Skullcandy Vs Sennheiser Vs Bose Vs Sony

I need a new pair of headphones and have narrowed it down to 4 companies. If you could tell me what one is the best and middle, that would be great. Also if you want to tell me of any good ones. I want really good bass, and under $60.

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Bose Around-ear Headphones

I have a pair of ultimate ears super. Fi5eb and they are decent, but i dont feel like the sound stands out too much. The bass is present, but they don't hit very low. I use them in my office at work, but i'm looking for another pair of either headphones or earphones for home. I hope i wont start a flame war with this thread, i am well aware of why "audiophiles" think bose sucks, blah blah. To be honest, i didnt have a good impression of bose from reading what everyone has to say and i still dont like some of their products because they dont sound that great to me. That being said, i've been in the apple store several times and ive listed to the bose around-ear headphones. Simply put, i love the sound. I can hear details in the music, and the bass is smooth and deep. As much as i would love to jump on the bose hating bandwagon, the around-ears sound great to me. I really would like to pick these up, i guess what's holding me back is all the anti-bose hate. I couldnt (so far) find any other set that stands out like the bose. I really enjoy the sound, but im wondering if i will regret it in the future. I would like to keep this below $250 canadian, so maybe you guys have other suggestions for me to look at?

Or for those that don't think bose sounds good, maybe suggest what i should be listening for in the around-ears to suggest poor quality? Sound wise, i like deep bass and detail. I dont think i am too concerned with accuracy, as long as i enjoy it.

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Sennheiser Pc 161 Headset

Don't usually use a headset but thought one might be useful online so picked up sennheiser pc161. I have a 5. 1 speaker system (creative gigaworks s700), which has a small control pod that sits on the desk. There's an input for the headphone but none for the microphone. Don't want to plug headphone and mike into the back of the computer directly into the sound card, as then i would have to disconnect the speakers to do so and i'd like the option to use both. Found an adapter (logitech) that one can use to plug in the headphone/mike and then plug into a usb outlet. Doesn't seem to work as sound still comes from the speakers, not the headset. Don't know if it's the fault of the adapter or maybe it's this control pod that is screwing things up. Bottom line, is there any easy use to use this headset, short of unplugging the speakers in the back? Any other adapters?

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Sennheiser Pc350 G4me Gaming Headset

Anyone have a set or know of a better gaming headset and mic? Just wondering if they are good and worth buying.

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Sennheiser Hd555 Jack Adapter Replacement

I let my friend borrow my sennheiser hd555 and unfortunately he stepped on the plug part so now the adapter part is broken. Is there anywhere i can buy a replacement plug adapter? I've been searching but i can't find sennheiser ones.

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What Should I Get, Mac Or Sony?

I have a budget of 1400 usd and i want to buy a laptop but i am confused i had toshiba and dell before and they both never last more than a year each one cost about 800 dollars and yet they suck. I was thinking about getting an apple laptop but i want to know is it worth the price or a sony will be better. And if i get a sony will it last more than the dell and the toshiba? Is the problems coming from windows software or the laptop hardware plays a big role in the laptop lifetime?

I don't want to waste my money which one would last longer and great for college and personal use? Please if u say sony tell me why and if u say apple tell me why. Any one had experience with both windows and mac software please tell me the difference. Thanks in advance. Points for best answer. I am sorry for posting this question for the second time i had to delete the previous question because i couldn't see the answers my dell is acting thats why i am afraid of getting another windows notebook after two bad experiences i dont want to waste my money any more.

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Is Apple Bigger Than Sony ?

Is apple bigger than sony? My friends say that sony is bigger, but i know they are wrong you cant beat apple.

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Cheap Sony Vaio E

Where could i buy the new sony vaio e cheap? I tried buying it off ebay but i didn't find what i wanted.

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Sony Reader Or Kindle ?

Sony reader or kindle ? Im 16 i love reading, i need one of those.

