Quality Set Of Headphones

I am looking for a quality set of headphones around $100. Criteria:must have a mic. Must work with my 360 *edit* i found an adapter that lets me connect any pc headset to my xbox 360. Must work with my computer. I will be listening to movies, music and games. So a good all-around set would be nice.

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Good Quality Gaming Headphones

Ok so i already have good speakers but i need a good set of gaming headphones for night time playing. The main thing i am looking for immersion in the game through a feeling of surround sound. Also if it is more cost effective i can buy a mic that sits on my desk. One main thing im also looking for is the ability to wear them for an extended period of time without my ears getting tired. I currently have the wired version of the clear chat pc headset
These get very uncomfortable after 40 minutes of use plus the mic= terrible. I have looked at the:-

Razer baracuda
Razer carcharias
Altec lansing's ahs502
Creative's hs1000

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Usb Headphones Produce Poor Quality Sound

My headphones have been working fine till just recently where i have rewired my room. It's definitely not the headphones as i have tested it on other computers. I have tried reinstalling the driver, jacking it into other ports and updating drivers; but no cigar. Do you guys have a clue on what to do? Btw, the headphones produce a really poor quality sound with static being heard. Same goes for the microphone.

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3 / 4 Computers On One Set Of Headphones

I have 3 computers and would like them all to share the same headphones. Not too sure what i would need. A mixer? I want to be able to hear them all at the same time. A few extra inputs would be nice.

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Set Of Open Headphones

I switched to a pair of koss ur40's for my mp3 player at work and really like the way they sound and the fact that i can still tell what's going on behind me. The sound crispness has really grown on me and i'm looking for some open cans for my desk at home. Prefer something that's fairly light on the head with a thick, single wire with generous length. Under $50 preferred but can go to $100. Will be used with on board sound for gaming, music and tv.

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Looking For Good Set Of Bluetooth, Rechargeable Stereo Headphones / Headset

I want:
- Wireless stereo headphones (with mic would be better)
- Good sound quality (not audiophile, but enough to prove that 192kbps sounds better than 128kbps). - Rechargeable (base to place them on or can use rechargeable batteries)
- Bluetooth connectivity so i don't need a goddam dongle. Does such a thing exist?

I/my clumsy friends/pets have ruined computers and stereos of mine with casual walking and inattentiveness. If i could use this for a home stereo and a computer, that would be better, but computer is priority.

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Processor Quality Question

My computer is dying, and i'm getting a new one. The pc store employees are telling me to go with this intel pentium4 550-based machine they have because it has a higher clock speed(3. 4 ghz). My friend is really big on amd stuff and he says that i should go with an amd athlon 64 4000+(2. 4 ghz). The ram on both systems are literally identical at 1gb ddr 400 and both have big enough hard drives for my uses. I'm throwing in my own video card so that isn't of concern. So, i went to a third party to get another opinion. The problem is this benchmark site had conflicting results with the p4 550 processor winning some and the athlon 4000 winning many others. The amd system is slightly more expensive but i'm thinking that can be chalked up to a larger hard drive capacity. So i come to you, the neutralest third party i could locate. I'm going to be using this computer primarily for gaming, programming, downloadingtehporn, playing dvds and college work. Basically, which system should i get?

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Improving Quality Of Computer - Dt770

I have the beyerdynamic dt770's, an x-fi extreme music sound-card, and a pa2v2 headphone amp. Will the quality of sound that comes out of my headphones improve with either a sound-card or headphone amp upgrade? If so, what would your suggestions be for $400 or less?

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Overclocking Dependent On Psu Quality

I have been having problems for ages overclocking my computer i have tried all sorts, my current basic setup is:

P4 3. 0c
P4c800-e deluxe
Corsair twinx pc4200pro (2x512mb)

I just wondered whether the fact i have an oem 500w power-supply could have a big effect on over-clocking seen as i can only reach 240fsb 1:1 at 1. 725v and thats not completely stable. Any ideas?

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Switch Graphics Quality On Hp Laptop

How do i switch the graphics quality on my hp laptop? When i bought my laptop, i upgraded the graphics card so that i could change the quality. The purpose is to save battery when i'm only doing normal stuff, but still be able to play games if the mood strikes. How do i switch from normal quality to the better quality?

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High Quality Video Conferencing Solution

I'm looking for a television-quality video conferencing solution for communication between my company and several clients, ranging from local to international. I'm looking for the following features specifically:
High quality video/audio
Real-time, with as little lag as possible
Possibly a dual-endpoint solution with matching hardware
As cheap as possible

Is anyone here using anything like this? I need to know my options, and i can't seem to get any straight answers from any companies i've talked to thus far.

