Hp Pavillion Not Booting

I have ahp pavillion 335w, just replaced the power supply , now when power up there is no post sequence booting and the power switch stays on all time and wont allow me to shut off puter. What could be wrong?

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Psu For Hp Pavillion A1730n

Could you guys help me out? I have a hp pavillion a1730n, everything original except for the video card: amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 2. 4ghz, 2gb memory, cd/dvd, nvidia geforce 7950gt oc and only a 300w psu! I contacted hp and they advised not to replace the unit with no higher than 350w, big surprise there. Has anybody out there replaced a psu on their pavillion? Any problems finding one that fits? I would like to get a pc p&c 610w, but i'm unsure if it will fit (yeah, i'm too lazy to open the case).

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Hp Pavillion Dv9000 Overclocking

I have an hp pavillion dv9000 with a geforce go 6150 built in graphics card. Works great for most everyday things, but i also like to do a bit of gaming. I have tried a couple of the newer games like king arthur and borderlands, and i just can't get my system to work well graphically. The games are just bad graphically. Is there any tweaks i can do with my graphic card that will improve it or am i just wasting my time and should probably get a better machine?

My os is windows 7 ultimate, amd turion 64x2, and 2 gb memory.

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Hp Pavillion Dv9925nr Starcraft 2

Can my hp pavillion dv9925nr notebook run starcraft 2?

Here are specs:

Processor- amd turion 64 x2 mobile technology tl-60 / 2. 0 ghz

-4gb of ram

Graphics card- nvidia geforce 7150m shared video memory (uma)

I'm not sure how these components compare with the lowest specs needed. I really don't wanna spend 60 dollars on a game i can play.

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Hp Pavillion Recovery Problem

Hp pavillion recovery problem. How do i fix? When i put my recovery disk in it says this hp computer can't use recovery disk. And when i press f11 the screen just stays black.

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Hp Pavillion Tx1000 Wireless Issue

A friend of mine has an hp pavillion tx1000 notebook and the wireless adapter has vanished. I tried a number of things-reinstalling drivers, flashing the bios, reseting the card-all to no avail. Of course, it is out of warranty and hp wants to charge an obscene amount of money just for phone support. I had this issue on another hp laptop, which was a known problem, and they replaced the motherboard for free. About the only thing i have not tried is an external usb wireless card. Any thoughts?

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Hp Pavillion M9000t Factory Bios

A bios update on my hp pavillion elite m9000t has rendered it without a serial number. Because of this, i cannot update it, or use the factory recovery disks. Does anyone know where i can find version 5. 08 of the bios for the m9000t with ipibl-la motherboard (besides hp, they're worthless)

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Hp Pavillion Dv2000 Laptop Remote

Can my hp laptop remote be assigned to only one laptop? I'm having a bit of trouble finding info about this. I have other remotes in the house that are able to control my laptop, and i think it's a bit annoying. Is it possible to make my laptop only listen to the remote that came with it?

I have an hp pavillion laptop dv2000.

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Hp Pavillion Ze5300 Xp Blue Screen

My friend just gave me a hp pavillion ze5300. He said it works perfectly, but he just got a new one. I believe this laptop is a 2002. So it's pretty old. It has windows xp on it. When you turn it on it only loads up until where it says microsoft windows xp which is a blue screen and normally it would just go to the login part after it displays the blue windows screen. It seems like a pretty good computer although i just cant get past that one screen! I've tried rebooting and everything and nothing seems to be happening. If you could please give me some technical advice!

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Hp Pavillion Dv6810us Bios Update

I need help in updating my laptop bios, it is an hp pavilion dv6810us, where can i find the update for it. And how can i update it.

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Hp Pavillion A510n Windows 7 Compatibility

As im sure is it obvious by my title my computer is a hp pavillion a510n

Amd anthalon 2800+ (2. 1ghz single core)
992 g ram
100gb hd
Geforce fx5200 256mb video card

My question is, can i run windows 7?

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Hp Pavillion Dv7 Keys Light Up

Do the keys on an hp pavillion dv7 4065dx light up? It looks like they should. Most laptops ive seen allow the keys to light up especially modern ones. I was wondering if theres like a button i press or some setting i got to to make them light up?

