Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.2 Ghz T4400 Processor

Is the intel pentium dual core 2. 2 ghz t4400 processor fast, good, reliable? I want a laptop that has a intel pentium dual core 2. 2 ghz t4400 cpu, it will be on a lenovo thinkpad with 3gb ram and windows 7. Is it a decent cpu? How does it compare to others? How does it compare to core i3?

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Intel Core I3 2.26 Ghz Or Intel Pentium 4 3 Ghz

Which is better intel core i3 (2. 26 ghz) or intel pentium 4 (3 ghz)? I am a laptop user. (I am not sure if pentium is for desktops) i was looking at the elder scrolls 4 to see if my laptop would be good for it. It will be the core i3. I know that i meet the minimum requirements but will the game still be good to play if it does not meet the recommended requirement? I ask because i have heard of games that run poorly at the minimum requirements but i have not confirmed if that was true or not.

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Graphics Card For Intel Pentium 4 Processor 640 (3.2 Ghz)

I'm pretty average with computers. I can install things ok. I only have trouble figuring out what my pc can handle. Here are some specs:

Intel pentium 4 processer 640 (3. 2 ghz)
1 gb memory
250 gig hard drive (7200 rpm)
One x1 pci express, two pci, one x16 pci express

If anyone can help me find a decent graphics card, i'd be grateful. Money isn't important. Just keep it under a grand. If my computer is too old for anything decent, cry for me.

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Which Is Better Intel Pentium 4 Or Dual Core ?

Which is better intel pentium 4 or intel pentium dual-core? I am in the process of building my own computer and i wanted to know which processor is best (in general): pentium 4 or pentium dual-core?

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Difference Intel Core 2 Duo Processor And Dual Core

Whats the difference intel core 2 duo processor and the dual core? Or is there a comparison? Does intel core i3 processor really outperform the core 2 duo?

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Which Processor Is Good Intel Core 2 Duo Dual Core ?

Which processor is good intel dual core or core 2 duo ?

Answer:- the first dual core processor from intel has been the intel dual core, two cores, less speed per core but overall better performance in the case of multitasking applications. Application balancing on cores has also been done (e.g: if you have 80% of core 1 working and only 20% of core 2 then a new application will start working on core 2 with possibility of expansion on core 1 if in need). That's the basics on the dual core and all you have to know when you also look at the core 2 duo. It is just the fact that core 2 duo if the successor of the dual core and features better integration with less energy consumption and of course, less energy dissipation. If aiming for a buy, core 2 duo is the way to go.

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Intel Celeron 900 2.2 Ghz Or Amd Athlon Ii Dual Core P320

Which laptop processor is better? Intel celeron 900 2. 2 ghz or amd athlon ii dual core p320? I want to get a cheap laptop under 400$ for everyday use, and these are the two processors available.

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P4 3.0ghz Ht Processor Or Intel Celeron 2.0ghz Dual Core

Whats better a p4 3. 0ghz ht processor or a intel celeron 2. 0ghz dual core?


The dual core celeron is better than twice the performance of that older pentium 4. The e1400 celeron is based on the core 2 duo design, which gets much more performance per ghz than the older p4 architecture.

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Intel Core I7-720qm @ 1.60 Ghz

Im buying a laptop with an i7-720qm @ 1. 60 ghz. I believe that the i7 processor has 4 cores compared to an i5 which has 2 cores. My question is that do i multiply the 1. 60 ghz by 4 or are the 4 cores combined equal the 1. 60ghz?

You don't multiply the clock speed at all. It runs at 1. 6ghz, but can run four program threads simultaneously at that speed. If it was only running one then it'd still run at 1. 6ghz.

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Intel Core I7 Is Running At 2.65 Ghz

I just bought my new intel core i7 930 processor for my desktop. The stock speed is 2. 8 ghz correct? Well my i7 is currently running at 2. 65 ghz and i did not down clock or anything. What could possibly be happening or is this normal?

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Intel Celeron D 2.53 Ghz Processor With 478 Socket

Will an intel celeron d 2. 53 ghz processor work in a 478 socket? I just bought a motherboard with a 478 socket and i have found a cheap celeron d processor but will it work in a 478 socket.

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Upgrade From Pentium 4 / Ht To A Dual Core

If i jump up from a p4 ht to a p4 dc 3. 6 do i have to upgrade my memory?I was told that if i do this that my current 3 gigs of ddr3200 will slow me down to the point that nullifies the whole concept of upgrading. Is this true?Also i have been told to wait a little while before i upgrade because of "conroe". While i am a on a roll i was also told that b/c of the way that dual bandwidth memory is configured that it works to it's full potential when they are put in as pairs. I was told that i am almost better off taking out a gig and leaving in two. Tell me this isn't true?

