Msi K8n Diamond Plus And Sli / Single Card

First off, my specs are:

Msi k8n diamond plus sli
Athlon x2 4400
Geforce 7900gtx
Crucial 2gb ddr 400

Okay, are sli motherboards supposed to be used for sli configurations only, or can you run a single card on them? Because right now, i'm running a single card setup and am getting terrible performance. In fact, my max fps is flickering between 37-38 most of the time under graphics load and dropping as low as 15-20 in some places on oblivion. I have updated drivers and bios and no viruses/spyware of any kind. This is just a guess, but it seems to me like the motherboard thinks i have two cards in there since it's slicing my max fps (75 on refresh rate w/ vsync) in half to 37-38. In fact, it would make sense to me if this is the case since it seems i should be getting twice the fps that i am right now according to all the benchmarks w/ this gpu/mobo setup. Can someone please help? I've spent the better part of 3 days trying to figure this thing out. Is there a way to optimize my setup for a single card only instead of sli or does my problem lie elsewhere? I've seen no settings in the bios to optimize for a single card or sli.

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Msi K8n Diamond Does Not Post

Received the k8n diamond sli on friday from ebay and built the system yesterday, including a 3500+ newcastle and 1 ocz premiere 512mb ddr400 ram, but i can't get the system to boot. Everything turns on, but i get nothing on screen, and the diagnostic leds show:


Which according to the manual, is the "memory detection test. Testing onboard memory size. The d-led will hang if the memory module is damaged or not installed properly. "

The memory defiantly works, sa i have tried it in my bros comp and it worked fine? I also tried his ram, same thing happens. Has anyone had a problem like this or any ideas on how it can be fixed?

P. S. I have already tried all dimm slots and reseated about 5 times now in all, i have tried many times clearing cmos, still nothing.

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Msi K8n Sli Motherboard Sound Problem

I have a problem, i just got my os installed and i just installed the drivers for everything including audio, which is the basic built-in motherboard audio. The mother board is a msi k8n sli motherboard. I have no sound coming out of my speakers, i tried two sets of speakers and headphones and i still get no sound. I even tinkered with my audio controls that on the bottom right side of the screen and still nothing. Any suggestions?

Ps: my directx version is 9. 0c and my realtek driver is alcxwdm.sys. Also, i am running xp pro sp2. Specs:

Amd 64 4400+ dual core x2
1024mb corsair ram
250gb seagate barracuda
6800gt nvidia card
Philips dvd-dl
600w psu
Msi k8n sli motherboard
And one sexy case. Edit: i just downloaded the wdm_a379 driver from realtek's site, however. I can now only hear sound from windows media player, i cant hear anything else. Any ideas?

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Msi P9n Diamond Motherboard Issue

Ok here is my problem i have a msi p9n diamond mother board, so i was looking to update its bios, going to there site i found out that there is a new version out so i installed it and restarted. Now when i turn on my computer my monitor tells me there is no signal and turns off, and i have no picture, no beeps, nothing, just my fans and my cpu led red light work. I really need help!

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Asus Sli Vs Msi Sli

I am in the process of buying parts for a system i am building, so far i have decided on an athlon 64 3500+, gf 6600gt 128, twinmos pc3200 ddr-dimm 1024mb, fortron/source power supply atx-400woem etc

The 2 motherboards which are available are:

Msi k8n sli platinum mainboard s939nforce4 sli, 4xsata2, gblan, firewire

Asus a8n-sli deluxe mainboard s939 pci-e nforce4 sli, 4xsata2, dual-gblan, atx

Which would you guys recommend? The a8n-sli won't be in stock untill 03-01, if it is the better product, is it worth waiting and extra 2 weeks for it? One thing that would pull me towards the asus is that the msi board had the following on its site:

Msi reminds you. • these two connectors (jpwr1 & jpwr2) connect to the atx power supply and have to work together to ensure stable operation of the mainboard. • power supply of 450 watts (and above) is highly recommeded for system stability. • for atx 12v power connection, it should be greater than 18a. • for this model, you must use the power supply that with a -5v pin supply. While the asus has a chart which shows the loads and power supply each load would need and my 400w psu would do prefectly for now and the future should i get another 6600gt.

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Msi K9n Sli Supports Athlon 3500+ Socket 939 Processor ?

