Radeon 9600 Boot Beep Problem

Iv just instaled my new radeon 9600 card to my computer, but when i turn the pc on theres black screen "no signal" just beeps. And i already tried to reset bios thru cmos battery, nothing ofcourse. I have no idea wheres the problem and what should i do.

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Flash Ati Radeon 9600 To A 9600 Pro Bios

In dos mode it tells me my card is a 9600 pro? Is that correct i have samsung memory on my card and i read it may be a 9600pro. Does that mean i may switch bios to a 9600 pro bios?

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Upgrade From Radeon 9600 Pro

Currently my video card is a radeon 9600pro. I have been looking to upgrade my card but trying to keep the price down as well. The 2 cards i have been looking at are the

Sapphire 100148 radeon x1600pro 256mb 128-bit gddr2 agp 4x/8x video card - oem

Sapphire 100131 radeon x800gto 256mb 256-bit gddr3 agp 4x/8x video card - oem

Both can be looked at on newegg. I am trying to get my gaming graphics up in css, hl2, and bf2. I have read some other posts and i have heard the the 9800pro is a good card for newer games but that card is pretty old. If you have any other cards you would like to mention that would work as well. Currently i have a athlon 3000+ 1gig kingston valueram soltek k8tpro-939 do not have a pci slot so video card must be agp.

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Ati Radeon 9600 Lags

I just got a ibm netvista tower and i installed my card, and everything installs fine, except it still lags. I dont play games but when i scroll pages, its bad. Ive tried ati drivers and omega drivers. I even uninstalled the old ones first. I have 2. 4 ghz processor with 1. 5gb of ram, pentium 4, service pack 2, windows xp. My bios has some options but i have no idea what to set them as. Ive tried messing with various options but it still lags. Edit: card is ati radeon 9600

I cant post pictures but my bios says

Active video: ati radeon 9600 pro

Shared memory: 512 [and then you can click and it says 1024k and 8192k]

Select active video: agp [which mine is]

Graphics aperture: 256mb, 128mb, 64mb, 32mb [its on 256mb now]

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Radeon 9600 Atlantis Issue

I recently upgraded my hardware and gave my dad my old radeon 9600 atlantis 256mb edition, and it worked fine right out of the box, but then the official ati drivers wouldn't install, so i used omega drivers, and they worked really well, but then just yesterday ut2004 chunked along at a reasonable framerate but it would have a stop and go type syndrome, it would freeze the image for no more than 0. 0025 seconds, then continue at 55fps. Why did it just suddenly slow down?

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Ati Radeon 9600 No Signal To Monitor

I've had this computer for 3 years now and haven't had a single problem with it yet. It was built by ibuypower. It came with the ati radeon 9600 already installed and worked for three solid years. I ran this computer and another computer on a kvm switch which allowed me to use one monitor keyboard and mouse for 2 computers. This also worked for quite some time before i stopped using the switch. Today, after my computer with the ati card updated windows xp, it restarted and now i can't even get it to show anything on the monitor. Everything still runs on the computer, all the leds inside the case still work, all the connections are tight, there just isn't a display on the monitor. What i've tried: i've tried rebooting into safe mode (don't understand how that could have worked because i can't see anything from the time i turn my computer on up to the time i try to reboot it) but no luck. I've tried removing the video card and cleaning the fan (fan still runs when it is in and computer is on) i've hooked up the monitor to a different computer and it worked fine, so it's not the monitor having problems. I've tried multiple restarts.

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Radeon 9600 Driver Update Problem

I recently realized that i've been using the same graphics driver that came with my card that i bought a year ago, version 7. 1 i beleive, so i went onto the ati website and downloaded the driver. However about half-way through installation an error came up. Severe
Zero display service error

I haven't a clue what this means, but the installation finished properly. But when it rebooted i found it had made everything horribly choppy and slow :/ so i had to reinstall the old drivers again from the dvd. Does anyone know how to stop this error from coming up? Because i really need to update my drivers. ( Windows xp home sp1, pentium 4 3ghz, 512 ram, radeon 9600 128megs )

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Mobility Radeon 7500, 9600, X300 Or Firegl T2 ?

