Remote Device Or Resource Won't Accept Connection

How do i connect to the internet? My computer says "the remote device or resource wont accept the connection". What does that mean? What do i have to do to fix it?

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The Remote Device Or Resource Won't Accept The Connection

Connection problem troubleshooting - "the remote device or resource won't accept the connection"? How to i fix this? - My internet isn't working.

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Remote Desktop Connection To Connect To Remote Computers

Recently i heard about remote desktop connection, what is it, is it useful to connect to remote computers running edition of windows 2000?

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Wireless Remote / Pointer Device

Need a wireless device to control power point. They said "a remote", but don't they just need something with 2 buttons on it, to forward frame and backwards frame in powerpoint? They also said if it included a "laser" so they could point at things on the projection screen that would be nice.

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How To Use Remote Desktop Connection ?

I have windows 7 for my laptop and have noticed the remote desktop connection feature. I have tried using it but our computer does not have its own domain so i just entered its name. After i did this it asked for a username and password which i have no clue to what it is. Would any of you be able to help me with this?

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Remote Desktop Gateway Connection

I have a lan, all with internet ips 192. 168. 1. X, all using a gateway of 196. 221. 135. X, now, if i was out of my home and wanted to connect to a computer on my network with say the internal ip of 192. 168. 1. 3, how would i do that? Like how would it be formatted? 192. 168. 1. 3:196. 221. 135. X? How do i connect first to the gateway then to the internal ip. Is this even possible?

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Connect To Pc Over Internet Using Remote Desktop Connection

How can connect to a pc over the internet using remote desktop connection (i think rdp gatway) and how can get the rd credential plz forgive me im noob in this.

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Use Remote Control On Psp Anywhere There Is Internet Connection

Can i use remote control on my psp anywhere there is an internet connection, even if the connection is secured? For example: at school, where the internet connection is secured and i need a password to access the router, etc. Can i use remote control on my psp anywhere there is an internet connection, even if the connection is secured?

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Setup Remote Desktop Connection On Windows Xp

How do you set up remote desktop connection on windows xp?

Answer:- check the following links for information on remote desktop connection with windows xp:

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Remote Desktop Connection Wont Work

Why wont rdp allow my connection? When i try to use microsoft's rdp i am getting the following error: to log on to this remote computer, you must have terminal server user access permission on this computer. If you are not a member of the remote desktop users group or another group that has these permission, or if the remote desktop user group does not have these permissions, you must be granted these permissions manually. Ok, first things first. Just want to get this out of the way. It's not a firewall issue, port 3389 is open and that's what were connecting with. I *am* a member of the remote desktop users group. Through my sign on - and also through an admin group used in active directory. I have tried not using my domain account and just using the local admin on the system (they are also added to remote desktop users) and still no success on that. I have ensured that remote connection is enabled through the computer -> properties -> remote tab. I have ensured that all the services rdp/terminal services uses are on the system and started. I have checked the group policy and all users are allowed through that. I have checked the remote control tab in active directory and that is also enabled. I have made changes to the following registry keys so as not to deny access, fdenytsconnections has a value of 0. Tsuserenabled has a value of 1, allow remote rpc has a value of 1. All other registry keys under local machine -> system -> current control set -> control -> terminal services remain untouched. What could i possibly be missing here?

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Control Shop Pc From Home Pc By Remote Desktop Connection

Is it possible to control my shoppe pc from my home pc by remote desktop connection?. Any site providing the?


The information for remote desktop connection are available at the following sites.

http://docs. Info.

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Remote Desktop Connection Or Ethernet Crossover For 2 Computers

For managing 2 home computers, what's better: remote desktop connection or ethernet crossover? Basically, which connection is more stable, or faster, or is there any advantage of one over the other. Distance (in terms of cable), is not a major concern, so both are possible. I just want to control two trusted home pcs under one monitor/keyboard combo. Or are splitters another option? Which would you choose?

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Lose Internet Connection When Remove Usb Device

Why do i lose internet connection when i remove any usb device from my computer? When i remove usb device from my computer (either safely or not) i lose connection the internet. My wireless adapter still says that there is a connection but when i open any browser i get the standard "this page cannot be displayed" message.

