Keyboard And Mouse Freeze When Playing Games

I have got a problem with my mouse and my keyboard. When i press both of them at the same time (and i always do this because most of the time i am playing crappy games like wow counter strike etc you know you cant play without pressing both your keyboard and your mouse ) they freeze i cant do nothing for 1-2-3 sec and the pc starts beeping (tititi pipipi the sound u know). Ive changed 3 keyboards 3 mouse bought new etc updated drivers all such things even reinstalled windows. The problem is still there. 4-5 months ago i had the same problem i added 1gb ram to my pc and the problem was gone but here it is again. I have tried with both wireless and non wireless keyboards mouse.

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When Playing Games My Mouse And Keyboard Freeze

When playing games my mouse and keybord freeze up like i cant stop running or shooting my gun on css. Any ideas?

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Mouse Freeze While Playing Video Games

I have a microsoft optical wheel mouse and it just started to freeze on me and while playing video games it only moves up or down not enabling you to move sideways. After 10 seconds or so it goes back to normal. My os is win xp. I have been using this mouse for 2 years with no problem till now. When the mouse freezes my pc, i have to reboot . The bottom of the mouse is not red , which means the optical light is not working. I also get an error in windows which says usb device not working or something of that nature. I tried to use the ps/2 converter and still the mouse locks up. Also when the mouse locks up i get a ringing sound in windows.

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Mouse And Keyboard Will Lock Up For A Sec When Playing Games

When playing games online i notice a wierd occurence. For example, in cs:s or cs 1. 6, when i am running around, for a second my mouse and keyboard will lock up and continue to go the direction i was going. I think this is due to the fact that i am using a wireless mouse and keyboard and just want to confirm this. Nothing goes wrong with the graphics or the gameplay.could it be anything else?

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Keyboard Keys Stick When Playing Games

Since i upgraded to service pack 3 (winxp), i've been having some issues regarding my keyboard. I must notice that when i upgraded to sp3, i also upgraded my whole cpu. Whenever i'm playing, sometimes the keys "stick", but not physically. Example: i'm playing battlefield 2, and i'm moving around as usual, but then i release the left key, and my character keeps going to the left, when the key itself is in it's idle position. I need to press once again left to "unbug" the character. It happens with different frequencies. Although it's not constant, it does happens a moderate ammount of times whenever i'm playing. For some reason, this doesn't seems to happen in windows (messenger for example).

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Does Gaming Mouse Pad Make Difference In Playing Games?

I was thinking about getting a gaming mouse mat. I didn't know how many of you guys on here use them, and i wonder what you thought of them. I really want the wrist pad: does it make a lot of difference in playing games? I never seem to be that great at headshots. And i see this one has a control side, which would be great for my cad work.

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Keyboard / Mouse Freeze On Xp

The mouse always works until you try to type something, and then the keyboard and mouse quit working. The computer itself is not frozen. Sometimes the computer has to be restarted 5+ times to get it to work right. Do you think it is an issue with the keyboard, or the ps/2 ports? I could not find a virus. It has a cheap lite-on keyboard and roswill mouse.

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Mouse And Keyboard Freeze When Windows Xp Starts Up

Sometimes when windows xp professional starts up on my computer, the mouse will not work properly. It is just frozen at the welcome screen. However, i can still use the keyboard to login. The mouse is a ps/2 mouse. After windows finishes login in and shows the desktop, the mouse is still frozen. Sometimes the mouse will function properly on the welcome screen. However when my computer enters standby mode the mouse and keyboard are both usually frozen when i try to bring the computer out of standby mode and the computer is unresponsive. I think this has also happened after a few minutes of not using the computer while the computer was running.

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze - Must Unplug Computer

Nearly everyday my iq504 will suddenly just freeze up. The mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive as well as the touchscreen. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The only choice i have is to unplug the computer (basically crashing eveything i may have had open at the time) and then restarting it up. Sometimes this happens while i am in the middle of using internet explorer, sometimes using microsoft money, sometimes using ms-outlook, etc. I have also had instances where everything was fine, i get up to get a soda, come back and i am frozen up. I wasn't even touching the computer and only left it for a couple minutes and this happens. Is this happening to me uniquely or do others here experience this as well. If so, has anyone found a solution? I've already downloaded the latest drivers from the hp website. I don't know what else to try at this point.

