Motherboard Failure Rate

I'm a system builder, and i order most of my parts from newegg. In my i7 systems i have been using the asus p6t deluxe v2 for almost all my builds, but lately i've had over 50% failure rate with the boards. This is over the last month and over 27 units. I'm just wondering if other builders are getting the same failure rate, or if i just got a really bad batch. Its so bad at this point i'm ready to switch to another board, but i'm not sure which one to move to. I need boards that overclock well (4. 0 ghz on the 920 with liquid cooling) and have dual lans. Of course, they have to support at least 2 video cards in full x16 mode also. I'm thinking of trying the asrock supercomputer x58. Any comments or suggestions from people who are having similar problems or have a great mb they've used for a lot of builds will help.

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Power Supply Failure Rate

According to be hardware these are the power supply failure statistics for the previous year, like all statistics they should be taken with a pinch of salt. They confirm though what most hexites knew already. Fortron: 0. 7%
Hiper: 1. 2%
Seasonic: 1. 4%
Thermaltake: 1. 6%
Tagan: 2. 8%
Enermax: 3. 0%
Antec: 9. 5%

Follow the link for details:-

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Frame Rate Vs Refresh Rate

Is there any relationship between monitor refresh rate (85hz) and gaming frame rate? For instance if the monitor refresh rate is 85hz, is there any advantage to a higher frame rate, like 300 ?

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Frame Rate / Refresh Rate

I read on wikipedia that when the frame rate of a game is higher than your refresh rate the extra frames are "dropped" what does it mean and how are they dropped?

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Mouse Sample Rate

I am trying to figure out how often the mouse is read by the computer. What i mean is not how much data can a mouse push through but how often per ms does the computer sample the location from the mouse? About 6 years ago i found some information saying it was ~11ms sample rate, then i see others referring to the monitor refresh rate (makes no sense to me). I'm guessing it's a function of the bus (usb mouse is what concerns me) but it may also be something defined by some other hardware or the os. I just can't find anything that tells me what that sample rate is. Anyone have a clue?

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Frame Rate Down From 30 Fps To Around 20

Hey guys, i'm pretty satisfied with my current system except that after recieving my new monitor (226bw) and having to kick up my resolution to 1680x1050, i've lost around 10 fps in all of my games taking my framerate down from my 'perfect' 30 fps to around 20. My system is shown in my signature, and now i'm asking in what way i can improve my system?

Perhaps a set of 8800gts's in sli?

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Frame Rate Problems

Yo i took my 7950gx2 back because i thought it was broken, and got a refund, then i purchased a 7900gt, and i am still having the same problem, like 30 fps on css, s. T. A. L. K. E. R runs crap 2, ive even tried all the games on lowest settings and the frame rates don't increase one bit :@ and it just lags to *** playing the new insurgency mod for hl2. My pc specs:-
Gpu: nvidia 7900gt
Psu: cheap led psu from ccl 500 watt
Mobo: asus a8n sli delux
Cpu: amd 64 3200+ (939)

Ive been told it could be my ram playing up. Ive looked on cpuz and the ddr400 is running at 200 mhz. Ive also been told it could be my psu, due to it being a cheap one, please help.

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Getting More Ram, Will I Get Better Frame Rate ?

I'm debating about getting more ram for my computer, my computers spec are amd athlon 64 3000+ (754), 1x512mb pc3200 400mhz, 160gb hard drive, and a sapphire radeon 9600xt 128mb, my question is this, should i get another 1x512mb pc3200 400mhz, and will i get better frame rate, or loading time if i do?

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Geforce 6800 Gt Frame Rate

Just recently i bought an sprakle 6800gt . Ive been playing though some games but i have found my frame rate is not as fast as it supposed to be . On far cry a recent bench mark my leading australian mag atomic got a fps rate of 103 however will play the game my speed would be more around the 45 or if im lucky a bit higher . I have no idea why it like it this but i think it may have some thing to do with my psu its an antec 350 smart blue . My computer spec are amd 64 3200+ , k8n gigbyet main board, 2x 120 western hdd and 2 stick of 512 corsair ram( don't know what is call but its got a shell over it).

