Screen Flickering On Asus Notebook

I'm writing on this forum because i want to know if i'm the only one in this case or not. When i bought my asus a6ja notebook in sept. 2006, it was working quite well, even better than my desktop computer in fact. But few months after, somewhere around february-march 2007, the screen began to flicker very strongly. Here's a video of what happened :

At start, it was just flickering like this in the lower-left corner of the screen. The problem is that i absolutely need my notebook at school (without it, i just can stop going to school, i'm studying in it). So around the summer holidays, i returned it to asus. They decided to replace the whole screen, it cost them around 500. They bring it back to me on september, and after just 2 power up, the same problem started to appear. The same in very worse, the whole screen's now flickering and i'm back to school now. What i mean by "flickering" ? Several pixel-lines of the screen are switching from on to off, and/or moving from left to right, and/or changing colors. They do not flicker at the same speed nor at the same intensity, so the whole thing looks a bit like if the display was crypted. Here's what i learnt :

When i move the lid from closed-state to opened-state, the problem disappears but come back a few seconds or minutes later. It happens when there's bright colors displayed. If i switch my windows skin to a black one, the problem disappears. Heat could be in relation since the laptop is always overheated at 60 or 65c (fans are working). I tried to put it outside, when the temperature was like 5c, and the problem disappeared, but came back a few minutes later. The screen always start to flicker from the left side, then it grow form left to right until the whole screen seems crypted. Switching the screen on and off does nothing, brightening up and down does nothing, rebooting doe nothing too. I tried using the omega drivers for my graphics card, but this time, display was totally frozen and the colors seemed to be additive (i mean that, the longer the screen was frozen, the brighter the screen was becoming). If let things becoming worse without moving the lid at all, the flickering grows, and grows, and grows, until display becomes stable again but is totally shifted. Display starts at 2 cm from the left of the screen and 1 cm from the top. So, what should i do ? What is the problem ? Which component is failing ? What sould i do with asus since they seem to keep on changing screens althought it doesn't seem to be the cause.

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Flickering Screen In Game

I initially posted this in the gaming forum but that ended up being the wrong spot. I recently tried loading up knights of the old republic to pass the long nights with my new baby but have been getting a flickering in the game. It happens in the menus and the game, but not during the cut scene videos. Video card is an old, agp, radeon x1950 pro, and the rest of the machine is standard, older stuff - a64 3200. I'm pretty sure i've played the game on this card before but the os is new since i last played it; upgraded xp to win 7 rc. I've tried switching to different resolutions and refresh rates, v-sync on and off, changing the various dvi settings in the catalyst control center; nothing has made any difference. Any ideas would be super.

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Flight Simulator Screen Flickering

Before i describe my problem here are my computer specs

P4 2. 66 cpu
Asus pp4sgx-mx m/b (socket 478)
Nividea 256mb geforce 5700 vid card
Proview !7" crt monitor (1280x1024 60mhz)

Anyway, i fly in microsoft flight simulator, everything fine except at startup i get some screen flickering and when i select menus within the flight simulator. The problem seems to be with anti aliasing if i select application controlled, no problem, but i get awful serrated type edging to the graphics (plane, tops of hills etc etc). If i select aa as 4x for example i get fantastic graphics but the annoying screen flickering (not at desktop though). The m/b at bios setting can handle agp to 4x, so why do i get the screen flickering is it the m/b, monitor or vid card. Ive got a 256mb vid card i want the good graphics id really hate to have this card and put up with the serrated edging rather than have nice smooth edges.

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Dell Monitor Screen Flickering

When ill start my computer, lcd monitor screen flicker.

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Windows 7 - Flickering Screen Problem On Laptop

I have new asus laptop with intel 4500mhd graphics card and recently have some problems with screen under windows 7 64bit. I was messing with color calibration and i get back to standard calibration, but now, when i switch windows/panels/anything (for example from bright to dark color) screen is messing colors - it's hard to describe, i see the pixels are moving for 1 sec. Sometimes it looks similar to changing brightness of screen. When i open picture with gradient i see pixels (colors) are "moving" and after 1 second it stops. I don't think it's graphic card related because under linux everything looks fine.

