Disk Partitions

My disk is actually 160gb, but the capacity is only showing up as 111. I know you always get a little less usable space than what is advertised, but 49gb seems like a lot to me. Do you see the white space on the right side of my c partition? I am thinking maybe that part is not being used. Am i right? If so, how can i turn it into usable space?

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One Of My Partitions Are Invisible

Since i used powerquest partitionmagic 8. 0 today, one of my partitions are invisible. I've been using partition magic since years now and i never had this problem before. I was creating a new partition (file system: linux ext2) to be able to install the linux operating system. Once i applied the changes, it started the operations and then a minute later it said: "unable to allocate fat32. ". Something like that. Since then, my e: isn't visible. I tryed chkdsk, and scandisk too. Now i'm doing a surface scan and i don't know if that will work. I hope someone could help me fix this problem because i have alot of important stuff there.

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Merging Partitions

I have a computer at my home with a 80gb hard drive and when it was initially set up two partitions were created. I would like to change that. I need a way to either merge the partitions or image both partitions so the computer will be the same with one partition. I will also be installing an external hard drive. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this, i think i could do it with norton ghost but i no longer own this program. I do not have the resources to purchase any software. Also i am wondering if i use windows backup will it restore the operating system as is?

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Hd Recognized But Not Initialized (no Partitions)

I have a maxtor 200gb, eide which is fitted an icy dock wich connects the hd from a the 5inch bay to a an internal usb at the pc motherboard. The hd was running fine, just 2 months old, and i have made 2 partitions with several data files (not system disk). Now, i have lost the partitions and nothing comes up. The device manager reckognizes the hd under disk drives, but on volumes tab, it says status: not initialized, partition style not applicable, type: unknown. R-studio, also unreckognizes the partitions but when i started to scan, it reckognized the list of files in their directory structure (that is no data is lost). I stopped scanning becasue it takes ages and i assume that there is a solution for this. It also confirms there is connection from hd to pc. The last thing i did before the symptom occured was installing zoom browser 5 and wia/twain/usb drivers for the canon a95 dig camera.

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Hard Drive Partitions

Thinking of doing a re format as alot of my files are everywhere as in placed in wrong folders etc and i would like to do a clean up anyway. My question is what way is a single hard drive best used?

Should i create a partition for my os and its updates then the rest of it can be for my general documents/games? Would this make a difference or not?

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Drives / Partitions Merge

I have 6 hard drives all with different drive letters, i am starting to have trouble tracking down where files are saved and searching through drive after drive is getting annoying. Is there any way to make vista see all the drives as one big disk with one drive letter, sorta like the whs drive pool? Furthermore, is it possible without destroying the 1. 5+tb of data on the drives already?

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Rearranging And Modifying Partitions

I got a 320gb laptop hard drive to replace my 120gb because i filled it. I cloned the drive using clonezilla (and i'm on the new drive now) and i want to expand the windows primary partition into the new unused space. Here's where i hit the snag. It's a dell laptop btw. Reformatting is strictly not an option. My partitions are as follows. 0 - 22mb fat32 (not sure what it does)
1 - 10gb ntfs (recovery files)
2 - 80gb ntfs (windows primary, boot, page file, etc. )
3 -
0 - 18gb ext3 (linux)
1 - 855mb swap (linux)
2 - 2gb ntfs (dell media direct)
Unallocated space (180gb)

That's 4 primary partitions, the last one consisting of 3 extended partitions. So you can see that my problem is that i can't extend partition 2 because there is no contiguous free space after it, only partition 3, then the free space. So i was wondering if it's possible to swap the locations of the two partitions on the physical drive, to then allow the expansion of partition 2. Also, here's another thought i just had, that i might try. I have a spare 250gb external hard drive. I wonder if i can copy partition 3 (and it's associated extended partitions) to my external hard drive, then delete them from my internal hard drive, extend the os partition, then copy the other partitions back to the internal after the os partition. One last thought. Is it possible to take an existing primary partition, and move it to being an extended partition of a different primary partition? I ask this because with the way dell configures it's laptops, all 4 primary partition spots are used. As you can see, when i installed linux as a dual boot, it made it an extended partition of another existing partition. I may want to leave some space to install osx-x86 and do a tri boot, but i think it might need a primary partition and i don't have any to spare (i'd like to move partition 1 inside partition 2.