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Mouse Rate Switcher Cause Drop In Dpi

Took my basic optical from 8ms response rate to 4ms. Everything was good, i can't say i noticed an improvement but nonetheless mouserate checker rated it at 4ms response rate. I used switcher again to bump it up to 500hz/2ms response rate, restarted, and i noticed a sudden drop in dpi. It went from around 400-500 dpi to maybe 200-300. Tried 1ms, same thing. Went back down to 4ms/125hz and it works fine again. Anybody know where the problem is?

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Change Ps2 Touchpad Fresh Rate

I was wondering if it's possible to change my touchpad ps/2 fresh rate?. I was on google and already tried the regedit under "i8042prt/parameters" create a dword (32-bit) and put 200 (which is the max). After rebooting i'm still running 48hz. I tried ps2rate which was meant to be for windows 95 & 98. However when i set the rate and click ok it says missing "ps2rate. Vxd please put it in the same directory has the exe". The ps2. Rate. Vxd is in the same dir has the exe. Does anyone know of any other application or edit i set the rate at higher for my touchpad?

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Monitor Refresh Rate Effects Eyes ?

Just a general question about monitors. My monitor here at work only manages around 60hz at 1024x768. I have the option of decreasing the resolution to push up the refresh rate. I prefer coding with higher resolutions (as i'm sure many of you will atest to) but i'm concerned about the long term effects (damage?) 60hz may cause to my eyes. I don't wear glasses/contacts, and have passed 20/20 vision tests. Should i speak to my boss about replacing the monitor (or in the worst scenario - change my resolution?)

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Samsung Px2370 Monitor Refresh Rate

I need to know if the samsung px2370 monitor runs at least 120hz in order for it to work with my nvidia 3d glasses, i can't seem to find it listed anywhere.

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Changing Usb Polling Rate To 1000hz Or Lower

If your like me and hate default 125hz that all windows install (unless you modify) here is a quick way to change your usb polling rate to 1000hz (1. 00ms response time). Note: some mouses don't go all the way up to 1000hz. This is mainly in wireless mouses. Windows vista & 7 64-bit:-

1. What you need: - dimr.exe (direct input mouse rate). 2. Extract & dimr.exe into a folder. 3. Right click on "hidusbf. Inf" find install (if warning comes up about unsigned drivers don't worry). 4. Open up dseo13b.exe and check "enable test mode". 5. Reboot. 6. After reboot you will see "test mode windows xxxx build xxxx" you can get rid of this but for now reopen dseo13b.exe and check "sign a system file". 7. In the box type in "c:windowssystem32drivershidusbf.sys". If correct a window will come up saying "the system file has been signed succesfully. ". 8. Reboot. 9. Reopen hidusbf folder and click on "setup.exe". 10. Find your mouse click on it (it should be highlighted has blue) and at the bottom of the window check "filter on device" and select your rate. 11. Click restart and open up dimr.exe. If it's still runs default 125hz reboot your windows vista or 7 64-bit operating system again. 12. To remove watermark open dseo13b.exe and click on remove watermarks. It will link you to the website with the correct files to remove it. Windows xp/vista/7 32-bit:-

1. Right click on "hidusbf. Inf" find install, (note sometimes with xp if you apply and the mouse stops responding in this case restart again and try again). 2. Open hidusbf folder and click on "setup.exe". 3. Find your mouse click on it (it should be highlighted has blue) and at the bottom of the window check "filter on device" and select your rate. 4. Click restart and open up dimr.exe. If it's still runs default 125hz reboot.

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Diamond 5870 Frame Rate Dropping Issues

I recently purchased a diamond 5870 for my pc and in fallout 3 and crysis i am getting crazy frame-rate dropping. In fallout 3 i can run 60 fps, but then it will randomly do drops to like 35-40 out of nowhere. Crysis runs at about 50 and does drops to around 25-35. I'm running this on a q6600, 4 gigs ram, windows 7 setup.could it be my processor speed? The reason i ask is because i was previously running a gtx 285 on a 2009 mac pro and it never dropped below 60 in fallout 3. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this, and i figured you guys here could help me. Would be much appreciated!