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Small Uber Quality Usb Dongle

I'm still suffering with my work laptop's crap audio output. I'd like a high quality usb sound card to plug headphones into. Some kind of amplification is needed, sometimes i use grado's which require more than your average driver, and quality sound output is a serious want. I'm tempted to go with the headroom total bithead amplifier, but its only 96khz/24bit. I'd like to go 192khz, but i'm not aware of any usb sound cards that provide 192khz other than the e-mu 0404, which is far too big and far more than than i need for a simple work/headphone unit. Suggestions for where else to ask this admittedly niche question would also be a plus.

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Intel Dg41rq Audio Quality Is Low

Realtek high definition audio which is a default sound device which comes with dg41rq. Its working but the output quality is very low, the sound quality of the computer get vey lower day by day, i also reinstalled the driver. "I really need to know its hardware problem or software problem".

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Which Company Produces The Highest Quality Hard Drive ?

So in your opinion which company produces the highest quality hard drive and why?

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Connect Pc To Monitor With Hdmi Cable To Increase Image Quality

If i connect my pc to my monitor with a hdmi cable will the image quality increase? I am wondering if this will help look games, pictures and films look better, although i am planning on changing my graphics card as well.

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Usb Hub To Boost Signal Quality Of Usb Extension Cables

I am thinking of getting an usb hub to boost the signal quality of some usb extension cables and was just wondering, if the hub would introduce lag and how much current the psu must generate to stay within the specs. The current extension cables are 4, 5 m long and the signal is too weak to power mouse and keyboard simultaneously, sometimes. Recommendations are also welcome, as some manufacters dont bother to include the specs on their homepages. I am looking for an 4-port hub around 20 euro.

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Change Color Quality / Resolution From 16 Bit To 32 Bit

I need to change my color quality from 16 bit to 32 bit. The only two options i have is 16 bit and 24 bit. I'm on a 600e series ibm thinkpad laptop with windows xp professional installed. How do i get to 32 bit color quality?

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How To Set Up My Hard Drives?

Im not sure what to do, i was thinking of doing this and im not sure if it will work and if it will be faster. Is it better to just get the: western digital raptor 36. 7 g 10, 000 rpm drive and just using that or putting the western digital raptor 36. 7 g 10, 000 rpm in a hardware raid with my old maxtor? Im just not sure if they have to have the same rpm and size for the raid to be effective?

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How Should I Set Up My Hard Drive(s)?

Alright. I'm building a new computer system and i'm trying to decide how i want my storage to be set up. Currently, i have 2 ide drives in my system. Actually, i started out with one and added another one after. On my hard drive, i have partitioned it as c:, d:, and e:. C: - windows install only
D: - programs. Basically, i have a list of folders with the names of the programs i have installed. E: - miscellaneous. This has things i've downloaded, my music, artwork, video work, temporary installation files, videos, etc. I added another drive when i ran out of e: space. I have no experience with raid or anything so maybe that's something i should do for my next system. I dunno. I want to say what i want to do and you can tell me if it needs its own separate drive or just a partition. I dunno. Here's what i'd like to do:

C: - windows - i'd like to continue to keep this windows separate from everything else so, like now, if windows gets infected or if something screws up and i can't boot up windows, i can just delete c: (either partition or drive, w/e you suggest i get) and reinstall without losing all my programs file saves, preferences, etc. Yah, sure, the programs won't be "connected" to the reinstalled windows anymore, but i will still have any logs or saved games (that weren't auto saved in c and preferences/settings and stuff. This happened to me twice before and i just killed the partition and reinstalled windows and moved the entire d: contents to an "old d" folder and started reinstalling my programs, using the files for any programs i was reinstalling from the "old d" folder and referencing them to set up my reinstalled programs. *Phew*, get it?

D: - programs - should this just be a separate drive from windows? I mean, sure, my programs partition is currently protected from viruses screwing up windows or windows becoming unbootable for some other reason, but what if my windows hdd crashes? Then all partitions are screwed. I would like to solve this possibility before it become a reality. I was thinking either having this partition or drive (you decide which is better) be backed up to a separate hdd as things get added/changed/modified. Isn't that a raid thing?

E: - misc. - Same as d:. I'd like it to be backed up to its own seperate drive in case of drive failure. I'll say it again without all the words:
C: - windows - separate from everything else. Doesn't have to have a backup. D: - programs - separate from windows installation and constantly backed up to separate drive. E: - misc. - Same as programs.could be apart of the same drive as programs is in, but i wouldn't mind it being a totally separate drive either. So that's what i want. I dunno why. Is this stupid to do it this way? Is the way i'm doing it now stupid? I kinda know how raid works, but i don't know if it affects any read times or speeds or performance in games or anything. So please help me figure out how many hard drives i need and how i should set up my storage system. Your advice is welcome. Btw, i was thinking of having about 1tb for c and e each cuz i have a huge backlog of games and i'm always too lazy to go in and backup game saves and player configs and stuff and then uninstall the games to free up space. And i download a lot of stuff and edit lots too so i'll need lots of space for my misc. Stuff too. 1tb should be enuff for that.

