Hp Photosmart Printer Cartridge Failure

I have a black hp photosmart all-in-one printer. I had it since september of last year and barley used it since i still got another working printer. I although set it up with my imac but never did print anything since i used the imac for more photo editing, music, and email. Today when i tried to print a word document, i turned on the printer and it said the cartridge failed? I still have the ink cartridge that came with the printer. I don't understand the cartridge is full. I tried taking it out and turning it the printer off, i uninstalled and reinstalled? What should i do?

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Using Hp 801 Cartridge With Hp Photosmart 8250 Printer

How can i make us-bought hp photosmart 8250 printer accept hp 801 model cartridges available in asia?

Answer:- you can not.

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Hp 2410 Photosmart Printer Flashing - Cartridge Not Supported

Hp 2410 photosmart printer is flashing: cartridge not supported. I have just put in a new cartridge the replacement is identical to one taken out, & even if i replace the old one its still flashing :print cartridge in left stall not supported.

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Hp Photosmart Ink System Failure

Hp photosmart 8250. Upon replacing the cartridge the screen said "ink system failure" & won't work. Tech couldn't fix. The tech and i did all the "usual" things to fix the printer but to no avail. I did use a hp compatible ink, same brand as i'd used before without trouble. I replaced it promptly with hp product. They gave me an error code of oxc18a0001

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Hp Photosmart 8250 Error - Ink System Failure

Hp photosmart 8250 error 0xc18a030a ink system failure. Tried everything from hp website, spent so much on replacement ink, this thing has never worked and i don't have the receipt.

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Refilled Cartridge, But Printer Shows Cartridge Is Empty And Is Printing Ok

I have refilled my cartridge (hp 21), but computer shows cartridge is empty; but the printer is printing ok?

Answer:- newer ink cartridges have a chip in them that monitors the ink level and when you refill it the chip doesn't notice. One of the downsides of refilling ink cartridges.

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Hp Photosmart C4780 Cartridge Problem

I get an error print cartridge error. I do not know if if the printer is broken or the cartridge is just empty. If empty why doesn't it say so. What else could be wrong? I turned off printer and restarted, i removed cartridges and put back in and still same error, how can u tell if a cartridge is empty.

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Hp Photosmart C4680 Print Cartridge Problem

Error message on printer screen: print cartridge problem. At least one of the cartridges has a problem. I got this printer last year and is still using the cartridges that came with the printer. Answer:-
Replace cartridge. That is the only solution.

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Hp Photosmart C4600 Print Cartridge Problem

I have an hp c4600 all-in-one printer, i did all of the installation stuff and it keeps flashing up with this message that says "print cartridge problem" i tried doing just about every troubleshooting thing imaginable, but nothing has worked. Can anyone help me?

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Hp Photosmart C4500 Print Cartridge Missing Or Are Not Detected

My hp photosmart c4500 isnt registering the ink cartridges. Last month i purchased a hp photosmart c4500 series printer and bought tesco compatible ink cartridges and for the past month they've been working fine up until now, but whenever the printer is turned on and plugged in it displays "print cartridge(s)missing or are not detected. " I've looked on the internet and i cant find anyone with a similar problem. What's confused me is its been working fine until now. Any ideas?

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Tesco Ink Cartridge Won't Work With Hp Photosmart C3180

Why won't the tesco re-manufactured printer ink cartridge i just bought work in my hp photosmart c3180? My printer ran out of ink so i went to tesco and bought one of their cheaper 're manufactured' cartridges. I came home and put it in, the printer's error light turns on and it refuses to print anything when the new cartridge is in. I really could do without this considering i'm preparing for an important interview! Does anyone have any idea why this is happening or how i could fix it?

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Hp Printer Cartridge Stuck

How can i get my hp printer cartridges out? I accidentally put the black cartridge in the color's slot and the color cartridge in the black's slot and now there stuck. What can i do?

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Printer Right Cartridge Incorrect

How can i fix my dell aio 962 printer "right cartridge incorrect" message? My dell printer has never had this problem before. But up until maybe 2 weeks ago it has been giving me this message stating "right cartridge incorrect" when in actuality it is correct because i have printed off it before and it was still more than half full. I have researched online and have found mentions of a problem with the memory of the printer and the printer being programmed that an 8 month old cartridge is incorrect because dell is trying to make you buy more ink cartridges etc. Whatever the case may be i would really appreciate an answer as to how i can make the color cartridge work again but without having to buy another $30 ink cartridge when the one i have is still more than half full. I have tried leaving the printer off removing and reinstalling the cartridge and more but nothing helps.

