Cable To Connect Pc Audio Output To Monitor With Speaker

What kind of cable do i buy to connect pc audio output to monitor w/speaker? I have a "cool" monitor because it has speakers, but not so cool because now, instead of the relatively simple task of buying $8 speakers at walmart, i have to figure out how to connect the pc audio output, to the monitor speaker input, by cable. I was in walmart the other day, and i couldn't seem to find a cable that was obviously just a audio on both ends. What do i buy? Where? How much should i expect to pay for it? I expected it would be a very simple cable - where both ends looked basically like the end that you normally see plugged into the back of a pc. But no i found no such thing.

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Connect Laptop To Lcd Tv With Vga And Audio Cable

How do i connect my e.system laptop to my lcd tv with vga and audio cable with sound running with vista? I want to watch films through my laptop onto my tv, but i get the screen come up, but i cant get sound to come through the tv, is there anything i have to do with settlings. As i have the computer screen on tv but just no sound.

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Connect Laptop To Monitor To Display Output

How to connect laptop to monitor so only monitor displays output? I don't want mirrored where the laptop and monitor display the same content. I don't want extended where the monitor is an extension of the laptop. What is it called or how does one implement it so that only the monitor displays output.

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Cable Connector To Connect Ps3 Av Cable To Pc Monitor

Can i use this cable connector to connect my ps3 av cable to my pc monitor? (More info)? So i wanna play my ps3 on my pc monitor since we have an extra one and no one is using it because my sisters keep hogging the tv so i cant play my ps3. So i was wondering if i could use this box thing to play my ps3 on my monitor, its like a converter from the vga or something to the ps3 av cable, here is link

http://amzn. To/asq4my

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How To Output Audio From Notebook ?

Most notebooks do not have an un-amplified line-out. If i connect the headphone-out to my av amp line-in, will this blow my av amp or will i get awful noise? What about those usb-audio adapters i have seen on sale - will they provide a line-out? Appreciate any help - thanks.

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Connect Pc Audio To Monitor Speakers

How do i connect my pc audio to my monitor speakers? I did have speakers to plug into my pc but i plugged them into the the tv in hopes my ps3 and pc would work with it. But how do i get my pc to use the monitor speaker.

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No Audio Output Device Is Installed

The sound on my laptop stop working about a week and a half ago. I was able to fix it with the microsoft fixit application. Now, fixit just says the device isn't plugged in. When i hover over the sound icon on the toolbar, it says. "No audio output device is installed. " I looked in the device manager, there is nothing listed under sound. I tried installing the sound drivers from hps website, but they each said there is no device. I ran device detective and other similar programs, they said some drivers were out of date, but none of them would show anything about sound. I thought a system restore might help, but it only shows restore points from yesterday, and there is no box to show restore points from more than 5 days ago. The warranty expired, and i would prefer to get this fixed without having to spend my college money on it.

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Connect Hdmi Cable To Monitor

Can you connect an hdmi cable to a monitor? I am trying to connect a ps3 to a monitor using an hdmi cable. Can i use and hdmi to vga converter and still get the same hd effect or will i lose quality.

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Cable To Connect Macbook With Dell Monitor

What cable will connect my macbook with a dell monitor? I believe my computer has a mini vga port, unlike the new macbooks that have mini dvi.

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Connect Hdmi Cable To Monitor With D-sub Port

I bought a ps3 and can only be connected with a composite cable or hdmi cable. Problem is that my monitor has only d-sub port. Tried to connect it directly to the tower but it doesn't display nothing on the monitor. What can i do?

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Cable To Connect Imac To A Pc Monitor For Dual Screens

What cable do i need to connect my imac to a pc monitor for dual screens? I have herd different things on what to get but i am not positive on what cable to buy all i know is that it is very cheap.

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What Cable To Connect Aw2210 Monitor With Ati Hd 5870 ?

I have an aw2210 monitor and i have a dual ati hd5870. What cable to use to connect them? I can't find the right cable on the internet. You can send me some links to websites or explain what i need to look for.

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Connect Pc To Monitor With Hdmi Cable To Increase Image Quality

If i connect my pc to my monitor with a hdmi cable will the image quality increase? I am wondering if this will help look games, pictures and films look better, although i am planning on changing my graphics card as well.