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Pc Freeze And Doesn't Respond To Keyboard Or Mouse

I have a problem with a p4 1. 7ghz pc. When win xp starts after about 5 mins the computer freezes. It does not respond to either keyboard or mouse. I suspected that it had some kind of virus and it was about time this system needed a format and a re installation of xp. Booting from the xp cd and starting setup the same thing happens after 5mins. It freezes again. Im suspecting its an hdd problem. There are no beeps during the post either. Any suggestions?

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Pc Screen Freeze And Mouse / Keyboard Don't Respond At All

My computer freezes after about an hour or sometimes earlier after bootup, im not sure but i think it is my ram. Ive got 2 rams, 256 n 512mb ddr ram, when i boot up it says approx 490mb ram, this is cz 32mb is for onboard graphics, so i think my 256mb ram is at faulty, however when i use only the 512mb ram it still freezes after an hour or so, my pc screen jst freezes, the mouse / keyboard dont respond at all.

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Keyboard And Mouse Non Responsive / Freezes When Play Games

When i start playing a game, especially an fps, about every 1-2 mins the mouse becomes non responsive/freezes and sometimes the keyboard "joins in", for about 5 seconds. I haven't updated any drivers before the problem. Its really annoying when playing css i have fixed the crosshair on someones head an not being able to shoot. Looks like it happens randomly. - Vista 32-bit
- Dell keyboard
- Logitech mx518

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Mouse And Keyboard Cut Out At Random Times When Play Games

This just started recently, but when i play warcraft 3 on my computer, my mouse and keyboard cut out at random times for 2-3 seconds and my master volume turns up and down randomly as well. It's really *bleep*ing annoying and i really wish i could find some way to fix it without having to reinstall the game (can't find my cd keys). I've already updated my drivers, restarted multiple times, turned the computer off and walked away for a couple days and nothing.

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Freeze / Glitch When Playing Halo Game

I recently obtained halo for pc. From time to time a weird glitch would occur (usually when a grenade exploded or too many characters were on the screen at once); the action would freeze for several moments, and the sound heard at the moment the glitch occurred would repeat three to six times before the game resumed. I bought a new 512 ram chip hoping the issue would be resolved, but no such luck. I've played through the entire game now, simply dealing with this sporadic issue. I was told by a forum goer in the computer games forum that i needed a new video card to solve my problem. However, i am now uncertain this is the answer. I just popped in tes morrowind for the first time in a while, and now this game is suffering from the same issues halo did (it never had this issue before, for the months that i played it). The doom legacy is doing the same thing, which makes no sense. I am simply wondering if anyone can help me figure this out; did i do something wrong when installing the new ram chip?

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Pc Shuts Down When Playing Games

Recently upgraded my graphics card to an ati radeon 9200 se from a chaintech geforce 4 mx440. Uninstalled the nvidia drivers and fitted the new card downloaded latest whql drivers for the new card. All went well until i played games where they would run for a couple of minutes, then my pc would shut down as if there had been a power cut. Pc would only come back on after unplugging then plugging back in. Ran this prob thru other pc related forums which provided suggestions like defective graphics card, infinite loop problem between some graphics cards & cpus, too much dust, winxp sp2 bug the list goes on. Up to now i have done the following:

Changed the 9200 for same model to rule out defective card
Installed another hi power psu
Changed the mobo
Cleaned out the pc case thoroughly
Virus checked my hd
Installed latest bios and chipset drivers
Emailed amd for any incompatibility issues with ati cards none what so specifications:

Msi kt6v-7021 mobo
Amd athlon xp 2500+
40gb hdd
768mb ddr pc2700
Ati radeon 9200 se 128mb
Qtec 550w psu
Winxp with sp2 installed

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Windows Xp Freezes While Playing 3d Games