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Resource Conflict

I have a piece of audio recording equipment hooked up to the firewire card in my pc. The equipment suddenly doesn't work, and my "mcp audio processing unit" has this warning message in the device manager (i'm using xp):

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12) if you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. Its location is: pci bus 0, device 5, function 0

Does anyone know how to determine which "other device" should be disabled? I don't know how to interpret the meaning of the location values. I tried disabling a few unneeded devices, but no luck. Also tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers.

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Creative Emu10k1 Audio Processor Does Not Have Free Resource

I have an old sound blaster live! 5. 1 back from when i built my first pc. I haven't used it in years as motherboard audio has always been alright by my standards. Now, however, i've gone and purchased a 5. 1 speaker set, and to get the proper 5. 1 sound out them, i need a 5. 1 capable card. Such as the sound blaster. So, i went ahead and installed it, and disabled the onboard audio - yet i have no drivers for it. The thing is, i bought this before xp came out, and the driver cd, even if i still had it, would be useless. The creative site is terrible, it gives only updates or patches for driver sets people already have. I did download one big driver from them but it said it couldn't find any sound blaster card in my computer! I did download one set from somewhere that did identify the card and set it up correctly, but the "creative emu10k1 audio processor" doesn't have "any free resources" to run. It tells me to uninstall some other audio device before it'll run properly. But what can i install? The motherboard audio has been disabled in the bios and i'm running on a freshly formatted xp installation. I either need new drivers, or a solution to sort this out.

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Network Problem - Pc Cannot Accept An Ip Assignment From Router

The title isn't very descriptive, but its difficult to explain. Here's my problem:

Os is windows xp drivers up to date. I have a network of about 10 computers, all of them worked circa yesterday. After shutting one computer off last night, and back on today, it no longer want's to accept an ip assignment from the router. It sets its own ip to something strange and random

If i specify its ip address, subnet mask, dns server, etc, it will connect to the network flawlessly, including resolving local network names, but not internet names (ie, It says "ping could not find the host. ", However, it can ping google's actual ip address. I'm using the router's ip as the dns ip, which should work. Another strange thing is when i ctrl+c out of "ping" when i ping a machine, i get an error dialog that says:

Ping.exe - application error. The instruction "0x7x9105f8" referenced memory at "0x000f0010". The memory could not be "read". Click on ok to terminate the program

When using a dynamic ip assignment, when i try to "repair" the connection, it fails when attempting to renew the ip. Once, after disabling and re-enabling the connection and looking at it's connection properties, it didn't have anything in the "address type" field, "ip address" field, etc, of its "support" tab in its connection status dialog. There are some really funky non-networking things going on as well:

It's *very* slow, even after killing off every non-necessary process in task manager. Its a 2. 6ghz machine with 512mb ram, so it shouldn't be running as bad as it is. I did a full scan with adaware and didn't find much. After a few attempts to get the network connection going, every protocol (even its adapter and the window title) disappeared from the connection properties dialog, and i nothing in the start -> run dialog would run (ie, cmd, notepad, explorer), it just disappeared and came back. Everything worked again after rebooting. As i said, i scanned for malware.

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Esata External Enclosure That Can Accept Ide Drive

Are there any esata or nas external enclosure (with 3 or more drive bays) that can accept ide drives?

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Psp Won't Accept Wep Key

I just got my psp and as the title suggests i cant put in my wep key (or the psp wont accept it more like) it is quite long 26 characters (13 pairs of numbers) i have tried adding the key in with spaces but it runs out when i get to the last 2 numbers and ive tried entering it without the spaces and i cant remember the exact message it gave me but it just blew me out. I used to have this problem with windows but it sorted itself out eventually, using the other method of encryption is not a method i am willing to entertain and i cannot have wep turned off! Any ideas? I have scoured google and the psp forums bring nothing up (probably cos no one uses a 26 figure long wep key).

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Bluetooth Keyboard Won't Accept The Passcode In Vista

All of a sudden a microsoft elite bluetooth keyboard stopped working on this pc running vista. I go into bluetooth devices, get rid of it and try and add it back, but it won't accept the passcode, i just let it generate one. I try another bluetooth keyboard(logitech) and its the same story, it's being recognized but won't get passed the passcode stage. Also shouldn't the logitech keyboard work with the microsoft bluetooth transmitter as well? Or should its transmitter be in? I'm just trying to get anything working right now. Any ideas? Think this is vista related? Oh and all batteries are full power in each keyboard, the logitech keyboard lets you know, so i tested all batteries in it just to make sure.