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Connect Dell Monitor To Time Warner Cable Box

How to connect a dell e228wfp 22" lcd monitor to a time warner cable box? A friend recently gave me an dell monitor which has dvi-d and d-sub(hd15) connections i want to use it as a tv. I've been to a pc store 3 times now looking for the right cords. 1st they sold me a vga to vga witch was useless i only could watch dvds on my laptop on the monitor. 2nd time they sold me an vga to rca(red, yellow, white) adaptor (females) i had to by the male parts also. Useless. I tried to plug it up 2 my dvd player and it didn't do anything. 3rd time they sold me an hd15 male to rca (red, I got basic cable right now so no box plan on having a box buy this friday. What time warner box should i get?

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Monitor Speaker Static Problem

Over the last three weeks or so my samsung sm171p lcd monitor has started to emit a loud hiss and crackle from the built-in speakers when powered up. After a few minutes it slowly dies down to silence but it's getting louder and lasting longer every day. It happens when it comes out of a period of standby more than half an hour as well. If you turn it off then back on once it's warmed up it doesn't do it. I have unplugged everything, taken it to another room and powered it up with nothing but the power connected, and it still does it so i know it's not interference or a loose cable. So it has to be an internal but i'm not the best with a soldering iron!

Don't get me wrong, i'm not asking the forum to diagnose it and offer step by step instructions to fix it! But i'd appreciate it if anyone knows what might be causing this and could give me some hints as to what sort of thing to look for if i decide to get inside it?

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Connect Speaker & Headphone At Same Time In Pc

How would i connect my speaker and headphone at the same time in the pc? I just want to know how? I have one speaker port, one mic and one aux and i wanna use both headphone's speaker and normal speaker at the same time! I'm using realtek as my sound driver and i just have 3 ports at the back for audio 2 for output and 1 for the mic.

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Cd Rom Drives Shipped Without Audio Cable

The last three retail cd rom drives i have ordered and one purchased from bb, none had the obligatory audio cable. What's up with that? I had to go to a cable site and purchase several. Is there something i'm missing out on?

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Optical Disk Drive Audio Cable

What would happen if i did not use the audio cable to hook my cd drive to my motherboard?

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No Bootup And No Output To Monitor

When i hook everything up and try to boot, the hard disk won't even initialize and my monitor refuses to output. This immediately screams video card improperly seated to me, so i reseated the thing and got the same results on both headers. I opened the sucker up and had a look, and the small led display that usually displays a number was instead displaying "ff" on it. Also maybe to note: the video card only had digital outputs, an my monitor is a trusty old vga. So i am using a small adapter that came with the video card to hook it up. The thing was working earlier this afternoon. All i did was transport it to here. What could be the issue?

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Rotating Monitor Output

I have a video game system that plays old vertical games like pac-man, i want to get full use of the monitor screen by rotating it 90 degrees, i am using a viewsonic 19" lcd, my question is can i just swap the horizontal sync and the vertical sync pins on the cable.

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Power Cable For Asus Xonar Dx Audio Card

The asus xonar dx audio card which i recently purchased requires power by way of a 4-pin connector. The supplied cable with the audio card has a 4-pin connector on one end and a wide 4 pin male connector on the other end. The power supply on my dell studio xps 435mt only has one free cable marked p7, with 2 rows of 3 holes on each row. Can the p7 cable be used to provide power to the audio card if i can find the correct adapter cable for the cable which came with the audio card, and if so, where can i purchase this type of adapter cable. I need a site which shows pictures of the cables so that i know i am purchasing the correct adapter cable.

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Send Monitor Output To Tv With Svideo Input

I have a laptop which has a output where you would plug a monitor into it. I assume this is to use another monitor instead of the laptop monitor. What i want to do is take that monitor output and send it to my tv, which has a svideo input on it. I tried searching but i don't think the monitor connector has a name. I'm sure everyone knows what im talking about though. One of those trapezoid shaped analog monitor outputs? Does anyone know what this might be called so i can at least search for stuff like _ to svideo adapter etc

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Lg W2243s-pf Lcd Monitor Vga Output

I bought an lcd lg w2243s-pf monitor and it has only vga output why ? The screen is full hd (1080p) and i'm wondering if the analog output would make him lose some quality.