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Sony Vegas 9 Freeze

I have over 300 clips that are mod, when i import them into sony vegas, it freezes up and won't work. So i tried importing them a few clips at a time, it worked, but then it froze again and wouldn't work. Is there any way i can import then without it freezing up on me. P. S i have over 300 clips

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Connect Pc To Sony Lcd

How to connect pc to sony lcd? I have the wire but there is nothing coming on the lcd. I have a sony lcd and i want to connect my computer (cpu) to it and everything is working okay. I also have the wire which connects the cpu to the lcd, but when i switch on my cpu nothing is coming on the lcd screen.

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Toshiba Or Sony Vaio ?

I'm choosing between the sony vaio y series with an intel core i5-430um (1. 20ghz) processor, 320gb hd at 5400 rpms, and 4gb of ram and a toshiba satellite m640-bt2n22 with similar specs. The prices are pretty much the same, but the sony is nicer aesthetically. The sony also lacks an optical drive, but i'm willing to deal with an external if i get it. Which computer would last me longer and work better?

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Macbook Or Sony Vaio

What would be better to get. "Macbook" or a "sony vaio for $950"? So i have a choice of getting a macbook which will cost 950 after student discounts or another kind of laptop for 950. I was thinking about getting a sony vaio and i figured id get more out of my money if i went with the sony. Heres a little about me: i love to play pc games (vaio). But i like to make movies and make music (macbook). And im a high school student and i also really don't care about weight as long as i don't have to lug around a 100 pound laptop. I also don't care about whats more user friendly. i.e mac. So what should i get. And if u don't mind can u add a pros and cons to whatever u suggest.

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Sony Laptop Or Apple ?

Should i get a sony laptop or apple laptop?

Macbook pro specs: 4gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram. Intel core 2 duo 2. 4ghz. Hdd 250gb 5200 rpm. Backlit keyboard.nvidia geforce 320m gpu. 10 hour battery. Apple superdrive. Sony vaio laptop specs: 4gb 1066mhz ddr3 sdram. Intel core i5-540m with turbo boost (up to 3. 06ghz). Hdd 350gb 5200 rpm. Ati mobility radeon hd 5470 512mb gpu. 3. 5 hour battery. Bluray disc player/burner. Adobe software bundle. Ms office 2010 starter.

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Connect Computer To Sony Tv

How to connect my sony computer to my sony tv to watch the computer's movies on tv? I have the following sony computer and sony tv:

Sony pcv-rs430g:

Sony wega kv-27fv16:

I have movies on the desktop computer that i would like to watch on my tv. So, i need to figure out how to connect the computer to go out to the tv. 1) what cable(s) do i need to buy, to connect the computer to the tv?
2) what port(s) on the computer do i connect it to?
3) what port(s) on the tv do i connect it to?

Don't forget i need video and sound to be transferred to the tv so i watch/hear the movies on the tv.

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Sony Dvd Writer Not Writing

I just got a sony dwu-18a and it's not writing anything. It plays dvd's & cd's fine yet when i try and copy a disc or write a data disc i get coasters. When writing a disc the light on the drive does not come on at all, yet i get a 'the burn process was successful' message. What's going on? Any ideas?

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Sony Dvd-rw Only Reading Certain Disks

A customer has an oem sony dw-d22a dvd-rw drive. It seemed to be working fine now it is only reading certain disks. It reads windows, office, nero cd's just fine. It will not read norton, the video card driver cd

The cd's are not scratched. All cd's were tried in other computers and those drives read them fine. Sony's website has no drivers for this. Any suggestion on what to try before i just swap it out for a new drive?