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Cartridge Problems On Hp Printer

All of a sudden tonight i got an error message that some-thing's wrong with my black ink cartridge. I took it out and put it back in and it printed a document without a problem. When i tried printing a second document, i got the same message and tried the same thing. It printed fine until the third page and then it freaked. The letters weren't even close to legible and looked kind of like barcode lines. When i tried opening "printer services" under properties, i got another error - "unable to complete the operation". I even tried cleaning the cartridge manually, but there wasn't really anything to clean off. I think i'm probably going to have to just replace the cartridge, but does anyone know what the heck is wrong with it?

P. S. - I have an hp deskjet 4260

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Cartridge For Printer Hp 656c

Can anybody tel me from where i will get the cartridge black and white for hp make 656c model printer. The no of the cartridge is black 20 and colour 49. I have searched most of the shops but failed to purchase as becoz it is not available and everybody telling me that it is very old and better to replace that with new model printer. But i am very much confused that the existing printer is very much ok and not having any trouble only there is no cartridge is available so why i will change my that printer ? Plz help me as i am very much confused. From where i will get the cartridge no 20 and 49 for hp656c model printer.

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How To Take Out Ink Cartridge From Hp 4200 Printer ?

Simple question about hp printer 4200 all in one? How do i take out the ink cartridge?

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Hp Officejet 6000 Printer Cartridge

Hp officejet 6000 printer series cartridge question ? Can i know whether i can refill or put generic cartridge for my printer. Cartridge no. Hp 920.

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Hp 1500 Series Printer Cartridge

Hp 1500 series printer uses which cartridge?

If this is the hp 1500 series all in one printer then there are 5 different cartridges available for it. Please see here: http://bit. Ly/afkazk

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Using Hp Cartridge Labeled Xl With Normal Hp Printer

Will an hp cartridge labeled xl fit in a normal hp printer? I bought some hp cartridges labeled "60xl" but the ones that came with my printer said only "60". Will these ones that i bought still fit? Or should i take them back.

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Lexmark Printer Cartridge Installation

Help me loading print cartridge in lexmark x2350. I am following the directions but when i open the printer the cartridge stays on the left side. Answer:-

The whole process of refilling an almost spent ink cartridge is fairly easy if you do not mind the possibility of ruining some cloths or staining a table top. On the same side of the coin is that it is considered illegal, although some might say that the prices charged in the first place constitute usury. In any case, the process is going to go on so understanding how to lessen the chance of trashing some cloths may be worth it. Each cartridge is different
One of the reasons that the printer companies chose this method of marketing (cheap printer-expensive inks) was that they could manipulate their inks and printer cartridges so that each could only be used in certain printers. This basically means that the ink cartridge is the same as others but different. Refilling cartridges, then, means knowing where the differences are. Two main differences
There really are two distinct differences in refilling cartridges. The first lies in the reservoir. If you are planning to be refilling hp ink cartridge you are more likely to find an ink cartridge reservoir that holds the ink. If you are refilling lexmark ink cartridge you will likely find a sponge system. Both work ok but it is something to consider as you get ready to begin ink cartridge refilling. Black and color
Here is another area where there are a few differences to watch out for. When refilling cartridges for a lexmark ink cartridge the steps differ for black ink cartridges and color ink cartridges. For black cartridges there is a whole on top in which to insert a needle with the black ink in it. All that is needed is a hole about 1/16 of an inch on the lower level of the cartridge. With the three color cartridges, however, ink cartridge refilling is a bit more detailed. First you have to get the caps off the cartridges. This is best left to a good pair of pliers and a vice grip. Once this is done you must determine which color is in each cartridge. Stick a needle in each and make a note. In these instances, refill kits will have everything you will need. Refilling cartridges
In this step slowly is a good word of caution. You will only need 5cc of ink and it should be put in slowly, not only because spillage is not good for you but the printer as well when you are done. There is a slight bit of mistake room when refilling hp ink cartridge but try not to use it. Slowly is particularly important when refilling lexmark printer ink cartridge. With this cartridge there are sponges in use. Extra air inside the cartridge does not help in getting the ink out of it so go slow. Most indicate that 5cc of ink in about one minute is the right pace. Keep clean
The big thing to remember is that clean is good. Any leakage will screw up your print jobs and possibly the printer so go slow and be clean.