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Programs To Recover Partitions

I have previous issues with windows (yet again) it required me to format my hard drive. I have a 40gb(hd1) disk for windows and programs and a 120gb(hd2) disk for my pics , music etc. When i tried to re-install windows i absent mindlessly deleted the partition on hd2 but i realized and quit the windows installer, thinking that it wouldn't save the changes, but it did. So i have since installed windows and now my hard disk is there but there is no partition on it, so i tried to put one on by when i try to access the disk it asks me to format the partition. I don't want to format because i have data on it that i want to save. How can i get my data back. Is there programs i can get to recover partitions?

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Partitions Disappeared On New 1.5tb Drive

The scene, circa 1 week ago: i had just installed a brand new 1. 5tb wd hard drive and partitioned it into three equal spaces (ntfs, accessible natively from both linux and windows). I moved my last 10 years' collection of music, sound effects, beats, movies, tv shows, and other random media to the drive, now that it had plenty of room to breathe. The turn: a couple days ago i tried to access my media and couldn't. Got some weird linux-y error box. I figured rebooting would help, but when i did so, the drives didn't auto-mount at all. Manually mounting them didn't work either. Figuring an ntfs problem was best solved with windows, i booted into winxp pro and had a look. The drives (x, y, z) had disappeared, and the partition editor called the whole 1. 5tb drive as unallocated space. Even with a 21 mbps connection, it's going to take me bloody forever to build my media library back. I've tried norton disk doctor and deaddiscdoctor, but to no avail. Norton's like "lol *** did you do" and ddd doesn't even see the drive. Anyone know any tricks that will help me get my files back?

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Clone Raid Partitions Into One Drive

So i'm going to reformat my pc and install win7 onto a x25 g2. (Haven't decided on whether i should raid-0 or not) anyway my scenario is this. Right now i've got [2] wd 640's in raid 0. This array has 3 partitions. {D} - [400gb parition - 239gb used]
{E} - [500gb partiion - 495gb used]
{F} - [189gb partition - 124gb used]

So all together these 3 partitions are over 1 tb. However, in terms of used space they are 858gb collectively. What i would like to do is move all of them on a 1tb wd black (930gb usable space)

I've already tried multiple software programs, most live-cd based yet none of them seem to allow copying a partition from a raid array to a partition on a regular drive. Ideally i'm looking for a free-ware based solution. Managed to get norton ghost 15 from work but not really having luck with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ps - what should i do with the x25's raid0 or just 1 drive os, 1 drive games.

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Ideas Partitions And Hard Drives

I'm reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows. Unfortunately, i am going to lose all my data, including many games for which i have lost the cd keys. I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. Here are my two ideas:

1. Create two partitions; install windows on one and games/other programs on the other. 2. Add a second hard drive to my computer and install windows on one and games/other programs on the other. Also, my mobo doesn't support raid, if that's of any relevance. I'd prefer to do option 1, but i have a hunch that it may not be possible.

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Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Just built my first pc and configured the bios etc and get the following message:

Boot from atapi cd-rom
Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter. I think this means that i have to insert a boot disk for the cd-rom drive into the floppy disk drive, to install the drivers for it. Can someone confirm this? Also my cd drive is a philips 52x32x52 cd-rw which came with no floppy disks for installation at all, so i am not sure how i can setup the cd drive without an operating system etc.