The mobo in the above link specifies. Supports athlon 64 cpu: 3500+, 3800+

So does it support 3500+ socket 939 or am2 socket? Because in amd website

I can see 2 types of sockets 939 as well as am2, but msi doesn't mention which one and it says generally athlon 64 cpu: 3500+

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Connect Two Monitors To Single Graphics Card

My ubuntu pc has an onboard video card and an external 1gb 8600 gt nvidia graphics card. My monitor is attached to the nvidia graphics card. I want to attach a second monitor - but i don't want it connected to the on board video. Is it possible to share my nvidia card with 2 monitors ?

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Msi K8t Neo2 Support For Graphic Card

My mobo is msi k8t neo2. And i am current having radeon 9600 graphics card. I can use any latest graphics card in this mobo or only specific ones will suit my mobo?

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2 7800gts Sli Or 1 Card

I have a asrock 939dual-sata2 with an evga 7800gt and i play only bf2 with just medium settings for performance. Any higher and it isn't as smooth. I want to know if i should go sli and will i see a huge improvement in bf2? I will only spend up to $200 on another card. I also will need to buy a new mobo and which one would you recommend and the chipsets important because i don't care for uli/sis because of alot of frozen boot ups.

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Msi Ti4200 Agp8x 128mb Video Card Fan Not Working

My fan recently died on my msi ti4200 agp8x 128mb video card, i do not use it for any games or 3d applications at all, simply for checking email and going on the internet, but my question is will this ruin the video card since the fan is no longer working? Since i am not playing any 3d is the gpu even being used at all? I am using it for dual screen, does this affect it at all? I have been using it for two days and have not experienced any problems so far, but i don't want to ruin the video card.

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Asus A8n-sli Nforce4 Sli Bios Settings

Asus a8n-sli n-force 4 sli
Athlon 64 fx-57 1mb cache 939-pin
1 gig corsair ddr pc3200xl xmsx
Dual evga nvidia geforce 7800 gtx 256mb pcie

Currently flashed to asus revision 1011. Can someone help me in setting up my bios correctly. When i first got this machine it scored well over 13, 000 in 3dmark05. I had a few issues and a few bios flashes later i am back to default. Can someone please give me a good point to start with my above setup? I would like to utilize all the jumperfree configs as well as the memory timings.

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Asus A8n Sli Deluxe Sli

I just picked this board and getting ready to buy it but just noticed it is a sli, is that only for duel video cards? Im not really planning on getting another video card soon and i hear having two is pretty much a waste, so im not sure if i should keep this motherboard - although it might be good to keep options open?

Even if i choose to only use one video card would this still be a good choice for a motherboard, or is there any better for around same costs.

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Diamond Monster 3d Ii

Okay, don't hurt yourself laughing. I just picked up the aforementioned 12mb voodoo2 card for $0. 50 at a yard sale and i'm wondering how i can use it ot best advantage. I have a couple pii computers in the lab awaiting build-up and one of them will likely have games along the lines of red alert- counterstrike and doom ii (diablo). So, do i just plug it in next to the diamond stealth 2k card, or pull a second monster off the internet and run them sli?

A teeny bit of research says i may be able to oc these things a tad. Maybe i'll try that down the road. I'm assuming that running a pair in sli limits me to just the two cards, no?

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K8n-e Motherboard Burning Out Southbridges

Just after a year now the board died, first the usb ports stopped seeing devices then later that day it shut down, now no post. On opening the system up i found that the southbridge would slowly heat up maybe 2 deg f every minute with just the psu switched on and the system off. On turning the system on it would not post but inside of 30 seconds the southbridge (passive stock cooling) had reached 155f and i shut it back down. So i am thinking bad mobo so we advance rma it from asus put the replacement in and send it home only to have it come back a week later with the same exact problem. Check psu rails, right on for voltage, talked to asus and the first thing they thought is that they sent us back the same board, but impossible due to the advance replace, so they say "you are just lucky, got 2 boards with the same problem" and didnt call me back and screwed up the next rma (story for a different thread) so i put another k8n-e in we had for another build and sent it home again. Two days later same problem, burnt southbridge, one more asus pooch screw later we get another board, on asus advice we replace the psu also figure why not and replace the optical drives and the hard drives to test the next board. Well guess where this is going? A week later here is the system back again, this time the customer shut it down as soon as the usb ports dropped out so i believe it still posts but the sb is heating up again with the system off so i am 90% sure its going to cook if i run it too long. So after cooking 3 boards i am compleatly stumped, i really doubt the cpu or memory is burning up boards and i cant see windows xp eating boards so any ideas? If you have read this far i thank you, i am now going to go beat my head against asus tech support and see what happens.