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How To Put Ink Cartridge In Hp Printer ?

How do u put ink cartridge in a hp printer?

That depends upon which hp printer you have - i will need more details before advising. Normally you open the cartridge door or lid and wait for the cartridge to slide over. Undo the clip holding the cartridges in (may flip up, may be spring loaded and need to be pushed down) slide cartridge out, replace and close lid.

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Hp Printer Cartridge Empty After Refill

Hp printer show thats the cartridge is empty after i refilled it? I have a question my hp printer show that's the cartridge is empty after i refilled it? My printer is deskjet 4200 and the cartridge type is 60. So what should i do to make it work? (Reset it or something) and i checked the expire date and it october 2010. Answer:- most cartridges have a microchip, which can not be reset. Your only option is to purchase a new cartridge, companies like hp started frowning upon refilling empty cartridges. Thats like places like staples offer you $3 for empty cartridges. Really they aren't that expensive any more and you don't have the problems or frustrations of having to refill.

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Hp Cartridge Price For Hp 1200 Printer

What is price of hp cartridge for hp 1200 printer series?

Answer:- depends on where you buy it. There are sites like office depot, but they usually only deal in "oem" or original equipment manufacturer parts - so you have to buy the cartridge made by hp. Other companies make cartridges that are compatible with printers besides their original manufacturer though. So, you could also choose to go to a site like 4 inkjets or and buy a non oem cartridge. They're cheaper and work just as well. Or, you could purchase a refill kit at either of these shops and refill the cartridge you currently have on your own. Then, you could lower the price even further if you used a office depot coupon or 123inkjets coupon like those found at this site.

So, its hard to really give you a price - - looks like about $40 from this site though to start with.

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Hp Deskjet 5490 Printer Cartridge Problem

My hp deskjet 5490 printer is not identifying the cartridge. ? We bought a hp deskjet 5490 printer from us. Recently we bought a cartridge number 857(c9363z) from hp dealer in hyderabad, the original cartridge from us has number as 97(c9363w). Now my printer is not identifying the cartridge.could anyone suggest what to do now.

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Hp Deskjet D2568 Printer Cartridge Refillable ?

Can the introductory cartridge of hp deskjet printer d2568 refillable? I refilled the cartridge but the software shows that it is still empty. And prints are not coming. A little print comes when the cartridge shakes before put in the printer.

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Hp F2480 Printer Ink Cartridge Other Than Hp 300

Can you use any other ink other than hp 300 for hp f2480 printer? I bought hp f2480 printer earlier on this year and i've felt that the ink cartridge recommended for this printer, hp 300, is rather expensive. Because of this, i was wondering whether hp f2480 accepts any inks other than hp 300. Any answers?

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Can Hp Ink Cartridge Work In Dell Printer ?

Can a hp ink cartridge work in a dell printer?

No. Only hp ones that are the correct number for the model you have.

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Lexmark X2650 Printer Cartridge Refill

I have a lexmark printer model x-2650 series. When i bought it i got two cartridge one black & another is color. Now my cartridge is empty & i have decided to refill it. How can i refill this cartridge? I don't want to buy a new one because its price is very high.

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Lexmark Z2400 Printer Unsupported Cartridge

I brought a black cartridge for wireless lexmark z2400 printer, i made sure by asking that it would be compatible with my printer this was from a reputable ebayer, i have emailed the seller but no answer i believe that they will get back but i need an answer quickly now, i have put this cartridge and i get this "unsupported cartridge not compatible with the printer" i need the printer step by step instructions please.

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Hp Psc 1200 Printer Problem With Cartridge

Hp printer model psc 1200 series it was unused for few years now i am facing problems with cartridge. I have a printer hp psc 1200, it was remain unused for several years, now i connect for works but cartridge shows error but the cartridge are all most full, can any one give me solution about repairing cartridge instead of replacing with new.

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