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Increase Polling Rate Of Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 T

Is it safe to increase the polling rate of a microsoft intellimouse explorer 3. 0 t 1000 hz? So far i've experimented about a bit with 250hz and 500hz and 500hz has been good. I was wondering if anyone has any further information on whether the mouse can handle 1000hz or not without damage.

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Mouse Dpi And Usb Polling Rate - Knowledge Base

Just thought id share with you some knowledge on the subject of (usb) mouse polling rates and how they can affect your online gaming (well, they wouldnt affect anyone elses now would they). Windows xp, being pretty trashy as it is, by default sets the windows usb polling rate at 125mhz thats an 8ms response time to me and you. What does this mean, well, this equates to lag! The bane of all counterstrike and alike players, and generally all good fps games. Now, what can we do about this, well, interestingly enough we can, depending on the quality of your usb mouse (i have a razer diamondback) you can increase the responsiveness significantly. The basics are, the polling rate determins the time it takes for an action performed on the mouse to be transmitted to your computer and thusly to the game/software your using, so this incorporates a slight delay (lag) into your responses within the game. This becomes more prenounced while playing online games where pings/latencies and rates also effect your lag or responsivness. This can mean the difference between a shotty between the eyes and getting that "god-like" voice sounding off in the background

Is i stated earlier the default polling rate is 125mhz (8ms) and so naturally we get quite used to this when playing games, but wouldnt it be far greater to eliminate as best as possible this delay in sending mouse commands to your games to give a more fluid and responsive control over your gaming? Id say *** yeah!

Right, there are a few different ranges you can use, and all are totally dependant upon your mouse's abilities, but none should harm your mouse (best have a ps2 mouse at hand incase yours aint up for the higher rate so u can change back to default), firstly: we have:-

125mhz @8ms response time (default)

250mhz @4ms response time

500mhz @2ms response time

And the highest so far:

1000mhz @**1ms** response time!

Right, i currently use a razer diamondback usb mouse, and have the polling rate set for 1000mhz, the actual polling rate is often fractionally lower than stated but pretty damn good. I have personally noticed improvements in the sensitivity and responsivness in my mouse, especially when playing online fps games. But there is an improvement to be had when playing singleplayer fps games and other games alike. I am providing a link to the software i used to patch my usb polling rate, and included is also a mouse polling rate detector to tell you your current response time. See the screenies. Just a note though. Once you change your polling rate you must restart windows for the changes to take affect. This can make games more enjoyable especially the online games, but it could also be that you just dont notice the difference, as in the case that your mouse only supports a marginally higher response time. But anything which reduces the amount of lag gamers suffer can only be a good thing. I will amend the post if i have missed something, but i think i got everything on here. As you can see from the screen shot the razer diamondback performs very well, often over 1000mhz, less than 1ms, but on average its more like between 700-900mhz, still a damn good improvement over 125. Here is a link to both the current mouse polling rate detector and the usb polling rate patch, neither created by me so i claim no glory here, other than i zipped them together in one handy package.

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How To Increase Usb Sample Rate In Windows Vista Sp1 ?

Microsoft windows vista’s default 125hz usb sample rate is not enough for today’s gamers and end-users. There are many usb sample rate patches out there, but none of them are supporting windows vista sp1 - due to the new restricted driver signature enforcement feature. However, it is now possible to use these patches thanks to the latest version of our own driver signature enforcement overrider (dseo), but i am not taking any responsibilities for any damages! Use it at your own risk. 1. Download driver signature enforcement overrider (attached below). 2. Download hidusbf (attached below). 3. Run driver signature enforcement overrider and choose enable test mode. 4. Extract hidusbf to some folder, right click on hidusbf. Inf and choose install. 5. Run setup.exe from hidusbf’s folder, check the filter on device box and select your desired sample rate. 6. Run driver signature enforcement overrider again, choose sign a system file and insert full path to the installed hidusbf.sys file (usually c:windowssystem32drivershidusbf.sys). 7. Restart your computer and enjoy. 8. Verify by using mouse rate or directinput mouse rate (attached below)

That should do the trick. Remember! Use it at your own risk! Do not blame me if your motherboard explodes, vista or usb fails. But, i have already tested it myself with a lot of success, so you don't have any reason to worry. If you would like to uninstall it, just right click on hidusbfu. Inf, choose install and disable test mode from driver signature enforcement overrider.