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Headphone Set Up For Bass

I listen to a lot of southern rap like gucci man, trick daddy etc. Right now i have a pci x-fi champion and ad700 open. What would be a better set up for <$400? Better headphones? Or a better headphone and amp set up? Im content with using my ad700 for movies and games i just want a headphone that's better for music in general(rap, some house, some afrobeat, funk/soul etc) as well as bass.

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Pc Reboot When Set To Shutdown

I have a hp dc5700 and i just installed a nvidia 8400 pci. When i shutdown the pc it restarts. I tested without the card and the on board video works fine and the computer shuts down properly. Tried reinstalling the drivers and un-checking automatic reboot to see if it was blue screening, but nothing. There are no errors in the log and the pc works fine. I am leaning toward hardware (either the motherboard or video card). Any suggestions?

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How To Set Second Card As Physx?

Hey, i got a new gtx260 and i just wanted to try my old card as a physx card. It is a 8500gt, i have been told that this can be done but i am having some trouble. When i installed the new card i uninstalled all the old card drivers and i set this thing on my motherboard so that it said single graphics card, i had it set to sli before. When i go into the physx panel it says that i have to got to the nvidia control panel but there i can only enable and disable, if i disable in the nvidia control panel and then go to the physx panel, disable is checked and i can't enable it.

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Scanner Options Not Set

Will my scanner work if i only have it connected with the usb cord? My laptop is vista, and since my printer/scanner isn't compatible with it, i have only used the usb cord to print from it. I have never used a scanner before, i have no idea, what is supposed to be done with it, so i plugged in the usb and pressed the "start scan" button and the printer's screen said "options not set". Am i doing something wrong, or is it just impossible?

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Set Up A Fresh Sata Drive

I'm having a problem setting up a new wd 160gb sata 3 hdd. I've never had a sata drive, just ide. So i installed it onto the sata 1 spot on my mobo, plugged the power cable in and tried booting from my windows xp home disc but the hdd wasn't detected. Can anyone help me out with some direction on what i need to do to get this up and running.

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Set Computer To Powers Off Automatically

When i turn off my computer, start / shut down. Most computers shut down and power off by itself. My computer brings up a message saying, it is now safe to turn off your computer. How do i set my computer so it powers off automatically after i choose shut down?

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Best Set Of Computer Speakers For Under $150

I'm looking for a set computer speakers for under $150. I really don't want to go above $150 maybe $160 tops. Price is before tax. I looked into buying a receiver and speakers but i don't think i'll spend the time to upgrade it. I don't have a preference to 2. 1 or 5. 1. I'm just looking for the best option for me. I play games like starcraft, warcraft and mmo's. I like to be able to listen to music and watch movies with some decent bass. I was looking at the x-540's and the g51 but im not sure what are my best options. I looked at several other threads but some of them lead to buying receivers and separate speakers. I'd prefer not to buy a used set if that helps narrow it.

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Ich10r Raid Set Portability

I thought one of the advantages to using the on-board raid was that you could install your raid array on another board (that has the same chip-set) and it would find the disks and go on with life. I have taken all of my current disks from one board to another without issue, but it seems that going from my rampage ii extreme to a p6x58 is not so simple. I was going to reformat my boot array anyhow so i could use the sata 6 ports, but it'd be nice if i could just get my (raid 0+1) data array on-line without going back to my back-up. The disks are not plugged into the sata6 ports, the intel raid utility sees them, but does not recognize them as part of any array, i have tried them on sata ii ports 1 through 6 with the same results. Am i missing something here?

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Cannot Set Monitor Resolution To Native

I'm using vista 32bit and everythings working fine at 1920x1200. I come back the next day and it wont let me go past 1600x1200. Ive tried lots of different drivers. What else can i do?

Gpu: 4870x2
Monitor: w2600h

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How To Set Up Auzentech Forte And Headphone ?

I am confused as to how to set up the headphone with the forte sound program and windows control panel. If i want cmss3d/positional sounds to work in games and such, do i set the speakers as 7. 1 and just "fake" that i have a 7. 1 speakers? Or do i actually need to set them as headphones?

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How To Set Up 3 Monitors On Gtx 260?

I have a gtx 260, and have a 19" and a 17" monitor and have yet another 17" under my bed. I really love having two monitors and wish i had another one (lol). Ive seen it done but can't figure out how, since i only have 2 dvi outputs on my card, and sli can't even run 2 monitors.

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