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Computer Makes Clicking Noise - No Output To Monitor

I moved my computer in its original shipping box & styrofoam. It experienced freezing weather inside a moving truck along with everything else, and then spent a month in climate controlled storage upon arrival (from florida to nebraska). The pc was built by all american computers just before the company folded. It is a "purexs. "

I took it out and found the floppy drive was loose inside of it. Naturally, that concerned me. I had completely forgotten that when i installed it i didn't put screws in, just used the finger-tightness of the bay. It was secure enough to not move as i packed it, but apparently not secure enough for the long haul. I plugged everything in (dual dvi ports to the two ati x1900 xt's, power cable, mouse & keyboard) that it required to boot and powered it on. The fans all power on, and the 1st videocard fan cools down a bit as it's supposed to, but immediately there is a light clicking noise, quite rapid. The whole system lights up but the lcd monitor never registers any output - the light stays orange. The noise appears to be coming from the back of the motherboard near the power supply, which is actually inverted at the bottom of the case (due to the lian-li case's air circulation system). I slowed the back fan and tapped the cpu fan to see if that interrupted the noise at all, and it didn't. Yes, i know that's dangerous, but i've worked with plenty of computers - i don't hold the fan down a whole second, just slow it for less than a second - enough time to hear any change in the noise. While i'm a junior level pc & network technician (by trade i'm a web programmer and graphic designer - yes i draw freehand), at my old job i had tons of parts (not the caliber that is in this pc) and just swap out what's broken for what isn't, and in the worst case, repeat this several times until i find the offending part (usually i can tell).

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Connect Dell M1330 Hdmi Output To Lg Lcd Tv

How to connect dell m1330 (hdmi out-put) to lg lcd t. V? Just tried to connect out from the laptop's hdmi output to hdmi input on the t. V. All i got was absolute chaos. My laptop screen went black, then came back on, went black again, then came back on and repeated this several times until the blue screen of death popped up and restarted the computer. Also got a message about my display driver quitting and the whole time this happened, i got a "no signal" on the t. V. Can someone write me a detailed list of steps on connecting this laptop to my t. V. ?

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Connect Keyboard To Computer Using Phone / Output Plug

What is the kind of plug that you use to connect your keyboard to the computer using the phone/output plug? I want to plug my keyboard to my computer using the phone/output plug and the microphone plug so i can use some music software. I want to know what type of plug to use. A link would be really helpful.

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Connect Tv To Pc And Use Audio From Tv

If i buy a 52" sharp lcd tv that has a pc port and connect it to my pc can i use the audio from the tv? While watching blu ray movies in my disc drive, or would i still need pc speakers.

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How To Connect Laptop To Tv With Audio ?

How to connect a laptop to a tv with audio? My laptop has a 7pin s-video port and i bought a 7 pin s-video hd cable (rgb) to connect to my tv it works well but there is no audio and i read it online that s-video does not transfer audio and i need a 3mm audio thing. What else do i need or what cable can i buy to get video and audio working?

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Samsung Syncmaster 2494sw Monitor Audio Not Working

How do i get audio working on my samsung 2494sw syncmaster monitor? I just bought a samsung 2494sw and i hooked it up to my cpu and i then hooked up my ps3. I'm getting sound when i'm on the computer but when is switch over to ps3 i'm getting no sound at all. Can someone help me out here? I''m using a dvi to hdmi cable.

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Connect Mixer & Audio Interface Together With Keyboards & Drum

How do i connect a mixer & audio interface together with my keyboards &drum machine?

Answer:- first of all depending on how many in/outs you have on your interface, and how many buss outs you have on your mixer. What you can do is connect the l and r output of your keyboard to lines 1 and 2 into your mixer. From your drum machine connect the line outputs to your next set of lines 3 and 4. You can pan them to taste. Make sure your channels on the mixer are set to line instead of mic. Line inputs have a high impedance input. Here is what your signal flow will go if i've got this right. Keyboard outputs l and r to
Mixer inputs lines 1 and 2
Drum machine outputs l and r to
Mixer inputs lines 3 and 4

Buss your channels out to busses 1 and 2, and if you have more than 2 inputs of your interface, then busses 1 & 2 and 3 @ 4. Buss outputs into inputs of your interface. Don't get these mixed up, or it will be a hassle.

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