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Max Eye Candy And Frame Rate Vs. High Resolution

I like a single video card that can max out every game (even crysis) on a resolution of 1680 x1050 and with frame rate of over 60. People often get high end cards (or even do sli/crossfire) for high resolution monitor but for me what is important is being able to turn every features on max (max aa, etc. ) But getting excellent frame rate at only a resolution of 1680 x 1050. When the high resolution is taken out of the equation, what would be the quietest, single, smallest form factor card that i can get?

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5870 Crossfire Upgrade - Frame Rate Loss In Oblivion

I know i'm contradicting myself in saying i wouldn't purchase a second 5870 but my impulsive ass just had to rent an additional xfx 5870. I swear i went to frys for a different reason but it was staring me in the face! I thought to myself, i should know what future upgrades are in store for me if i stick with this 5870 and one day i decide to crossfire it right?

Well i spent several hours last night playing around with my dual 5870 setup and, i wasn't impressed at all with crossfire performance. 3dmark06 went up by 2k (wooo) from 26xxx to 28xxx. Crysis seemed a little faster but had severe slowdown at certain areas of the map (it was like as if i was maxing out the frame-buffer or something). But i mean even when it was faster, weren't not talking much, maybe like 20% at most. That's really *** poor scaling i'd say. I do like how it opened up new function in ccc called gpu scaling which corrects my hdtv 24hz issue without custom res but ccc is still one cluster of a gui and still buggy as ***. Sometimes crashes (have to re-run the runtime). Sometimes when i close crysis, it leaves my desktop messy looking, as if it's trying to apply all my aa & af in game settings to my desktop now and i have to reboot to correct this. And also ati for whatever reason has never rendered my desktop as crisply as nvidia. I have no idea, it's like the text isn't as clear but i was willing to put up with that if these cards were a significant upgrade from my old setup. Games take precedence after all. But worst of all, the biggest disappointment was. My favorite game, oblivion took a frame-rate hit! Meaning i got a better frame-rate with a single 5870. This is with 9. 12 /w hot-fix. I dunno $920 (plus tax) of an "upgrade in video-card power" and really it isn't proving to be much faster than my old dual 260 (216 cores). I know oblivion is a ridiculously old game but it really is the most important game for me and is what makes or breaks my decision making on an upgrade. Are there any other oblivion players in here who saw a frame-rate hit with dual 5870s? Btw, for those of you who have sigs turned off, i game at 1920x1080 on win7 64 with an i7 @ 4. 2ghz /w ht.

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What's A Good Transfer Rate For Usb 2.0 External Hdd ?

Just curious what a good transfer rate when transferring from the external drive -> internal drive via usb 2. 0 connection. I was getting 22. 5 mb/s according to vista when transferring from my external 5400rpm laptop hdd to my internal 7200rpm laptop hdd. Is that a good rate?

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Tips / Tweak / Settings To Raise Frame Rate On Games

Just looking for some tips on what i can do to raise frame rate on my games. If you take a look at my specs, do you think there is anything i could upgrade that would make a big difference, or can i just tweak settings in-game and in the nvidia software.nvidia 9800 gtx+
2. 3 ghz quad core amd cpu
3. 25 gigs of ram at ddr2 1066 (windows xp)
640 gig 7200 rpm
22' acer monitor 2ms, 60 hertz refresh rate

All hardware is brand new. I installed the cd drivers and was having obvious frame rate issues, installed the new drivers and all the rate jumped up, but i still feel like i'm not getting the performance i should be getting. Vertical sync is off because i obviously want higher than 60 fps. I haven't changed any other nvidia settings. For team fortress 2 i can change the resolution in-game between 1024, 1440, and 1600, and not see a tiny change is fps. I turn anti-aliasing up and still only see a tiny drop in fps. The biggest change is when i put the textures on very high as opposed to high. Even when i drop resolution and settings all the way down, it doesn't get above 70. What am i missing, i see similar results in all other games, just varying frame rate. Crysis, bioshock, tf2, grid (cs:source seems to get 120-140 fps, the one game i see fantastic frame rate from). There is one thing i wanted to mention. While playing certain games, i can see a "refresh line" that goes up the screen slowly, and wherever that refresh line is on the screen, it lags that part of the screen's objects. (Happens constantly in madden 08) i turn on vertical sync, and that doesn't get rid of the line.