My system freezes up whenever i play a 3d game, mainly everquest. It used to do it rarely, than it became more and more common. Now i can't go a few minutes without it locking up. At first i thought it might be heat, so i cleaned out every bit of dust from my system, took off side panel and had a fan blowing on the case, it didn't help (than i monitored the system temp, i idol at about 40*c, and when it froze i was at about 44*c). I tried switching the slot of my ram, didnt fix it. I tried upgrading my sound/video drives, didnt fix it. I took out my soundcard, didnt fix it. I formatted and installed my os again, didnt fix it. I reinstalled the game, didnt fix it. I tried underclocking my fsb, didnt fix it. I disabled my sound drivers, didnt fix it. The only other thing i could think about doing is getting a better power supply, but i don't want to waste my money if i'm not guarenteed its gonna fix it. I have an athlon xp 1800+, windows xp professional, 30gig hd, geforce 2 mx400 vid. Card, soundblaster live! 5. 1 soundcard, k7t266 pro motherboard from msi (got it around october), and 256 mb of ddr crucial ram. I am very frustrated at this point, and i am very close to taking a hammer to my computer. I recently downloaded 3dmark to check if the freezing was sucluded to eq, but 3dmark also froze on me.

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System Crashing While Playing Games

I bought a new pc around 6 months ago, and it has been running 100% stable for around 4-5 months, but then i started to experience crashing and occasional blue screens in games. Since crashing ect. Only occurred in games, i figured it was my video card, so i uninstalled my video drivers and ran driver sweeper, and installed nvidia's 182. 50 drivers. My issues went away for 2-3 weeks, but now i am getting them again. My issues:

1) apc_index mismatch bluescreen

2) i have had an odd error happen to me twice. When i was playing games, my sound would go off and i would hear an awkward sound coming from the speakers. The odd thing is, when i played a video file, i could still hear the sound, but not from games unless i restarted. The second time it happened, i got a blue screen before i could exit my game and restart it. I am not sure what the blue screen was and i didn't get to write it down. I am using onboard/motherboard sound. 3) games crashing and giving me the generic "program stopped responding" error. (Most common). 4) when playing the game red orchestra, i get this error:

Build redorchestra_build_[2005-11-27_10. 48]

Os: windows nt 6. 0 (build: 6001)
Cpu: authenticamd unknown processor @ 2600 mhz with 4093mb ram
Video: nvidia geforce gtx 260 (8250)

General protection fault!

Everything is stock, aside that i replaced my cpu's heatsink/fan with a sunbeam 90mm. I have not over clocked anything. I know a lot of people will say my psu is not enough, but i have been told otherwise by people that work at computer building stores. My brother also has a very similar pc with the same psu, but has three hard drives instead of one, plus an hd 4870 1gb. He is getting no such errors. I also have around 2-4 amps on the 12v rail to spare.

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Computer Restarts When Playing Games

I got a brand new 6800gt agp and since then my computer restarts when i play games, bf2 or css. I got a new power supply a 550watt 600watt peak mad dog thing. New big case. Do you think its my mobo? I got it with my emachines computer so its not like the top of the line. If its not the mobo/processor what could it be. I have plenty of fans. And if it is the mobo/processor can you suggest a processor/mobo for me.amd athlon with agp is what i got going now so id like to keep in the amd and agp family.

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Pc Getting Jerky With Slow Response When Playing Games

It seems that my computer is slow and i am not sure what is causing it. My games, specifically gta san andreas, civ 4 (retail and patched), galactic civilization 2 (new. ), Are really laggy. I think with my system specs i should not be getting jerky slow response times from these games. The ram is a mystery its this cheap corsair value edition ddr 400 ram which i had to clock down to 320 and turn the cpc override to disabled in order for the computer to function. Any ideas? Do you think this is the problem? I am somewhat skeptical for two reasons: one, being that 320 is still fast; and two, being that it seemed at one point gta was working decent then when i got back into playing it, it was all laggy. Ps: cpc override, according to the description in the bios, allows the controller to attempt chip select assertion in two consecutive common clock. Whatever that means?