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Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter

I'm just usng my computer as a normal computer user would use one's computer. Surfing the web, instant messaging programs and the like, then my main harddrive makes a low click sound, then a slightly higher click sound after about half a second, then windows stops responding, then less than a second after my system achieves full lockup. So i'm like, ok, that's weird, and i reboot. I boot into bios and make sure it's not set to turn off the harddrives for any reason, and when i see that it isn't and there are no other wonky settings, i boot windows (xp pro sp2 .net) into safemode and just to make sure, start a virus scan, while that's working i look and make sure drive indexing is turned off (it isnf't on the main drive, so i turn it off) and that power save things are set to always on, and that's all ok, so while i'm waiting for the virus scan to finish, it does the click thing again, locks up, so i'm like *** and i reboot again, this time it gets to the ascii loading bar before the animated startup screen before the login prompt, and it does the click thing and stops, so i reboot again, and this time it gets to "verifying dmi pool data. " After detecting the drives and whatnot, does the click thing and stops right there, then after a minute or so i see "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter". So i sit there getting madder by the second and press enter, then it gives me a blank screen and that message again, and that's where it sits right now as i type this (but once i post i'll turn it off)

So i was running a virus scan, avg free edition, and it scanned the registry and the mbr for viruses and didn't find any, so i dunno, this either is a virus that i don't have a definition for, or some random progressive hardware failure, or my computer decided to crap out on me randomly.

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Insert System Disk And Press Enter, Disk Boot Failure

Looking for suggestions for what to do next. I've built my first from scratch computer using:

Gigabyte ga-8i915p duo-a motherboard
P4 630 3ghz 800mhz fsb 2mb l2 cache processor
Maxtor 200gb eide ultra ata/133 hard drive
2x crucial 1gb ddrii 533 memory sticks

From my old system
Dvd rom

It seems to post ok, but i then get the message

"Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"

I've tried the new copy of windows xp bought for this build, and also the disks that came with the board and the hard drive. Each time the same message comes up. I've searched through all the documentation that came with everything, the net, and some books, nothing i try works. Can anybody help please?

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Windows Automatically Partitions 200mb Off Of 1.5tb Drive

Windows automatically partitions 200mb off of 1. 5tb drive. It doesn't do this with any of my other drives. Is there something i'm missing as to why this would happen?

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Backup: Can Not Write To Disk, Disk Write Error

I was saving the backup file in quickbooks & have done this thousands of times. During the backup it said can not write to disk, disk write error. Than the error started popping up for tons of folders on the same drive. This drive is my secondary drive, not the main drive. So i restarted my computer. & Chkdsk ran so i let it do its thing. It got to step 3 & said insufficient disk space to fix the bad clusters file. Chkdsk aborted. Which did not make any sense because this drive has over 200gb open. So now the computer is running ridiculously slow & my f & g drives (same hard drive partitioned) is now not being recognized. So i tried to run chkdsk on those drives & it said the drives are raw. The drive can not be raw because it has over 250 gb of files on it. So did my hard drive crash? I have had a crash in the past, but this seems different. When i go to my computer i see local disk f & g but that is not the names they used to be called & the drives dont open if clicked on them. Luckily i have everything backed up pretty regularly on 2 other drives. However it has not been backed up for a week or two so that part sucks. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Disk Error

Well i got my copy of vista and decided to install it with xp, for a dual os. Anyways, i partitioned my c drive (80gb) into another primary partition called "vista" (w: ), which i set to the max; 50gb. I went to install vista on the 50gb and loaded the installation in xp. I selected the 50gb partition and off it went. Apon the first reboot, vista was loading except it did not have a logo, all i could see was the loading bar. After about 3-4 mins of loading, i got a bsod. I reset the comp and when it went to check the raid array, it said one of the hdd's has a disk error. It continued to load, and i ended up getting into xp. I deleted all the vista stuff and re-merged the w: drive into the c: drive. Im still getting the disk error (which delays the raid screen for like 20 seconds) and it asks me what os to choose (even tho i deleted all my vista stuff)

What is going on?

