Multiple Drive On Single Sata Port

Can we use multiple drive on single sata port? Is there such a thing as a sata splitter?

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Moving From Raid 0 To 1tb Sata Ii Single Drive

When i built my current high performance rig last october, i noticed the raid0 performance kinda sucked. The benchmark score on these old 80gig drives are nowhere near up to par with a new sataii drive. So i just ordered a 1tb western digital wd10eads drive. I plan to ghost the the raid0 to this new drive and then remove the raid setup all together. Anyone done something similar recently? The performance advantages now a days with raid0 is questionable. Storage bandwidth with sata ii more than makes up for any performance gain from striping 2 drives. The idea originally was drop frame free video capturing on a pc. But times have changed. Dv capture need sustained 3. 4mb/s throughput. That is a drop in the bucket now! But in the old days it was hard to achieve on a system with out raid0.

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Single And Multiple Rails @ Psu

How it work?
What is the main different?
Any 1 can help me with links or something?
Why single rail 36a @12v better for server than
11a @12v1; 21a@12v2 & 12a@12v3?

Whay many people find dual rail for their pc?

So single rail better for server & multiple rails better for pc?

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Using Multiple Usb Controllers On Single Win98 / Xp Box

I am looking into building some arcade controllers. A "prototype" that i built used a gravis gamepad pro (gameport version) internal board. I want to get multiple controllers, say 4, to get some good multiplayer arcade style action going on. I see the gamepad pro usb versions nearing $10. Would i see any problems connecting 4 (or 3 if i keep the prototype) of the same usb controller type to a single win98/xp box?

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How To Tell In Windows, What Drive Is Connected To Each Sata Port On Mb ?

I have several of the same hard drive in my machine. Is there a way within windows to know which drive is connected to each sata port without unplugging them individually?

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Broke Sata Port

Was having pc problems, and my hd stopped being detected in bios after a small knock, so i think he's broke. I went to remove the sata cable from the motherboard, it was in really tight and when i puled it out, the actual connector on the motherboard came out leaving just the pins, the pins go through some little holes on the connector then you plug the cable into it. The pins are now skewed and theres no way i can get that bent back to put the connector back on, so that sata port is now useless. There are three sata ports on the motherboard:

Sata 1 - now useless
Sata 2 - works

Sata raid 1 - works

As i said i think the hd has gone anyway, so i need to get another but i am wondering. Will plugging the hd into one of the two other working sata ports be ok, or does the hd have to connect to the sata 1 port? If only that port will work for the hd then i guess i have to buy a whole new motherboard.could i also get a sata pci card and could i plugg the hd into one of the ports on the card. I just don't know if you can boot from any sata port and also is there any order of connections thats needs to be followed if you also have sata dvd drives?

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What Is The Good 8-port Sata Card ?

Since freebsd 7-stable has pretty good zfs support at this point, i'm probably going to migrate to it and dump my areca. I need sata ports though. I thought super-micro had some pci-e sata cards, but i remember hearing lots of random problems with some of them. Which one is good?

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450 Mb/s Ssd On 3gb/s Sata Port

Will a single 450mb/s sdd run on 3gb/s sata port?

Im looking at:

An evga x58 le, but if a 450mb/s sdd will run on a 3gb/s port, i will look at the micro x58 le. And wont use a raid io card.

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Sata Support With Ncq And Port Multiplier

Does anyone know if esata is supposed to work out of the box with ncq and a port multiplier? I'm thinking of buying:-

(Putting 5 wd black 1tb drives in)

To use with several vmware workstation virtual machines at once. The concurrent disk access should be pretty heavy so ncq is going to be very important. If not that box, then any other suggestions on esata enclosures that might support it?

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Running A Sata Port Multiplier With Mac

I have a couple questions about running a 4 x port sata multiplier with mac would a esata to usb adapter limit my transfer speeds and will running uneven gb hds ruin it? I'm just planning to use the drives separately for now until i do actually get 4x 1tb and run two different raids. What do you guys think?