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Diamond Warranty And Ati Overdrive

I bought a diamond 5850 (i have my reasons i'm not worried about it considering this is a oem board which pretty much shipped to them fully assembled. ) Yesterday and while i was registering it on the diamond website, i decided to read their warranty for the restrictions. Here's the passage i was really interested in:

Diamond does not warrant third party products which diamond distributes "as is" unless otherwise specified. Third party products may be warranted by the third party. That's straight forward enough. So, my question is, do they consider the overdrive feature of the ccc a "third party product"? I'm curious because i want to know if i want to tweak with settings i'm not jeopardizing my warranty. Or should i give diamond the finger and blow off their *** warranty anyway?

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Problems With Ati Diamond Radeon X1050

Ok so we all know that some ati cards arnt the best. I just got this new one from a friend of mine who has never used it. Before i use to have an onboard 64mb sucked really bad. I play counter-strike 1. 6 and counter-strike condition zero. Playing 2 much of both of those games my 64mb video card will freeze my comp. So i got the x1050 installed it with no trouble at all updated the drivers that came out june 25th. And then sometimes my computer will black screen while im playing one of those games or it will freeze while in game. If anyone knows how i can fix this please help.

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K8n Nforce3 Motherboard Power Issue

Ive just received a new replacement k8n nforce3 motherboard from ebuyer and plugged it into my psu, plugged all of the extremely fiddly power switches and leds for the front panel of my case and connected it to my network cable. When i flick the power switch (on the psu), i can see that the motherboard is obviously functioning to an extent, as the computers lan icons flash up on my hub (for power, as well as 100mbps). I then press the power switch on the case, and sadly, nothing! So ive tried to turn the mobo on with just the power switch cable (no leds, etc. ) Connected from the case to the motherboard, and still nothing!

I know for a fact that the case is fine, and am pretty sure the psu is not at fault. Like i said the mobo is a brand new replacement so it must be something obvious that im not doing, do i need to do anything to the bios jumpers, etc? I take it i can boot the mobo with only the + and - power switch cables from the case (which ive tried both ways round btw)?

Ps. I cant tell if the wol (wake on lan) actually works, but the correct led's do appear.

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Update Drivers On K8n Neo Platinum

I need to update the chipset drivers. My main target is the sata controller. I'm trying to flash my xbox 360 drive(connected by sata) and windows won't recognize it. And now computer started crashing. I figured i'd try updating my drivers. But i'm not quite sure which drivers to get, for which part, and where to get them.

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Overclocking Amd 64 3000, K8n Neo2

Overclocking amd 64 3000, k8n neo2, if anybody has this motherboard then please, let me know what does the cpu voltage over vid means, and how to use it, also what settings should i enable and disable in the bios so i can overclock my chip to 2. 6 ghz. Should i set the voltage to 1. 55, and then over 5% thing? Do i multiply 1. 55 by the 5% to get the voltage or what? Need some feedback please. Id just like to get it up and running. I have geil ultra x ram, 1 gb, ive got it at 2. 85v, im gonna set the multi to 9*290, to get 2610, and my timings will be 2. 5-3-3-7, just need to know how to get 1. 65 or 1. 7 cpu voltage, could someone explain. Do i need to enable aggressive timings too?

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Overclocking Diamond Radeon X1600 Pro

I just upgraded to a diamond radeon x1600 pro / 512mb gddr2. Seems to be working well but i have problems overclocking it. I'm using a overclock program from diamond called diamond tools. When i use the auto adjust function, i get a multicolor screen after a few seconds and then the screen goes black. This happens when trying to adjust either setting. When i try manual adjustment, i increased the settings by 10 and received the same outcome as i did with auto. Once my screen goes black, it stays that way until i restart my machine. Is there a solution or a better overclock program?

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Diamond 5870 Frame Rate Dropping Issues

I recently purchased a diamond 5870 for my pc and in fallout 3 and crysis i am getting crazy frame-rate dropping. In fallout 3 i can run 60 fps, but then it will randomly do drops to like 35-40 out of nowhere. Crysis runs at about 50 and does drops to around 25-35. I'm running this on a q6600, 4 gigs ram, windows 7 setup.could it be my processor speed? The reason i ask is because i was previously running a gtx 285 on a 2009 mac pro and it never dropped below 60 in fallout 3. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this, and i figured you guys here could help me. Would be much appreciated!