Ram settings:

Ras = 8
Cas = 2. 5
Ras to cas = 3
Ras precharge = 3

Also a potential problem that i just noticed while looking in the bios is the my cpu temp is at 80c. That can't be right? Seems high and i can't feel that heat? My system zone one is at 30c. How can the cpu be at 80 and zone one be at 30. It has to be broken?

Computer specifications:

Intel p4 ht 2. 6ghz
D865perl mobo early version (1. 1 i think) latest bios installed. 1. 5 gb ram (here may be a problem cuz it is ddr 400 clocked to 320?)
2 hdds both running at ultra dma 5
Ati all in wonder radeon 9800 128mb ddr 400

Os = ms win xp pro (retail) service pack 2 and all latest updates, i have the latest drivers for all the hardware that i am aware of.

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Computer Gets A Graphical Glitch While Playing Games

I put together a computer for my cousin about 2 months ago. A month after the build there has been issues when he tries to game. When he launches games the computer works fine for a short while then there is a graphical glitch. There is small blocks of greens, purples, blues, and so on. The computer quickly stops responding and the monitor says it is going into power save mode. I have to power down the machine to start it again. Specs:
Asus p5e
8800 gts 512
4gb ocz ram
550w ocz psu
640gb black wd hdd

The desktop works perfectly fine while on the desktop. My cousin told me there have been times where it has locked up when just on the desktop, but this has rarely happened. I updated to the latest nvidia drivers and that did not help either. I ran ati tool and did not get any artifacts with the 8800, the temperature was good too. Topped out at 60* c. I tried out orthos prime to stress the cpu and ram. I did not get any issues while running this on those two pieces of hardware. The temperature did not exceed 50* c on the cpu. The only part that can cause this is the psu i believe at this point. Due to mostly having no issues with the other hardware from running these tests. What do you guys on [h] think?

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Laptop Just Suddenly Turns Off When Playing Games

My laptop does this, i originally thought it was a problem with the cable and the wall socket and that it might run well on the battery, i dont get this. I have a gericom 3. 06ghz pentium 4 processor and 512mb of ram, ive only had it for like 4months and i play a game online called "americas army" this takes up approx 250mb of ram a big game yes, i never used to have this problem, i could play americas army anytime i wanted without turning off or anything and now all of a sudden i go to play it and the laptop turns off off, the same with a chat website i go on called "lycos chat" now you may think an internet chat? Why does that shut down?

Well when you run it the chat takes up 50mb of ram and yes you have guessed it even that shuts the computer down, i went on the chat today with only the battery in(not the cable) and it worked fine no problems and im on it now wioth the cable plugged in. If i went to play americas army now it would turn my laptop off, i can play other games perfectly ok its just internet games like that, it did it with some games within half life 2 as well(the ones which i tried out). I like 1st person shooters but if thats all what happens then whats the point in me having them, ive tried to reinstall the software and nothing happens i get same problem. I thought it might of been something to do with an error or a virus or something but other day i reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows and still happens. Both fans are working because i can feel air coming out, the laptop is very hot and now when i go to run something that takes up abit of memory the fans just kick in straight away even on little tasks(e.g over 10-20mb of ram needed to perform)

The fans never used to do this like kick in so much only once needed. I have downloaded the following software and here are my results from a few tests:

Mobile meter: frequency 3. 10ghz, temperature 75 degrees c, change rate 0. 00w, hdd#0 55 degrees c

Rightmark cpu clock utility: cpu core clock and throttle:1600, cpu load and os load: 8%

Cpu frequency id and voltage id(fid and vid): 23. 0

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Computer Restarts / Reboots When Playing Games

It has happened in left 4 dead mostly, and world of warcraft. Other than that im actually fine. First my computer specs. I have the gateway dx4710