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Disk Drive Help

So my cd/dvd drive isn't working. I have windows vista. The computers fairly old, i'd say around 2 years old. Up until yesterday (even though last time i checked would have to have been about 2 weeks ago) the d: drive was working fine. Yesterday, i was about to backup some of my files (so then i could delete them off the computer, therefore gain more space) when i noticed there was no d: drive/ cd-dvd drive on 'my computer'. I opened up the drive manager this, and it didn't appear there either. I looked up on google what to do, and it said something about deleting 'upper' and 'lower' filters. I got up to that point (whilst completing it on my computer) when i read "there is always the precaution where your computer can completely break" i though 'i'm not doing that!

I then restored the settings to a restore point- 4 days before. That didn't work. My family are now saying that they are going to restore to factory settings, or change the main computer thing (sorry, i cant think of the name xd if i do manage to think of it ill add it in additional details). This means deleting everything on the computer without backing it up. I cant email myself the stuff i want to keep, (it doesn't seem to work) but i have put the pictures on facebook and there are not many files (i have backed up some stuff, including documents, before). But i have videos that i nt put on facebook because it'll take too long. We are trying to purchase a memory stick. But i don't really want to restore it to factory settings. I don't think it'll work. And then there are stuff that i'll never get back. Does anyone know of any way that'll bring back the d: cd/dvd drive. Without restoring it to factory settings. ?

What do the upper/ lower filters do, and what happens when i delete them?

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Hard Disk Partioning

I have a hdd disk (packard bell easynote laptop) which i want to partition. The disk has 4. 01gb fat32 backup and 33. 25gb ntfs. Do i need to change the ntfs to fat32 before partitioning? I have fedora 7 on cd-rom which i want to install. Can anyone advise the best way to do this? How safe is partition majic? I tried using the disk management system, but not having any luck.

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Floppy Disk Size

A floppy disc size is 1. 4mb right. If i have a file that is 1. 6 mb and needs to be on a floppy is there other floppys i can buy that hold more data?

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Disk Stuck In Drive

I just opened my drive after writing to a dvd, and there was nothing in the tray. A quick poking around reveals that the disk is inside the drive, above the tray>. > Any ideas?

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Disk Read Errors

Ok, earlier, i got a bsod. Now i'm getting disk read errors. The error on the bsod was 0x00000f4, and now, when i load up the system, it posts, does everything, then, just beofre it would start loading windows, it comes up with:

Disk read error
Press ctrl+alt+del to restart. Any ideas?

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Xp Does Not Boot From Hard Disk

I have bought a new hdd (ata), with jumper on master. I did installed xp professional sp2 (genuine licensed) once, this morning, everything was ok. After installing xp, i have booted from hdd without problems and even i did some small disaplay changes (resolution, colors, things like that), but i have installed nothing else). I've closed the os, closed the pc and went out for about 1 hour. When coming back the system refused to boot again from hdd. As i had nothing else installed on hdd except the xp, i decided to boot from cd, format again the partition and reinstall the xp. Surprise: the hdd is visible (bios sees it), is to be formated, xp files are copied on the c: partition as normal, no errors, but when first time the installing program needs to re-boot, it can not re-boot from hdd, and keeps booting from cd again and again. Any ideas?

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Hard Disk Stress

I was talking with a collegue about my pc setup. I basically format and reinstall every so often 3-4 months. He pointed out that reinstalling puts an unnessesary amount of stress on the disk - but this shouldnt put the disk in danger- right? Say no more than heavy gaming etc?

I generally monitor the condition of my disks and i have not noticed any significant change.

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Disk Check And Repair

I need a program (preferablly free but im willing to buy one) to check my hard drive and fix any errors it might have. My computer has crashed 2 or 3 times in the past week and now i have noticed some software to run funny and randomly freeze up (which didn't used to happen) i beleive this is due to my c drive starting to go bad (or some kind of corruption in it) the hard drive is atleast 3 or 4 years old and its the hard drive with windows on it (so i bet it gets more work than the other one which is jsut for storage)

I'm probably going to replace it, but i'd like to verify it's the issue first, and if it's fixable via software i'd rather do that. But i want to be kind of careful on which hardware i think about using with it.