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Amd Processor 3000 Or Intel Pentium 4

What processor is better amd processor 3000 or intel pentium 4? Explain why is that one better?

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Graphics Card For Intel Pentium 4 Processor With 2.6ghz

Whats a good graphics card for a intel pentium 4 processor with 2. 6ghz?

Operating system: windows 7 ultimate
Processor: intel (r) pentium(r) 4 cpu 2. 60ghz
Installed memory(ram): 512mb
System type: 32-bit os
Graphics card: standard vga graphics adapter(lame)

Yeah so if anyone have a good graphics card in mind.

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Graphics Card Compatible With Intel Pentium 4 Processor

I want a *good* gaming graphics card for my windows xp computer with an intel pentium 4 processor. What cards would be compatible with it?

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Intel Pentium D 3.4ghz Or Core 2 With 2.8ghz

What is better; intel pentium d 3. 4ghz (oc to 4. 0ghz) or intel core 2 / higher with 2. 8ghz? I am upgrading a pc and though i could just overclock my pentium d to be as fast, or faster than most newer cpus, rather than buying a new one. I just read on a forum that core 2 will beat a pentium d no matter how fast the the clock speed is on the pentium. But i want to know why would core 2 be better and is it worth buying a new cpu or just buying a decent cooling kit and ocing the pentium.

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Difference Between Intel I5 Core And Core 2 Duo Processor

Whats the difference between an intel i5 core and an intel core 2 duo processor?

Answer:- the i5 has 5 cores, the core 2 duo has 2 cores. Newer technology the i5 is far more powerful, especially the 750 quad core. More cache, better cpu structure, more energy efficient, runs on a faster chipset and utilizes more advanced hardware.

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Upgrading Intel Pentium 4 560 3.6ghz Lga775 Processor

I was thinking of upgrading my pc, as i like to keep it fast so i can run all my heavy cpu apps running at once, as well as cut down my render times. I currently have a intel pentium 4 560 3. 6ghz lga775 processor, i have had a look around for a motherboard that can support two processors but i couldn't find any just dual cores . So they do them, or what do you recommend me doing?, But before that im increasing my current cooling system .

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Amd X2 Dual Core 5000+ Or Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

I am building a new computer soon, probably around the start of next month and can't decide on a processor. The two i have in mind are the amd x2 dual core 5000+ and the intel core 2 duo e6600. I am mainly going to be using this computer for gaming, although it will be used quite a lot for running multiple applications at once as well i want it built mainly as a gaming computer. Out of those two processors which do you think would be better for me? Or would you recommend another processor? I don't really want to go much over 200 on a processor, would be nice if it was less.

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Intel Core I3 Or Amd Phenom Ii Dual Core N620

Amd phenom ii dual-core n620 processor - 2. 80ghz , up to 3. 6 gt/s system bus, 2mb l2 cache

Intel core i3-350m processor - features a 3mb l3 cache and 2. 26ghz processor speed

I want to but a laptop but i don't know whether to buy the one with the amd phenom ii dual-core n620 processor or intel core i3-350m processor. I'm not that much into gaming so i won't be using it for that, i just want it to be fast. And the laptop i'm looking at buying is the hp pavilion.

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Difference Between Intel Core Duo And Dual Core

Difference between intel core duo and intel core 2 duo on macbook pro?

Answer:- there is no core duo it might be dual core. Dual core is just two p4's bundled together in a single processor whereas a core 2 duo has a different architecture. A core 2 duo is always faster than a dual core of the same clock speed. So opt for a core 2 duo over dual core.

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How To Know What Intel Core Processor Is In Computer ?

How do you know what intel core processor is in your computer?

Answer:- open start menu, right click on computer and look at properties.

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Intel Core2duo Or Core I3 Processor

Which is better? Intel core2duo or core i3 processor?


I3 is newer so you can have a newer nicer motherboard with it. The i3 has l3 cache which for some reason is supposed to be good but the core 2 duo has more l2 cache which is faster and better if you're doing 3d design or computer assisted design. I know that for this reason, a core 2 quad is better then an i7 at these things but that's is a very tiny minority of people running those applications, mostly professionals doing some really crazy stuff. For the rest of us, i3 and i7 are better for gaming as well as most applications that we use. Bottom line, core i3 is better for most people.

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Dual Or Quad Core Processor For Notebook?

I am deciding either over a hp pavillion or a dell studio xps. I am going to be using this notebook for video editing and keeping stats during high school basketball games on microsoft word. The specs are below, which laptop should i choose? Also, how much more important is have a dual over a quad for editing and vice versa?