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5870 Dual Monitor Screen Tear / Flickering

I just got a 5870 from 4870 and immediately noticed that whenever the automatic 2d to 3d clock jumps up to full 850/1200 there is a significant flicker to a tear in the #2 monitor only and when i use extended desktop. It is repeatable and only happens at that point. I graphed it and can see the vccd/vccd1 amp jump is from 2. 6a/4. 2a to 11. 4a/12a>. I am using a msi afterburner/rivatuner instead of the smartdoctor from asus that came with it because i had it with the 4870 and liked it and it also has the low the de-clocking limit at 600mhz/900mz instead of the other 157/300mhz. All the temps are low when this happens 38-40c . No problems at all on single monitor though there is significant throtling up and back for the vccd volt/amp and the clocks. All the time there is not more than 30-40%gpu use. I can reproduce it easily by just scrolling up and down some web pages. When the 2d is flat line (600/900mhz) no problems and when i am in a game or max gpu use no 2nd monitor issue. I have done every switch and combo, hdmi dvi, both dvi ports dont know. It is like a recurring short. Like a lap top i had where the wear on the hinges causes some shorts to the panel but this screen tear or flicker is fast and easy to pin point. Though the vddc amps jump up and down, the gpuz graph looks like a comb or gap tooth smile, the volts are steady flat line during the clocks and amps jumping so the regulator seems ok . I dont know why the amp draw is dropped so low even when the clocks are at 600/900. If everything stayed level there would be no screen tear. Even with the bouncing around there shouldnt be that effect in the 2 monitor for extended desktop. I know there are any number of other people with the issue , i have gotten no response, nor have they , from amd/ati , asus either and have posted at those forums without any corrective experiences. Some suggestions for similar types of problems but nothing for the same . I am using win7 x64 bit home premium. Many other people , not all though, are 7/64 as well though some xp and vista 64 too. I should have enough power i just put a thermaltake xt 750 in and i used a mushkin enhanced 580 with the 4870 and no problem. I had the 580 running this as well till last week and never had a power problem, never had any problem. I built this last nov and have kept up to date with the drivers, put in ccc 10. 2 last week, gigabyte m4a79xtd evo, asus eas5870, phenomii 3. 4 (oc 3. 77 not for testing)965be, gskill ddr3 1600 pc12, 800, 2x samsung f1 750s, xigmatek s1283 cooler, thermaltake xt750, win7 x64 home prem, hp 1270dvd/cd24xsupermulti, liteon 8xbd/dvd combo, cm rc 690 4 scythe s-flex case fans 1sine intake , 3exhaust- top/rear . The card and case are well cooled and heat has not been an issue for this problem, i would appreciate any insights as to what i might do to correct this. I have tried just about all i can think of, some suggestions, remove and reinstall directx with sdk version someone said helped a like situation but heat may have been related to his. Mostly just trying process of elimination. Have taken off or disabled software to check on conflicts. I use the 2nd monitor to keep tool sets or other utilities so i can keep the larger screen in tact or in 2 parts. I tried to make a group but with different size monitors it just isnt right though might be a fix for someone with the issue with twin displays.

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Xfx Radeon Hd 4870 1gb Screen Flickering Issues

I'm thinking of buying this card but then i read on tigerdirect

That some people have experienced screen flickering from this card and the only way to get rid of it is to "decrease the memory clock speed to 900 (950 outa the box) also drop the fb to 750 ( 775 outa the box)" and also "set the fan speed at 35% (comes stock with 0%)". Has anyone else experienced this/know anything of it or do you think it's just an isolated issue?

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How To Restore Asus Notebook Factory Settings ?

How do i restore my asus notebook to its factory settings?

Your system probably has a 'recovery partition', which you can load by pressing one of the function key when you boot your system. One manual for an asus m50 series says that you need to press the f9 key at bootup and follow instructions, though this may not work with your particular model. Of course, depending on what options your recovery software has, this may overwrite any important documents currently on your system. I'd consider booting off of a live linux cd like 'puppy linux', then use a usb drive to backup any important documents on the hard drive before 'restoring' the operating system.

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Windows 7 Drivers For Asus F5r Notebook

I upgraded my f5r notebook from vista to windows 7 ultimate, but the keyboard is not configured correctly. When i type emails sometimes it sends the email when im typing - not pressing enter, sometimes when typing it starts typing from a few lines up , just like if i pressed the up key several times or pressed the 'pg up' key, how do i locate the windows 7 keyboard drivers for the f5r notebook? I searched in the drivers section on the asus website but there is no windows 7 option as an operating system.

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Notebook With A Glossy Screen

To all of you who have used a notebook with a glossy screen (hp brightview, acer crystalbright, sony x-black and so on): generally, what do you think of the new glossy screens?

Do they reflect much of the background when you are working with the computer indoor (not in an office enviroment)? Do you think that the blank/glossy screens are annoying when you work with a computer with a such screen?

Would you recomend anyone to buy a notebook with a glossy screen? (I'm thinking of buying a sony vaio with an x-black glossy screen).