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Philips Crystal 650 Won't Accept Ink

I have lost the card to my philips crystal 650 and the machine wont accept my ink where can i get a new one?

Answer:- try asking the company that supplied you that printer. They most likely have it.

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Windows Xp: Wd Passport - Usb Device Does Not Recognize Device

I bought a wd passport 160gb. And it worked fine i left it running on my computer for 2 weeks and now its not working error (usb device does not recognize device) so i thought i broke it, i went out and bought another one and i am getting the same error with the new one and old one, on mulit computers that it worked on in the past, i even tried in on new computers. Any ideas?

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The Device, Device Cdrom0, Has A Bad Block

Just felt like checking my event log and i see that i'm getting cd rom errors that read: "the device, device cdrom0, has a bad block. " My cd drives work just fine. Any ideas what this means and if i should worry?

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Remote Reboot

I've been asked to come up with a solution to remotely reboot network equipment that goes down at off site locations (around the country). I've been able to find a few options, but have not been able to find any reviews on them. I was hoping some of the members here might either have experience with the products, or could point me in the right direction. We need to be able to reboot a modem, router, and possibly switches when we lose internet at a remote location. I feel that the best solution is one that will let me "call" the equipment and have it cycle power. One of the devices i'm looking at is the power mate - black box. Seems to fulfill my needs at a good price

Dataprobe also makes a good product (or so i think) but it is a little pricey. I am looking at the ibootbar. Does anyone have any experience with these devices or possible guidance? It would nice to not have to "test" something out by spending $200+.

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Detecting Ram On Remote Pc

I have 15 remote pcs i need to gather the specs (specifically ram, how many open bays, and how much ram is in each occupied bay) on. Is there a dos command to do this? I'd really not like installing software on all these pcs just to get their ram.

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Xp Media Center Remote

Will this remote work with xp pro (to watch movies using a regual media player, such as windows media player)?

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How To Shut Down A Pc From Remote / Wirelessly ?

I need to be able to power on three different pcs remotely, without any cables getting in the way. Is there any way i could do that?

I tried to use my nokia n97 and wake-over-lan features, but my pcs use wireless connections and it can't really work that way. Isn't there any wireless keyboard or even better remote control that i could use to power on the pcs? I mean, not one to use for all of them, individually. I have been searching for days but couldn't find anything that seems to actually work.

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Remote Support Solution

I am looking for a remote support solution that would work on a linux desktop. I need a solution that i could use from my office to bring support to one of my customers in their lan. I am not asking for vnc, which is a solution that only works when the pcs are in the same network. Does this solution exist?

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Remote To Controls The Mouse On Pc

What i want is a universal remote that works with my normal a/v equipment and can control my pc (including power and mouse specifically)

I have read about mce and the associated remotes, also harmony remotes, and imon. But what i don't know is if any of these, or any others can do what i stated above. Any thoughts?

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How To Connect To A Remote Printer?

I have windows 7 on 2 computers in my house. One is my laptop, the other is my family computer. I'm trying to connect my laptop to my family printer, but it says i need a driver that i have no idea how to get! It will not connect, and no matter what i try, i can't find the driver. I also shared my c:windows folder with the laptop and tried to find the driver files, but it couldn't find them there. I'm pretty sure the driver is the only problem, but i have absolutely no idea how to fix it!

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How Can I Connect To A Remote Display?

Ok, so i have two computers. A desktop with an lcd screen, and connected by hdmi to this computer i have a big lcd hd tv. Second i have my net-book. Both computers have wireless, are connected (lan), and both are running ubuntu 10. 04 lts. I often run a movie on my desktop using the tv screen as my display, and use the tv sound via hdmi. So my question is, would there be some way for me to open a movie on my netbook, and have the movie output to the tv, by using the tv as its secondary display. It would connect through wireless to my desktop which would share the tv display connected to it, and thus make it accessible to the netbook. I already worked out network sound, i have my desktops soundcard shared, so i can access it via the netbook and use it as my primary audio device, so i can get sound to play on the tv. I just want to do the same with video. Please dont give me answers such as streaming, or connecting my netbook to the tv directly. I want to use the tv as a remote display. I want to somehow share it on the network on my desktop as i did with my sound.

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