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Sony Drive Crx320e Problem

This burner has been working for ages alongside nero, but suddenly its been having a problem. I use cd-rs, and always have, but now nero is demanding i insert a cd-rw, which i don't have any of. I have tried different brands of cd-rs to no luck, and tried a different software burning program, which came up with the same error. The error message does say: disc required for burning " cdr/cdrw
Implying my cd=rs should work fine however they don't. I don't know the model number for my drive, but at the top of the error message it says crx320e

Maybe there is a software update somebody could guide me to? Thanks

This problem occurs whether im burning music discs or films

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Sony Vaio E Keyboard Skin

Where can i buy a sony vaio e keyboard skin? I want to buy a keyboard skin for my sony vaio ea. I live in ontario, canada, i know sony style canada sells them for $29. 99. I find it to expensive since sony style usa only sells it for $19. 99. But i can't buy it, i have to buy it from sony style canada. I know ebay sells one. Here's the link, http://bit. Ly/c6y8jb

Do you guys think the seller's pretty reliable? I'm kinda worried about buying from ebay. Do you know any other sites that sell authentic sony vaio keyboard skins ?

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Difference Between Sony Reader & Kindle

Difference between sony reader and kindle? I'm either getting a sony reader or a kindle. Can anyone tell me information about either one. And some differences.

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Which Laptop Is Better Than Asus Or Sony Eb Series ?

Which laptop is better than asus or sony eb series ? The link 2 the asus is here :

http://amzn. To/asftib

Which 1 do u think i should get?

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Sony Vegas 8 - How To Take One Frame From Video ?

A sony vegas 8 question? How can i take one frame from a video (like a picture) and have that shown for like 2 seconds?

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Sony Vegas Clip Fades Out

In sony vegas when i cut the clip it fades out and in the audio automatically. Why is this? I go to cut the clip so i press the short cut "s" and on both sides of the new cut i have a fade out and in. Im new to vegas. P. S. I have sony vegas movie studio 9

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Hp Touchsmart, Sony Vaio, Imac

Which computer should i get? Hp touchsmart, sony vaio, or imac? I'm looking for a touchscreen computer. Features i would want are:

-Large screen, slim all in one computer. -Blu-ray compatible . -Web cam, windows home&&student. -Great entertainment features, i'd like to also use the computer i get as an hdtv. I want to know which is more reliable. Which computer is better by far, and if you could provide links, that would be much appreciated.computers that i need to choose between are:
Hp touchsmart 600-1120
Sony vaio l
Imac (not as interested, but i hear its a good competitor)

Which computer is better over all? I'm a high schooler so i need a good student computer, & a great entertainment center. I'm planning on getting a game system later on.

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Sony Vaio Vpcy2190x Laptop

How good is the sony vaio vpcy2190x laptop? Any problems you've encountered with it? Any reason you wish you'd gotten a different laptop? I'm a student looking for a decently-priced, good-sized laptop that is also nice to look at.

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Sony Vaio Webcam Program

What is the webcam program that comes on a sony vaio? Ok so, i had a bad hard drive and had to go get it fixed. I ended up just getting a new hard drive and i had nothing on it. I was wondering what computer program came on it. I cant remember the name but i could record things, take pictures, and add effects. I wanted to re-download it.

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Battery For Sony Vaio Ea24fm/w

Can i get a better battery for the sony vaio ea24fm/w? I am having trouble with choosing a new laptop and for me it is between this sony vaio and possibly the hp pavillion dm4, my biggest qualm is that the battery life hp=5hrs or so, sony=3hrs or so. If i could get a longer lasting battery for the vaio at a reasonable price, i would probably go with that. Any advice?

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Sony Vegas 9 Audio Issue

When i speed up or slow down video clips the sound doesn't change with it. Is there a way i can't link both audio and video together so my sound still remains in sync?

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Sony Vaio Or Hp Touchsmart Tm2t

Which is better sony vaio or hp touchsmart tm2t? I need to compare the two. I am leaning more towards the hp? Any advice

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Sony Ericsson W395 Keeps Freezing

I had a sony ericsson satio but i sat on it when i was drunk and broke the screen and now i can't use it so i got the w395 from my dad to make do with for now but its really annoying i play music on the walkman and it freezes for like 20 seconds and does it every so often and i really don't like it is there any way to fix it? The phone is pretty cool apart from the freezing which i don't like at all.

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