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Asus K8v-x Dark Screen

Ok , i was installing a new mobo today (asus k8v-x) and a amd 64 3000+, with 512 ddr400, connected every thing and started the comp, it sounds alive but, the screen is dark, i had some problems connecting the case tpo the mobo, don't know if i got it right, can that mess-up the monitor, some one please help me. Ps. The monitor works for sure caz i checked on my laptop, and the video card works too,

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Computer Freezes On Boot Up At Asus Splash Screen

My computer freezes sometimes on boot up (this happens very rarely, but is annoying when it does). When i turn it on, i see my initial asus splash screen and it just stays on this until i reset or reboot. It then boots up fine. Other than this, my computer runs flawlessly, it has never seriously crashed or frozen up when it's running. I noticed also some time after i bought/built the computer, the initial "beep" when the computer boots up disappeared. I don't know if this is related. Has anyone come across something like this? I'm thinking of actually selling off this computer as i am going to need a laptop, so i'd like to get this resolved.

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Asus Lcd Monitor Displaying Grey Screen

Last night my little sister had her friend over, and while i was asleep apparently her friend was using my computer. All i know is she had a webcam hooked up to it. But today when i go to use it, the monitor was displaying a grey screen, and it was totally unresponsive. I couldn't even hard reset. To turn it off i had to flip the switch on my psu. When i rebooted it still showed the gray screen but after a while, like 10 times longer than normal, it finally loaded and displayed properly. I couldn't figure it out, so for the time being, i left it alone. I went back to look at it a few minutes ago. It had been maybe 4 hours. And it responded this time when i moved the mouse, but the screen was grey again. I rebooted (button finally worked again) and still grey screen.

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Flickering On Secondary Monitors

Is there any fairly simple solution to this? Other than the flickering on the other monitors, i love my 5970 video cards.

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Monitor Brightness Flickering

I have a question about my monitor. It is an envision en-710e 17" crt monitor. For about a month now i noticed the brightness flickers. What i mean by this is that the brightness gets brighter for about 10 seconds give or take, and then returns to normal. This monitor is about five years old. What is wrong with the monitor? Is it just old and needs to be replace or is there some simple adjustment that i can make to it. Also, the screen expands/contracts ever slightly whenever i maximize or minimize a window. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was considering buying a new lcd monitor soon but wanted to know if my monitor is dying or not.

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5870 Overclocking And Two Monitors, Flickering

I have my 5870 overclocked to 925/1275. Good overclock, safe, worked well. I hooked up a second monitor, but i'm not using it for eyefinity, its just the traditional additional space monitor. Whenever the card is overclocked (even mild overclocks) the second screen flickers whenever moving between different windows, or just about any time the mouse moves over anything new. This is exclusive to the second monitor, and exclusive to when it's overclocked. I have no problem waiting for drivers to mature to overclock since i suspect that's the issue, but i would like to know if any others have the same issue, make sure my card isn't a dud.

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Machine Start Flickering With Crunching Sound

Im trying to diagnose my fathers pc, for some reason it cant start up. When i turn on the power, all the lights on the machine (harddrive activity led, cdrw leds, back side leds, power button led) all of a sudden start flickering and i hear some crunching sound. I think its the power supply, but what else could it be?

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Geforce 6800 Gt Flickering External Monitor

I'm having a problem for quite some time that i tried to fix a while ago with no avail so i lived with it for over 6 months but now i'm trying to fix it again. The problem: when i connect a large external monitor 22" to my laptop the external screen flickers ever so slightly with horizontal lines that cover the whole monitor. I can still see everything but it is very annoying to see the screen flickering all the time. It doesn't go black or turn on and off. I don't know if its called tearing or not but it might be. It's kind of hard to describe so i'm trying my best but let me know if there is anything more specific that would help. The laptop monitor is fine, its just with large external monitors. Things i know: the monitor is 99% not the problem. I've used it with different laptops / desktops and it works fine. This is what points me to it being a video card problem. I get the same effect if i use another 22" external monitor. It works fine with 20" or 21". Does anyone have any solutions or ideas that might fix this problem?

Here are the specs:

Laptop - powerpro j 10:15
Vga - pci-e nvidia geforce 8600m gt w/512mb

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What Mobo ? Asus P5n32-e Sli Or Asus P5e-x38

Im having a little trouble deciding on what mobo to buy, im currently setting up a new system and thought i might be interested in sli at a later date, except i have been told sli motherboards dont support more then ddr2 800 mhz, and i have 2g kingston pc8500 1066mhz ram. And im not sure sli is that stable yet. In the other hand i could get a asus p5e-x38 and that supports the ram i require, is there any point getting sli at the moment, or just stick with the good ole single! System specs:

Intel conroe core 2 duo e6750
Thermaltake soprano dx
(2x) seagate sata2 500gig
Coolermaster realpower 600watt psu
Ddr2 2g(2 x 1g) pc8500 1066mhz ddr2 ram kingston

What does that mean? (Available when cpus are ready for 1333mhz fsb)

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Asus P5b Vista Edition Or Asus Striker Extreme

I am going to build a new computer very soon and my choice of a mobo is the asus striker extreme. Since vista is out though, i would love some input if it would make sense to buy one of the new "vista ready" mobos asus makes, like the p5b premium vista edition. What is your take please? Striker or p5b vista?