Genuine windows 7 home premium 64-bit

Intel(r) core(tm) i7-720qm quad core processor (1. 6ghz, 6mb l3 cache) with turbo boost up to 2. 8 ghz

1gb ati mobility radeon(tm) hd 5650 graphics [hdmi, vga] - for quad core processors

6gb ddr3 system memory (2 dimm)

Free upgrade to 500gb 7200rpm sata hard drive with hp protectsmart hard drive protection

Microsoft(r) office starter 2010

Save $20! Norton internet security(tm) 2010 - 15 month subscription (activation required)

6 cell lithium ion battery (standard)

15. 6" diagonal high definition led hp brightview widescreen display (1366x768)

No touchscreen (includes hp truevision webcam)

Free upgrade to blu-ray rom with supermulti dvd+/-r/rw with double layer support

Intel wireless-n card

Backlit keyboard with fingerprint reader

Hp home & home office store in-box envelope

Computer cost $978. 99 w/ coupons w/o 3 year advanced warrenty

Processor intel® core, 2 duo t9600 (6mb cache/2. 8ghz/1066mhz fsb) edit

Operating system genuine windows® 7 home premium, 64bit, english edit

Dell recommends
Transfer your data, music and photos to your new pc with the belkin easy transfer cable. Upgrade to genuine windows® 7 home premium, 64bit, english, with belkin easy transfer cable [add $29. 99 or $1. 00/month1]

Memory 6gb ddr3 sdram at 1067mhz (2 dimms) edit

Hard drive 500gb 7200 rpm sata hard drive edit

Hd display edge-to-edge fhd widescreen 15. 6 inch wled lcd (1920x1080) w/2. 0 mp edit

Video card 1gb ati mobility radeon, hd 565v edit

Internal optical drive 8x slot load cd/dvd burner (dual layer dvd+/-r drive) edit

Wireless cards dell wireless 1520 802. 11n half mini-card edit

Sound options soundblaster x-fi hi def audio - software enabled edit

Bluetooth dell wireless 370 bluetooth module (2. 1+edr) edit


Warranty and service 3 year advanced service plan edit

Office software microsoft works edit

Lets you create great-looking documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly. Security software mcafee securitycenter, 36-months edit

Datasafe online backup dell online backup 2gb for 1 year edit

My accessories

Also included with your system

Integrated network adapters (nics) integrated gigabit (10/100/1000) network card

Adobe reader adobe® acrobat® reader 9, multiple languages

Lcd and camera 15. 6 fhd wled display in obsidian black with 2. 0 mp webcam

Accident and theft protection 1yr lojack for laptops theft protection

Battery 84 whr 9-cell lithium ion primary battery

This one cost 1400 w/ 3 year warranty and 3 year virus

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Will Intel Release 8 Core Processor For Socket 1366 ?

Will intel release a 8 core processor cpu processor for a socket 1366?

They already have the i7 which has 8 virtual cores, and they have released the 6 core chip, i think 8 physical cores is a bit much to ask.

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How Fast Is Connection On Intel Core I5 650 Processor ?

How fast is connection on intel core i5 650 processor?

Answer:- intel core i5 650 has 2 ddr3 channels that can run at ddr-1333 speeds. If your real question is "how fast is the connection to the northbridge", the answer is that the dmi connection is 10gb/s each way. Note that the path to memory is now completely separate and not shared with any other data. The core i5 650 also has its own gpu/cpu connection that is not shared with any other connections. There are also 16 pci-e 2. 0 lanes directly from the cpu that are not shared with anything. So the cpu has the following links:

1) two ddr3 memory channels
2) a dmi channel to the southbridge. 3) a cpu<->gpu link. 4) 16 pci-e 2. 0 lanes.

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Overclocking Amd Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+

I was wondering if an amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4400+ is a good processor to overclock. Any suggestions?

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1.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo Means 3.6 Ghz ?

Does having a 1. 8 ghz core 2 duo processor mean 3. 6 ghz (pls forgive if this may seem stupid) since there are 2 proceesors (so 1. 8+1. 8)

I ask this because i have heard that a core 2 duo processor is better than an intel pentium 4 processor?

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Which Processor ? Intel Core Duo T2050 Or Amd Turion 64 X2

I'm trying to choose between two laptops and i'm wondering which one of these two processors is better? Intel core duo t2050 (1. 60ghz, 2mb l2 cache, 533mhz fsb) or amd turion 64 x2 dual-core mobile technology tl-56.

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Can Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8400 Run Starcraft 2 ?

Can intel core 2 duo processor p8400 run starcraft ii?

Can it run sc2? Here's the stats about it: http://ark.

And here's stats about sc2:


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