Answer:- try the fn key + spacebar to turn on/off the backlight. You'll notice it when the room has dim lighting, but if the lights are bright you can't tell. They're pretty discrete.

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Hp Pavillion Or Sony Vaio E Series

What is best laptop between hp pavillion and sony vaio e series? I want to buy a laptop which have intel 2010 processor(i5 or i7), so i select these above brands. I want a laptop between 45000 to 59000 inr range and laptop must be a good durability. I a mca student , i use it for dot-net project and sometimes for gaming(not so hifi games). I want a 15 inch display and good battery-life laptop. So please help me and suggest me some model from the above brands.

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Hp Pavillion Ze2000 Wont Charge

Right now i have the battery charger plugged, in but when i check the battery icon on the side bar it sometimes says "0% available (plugged in). Even if i leave the battery charger plugged in for 6-8 hours, the power status stays the same. When i unplug the battery charger from either the outlet or from the computer while it is on, of course, the computer shuts off right away. In other words, it doesn't even recognize that the battery charger is plugged in, because even now, the battery charger icon on th front of my computer is blinking, indicating that the battery is low, but the chord is plugged into the machine. Although, if i turn off the computer and shut it down and keep the chord plugged in, the front light stops flashing and looks as if it is charging. Has any one run into this problem before and/or can point me into the right direction as to what the problem may be and how i can go about in fixing the ordeal?

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Hard Drive For Hp Pavillion Dv200

Need to find replacement hard drive for hp pavillion dv200? Hard drive went bad and now looking for another hard drive preloaded with vista or win 7 (as winxp support will stop soon). As in bad i mean that the hard drive is locked and wont even clone would like preloaded cuz i hate dealing with it and i don't wanna have to bother looking up drivers for the next week.

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Hp Pavillion Dv6700 Webcam Not Working

How can i make hp pavillion dv6700 webcam work? I just got my computer 3 weeks ago and for some reason my webcam isn't working. The webcam program i use is cyberlink youcam 3. Is there any way i can fix it?

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Hp Pavillion Ms225 Integrated Webcam

I got an hp ms225 pavillion and it has an integrated webcam built-in and i need help getting it to turn on how can i get it to turn on where i can get on yahoo messenger with it and all.

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Hp Pavillion M7750n Upgrading Video Card

Hello everyone, i've recently been thinking on upgrading my video card. I currently have in mind buying the evga geforce 8500 gt video card - 1gb gddr2, pci express, sli ready, (dual link) dvi, vga, hdtv. Will it be compatible with my hp pavillion m7750n? I dont want to change the psu since i will probably build (or have someone to build lol) a gaming computer in the near future. Any help will be highly appreciated it.

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Hp Pavillion 525c Video Card Upgrade

I have an hp pavillion 525c desktop computer with a integrated nvidia geforce4 mx graphics with up to 64 mb allocated video memory card. I want to upgrade the card to one better suited to play wow on. I don't know anything about the video cards, how they are compatible with what etc. So if anyone can tell me what the best video card is for what i need that will work in my computer i would be ever so grateful!

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Hp Pavillion Dv6500 Won't Start

What to do when your hp pavillion dv6500 wont start up it is just loading ?

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Hp Pavillion Dv2000 Video Card Upgrade

I really want to upgrade the video card on my hp pavillion dv2000 because its only 64 mb but everything else on the pc is good like the ram and hard drive i just need to upgrade the video card to 256mb to play better games i really don't want to have to buy a new motherboard. Any suggestions? Is there a external graphics card expansion option?

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Hp Pavillion Dv6700 Wireless Internet Problem

I have a hp pavillion dv6700 and a couple of months ago i was at school and my internet just stop working. I use to have a verizon broadband aircard so i thought that was the problem and i went and got an upgrade to the verizon mifi2200 and it is still not letting me connect to the internet. Everytime i try and connect it says that there might be a problem with one or more of your network adapters on this computer. I really need some help. I think that i may have to get my windows vista reinstalled on my computer. Does anybody have any suggestions.

