 to boot xp and its still a no go.configurations:-
E4300 at 3. 02ghz 1. 3v
Geil 2gb (2 x 1gb) ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) dual channel at 2. 0v
Ecs nf650islit-a

At first i thought my oc was too high to boot windows so i kept lowering it until i was back at 1. 8 then i tried for the heck of it raising it to 3. 02 and booting kubuntu since it kept posting fine and kubuntu worked then tried vista and that worked so i was baffled at why xp would not. Additional comment:

I just used ntune to try overclocking in xp and it was able to get a measly to a 1. 9ghz. Why cant xp boot while vista and kubuntu work fine. This is driving me insane.

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How Video Card Works ?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a guide that will explain video cards in detail. Stuff like what each part does and how it works etc.

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Hub Works Like A Router ?

I have a hp advancestack j2600a hub. I was wondering if it works like a router? Can i plug in the internet from my modem and then plug in my computers? If so, which cables do i plug into what ports? There is a 12 ethernet ports, 1 in ethernet port, and 1 out ethernet port. Can you log into the hub like a router? I tried connect it to my computer, but it didn't show any ip address, gateway, etc.

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Need Bluetooth Dongle That Works In Vista

I have been fooling around with windows vista for the last few weeks. Specifically i have been playing with the voice recognition software built into the os. I thought it would be nifty to have a bluetooth headset so i ordered up a dongle and a headset. When i tried them out i first thought that my headset was completely broken so poor was the quality. But when i tried it on my xp box it worked perfectly. I discovered that the stack in vista is the same as that of sp2 and this does not natively support the headset profile. There also does not appear to be drivers that work in vista (the dongle is a d-link dbt-120). So does anyone know of bluetooth dongle that has driver support for vista?

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External Hd No Longer Works With Computer

I plugged my western digital external hard drive into my playstation 3 and my xbox 360 so i could stream my movies off of it. I went to plug it back into my computer, and now my computer no longer reads it. Is there something i can do, some settings i can tweak somewhere where i can now use my external again on my computer. It still works with my 360 and ps3, just not my computer. I have about 17 gb worth of data on it ranging from pictures, movies and music and i really don't want to format my hard drive. If theres anything i can do to fix this please let me know. I'm on windows vista if you need that information.configuration: windows vista firefox 3. 0. 3

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Internet Connection Works Only With One Pc Connected

I have been able to play my online games fine until a while back now. My internet works fine with only one person connected but once another computer is turned on and connects to our 2wire nobody can do anything. Sometimes google doesn't even load up. Before we were able to have 5 computers work fine together. What can i do?

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Power Switch Works But No Led

I have stacker 830 and jetway motherboard and the leds don't seem to work. I have read the manual on both case and motherboard. I have tried different variations of putting the pins but nothing! The only thing that works is the power switch. The power button doesn't light up and nor does the activity led. I'm really confused on this issue. It actually really bugs me even though it not a big deal. I don't know what im doing wrong.

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Headphones Not Working But Speakers Works

I recently just re-installed my windows vista home premium (emachines) and everything's working fine (including speakers) except the headphones. 1: they only work when plugged into the bottom port (i always preferred plugging them into the port above, because it made the audio louder and in better quality)

2: they don't work at all when it comes to audio on videos or streams online. Funny thing is, when i had them plugged in after changing the audio device default to headphones on control panel i could hear the audio on a stream; but since it was plugged into the bottom port i couldn't hear it very well so i tried plugging it into the port directly above and that's when i wasn't able to hear the audio on the stream anymore regardless of which port it was plugged into. So, a: how do i get it to worked plugged into the other port that i want to use?

B: how do i get it to work on streams/videos online?

No beating around the bush. If you know what i'm talking about then please just give me a straight up answer that'll fix my problem.

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Good System For Solid Works 2005

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good system to run solidworks 2005. Run is subjective; i don't need a high performance dual xeon workstation to model a 747, just something that will run it better (ie little lag and sort of fast rotating objects) than the p2. 4 system that it was installed on to learn with. I was asked to build a system around $600; anyone have any specs handy?

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Dvd Drive Works Until Windows Starts

Recently i connected my hd into other pc then i connected it back on my pc but now i'm having a hard time to make my dvd drive work, i never had problems before and it was working fine. This is what happens: when i turn on the pc, the dvd led flashes and everything, i can open and close the tray without problems. The dvd drive is showed in the bios too. But as soon as windows xp starts loading the dvd drive wont work, with this i mean it wont even open the tray. Once windows has started its the same. It looks like the drive is detected because under device manager it shows this: "dvd-rom scsi cdrom device", and my other cd drive is listed too. But when i try to access it, i get a "please insert a disk into drive e:" eventho i already have a disc there. If i try to eject it using windows nothing happens. This is how i have my connections:
(Got primary and secundary ide enabled in bios)

Primary ide: master is my hd
Primary ide: slave is cd-rom drive

Secundary ide: master is dvd drive (the one with problems)
Secundary ide: slave = nothing

Already tried swapping the dvd-drive to primary ide as slave but it happens exactly the same. Im so confused, why would it work before windows starts to load, but wont work after? What do you recommend me to do? Im out of ideas, do you think its the drive jumpers? Or something related to windows? Should i reinstall?

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