One Printer To Two Computers - Db25 Parallel

I have a laser printer with parallel db25 hookup that needs to go to two computers with parallel db25. The computers cannot be upgraded with usb. I cannot use a parallel switch-box because they don't work with laser printers. The computers cannot have nic cards so i cannot use ethernet/print server. Basically neither the computers or the printer have or can be upgraded to usb. Is there a way to share this printer between these two computers using only db25 cables or db25 to usb cables?

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Usb To Parallel Cable For Printer

Has anyone tried getting an old printer with a parallel port connector to connect with a pc that doesn't have a parallel port using usb? I'm not sure if my printer drivers will be compatible with such a connection.

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Parallel To Usb Converter For Printer

I just won a new printer (epson rx500) but it only uses a usb cable. I also have a nice hawkings print server wich has a male parrallel port on one end and an ethernet port on the other. I was wondering if there was a way to use the old parrallel print server on the new usb printer. A quick google search yeilded results of only maly usb to male parrallel.

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Connecting Parallel Pc Port To Usb Printer

Connecting a parallel pc port to a usb printer? Where can i find a cable that will connect from my old pc's parallel port to a new usb printer?

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Connect Printer With Parallel Port To Computer With Usb

Can a printer with a parallel port be connected to a computer with a usb port? I have an older hp laserjet 5 printer with a parallel port (and no usb port) and a newer compaq desktop computer that does not have the parallel port needed to connect the printer.

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Connect Parallel Print Server To A Usb Printer Using Converter Cable

Can you connect a parallel print server to a usb printer using some kind of parallel to usb converter cable? I have recently bought a new printer, which has a usb interface on it. But in the past, i've been using a printer with a parallel interface. I have been using a print server with a parallel port on it to connect to my old printer (which has the parallel interface) but obviously, i cannot connect this print server to my new printer, simply because it has a usb interface. Therefore, my question is, if i buy a parallel to usb converter cable and connect my new usb printer via the converter to the print server, will it work?

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Connect Two Computers To One Printer

How do you connect two computers to one printer? I have two dell desk top computers and one hp printer that has a ethernet port but cannot print.

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Connect Two Computers To 1 Printer

How do you connect two computers to one lexmark printer?

Many times, you may need to connect more than one computer to a single printer. This can happen either in the case of home based businesses with various groups or even in regular offices with many users involved. Tips to connect 2 computers to one printer. While going about connecting 2 computers to one printer, you need to follow a few steps to ensure the process is smooth and hassle-free. Here we outline some of these basic steps: http://bit. Ly/a27nr2

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Connect Printer To Two Computers

How i connect a printer to two computers? Two home computers. The printer is connected to an xp computer directly. The other computer is vista and i can't seem to get it connected to the printer. Any help?

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Connect Three Computers To One Printer

How to use a switch to connect three computers and one printer to be used by all computers? No file sharing?

Answer:- this is easy if the printer already has a network port. Just put it on the local network with the pcs, configure each pc separately to work with the printer and the printer will take care of refereeing which jobs get printed in which order. If that's a usb printer, activating print sharing is the easiest/fastest means to share the printer. One computer (which must be left on) runs the printer and the other pcs send their print jobs to the key pc. Other options include getting a small print server device (connects the printer's usb cable to the network) but that can be somewhat difficult to get working smoothly.

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Share Hp 712c Printer Between Two Computers

How can i share an hp 712c printer between two side by side computers? One computer has a vista operating system and one has a windows xp home edition, i am going to connect a d-link router, not wireless, tomorrow. I also have a speedstream 5100 modem that i am also going to connect tomorrow with ethernet cables between the two systems. My question is, will this work? I don't have a vista compatible printer. I obviously do not know how these things work together. Any explanation you can provide will help.

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Connect Printer Wirelessly Between Computers

I have two laptops. Both of them are wireless. It is connected wirelessly through a wireless router. My printer is connected with my laptop a, and i wanna know if i can use it with laptop b. I did all the "network and sharing" thing and when i look for it on my network, the printer shows up. The problem is, i can't connect to the printer. I could see it, but when i click on it, it says "windows cannot connect to the printer. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and that the printer is connected to the network. " What's wrong? What am i doing wrong?

I thought i could use a printer like this, because i've done similar but i guess you can'?

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Internet Printer Disconnecting Computers

I have 7 computers connected to my internet printer. I recently purchased another network printer that i was going to connect as an internet printer like the other. Both are hp p2035n printers. The very second i plug the ethernet cable into the second printer, all 7 of my computers lose their internet connection. Can somebody explain this to me, and what i can do to fix this. I need this second computer asap. Also, my first internet printer (the one that works) gets an internal ip when i check it's connection, but when i plug the second in (after the other computers lose their connection) the new printer shows an external ip.

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Share Printer Between 2 Computers Using Usb Switch

I would like to share my home printer between 2 computers, i have heard that i can do this with a usb switch, can anyone give me some more information on these?

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Hp Deskjet F4400 Printer Software Cd Into More Computers

I have a hp deskjet f4400 series printer, will the software cd download into more than one computer? I have 2 computers that both need to be able to print things, can i download the cd software into both of them and have them both print to the same printer?

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Install Printer With Three Computers By A Usb Connection

How to install a printer with three computer by a usb connection? On my main home computer i have the printer stalled & on my other 3 computer it shows up but doesn't print. I set it up with my network, but it says that it couldn't connect.