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Adding 5.25 Disk Drive

I have a few older 5. 25 " disks from which i would like to copy or extract the contained data. Currently, i have no operative drive to complete that task. I have recently acquired an ast bravo lc 6233 1. 6 gig machine which functions very well and has windows me os. This machine has one 3 1/2 " 1. 44mb disk drive and one cd drive. I have not opened the machine as yet. Space is available to add another drive. My understanding is that the last windows os that would support a 5. 25 " disk drive is windows 95. 1. My questions are these - will windows millenium, win98, or winxp support a 5. 25 disk drive?

2. If not, must i uninstall windows me and replace the os with windows 95? Fdisk, partition and install windows 95 in a partition ? Best way?

3. Can a 5. 25 " dirve be placed on the same cable as a 3 1/2 disk dirve ?

4. If not, what is the best way to add a 5. 25 " disk drive ?

5. Can either one serve as drive a or does it matter ?

6. Other than 'adding' the hardware, is reconfiguration a problem?

7. Is the above possible or am i just whistling in dixie and forget it?

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No Disk Found In Drive C:

When booting to windows xp i get the following (no disk found in drive c i can hit continue and windows will load. How do i solve this problem?

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Disk Defragment - Windows Xp

I am curious on finding out what "disk defragment" does? Does it just moves your files around or can it also manipulate them?

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Disk Read Error

So the other day my uncle called me to do some computer work. Setup outlook with his new e-mail and do some general house cleaning. Part of what i did was uninstall an outdated copy of symantec corporate anti-virus and installed the beta of microsoft security essentials (a day before the final version got released). Mse starts going through its first run update and scan procedure so i leave it be. The next day i get a call back, his computer won't boot into windows. It gets as far as the screen with the blue dell bar at the top passes the "pbr" check but then says "disk read error. Press crtl-alt-del to restart. "

Upon further inspection the hard drive is in some sort of seek loop. Three short seeks followed by a long one. A few moments later and it does it again. It is not making any clicks or sounds i would call unusual. I move the drive to another computer and it does the same thing, but holds xp from booting all the way. It gets past the logo screen, but hangs on the black screen between the logo and login. I ripped apart my external drive for its ide to usb adapter and while making the noise, it freezes the computer until i turn the drive off. Then xp acts like nothing happened. I should mention that the first time i plugged it in usb, the drive was recognized but windows froze before "the drive is ready to use". Now it just freezes without being recognized. Any ideas? Maybe a low-level program that would be worth trying? And since there is important data he needs, if all else fails, what is a good option for a professional data recovery company (he knows it would be $500+)? And after this, he is going to get a backup solution. The drive is a seagate 7200. 7 80gb ide.

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Emachine - No Boot Disk

I've been working on this old emachine for a woman down the street and i finally got it running but it's acting a bit strange. She called me up today and said it tells her she has "no boot disk". Now, i know i was just there and had windows xp boot up. So i go there, turn it on. And boot up normally. So i make sure everything else is working. I turned it off and on a few times, everything was normal. I left and an hour later she calls me back. "It's a black screen that says "no boot disk" on it". She says she didn't turn it of/restart or anything. I'm trying to get a handle on what's wrong here. I can't get a handle on it because i'm never there when something goes wrong. It's a 3100+ sempron with 256 mb ram and a 100gb ide hdd. Integrated sound, network, and graphics (chrome s3 i think). Any ideas? Is it possible that her psu is shutting down and resetting her boot settings? I'm sure the hard drive has a recovery partition (but that should also be bootable). Maybe her psu and the motherboard batter are both hosed. I don't know anymore lol. Any ideas are appreciated.

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