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Total Pc Failure

Copying cd and computer went blank with no video signal. Re-boot no effect- no boot sequence noises and no video signal. Swapped video card checked connections, swapped monitor - no go. There is power to components. Motherboard failure?

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Frame Rate Issues On M2n-sli Deluxe And Gtx 260

I have a strange issue. What happens is that my computer despite running the same video card has these strange slow downs. For example, his computer ran mass effect 1 with 4x msaa at nearly 60 fps everywhere with no problems at all. No visible lag or stuttering and apparently good minimum frames. Very smooth. I specifically tested walking through the middle of the citadel and got the above fps via fraps (55-60). Now on my computer, i play the same scene with 2x msaa and get 35-40 fps via fraps. It does not seem smooth at all. It appears like my guy runs forward quickly and smoothly for a few seconds then it slows down, then it speeds back up, then it slows down, alternating between the two very quickly. I originally wrote it off to his superior cpu for gaming (oc'd at 3. 6). But i just bought bf:bc2 and installed it on his computer. We ran it at all settings high, no hbao and 4x msaa with very smooth gameplay, i didn't actually record the fraps. But it was really nice, no slow downs or anything. On my computer i ran it at 1x msaa and it was really choppy, not even from server lag or connection problems it was choppy all the time like its a graphics thing. I read that bfbc2 is supposed to use a quadcore, so i expected to get at least the same fps as him or +/- a small amount, but its just terrible. I am using the latest drivers from nvidia, just downloaded them today in anticipation of bfbc2. I am entirely confounded as to why my computer is getting such *** fps. I suspect its a motherboard issue of some kind because im using a new cpu in an old board (with the newest bios as of august 2009). Does anyone have any idea of what might be causing this?

(Ps i dont have any software like antivirus or anything running in the background)

My current system is a:
M2n-sli deluxe (nvidia 570 chipset)
Amd phenom ii x4 940 @ 3. 2
4 gb g. Skill ddr2-800
Windows 7 professional 32bit on vertex 30gb as boot drive
500gb wd caviar blue
Pny gtx 260 (192 shader version)

I built my brother this computer a little over a year ago:

Asus p5q pro
E8400 @ 3. 6
4gb g. Skill ddr2-1066
Vista 32bit home premium
500 gb wd caviar blue
Evga gtx 260 (192 shader version)

We are both running 1680x1050 22" lcds with 60hz refresh.

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Intermittent Boot Failure

The problem is intermittently the system powers up but fails to even attempt to boot - no bios beeps, and bios and vid. Bios screens not displayed. Drives spin up ok. Have tried different case and psu (in fact system is currently in borrowed case). The system only ever fails to boot if the system is cold-started - the system warm-reboots ok. Tried different ram, had m/b replaced once, new m/b been returned to dealer where they (supposedly) found no problems when tested with other kit and with my psu, but system not been professionaly tested as a whole. Have also tried different graphics card, removing modem and sound card, running system from hdd only, but still having problems. All connectors are firmly seated. There are no config options in bios or jumpers for ram and the cpu is set up correctly and automatically. Have used 375 and 300w psus with system (300w seemed better then system started playing up again)
Nvidia geforce4 mx440 agp8x graphics card (8x is supported by m/b), and have also tried geforce2 4x. The os may be irrelevant, but i've tried winxppro, win2000, winnt4, mandrake linux 9 and a linux distro that boots from cd (knoppix). All drivers installed ok. Won't even bother with win9x/me because i hate it.