Processor: intel core 2 quad q6600 (2. 4 ghz) ;
Ram installed: 6 gb ddr2 sdram ;
Hard drive: 640 gb standard
Video card: ati radeon hd3650 (updated drivers manually, cant find it on the ati website but it says up to date when i do it through hardware. ) I downloaded some supposed fix but yea that didnt workout. When im playing left 4 dead i experience no problems at all the game runs beautifully. Its just after like 20 minutes it happens at the exact same time usually my computer just shuts off and reboots. After that i press start windows normally and i can go on play dota orrr cs or anything for as long as i want. This problem happens in wow sometimes too but not as often as left 4 dead. I toned down the graphics although my computer handled the highest settings quite nicely, but i wanted to see if it was overheating and the inside seems ok. Although one time as my computer restarted i heard like a grinding from the inside of my computer and i shut it off immediately to prevent damage and i opened the case and checked for any loose pieces. I figured a wire was hitting the fan and moved it and haven't heard it since but idk. Anyways this problem is super annoying cuz i just bought the computer and the place we bought it from only has a 7 day return policy. Yes 7 days. But im sure gateway can offer some kind of thing. If you guys have any suggestions lemme know. It happens in wow too and wow is my primary game so i have to fix this. I can live without left 4 dead. Although its amazingly fun.

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Computer Restarts Playing Games, Music, Flash, Etc

My computer is restarting when i'm playing games, music, or using flash on the internet. Sometimes it can go 45 minutes to an hour, and sometimes it's only a few minutes before it restarts. Restarts in grand theft auto vice city, crimes of war, playing music in itunes, etc. It's really annoying, and my computer is a beast. I'd love to get this resolved. Also, as a note, for some weird reason i don't get bsods or anything. Just restarts or crashes. Yes, i've unticked the option in the control panel>system>error thing. I've even run windows on the boot option of "don't restart on system failure" or whatever. And it's not overheating, because my computer hardly gets over 100f.

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Make Wireless Connection Between 2 Laptops For Playing Games

How can i do make a wireless connection between 2 laptops for playing games? With windows 7 os on each laptop, i can not make a wireless connection for playing games together.

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Have To Reboot The System, When Playing Games With Max Graphical Settings

Whenever i play these hot games with killer graphics (f. E. A. R. And oblivion) with maxed out graphical settings and i quit the game i have to reboot the system. I tried using the benchmark from futuremark (3dmark 06) and when i came to the pixel shader 3. 0 tests i was able to see the same problems happening again. So what happens. When i quit fear/oblivion or the ps 3. 0 test is done and i return to windows the screen refreshes very slowly. It's hard for me to explain what happens. For example i press the start button:

1. I press start button
2. Screen turns black
3. Start menu appears
4. I select programs (or any other thingie from the menu)
5. Screen turns black
6. The selected thingie appears

And so on. Also this happens at a very low speed so it takes a while for me to open something i want. After a reboot everything is fine. I also experienced random blue screens of death while playing fear and oblivion, i do not know if the problems are related. So, in my oppinion it's something either wrong with my graphics card or the psu cannot handle it because this happens only when playing the most challenging games graphics wise (and with max settings). I tried playing call of duty 2 with max settings and nothing happened so far. The system is brand new and fear and oblivion are the first games i played on my specifications:

Amd athlon fx 57
Dfi lanparty ut nf4 sli-dr expert
Creative x-fi fatal1ty
Asus 7900 gtx
2x 1gb of kingston memory (khx3200a)
Psu antec truepower 550w

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Screen Goes Black After Playing Games - Video Card Problem

When i am done playing a game and i exit out everything is black, i don't really know why it happens so if anyone could tell me i would like that. I can still do things, like if i press ctrl + alt + del, then i can move the mouse around and the courser will change with i go over a button but i can't see anything. If it helps i just upgraded my comp a lot!. I have a new mobo (see my computer specs for exact) i got a amd athlon 64 4000+ and i got a new pny 7900 gs video card and this problem happens with *** games and crappy ones like pinball.

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Games Freeze All The Time

. And they do that since graphics card update. First, there was the radeon x600. It died. So i needed a new card. Was a radeon hd 2600. Installed new drivers, even reinstalled windows. Games began to freeze after a couple minutes, the only game playable was rollercoaster tycoon 2. Some time later i bought a radeon hd 3850. And again, reinstalled windows and added the latest drivers. And again! No game playable. They all work fine for about ten minutes, and then freeze. It can not be the temps as they don't go over 90 degrees, wich, according to ati ccc, is in normal range. It can not be the psu either, since its rather new and powerful enough. So what else could it be?