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8 Port Sata / Sas Card For Whs

I've used up all my sata ports on my motherboard and i will be adding an additional 5-8 1tb and 2tb drives to my whs norco 4020 server. I've been looking for a good card that handles jbod duties that has solid price/performance. Was looking at the dell perc 5/i and 6/i and 6/ir since they have good pricing but do not see anything in their specifications that they can do jbod duties. Again, i'm not looking to raid since i'm running whs but may in the future.

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Hooking Up Ide Hdd On Sata Port

I already have 1 sata hd on port 1, got a 160gb ide wd hd, had to hooked it up on port 2 using a sata adapter. Got it to work fine. But my question is, should i just leave it there or should i hook it up to a regular ide port?

Nf7-s rev 2
Amd 2400+ m @ 2400mhz
3200 ocz 200x12
Pioneer dvd-rw / hooked to ide 2
Ide 1 has no drive connected to. Wd 80gb sata / port 1
Wd 160gb ide / port 2 (<- should i leave it there or no?)

I will eventually get a hold of another 80gb wd to raid them up. Mean while though, got this dilemma now to deal with.

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Raid 5 Along With A Single Hard Drive

Is it possible to have vista on a single hard drive, and a raid5 system (3 hdds) on the same sata controller? If so, how do i set one up?

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500gb Single Platter Drive

I know that hitachi, wd and samsung have 500gb platters in there bigger drives but does anyone offer a 500gb drive with a single platter yet?

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Single Ssd Drive To Raid 0

I got an extra 60gb vertex ssd for christmas. I am wanting to put them in raid 0 configuration. The issue is i already have a 60gb vertex ssd as my main os drive. Is there an easy way to migrate from a single ssd to raid 0 configuration without having to do a complete reinstall?

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Fastest Single Hard Drive

I have a 1tb caviar black, and i'm happy with the speed, but (believe it or not) i'm running out of space between os and storage of stuff. So i'd like to get another hard drive to run just my os with programs and keep this one for storage. Whats the fastest 7200rpm drive out there? (Raptors are too expensive, and ssd's are waay too expensive).

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Why Is A 2nd Sata Drive Making Both Sata's Unrecognized ?

I just removed my old ide hdd with xp and replaced it with a sata drive and installed vista on it. Everything was fine, until:

I installed a second brand new unformatted sata hdd. With the second drive installed neither of the new drives are recognized and windows won't boot. Is it something obvious i'm missing?

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Internal Sata Blu Ray Drive Plugged Into Sata

Alright, i'll make this short and sweet. I want to free one of my sata ports up so i can install another hard drive. My motherboard has a built in esata port on the back. Is it as simple as moving my blu ray sata cable to the esata jack on the back? Aesthetics mean nothing, this computer is hidden.

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Adding A Third Sata Drive To An Existing Sata Raid Array

I have two 300gig sata drives set up in a raid 1 array. I want to add a third sata drive separate from the raid array so i can extract data from it. Any info would be appreciated.

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Raid 5 Performance Versus Single Drive

Assuming we have a decent hardware raid controller from areca/3ware. Is the read/write speed in a raid5 setup with 4 or 8 drives is always faster than single drive?

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Single Bad Block On Hard Drive

Single bad block on hard drive, my wd 1tb 32mb hard drive has a single bad block on it, at least according to hd tune. The drive is 7 months old, and is my main and only hard drive with vista installed on it. Did disc check, and it still shows up in hd tune.considering this, is one bad block extremely bad? Bad enough to send in the hard drive for a replacement? Or is it something common that most hard drives have and not much of an issue?

I'd really hate to have to reinstall all my stuff and vista. It isn't like ram or a video card which you can pop in and be set with a replacement in a hour. But if this just means the drive will flat out die in a few months, then i'll replace it. Of course, i have backed up most of my important data onto dvds. What do you all recommend?