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Diamond Ati Radeon X1300 Agp Problem

Well i just bought the "diamond viper ati radeon x1300 agp 512mb" and i tried to install it. So i plugged everything and started my computer, it got stuck and i had to put my old card back. So i un-installed all the display drivers and others. I put my new card in and it worked and the "found new hardware" showed up and it doesn't have any drivers for it so i put in the cd that came with the video card and installed everything. I go into the device manager and see that there is a yellow exclamation mark beside it, in the properties it says "the drivers for this device are not installed. [Code 28]

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click reinstall driver. " I reinstalled it and it was still the same. Anyone know why this is happening?

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Replacing Asus A8n Motherboard With Gigabyte S939 Ga-k8n

Can i replace an asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard with a gigabyte s939 ga-k8n-pro-sli motherboard ? My computer is dead. I would like to replace the motherboard. Can i replace an asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard with a gigabyte s939 ga-k8n-pro-sli motherboard? Both are socket 939 with nforce4 chipset.

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Asus A8n-sli Vs A8n-sli Premium

I am looking to build a computer for my mom, and she is looking for something faster than her 5 year old gateway. I have narrowed it down to the athlon 4200+ dual core, with 2 gb of ram. Now i am stuck, because expense is somewhat of an issue. Would i be able to get away with an a8n-sli motherboard? Or do i need to go with the premium? She is obviously not a hard-core gamer, just wants a decent system to run photoshop and word type applications. I can save around 40. 00, which would be worth it if there is no specific functionality that is gained with the premium. I have tried searching the forums and the internet for comparisons of the two, but have not been able to find anything decent. Thoughts?

The whole system would be: athlon 4200+ x2, asus a8n-sli (premium?), 2x (not sure) 1gb ram, western digital 250gb, ati radeon 9250, (not sure) dvd burner

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Hp Or Msi Laptops

Which brand is better hp, or msi?


Msi. They make some cheap laptops, and they make some sweet laptops. Hp is not only at the bottom of the reliability scale, but they will only support their manufacturing defects for 2 years. I don't mean they only offer a warranty for that long, i mean that when the mess up on a product line, and they know they made a mistake, they will still only support replacing that mistake for 2 years, because that is the expected life span of an hp laptop. Msi is a smaller company, but they can and do make better products.

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Which Touch Pc Better Msi Or Hp ?

Which all in one (touch pc) better msi or hp? Tell which is better , im going to buy one of them i want for gaming and good speed nice hardware. Hp is expensive msi is cheap but tell me major difference in processor vram and ram.

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Single Beep On One Boot

Alright. I was playing around in the bios and i selected a fsb setting of 166 and rebooted. Blank screen, no boot. Nothing. So, as in previous instances of this i cleared the cmos by the jumper on my soltek sl-75frn2 and held the insert key as i powered on. Nothing. No go. The cd-rom reads, but doesn't do anything else. The hdd light comes on for about 20 seconds and disapears. I heard a single beep on one boot, that is all. I have unseated the memory and videocard independently to see if i would get a beep but there were no such instances.

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Code 43 With A Single 4870x2

Even after doing a clean windows install i still get this error, i have tried using catalyst 9. 6 and 9. 7, i still get the error. What should i do?

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4 Monitors On A Single 5870

I'm looking to eyefinity 4 monitors (3 would be 1 group and extended on the fourth). My monitors don't have display ports, and so from what i read i would have to buy active adapters for the last two monitors. If i just buy another 5870 would i be able to use the dvi on the second card?

It seems it would be better to go ahead and get another card instead of spending 200$ on adapters. Is there something i'm missing or is this the only way?

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How To Tell If Ram Is Single Sided ?

My problem is i got a new epox mobo with my new athlon 64. The mobo is on the nforce chipset which i can only have one double sided stick of ram and the other stick has to be single sided. Or to get 3 gigs on there they all have to be single sided. I just ordered a geil ultra series value 1 gig stick pc-3200, cas lat is 3 8-4-4. So my question is i'm lookin for a single sided stick 1 gig pc 3200 to go with it (not sure if the geil is single sided i sent ten million emails to companies that make decent ram don't get replies half the time or they say yeah we have some single sided ram but they never give me the model no. Or anything even when i mail them back. ) So is there anyway to tell if its single sided on the net? Or can anyone recommend a single sided 1 gig stick of pc 3200?

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