I thought about the mainboard, a msi ms-7046, quite some years old.could it be that it doesn't "like" the new graphics card, since its an oem-mainboard? Or that it simply is too old? Or what the fudge else.

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Wow, Supreme Commander, And Cs Games Freeze Computer

For some reason i don't quite know, my computer will freeze up while playing video games. Currently, i only play wow, supreme commander, and cs and it freezes on all of these games. Sometimes after a freeze it will do the whole serious error bluescreen and restart, but sometimes it just stays there till i manually restart. Once it restarts however, it usually will continue to do this all day to the effect i can play maybe 5 min of a game before it will freeze. Also, sometimes my graphics streak across my screen to infinity. Im guessing my graphics card is to blame here?

Any ideas on whats going on and how i can fix this?

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Mouse Suddenly Freeze

It's been almost a week that i'm having this weird problem. All of a sudden, i can't get *any* mouse to work. It seems to work fine when i boot up, but it's just a matter of time till it stops responding!

The first time the problem showed up with my regular ps2 mouse. I was browsing some site and the mouse suddenly froze. After a while it comes back, the cursor goes berserk for a few seconds, and from then on no response. It just wouldn't work. The whole system seemed to work fine though. I restarted, and the mouse was dead right from the start. Luckily enough, i remembered i had another one somewhere, a newer usb optical mouse. (Ms intellimouse optical with a cable) so, i swap mice using usb this time, boot up, the mouse works fine for a couple of minutes and suddenly "dies on me" too! The red light under the mouse disappears too. If i restart, sometimes it will work (but -again- only for a minute or two) but usually it doesn't even flash its light as it's supposed to do when it's being initialized. If i shut down and switch on, it always works in the start, but it's just a matter of time till it stops responding again. The problem is very weird because it happens with 2 different mice on two different kinds of ports (ps2 and usb), so this leaves no room for the chance that either one of the ports, or any of the mice, is broken! Other devices work great on the very same usb ports where the mouse hangs!

Sometimes when it stops working i get a notification from windows that a usb device has malfunctioned and is no more recognisable. No matter what, the mouse disappears from the hardware list. Of course i've tried uninstalling the mouse and let the windows reinstall it, and updated the drivers but it's no good. The problem persists. I've also noticed that it stops working only if you're moving it around. If you don't touch it at all, it seems ok. The red light works, it will point, it will click. But after a short while it dies again - as if some buffer overruns or something. Furthermore, if you were holding down one of its buttons when it hangs, windows is tricked into believing it's still down, and won't even allow certain keyboard keys to work too! I hate this when it happens!

I wrote a dos-based program that calls the actual hardware interrupt to access the mouse directly, it seems to initialize successfully, displays the pointer but it's dead again as usual. However it's not in real dos environment, (it's only xp's console mode dos) so i don't know if this is actually mapped to the windows driver instead. Sorry if this was long, but i'm really frustrated; i can hardly use my computer. I've tried virtually *everything*. I want to avoid a format because the problem looks so weird, that i'm not quite sure if it's going to help. I found a few threads describing similar problems, but no solution was found in any of them. My hardware is an intel p4 at 2. 4ghz on an asus p4pe m/b, running xp pro sp2, 512mb ddr in one bank. I've never had any hardware conflicts whatsoever and i haven't installed any new hardware lately. Doublechecked for viruses/spyware etc, nothing suspicious. All i can think of is my power supply box (350w, got it a month ago) but mice generally require minimum power, i don't see how it could be an issue. I also downloaded a freeware program that monitors voltages/temperatures and stuff, and it all looks perfectly regular. No weird spikes in the graphs when the mouse hangs or anything. Anyone got any idea?

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Xoxide Mouse Cause Computer Freeze

My mouse wont work. Its that glowing one from xoxide, and every time i plug it in my computer freezes. Same thing with my backlit keyboard, the backlite function freezes anything. I know the products are ok because ive used them on my older hp computer. Im thinking it could be my motherboard, because it has some problems with onboard sensors already. Anyone know if i can fix it? Or is it completely non-motherboard related?

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