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System Failure ( Restart )

Built this and it has never run without having a system failure resulting in a restart. I tested the old power supply, and the 5v connector failed. So, i bought a new one and figured that this would be the fix to the issue. And no. Any suggestions on what i might look for next? I'm lost.

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Random Power Failure

Lately, my pc has been randomly shutting off. I thought it might be a software issue, so i went to reformat my hd when it powered off. Here i am with a box w/ no os that keeps shutting off every 5 minutes. Every other computer in my house works fine, so it isn't an electricity issue. I also replaced the power supply, which cost me $60. What else could possible be causing theis odd phenomenon, because i would like my pc back.

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Bios Flash Failure

This acer aspire m5100 desktop was having freezing issues, so i decided to update the bios to see if that would fix things. The flash was going well, until the very end where the status bar showed red, indicating failure to write at those sections. The computer rebooted and failed to post. Fans spin and everything, but nothing shows up on the monitor and no beeping from the motherboard. What do you guys think? Game over? Or is there some way to revive the computer?

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Bsod - Hdd Failure

I'm running xp pro sp3. I can't remember the last time i've installed new hardware or software. Out of the blue the other day, i noticed foobar2k wasn't reading some of my music off my drive. I checked the files themselves on the 500 gb, and when clicking on the folder received a message to the effect that the files were not accessible. Found that kind of alarming. Then later in the day, experienced my first crash. Just a complete as-is freeze up with stuttering audio that never budged even after about a 30 minute wait-out. Rebooted and chkdsk popped up for the 500 gb drive. I figured as much. However, chkdsk would repeatedly fail to complete. I used another utility, spinrite, directly off a boot disc. Without even being in windows, it still froze about ten minutes into it. At this point i basically could not keep my computer up and running without it soon crashing. I pulled the 500 gb drive to just give up for now. Everything seems like it is running more or less stable with just the raptor. But then, i decided to usb transfer some of my music to the raptor from my blackberry (setup to act as a flash drive). Within about 30 seconds i got my first ever bsod on this machine. 0x0000008e (0xc000001d, 0xbf852646, 0xac387698, 0x00000000)

Win32k.sys - address bf852646 base at bf800000 datestamp 48025f2a

Anyone have any idea what could be going on? Google results for the stop code gave vague suggestions at best. I really don't even know where to begin!

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Lcd Monitors Failure Causes

To date, i have got my hands in over 10 malfunction lcd monitors. The cause of deaths for all of them but one were power failure of some sort. I think the lcd company intentionally did this to make people buy new ones. Here are some of the causes:-
1. Premature aging or leaking of electrolytic capacitor: either because of the use of capacitors with lower temperature rating or, for save a buck or two, use capacitors of un-trustful brand(s). Replace the capacitors usually brings the lcd back to life. 2. Dead external power adapter: especially the ones with a strange output voltage which is not easily replaceable. Depends on how the adapter is assembled, you might need to force it open to find the real cause. 3. The most strange ones are the so called "cold soldering": in some larger lcds, i found the solder of several components on the internal power board were loosed! Ideally the power board in a lcd monitor should not have cold soldering, which i think it is a truth when it was built. However, solder may became loose if, after the soldering work of a power board were done, there are external forces applied onto certain components (e.g. The ones connect to a big heat sink which were than stressed by screw onto something else ). In such case, adjust the angle/position of the monitor may put excessive force on the soldering point and eventually break the connection between the legs of the ics and the solder. Re-attach the solder could be your best choice. 4. Unstable relay. Due to the fact that some solid state relays are highly temperature sensitive, the current a relay can output/conduct may decreases dramatically as the temperature increases. The result is intolerable blinking monitor. For emergency, try to ventilate the relay, in the long run replace it with one of the same specification is your best choice. Not recommended, but, if you know what circuit were controlled by that relay and the function of the circuit, you may be able to short circuit it and make it permanently on or remove it to make it permanently off or connect a manual switch to turn it on/off by hand. 5. I never encounter this but lcds with faulty thermal fuse(s) or blown fuse(s) were reported in this forum. Replace the fuse might be a reasonable thing to do. However, if it blown again, you might need to check other places.

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