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Reading Multiple External Drives As One Drive In Xp

I have a few external drives on an old computer that i set up as a media server. The problem i have is in the organization of the media spanning 3 drives. I simply want to be able to read those three drives as one for the sake of more streamlined file hierarchy. I don't care about any data redundancy or fast speeds, i just need something like logical volumes in linux. Are you able to use usb disks with xp's dynamic disk? Or is there any other solution (even 3rd party) that allows for these physical drives to be looked at as a single logical drive within the system?

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Multiple Drive External Enclosure (galaxy 4850 Or Other)

For a 2-4 bay external drive enclosure (which i want to use for backups), using usb or firewire, does it have to be in raid or jbod? The one i mentioned, which i don't know much about, comes with a hardware raid controller, although i think i'd be skeptical, but anyway, can they be seen as individual drives, or no because not on different ports and has to use onboard raid?

Follow up question, jbod: if one of these enclosures is using jbod, and dies, is the data easily recoverable, ie: are the drives kept in ntfs and could i hook them up to something else and pull the data off, although it wouldn't necessarily be in any order?

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Connect Dvd Drive As External Drive Through Usb Port

I have a sony dvd-rw drive which works fine when plugged directly as an ide drive. I also have an ide-to-usb cable along with an external power supply for ide devices. I want to connect the the dvd-rw drive as an external drive through the usb port. I have windows xp (sp2). When i plug the dvd-rw drive through the usb port, xp complains that "the device cannot be recognized". It shows up in the device manager as an unknown device under usb controllers. I am have a desktop (p4 1. 4ghz, 256mb rd, usb 1. 0) and a laptop (amd turion, 256mb ddr, usb 2. 0)!

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Does A Sata Drive Make Ide Drive System Faster ?

Does a sata drive make my ide drive system faster? I have dell dimension 2350 with pentium iv 1. 8ghz cpu and 512mb of memory. The motherboard does not have a sata connection. So i installed pci adaptec serial ata raid 1210sa card with one 80gb sata drive. Now i need test the speed of the sata drive verses ide drive. Is there any software that will test the speed of both sata drive and ide drive?

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Connect Parallel Port Of Scanner To Usb Port

Can i connect parallel port of a hp scanner to a usb port? Is there a parallel port ti usb adaptor around?

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Internal Sata Drive Shows Up As Removable Drive

My sata storage drive on my p4p800 dlx sys. Started showing up as a removable drive. I noticed the other day that it showed up as a removable usb device. Today the drive disappeared momentarily but then showed up as a usb device again.

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Connecting Sata Drive And Backup Current Drive

My motherboard is k8t neo2 series atx mainboard and i am having 80 gb sata hard drive. There are 2 sata ports (sata1 and sata2) and my current hard drive is connected to sata2 port. I want to backup my existing hard drive (mirror image) into a new sata hard drive using ghost or any other imaging application. So i can connect my new hard drive into sata1 port and will it work? After connecting my new hard drive paralleled into sata1 and booting windows from my old hard drive, will the new hard drive be recognized? Should i need to format my hard drive and then use ghost application or directly i can use?

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Esata Front Port Drive Bay Replacement

Does anyone know of a drive bay replacement, preferably a 3. 5" floppy size in black, that adds an esata port to the front?

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Usb Port Not Working After Format Hard Drive & Reinstall Xp

I am currently usin' an ibm x40 laptop. Things have been workin' fine. Since i had too many craps on my comp, i decided to format my c: to reinstall xp (sp2). However, i was playin' games on my comp last week. My comp encountered a power shortage problem or watever problems along those lines, it rebooted itself all of a sudden. Since then, none of my 2 usb ports are workin'. To further clarify myself, i can tell that the computer detects the devices, includin' mouse, flash key and cd-rom, however, i can access none of these usb devices successfully. I tried to delete all the usb deivers from the device manager and let xp reload them, nothing seems to have changed. And i also checked my bios, usb ports are all enabled. I am wondering what is wrong with my computer. Do u guys have any clues what's goin' on or wat i should try to do to fix my computer.

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