Which to choose fr ibm laptop: mobility radeon 7500, 9600, x300 or mobility firegl t2 ? I'm getting a new laptop from ibm/lenovo and these are my video card options. I'm sure there are better, maybe these are all crap. I don't know. I'm not a very active gamer. Every once in a while i'll fire up a game, so if the option to have a nice card for a good price is there, i may consider it. Anyone have any recommendations on which i should choose or reviews of these? Price is always an issue, of course. 1. Mobility radeon 7500, 32mb, xga (1024x768) [base]
2. Mobility radeon 9600, 64mb, sxga+ (1400x1050) [+275]
3. Mobility radeon x300, 64mb, xga (1024x768) [+230]
4. Mobility firegl t2, 128mb, uxga (1600x1200) [+680]

These are all on 15" screens, btw. I think #4 is overpriced and too much for my needs and i may not be satisfied with #1, but it's got the best price. The other two are about the same price wise; anyone know about performance?

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Pc Will Not Boot, No Post Beep

My wife and i have matching custom built pc's. Recently the liquid cooling system in her pc needed to be flushed and refilled. I removed the mobo from the computer, pulled the cooling system from the cpu, flushed and refilled, cleaned and prepped both heatsink and cpu and applied new thermal compound, reassembled the system and turned it on. First time after flush it ran fine for about 10 minutes, then shut down normally (on it's own). Since then it has not booted properly. The indicator light on the mobo is illuminated, showing that there is power. Upon pressing the pwr switch, all devices begin to run, all fans, drives, and keyboard/mouse turn on, but the bios never starts to boot, and no post beep sounds. I am thinking that it is most likely the mobo or cpu but was hoping that someone could post an alternative here that i could try before shelling out the $200-$300 for replacement parts as everything is past warranty (by like 3 months).

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Single Beep On One Boot

Alright. I was playing around in the bios and i selected a fsb setting of 166 and rebooted. Blank screen, no boot. Nothing. So, as in previous instances of this i cleared the cmos by the jumper on my soltek sl-75frn2 and held the insert key as i powered on. Nothing. No go. The cd-rom reads, but doesn't do anything else. The hdd light comes on for about 20 seconds and disapears. I heard a single beep on one boot, that is all. I have unseated the memory and videocard independently to see if i would get a beep but there were no such instances.

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No Complete Boot, No Beep, Or Monitor Signal

The symptoms for my pc are as follows:

1. Pc receives power (as indicated by fan and powersupply light)
2. Pc does not output signal to monitor (verified functioning monitor and cable). 3. Analog, laser-mouse does not receive power consistently from pc. Laser-light turns on for a fraction of a second upon connecting the mouse to the pc, but then remains off after the mouse is firmly fixed into analog mouse-port. 4. Usb, laser-mouse does receive power from pc when plugged into usb port. 5. Pc does not make any beeping sounds whatsoever upon attempted boot. My request: please advise as to what troubleshooting methods i could use. Do these clues provide any insight into what may be wrong with the pc already?

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Computer Boot Up - Loud, Annoying Beep / Squeal Noise

I believe i've got my entire computer assembled and i don't know what the problem is but when i press the power button to boot it up this continuous, loud, annoying beep/squeal whatever you want to call it starts up and i'm afraid i've messed something up but i don't know what. Anyone know what i did wrong/didn't do?

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Asus A8n-e Boot Problem (beep Error Code)

I've been running xp on a asus a8n-e motherboard for a good while without any problems. The other day i replaced my hiper type r 580w psu with a corsair hx 520w, and now the pc won't boot and beeps 1 long followed by 3 short. I've stripped it down to bare essentials (motherboard, vc, memory and cpu) but i get the same problem. The problem also persist when i reconnect the hiper psu. 1. Reseating everything. 2. Using any possible combination of memory stick(s) and slots. 3. Resetting the cmos. The rest of the pc is as per sig, with the exception for vista which will be installed when (if!?) I can sort this.

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Ati Radeon X800xl Boot Problem

I just put together my beast a64 computer. I ran into a few problems at first with the voice genie saying that "your cpu may have a problem, " or "your floppy drive may have a problem" on boot-up but in both cases, it wasn't the cpu or floppy dirve that caused the errors. Anyways, i have the albatron k8x800 pro ii mobo and right now i have one of my old nvidia 64mb cards (agp ?X) in it and it works fine. But as soon as i put in my ati radeon x800xl (agp 8x), the screen won't come on at boot-up and a computer says, "your cpu may have a problem. " I have reset and flashed the bios to the newest version, but still, my computer only works with this crap card of mine. Any ideas?