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Hp Pavillion 7935 Video Card Upgrade

Can't find video card that will work or i'm trying to install to big of a card? Tryed radeon 9250 128mb and nothing worked then tried ati radeon 7000 64mb and it installed, shows up as working fine in the device manager, but has an error that says ati control panel not found or driver not installed or driver not working? Any help would be great. I don't even know if this card is compatible with my system, please tell me if i'm wasting my time. Hp pavillion 7935
Windows xp
384 ram
40 gb hard drive
Only pci slots

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Swap Motherboard On Hp Pavillion Dv5000 Laptop

I have a hp pavillion dv5000 but the screen is broken, the keyboard is missing its keys, the port on the left side doesn't work and the battery pack is snapped. It will cost well in excess of 200 to fix where as the motherboard etc is perfectly fine. Is it possible to swap the motherboard etc etc from one laptop shell and place it in another shell and make it work? Or

Is there a place / shop where i can get that done for me for quite a cheap price as i don't want to spend huge amounts on pointless activities. So whats my best bet of doing people.

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Would Asus Hd 4350 Silent Fit In Hp Pavillion Slimline ?

I'm planning on upgrading the graphics card on a hp pavillion slimline desktop, however my main wonder is whether or not getting a graphics card, asus 1gb - hd - 4350 silent: http://amzn. To/9hrhcn

For example; would it 'fit' as a replacement for the little intel built-in express graphics card?

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Hp Pavillion Dv7 4073 Vs Sony Vaio E Series

Hp pavillion dv7-4073 vs. Sony vaio e series 15. 5" laptop, 2. 26ghz intel core i5 - 430m, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd (v? I'm buying a laptop for school purposes. I'm really interested in one of the two laptops that i have posted here. I have heard hp pavillion laptops are known to cause some problems over time while sony laptops are more reliable. Here are the links to the two laptops.

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Upgrade Processor And Graphic Card For Hp Pavillion Dv6500

Can i upgrade my processor and graphic card for my hp pavillion dv 6500? I have a hp dv 6500 laptop and i was wondering if i could upgrade it to play the latest games on it. My specs:

Motherboard:quanta 30cc 79. 22
Processor:intel core2duo cpu 1. 5 ghz t5250
Graphic card:mobile 965 intel express chipset family

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Hp Dv6000 Pavillion Laptop Wireless Network Adapter Issue

I have a hp dv6000 pavillion laptop. It has a built in wireless network card. For some reason, in the past few weeks, the card does not enable itself when i start my computer. The switch on my computer is switched to enabled but the computer acts like nothing is there. I can slide the bar that enables the wireless from disable to enable all i want but nothing happens. But after i restart my laptop a bunch of times, it decides to enable the card randomly. It is so weird. It randomly enables sometimes like it has a mind of its own. I just bought vista for my laptop so i figured i'd install vista and hopefully my problem would go away. Sure enough the problem still happens after a fresh windows install. It is so frusrating. I hate that i have to restart the laptop like 15 times before the wireless card decides to enable itself. You guys have any clue on what's wrong? Is my wireless card messed up? When the card does enable itself though, it works fine so i am thinking that maybe i have a bad driver. I tried rolling back the driver but no success.

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Pc Is Not Booting

I just tried to see if a network card was working properly by taking it out and putting it back in. Then i tried to boot it up but nothing comes up on the screen. I've tried moving some jumpers around to see if they do anything but nothing changes. My mobo is an ms-6378. An 800mhz duron, and a netgear network card. Does anyone know what the problem is?

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Pc Not Booting

I need some advice as to why my pc is not booting after i moved it 5 feet into a cabinet. I unpluged everything to move it into the cabinet. After reconnecting all my devices i turned it on and it was working fine. I put a cd in to listen to music and after a couple of songs the machine locked up. Now when i try to boot the systen preforms a disk checks, finds no errors, acts like it wants to boot, then asks which mode i want to boot to, ie safe mode, last known config, or normal. I have treid each of these choices and all that happens is the entire process of disk checking begins. It keeps going around in circles. I have tried reseating all the cables and all my pci cards thinking this might help, but i am having no luck with anything. Can anyone give me some advice as to what may be causing this mess. All i did was move the machine 5 feet.

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