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Setup Shared Printer Connection Between Two Computers

How do i set up a shared printer connection between the two computers in my home? I recently set up, using a router, a second computer on my internet connection. Now that i have full access to the internet with both computers there will be things i'll want to print out from the newer computer and it would be much more convenient if i could use the same printer for both computers rather than set up a second printer which i don't really have the room for on this desk anyway.

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Network Computers Cannot Print To Both Trays On Lexmark Printer

Why can't network computers print to both trays on my lexmark platinum pro905? I work in a billing office. We sit in kind of pairs where 2 people share a printer and there are 2 printers. Both of the people whose printer is plugged into their computer can print to both trays. But the "network" computers can only print to one tray. One can only print to tray 1 and the other can only print to tray 2. Weird! It doesn't make since! 2 different computers printing to different trays? Has anyone had this problem or can anyone tell me how to fix it?

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Parallel Port Problem

This is a problem that my friend is facing. He has got a dell dimension machine without any parallel port. But he wants to connect his remote control helicopter dongle which has a parallel port interface. To solve the problem he got himself a usb to parallel port converter cable but the dongle failed to work. So when he turned to me for a solution i fixed in his computer a pci slot-in card that has a parallel port interface. The slot in card was detected by the system and then i had to install the driver using the given installation cd. However, the computer still fails to detect the dongle. To rule out the possibility of a dongle failure, i then connected the parallel port with my old epson printer. But again it failed to detect the printer. Whenever you plug in a parallel port device, nothing happens. Based on my research on the internet, the problem they said could be because the slot-in card is not bidirectional compatible. But the package of the slot-in card said that it is spp, ps2, epp and ecp compatible, which means it supports basically the current parallel port technology. So do you have any idea on what could be wrong?

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Remove Parallel Port

I have a few old mobos that i am removing the parallel ports from(for a school project), im just curious if the board is still usable, i don't see why not, but just curious. The board in question is an asus a7v, socket a board. I haven't decided what ill be doing with it yet, maybe a fun box or something.

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Usb To Parallel Box

I am looking for something that might not exist. I am looking for a usb to parallel adapter but one that would include multiple parallel ports. For example:

Usb -> lpt1, lpt2, lpt3

If not i guess i will have to stick with trying a single cable but a box like that, if it exists would be awesome.

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Installing Pci Parallel Card

I purchased a moschip pci parallel card to connect my scanport sq4830 scanner to the now computer i built. I put the vista driver on the computer but when i try to locate the scanner with with the swiss knife software i get the message " no host adapter found" what should i try to fix the problem?

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Parallel Switch Mode Power Supplies

I need 12vdc at 15amps. Can i parallel a 10amp and a 5amp switching power supplies to get 15amp? Or will the 10amp try to force current into the 5amp? The dc voltages are within 100 millivolts of each other.

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Problem Connecting Smoke Detector To Pc Using Parallel Port

Problem of connecting smoke detector to pc using parallel port? We are making a thesis work and we are having a problem about this. Its when the smoke detector detects smoke it should send data to pc, and then the pc will automatically send message to cellular phone. The question is how will i connect the smoke detector to the pc using parallel port. I have a smoke detector with a battery 9v. How will i control the voltage which is coming directly to my pc so my motherboard wont ruined. Anybody who knows the schematic way? I don't know alot in electronics.

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Connect Parallel Port Of Scanner To Usb Port

Can i connect parallel port of a hp scanner to a usb port? Is there a parallel port ti usb adaptor around?

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Selling Old Computers

Me and a friend has access to a good amount of old computers. If they are ours, or other friends that have them tacked up in their basements. If i could fix them, wipe the hdds clean, and sell them. How much do you think i would get on ebay? Pretty old computers i would say, ranging from 150mhz to 600mhz, around 128mb of ram a piece. But each computer varies. I realize that they could be good for web browsing, instant messaging, coding html, or other mildly intensive tasks. So i figure at least someone would want them. We were hoping around $100 a piece. Some have old 15" crt monitors, some don't. I suppose that we could throw in a crappy keyboard and mouse that we have lieing around. Think $100 is a good expectation?

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How Do Computers Work ?

I'm looking for a good article or explanation on how computers work. I've always wondered how a big box of silicone, plastic, and wires plugged into a wall socket can produce. Well. Anything. For example: what happens when i hit a letter on my keyboard? How do the letters i press create images of those letters on the screen? Its such a fascinating field i know so little about.

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Freezing Computers

Well, i dont know whats wrong but my brother keeps on complaining about his computer freezing. Yesterday he said it froze 10 times and it won't resolve even if you wait all day. Until you restart it. It occurs completly randomly, sometimes during a screen saver, sometimes when he mixing songs, sometimes when its just idling, sometimes with itunes. Any idea of what it could be? Someone suggested heat but all fans are going.

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How Much Electricity Do Computers Use ?

I have a $60 allowance for electricity in my new apartment. Anything over, i pay extra. How much more would leaving my computer on 24/7 cost as opposed to turning it on just when i need it? Do they draw enough current to make a difference? How much difference $ wise do you think it makes?

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Whats Your Computers Name ?

I thought this was a bit srange. I was over a friends house the other day and he started to refer to his computer by name. !?! Has he crosed the line of insanity? Or are there others out there that also have a name for thier computer. Besides the usual @^%#*!$

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