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Reflash Problem With Phenom 9600

I got a hold of a regular am2 processor(athlon x2) and stuck it on my m2a-mvp board. So the bios comes up and everything. I go into the bios and try to reflash the bios for the phenom 9600 be that i have. The bios pics up the disk and the reflash goes through. Now it asks to reboot the system. So i let it turn off and swap the processors out. Now its not even posting with the new processor? What should i do from here?

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Flash 9600 Gso Into A 9600gt

I wanted to flash my 9600 gso into a 9600 gt. Is that possible?

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9600 Pro Cooling / Overclock

I have a 9600 pro and i overclocked it at 450. 00 core speed and 324. 00 memory speed using radclocker. Never had a problem, ran quite well. The fan died on it after one year so i replaced it with much better fan/heatsink from vantec iceberq. Now i'm running at 475 core and 324 memory. I have been running it this fast for a long time and with no problems. But i have been told i am running it too hard and it will crap out on me soon. Is this true?

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Dual Screen Setup With 9600

I have an ati 9600xt 128mb vid card with the dvi to vga adapter and two 19" monitors, can anyone help me set it up so i can use the second monitor? All it is right now is blank black. Im guessing there is some software to install or configurations to change, but i don't know where to start.

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Notebook Ati Cards - Radeon 9800 And Radeon X600 Difference

Say a 256mb radeon 9800, and/or 256 radeon x600, how much of a difference would these have compared to their desktop counterparts. I wanna assume that they would try to just port it into the lappy but i seriously doubt that. So i guess that if the desktop 9800 has 8 pipes, the lappy version wud have 4 to keep it cooler? Same applies to x600 then right?

The other thing is, how does the desktop x600 compare to nvidia. Wats its competitor card? A regular 6800? Highly doubt that. Ill look this one up. I dont know the number of pipes on the x600. . Using sapphire's x600 pro for reference. It is 4 pipes. What the , fx series then?! 5950xt or sumthin in that order?

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Ati 9600 S-video Output Problems

I have an ati radeon 9600 video card. I have updated to the newest drivers/catalyst control center. My problem is i cannot get a signal to come out of the s-video connection on the card. I have a s-video to composite adaptor hooked into a rf modulator (phillips) that i bought from wal-mart hooked into a tv. No matter what i configure in the catalyst control center, i cannot see a signal on my tv, nor does the "signal" light come on the rf modulator. I have two other computers that have s-video out(desktop gforce 4200, and laptop ati x200), and i have no problems what so ever with those and the rf modulator, displays the signal to the tv perfectly. Back to the computer i'm having problems with; i've tried pretty much every resolution/refresh rate (should be 60hz), with no effect. The control center doesn't detect the tv display, i have to "force detection". I've spent pretty much the entire day on google searching, and i have found a number of other forums with this same problem (but with different ati cards) with no answers. Ati's website states that tv + monitor displays can only be achieved by using the s-video + vga connectors. It will not work with s-video + dvi connectors. I've actually tried both.

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9600 Gso Installation And Driver Question

Just received my 9600gso from newegg yesterday and plugged it into my computer and it wouldn't post. At first i thought it was my power supply (using and older antec 430watt truepower), and it didn't have the plug that plugs directly onto the card, so i had to use the converter and plugged in one of the molex connector, and figured out i needed to plug in 2 molex connectors. My question is, is it better to use 2 molex connectors from 2 plugs, or 2 molex connectors from the same plug? Or does it not even matter? My next question is which driver would work best for this card? Mainly for counterstrike source and cod:w@w. I installed the latest drivers 186. Xx, but didn't see the control panel so i installed the 182. 50, and they work good. Is there a better driver out there that might be optimized for these 2 games?