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Asus En9800gtx+top With Asus P5q Pro

Asus en9800gtx+top with asus p5q pro (cold reboots random time)

At first i have to say that your forum is really great!

Thats my first reply but im kinda old reader. I have a cold reboot issue at many pcs. My specs are:

Asus p5q pro(mobo)
Asus en9800gtx+ top 512(vga)
2 x 2gb kingston hyperx 800mhz (ram)
Powersonic 750w (psu)

I have cold reboots in random time, by running games, applications or by doing nothing. I have try to update my bios to latest version. Using last or previous driver for my vga. Using another psu/ram. My system works file only with different vga (different model from 9800gtx+top). I have test these in many pcs, it cant be hardware problem, i mean i have test too many of these mobos and vga (same model). I have googled and read that the 9800gtx+top is a overcloacked version, and i think there is something wrong with this combination (p5q pro - 9800gtx+top)

I have to sorry for my english and thx in advance. Hope someone have solve this problem with p5q pro and en9800gtx+top.

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Asus G60vx-rbbx05 Or Asus G71gx-rx05

Asus g60vx-rbbx05 or asus g71gx-rx05, which is better i know the g71 has better parts but g60 has windows 7 now i am planning on getting the g72 when i get the money but i want a laptop to fall back on in case its sold out by next friday, whats everyones opinion on this.

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Asus M4a89gtd Vs Asus Crosshair Iv Formula

Is the asus m4a89gtd pro/usb better or worse than asus crosshair iv formula - motherboard?

Answer:- crosshair lv formula is the better board. It uses the better 890fx chipset that supports more pcie lanes. It can handle 2-way crossfire, both at x16 pcie links and 4-way crossfire at x8 pcie link per slot. The m4a89gtd pro uses the cheaper 890gx chipset that supports less number of pcie lanes. The m4a89gtd pro has only two pcie graphics slot. It can run on x16pcie link on the primary slot but when in 2-way crossfire mode, each slot will only run on x8 pcie link.

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Using A Notebook As A Desktop

Is it safe to use an hp pavilion dv9700t as a desktop computer? Like getting a 24" display and an external keyboard and mouse? Is there anyway i can run dual external monitors off of it?

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Notebook Speakers Around 20

I'm looking at picking up a pair of speakers for my mp3 player (not ipod). I'm looking to spend around 20, and think my best bet is a pair of 2. 0 speakers from a decent manufacturer like creative etc. Does anyone know if travel speakers are made, with interchangeable plugs on the end for use abroad? If not which do you think is best buying a set out there and dumping them after, or getting an english pair and using a travel adapter.

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Ultraportable Notebook

I am looking to buy a ultra-thin /light, notebook with long battery life. I already have a big desktop and 10" netbook, but netbook screen is too small and keyboard too small and it's heavy. Please give me some idea of which model of notebook to buy, i definitely don't want cd drive. But it must be light, thin and long batt life, preferable 13" screen but 11-12 inch will do too. I don't want anything with high end graphics, just a very light thin notebook that i can put in a ssd and run long battery for school and work.

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Using Notebook Lcd With Desktop / Pc

I have an old acer notebook lcd monitor, well is any way i can used this lcd monitor with my other pc/desktop. Can any of u guys point me to guide or tutorial about this matter.

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Using A Desktop Monitor For My Notebook

Recently, my notebooks monitor has blow out (either the light or inverter, i have yet to fix it because im just buying a new notebook) but regardless, i hooked my notebook up to a regular desktop monitor and have been trying to play wow (world of warcraft). I get an error every time i try loading the game, and ive had the error before which was just to update the video driver(s). My only problem now is that im not entirely sure on what to update for a driver while using a desktop monitor for my notebook.

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Notebook For A Web Developer

My four year old dell inspiron 8600 is coming to the end of its road. Good timing too. I've just recently begun working 25+ hrs a week from home as a freelancer. I do a lot of apache/php/mysql, perl work. I also do some design via photoshop, css, xhtml. I've been a windows man my whole adult life. I have to admit though, the macbook pro is looking pretty good. I got tax return that will cover just about anything. If you were going to by a laptop to use primarily for web development, what would you purchase?

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What Is The Difference Between A Laptop And A Notebook

Please, could you tell me what are the diferences between a laptop and a note book. For example a stilistic srt502x what is it? Notebook or laptop, it is nice to become to this community.

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