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Upgrade From Ati 9600 Pro 256

I have a ati 9600 pro 256 and i was thinking of buying a asus v9999le/td (nvidia). I cannot afford the new v9999 that has 256 megz of ram. So my question is if is it worth it to replace my ati for this one (v9999le/td). P. S. If someone can tell me a good site with reviews of graphic cards i will be glad

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Overclocking Sapphire Atlantis 9600 Pro

I'm new to overclocking systems and i used a utility to overclock my sapphire atlantis 9600 pro 256mb card. The stock speed is 398 core and 213 memory. I used atitool 0. 26 to overclock my card since no overclocking utility comes with this card. Using the software i was able to overclock to the following: 526 core and 226 memory. The memory didn't overclock very well and i was disappointed at that. Also my card has low memory according to others whom have the same with stock at 300. Should i even worry about getting the memory higher? Or is it not worth it? I can get my core up to 560 but noticeable artifacts in test. The 526/226 speed is with no artifacts whatsoever. I don't need it overclocked for any specific reason but i decided to give it a try. I have stock heatsink/fan on the card with an antec vcool vga dual-slot pci fan (pci x 2). My system specs in case you want to know, suggestions etc.

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Is Nvidia Geforce 9600 Gt Or Ati Hd 4850 Better For Gaming ?

Is an nvidia geforce 9600 gt or ati hd 4850 better fop gaming? Is an intel dh55tc board enough for these? I have a 450 w smps, should i upgrade it? Does core i3 processor help any way graphically for games.

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Dell 350 Watt And Pny Geforce 9600 Gt 512

Just received my pny geforce 9600 gt 512 card. Spoke to a tech at pny and said needs 400watt with 26 amp. Read somewhere that it runs fine on a dell 305 source. My power supply is a dell l35on-00. Says 350 watt can't read amps. It does have a six pin adapter to fit the card. Does anyone know if i will have any problems? Not a gamer. Appreciate the help.

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Radeon 5870 And Radeon 3400 In The Same Computer

Have 3 lcds with dvi connections and a radeon 5870. Because the radeon 5870 only supports 2 dvi + 1 displayport, i cannot power all three monitors on one card. I installed a radeon 3400 to power my third monitor. So, i put the 3400 in the top pci express slot closer to the cpu. I put the 5870 in the lower one away from a lot of the heat. My question is this: what is the default card for the system now? I've tried playing a few games and they run sllooowww.I was getting 25 fps in a game so i a pretty sure it is using the 3400. I read the manual but it doesn't say which is the default slots if two cards are in. Do i need to change slots or is there a bios setting?

I have a ga-ma790fxt-ud5p.

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Difference Between Gigabyte Radeon And Ati Radeon

Is there a difference between in quality in let's say a gigabyte radeon 9600pro and ati radeon 9600pro. The reason i am asking this is because a had problems with my gigabyte radeon 9600pro and wonder if it would perform better if it were from another manufacturer. I'm thinking of upgrading soon so this is important.

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Mobile Intel 4 Express Equivalent To Nvidia 5900 Or Ati 9600 ?

Is the video card mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family equivalent to a nvidia 5900 or ati 9600? I need to know if my sony vaio will run a computer game that requires a nvidia 5900 or ati 9600 or above. It says the name of the video card in my computer is 'mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family. ' i need to know if that will meet the requirements for the game to run properly.

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Dell Gx280 Mini Tower With Geforce 9600 Gt Graphics Card

Will my dell gx280 mini tower be able to run a geforce 9600 gt graphics card plz answer my question? I have a dell gx280 mini tower will it be able to run a xfx nvidia geforce 9600 gt graphic card or do i need a new power supply, this graphic card:-

Pentium 4 3. 2 ghz
Windows xp pro
1 gig ram
80 gig hdd
Dell 250w power supply

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Message: Reboot & Select Boot Device Or Insert Boot Media

I built my first computer about 2 weeks ago but have noticed a problem. When i turn the computer on it shows the motherboard screen and stays there for approx 15-20 seconds. Then it goes into a black screen stating that i need to "reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. "

I am a bit confused on what this means. If i restart the computer while it shows the message it starts up with no problems. What can i do to have this message no appear as i power on my computer? Also during the shift from one screen to another, the screen blinks in green and other colors. What can this be? Can it be that i have my lcd tv connected to my computer with a dvi to hdmi cable?Besides these issues, everything seems to run great, no overheating at all.

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