Advent Roma 2001 Laptop Laptop Specs

Advent roma 2001 laptop, for a laptop that radiates style and oozes with luxury, look no further than the advent roma 2001. Powered by the dual-core intel® celeron® processor t3100, and pre-installed with microsoft's windows® 7 home premium operating system, you won't turn away in a hurry. Operation is slick and quick, thanks to its 3gb of memory, and you'll be able to store all your precious multimedia onto its whopping 320gb hard drive.garnished in its glossy black sheen, the advent roma 2001 notebook caters for your widescreen movies effortlessly on its dazzling high defiintion 15. 6" lcd screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. What's more, as well as playing your dvd-movies, you can also burn your own discs and back up data using its integrated dvd rewriter. The advent roma 2001 isn't shy on its connectivity options, making it perfect for hooking up your desired peripherals and devices. This computing whiz offers inputs and outputs, which include a 5-in-1 media card reader, three usb 2. 0 ports, hdmi and vga ports for connecting to monitors and tvs, and an rj-45 ethernet port. And for untethered internet and networking, that's easy with the roma 2001's built-in wireless-g wifi technology. What's more, you can relish in top-notch video chat with your friends and family across the globe using this laptop's webcam.

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Toshiba 2001 Laptop System Restore Issue

My 2001 toshiba laptop was acting funny so i used system restore. I went through cd recovery and in middle it said no files contained. It now is just black screen with line in middle like old computers you type into. When i try to type it just beeps. What is wrong with computer? How can i get cds to work and reinstate files on computer? What is a site to trouble shoot problems with computer?

Answer:- if you did not back up your files etc to cd's or external drive they most likely are lost and not recoverable now. Always back up before making system changes and on regular schedule as one never knows when a operating system will crash or a hard drive will fail. Try pressing f8 at start up to enter start options, choose safe mode with networking and back up any thing of importance. What operating system? Did you use the system recovery disc set that came with the lap top? Did you stop the repair or system install?

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Connect Advent Laptop To Plasma With Vga Lead

How do i connect my advent laptop to my plasma with a vga lead? When i connect them and switch the tv to pc, i see the laptop screen on the tv for about 1 sec, then it turns the tv onto standby.

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Laptop Hard Drive / Hp Pavilion Laptop Ze1110

I have an hp pavilion laptop ze1110 that has a hard drive that is about to die. The drive is accessible through a bay in the front of the laptop so it shouldn't be too difficult to change (i hope). My question is, where should i/can i get the replacement hard drive? Hp? Newegg? What sort of things should i look out for when purchasing and swapping out a laptop hard drive.

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Connecting Desktop To Laptop So That Laptop Act As Monitor

Is there any way to connect my desktop to my laptop, so i can my laptop can act as a monitor? I have a desktop computer but with no monitor, is there any way i can connect it to my laptop to view the desktop?

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Connecting Laptop With Broken Screen To Another Laptop

How do i connect a laptop with a broken screen to another laptop? I need to connect a laptop with a broken screen to a laptop without a broken screen so i can see what's on the broken-screen laptop, is that possible/how would i do that?

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Laptop Bag For 17 Inch Dell Laptop

Where can i find a laptop bag to fit my 17 inch dell laptop? Ive been searching everywhere and on tons of websites but i cant find any bags that will fit and actually look decent.

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2001 Gateway Bsod

Somebody handed me a computer today b/c they said as far as they knew "it hasn't worked in years. So i was wondering what i can do to make this "hunk of junk" work again. From what i have gathered it was built in 2001 and is a gateway w/ a celeron in it. It has a 20gig wd hdd and an impressive 128mb of ram. The case size is about the size of a frickn laptop. One cd-rom and one floppy. Anyways when it boots up it takes you to the gateway screen and then it attempts to boot windows. After a brief second it takes you to advanced setup and no matter what you pick it hits you with a face full of blue. I first attempted to go through bios and see what options there are. Well it did not take long cause it' very basic. I then cleared cmos in hopes that the default settings would boot it up. Nothing. I happened to have a pair of pc133 laying around so i stuck them in just out of desperation, well now it would by pass the advanced settings and go straight to the bsblabla at this point i figured that i would take out the hdd and put in an old ibm aptiva and see if i could reformat the drive and got the same message any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Reading Hdd From Old Laptop On New Laptop

I think the hdd on my laptop is failing because i cannot boot into windows xp all of a sudden. If i was to go buy a new laptop, can i access the data from my old hdd by hooking it up to the new laptop somehow? I also have a desktop pc, can i access the hdd from my desktop?

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Getting Internet By Connecting Laptop To Another Laptop

Getting internet by connecting my laptop to another laptop? Okay, so when i go to my friend's house and bring my laptop, i can connect to the network but i don't get internet. I have the same problem at another friend's house, but i can get internet if i plug it in with an ethernet cable. At friend a's house, however, the router is in his dad's office, his friends aren't allowed in there. Now, my friend's laptop connects to the internet there wirelessly just fine, so would i be able to get on the internet by plugging my laptop into his laptop via ethernet cable?

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Advent 3119 Pc Booting Problem

I have got an advent tower pc that will no longer boot these are the specs

Model 3119, p4 3ghz fsb800, 80gb hd, geoforce fx5200 128mb, micro atx model no. Sf2/661fx (not sure which vendor)

Basically when i power on the unit the message "no signal" appears on the vdu. It doesn't seem to be booting successfully however i cant really tell as i cant even see to access the bios. I have reseated the graphics card and tried the on board graphics but still no joy. I am beginning to think the mobo is faulty or processor but i cant be sure. I am going to source a pci graphics card and try this just to eliminate this but i dont think it will make any difference.

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Lost Advent K1501 Drivers

Advent k1501 lost drivers after clean install. Unable to connect to internet so how/where can i download them? In device manager 802. 11bg wan, video controller and standard vga graphics adapter all have yellow triangle with ! Inside it alongside. Have gone into properties for each and clicked on install drivers - doesn't do anything.comes up with message to download from manufacturers website. Problem number one can't get onto internet problem 2 don't know what i am looking for and where.

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Advent T100 Strange Problem Wont Start

I have a strange problem with the wife's advent t100 (all in one pc) about a week ago it started to not boot up, she would sometimes have to turn the power off at the socket and restart it a couple of times then it would be fine. Over the last few days it's got a lot worse and now it will not boot up whatsoever, the strange thing is though that the blue hard drive light on the front display lights up and flashes when its turned on and it will take a cddvd ect but no boot?

I've had a look inside and nothing seems unseated. I'm at a complete loss to work out whats killed the wife pc all of a sudden ;-). 1, when it did turn on sometimes after 10-20 attempts if you then used "restart my pc" via windows it always boots first time?

2, the cd/dvd makes a strange noise on attempted boot up almost like its trying to read a cddvd. 3, on the last successful boot i did a hard drive software diagnose and it came up no problems. I also did a complete restore using the original advent discs, all to no avail. 4, it has a remote control to switch on off, and that has no affect, i.e the blue hard drive light comes on but it still does not boot empty blank screen. I was thinking that it may be a dodgy internal psu?

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Advent Usb Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Problem

Recently, my 'advent' usb wireless mouse and keyboard stopped working. Originally, i had some problems since the first day with the driver that it installed being 'incompatible', even though the mouse and keyboard functioned properly. Anyway, they stopped working. So i shut down and removed the wireless receiver, then plugged in an old ps/2 mouse and keyboard, expecting them to work in the old ones place. No such luck. :-/

The computer's 'install wizard' comes up and it finds the mouse, but i can't interact with the computer to install the mouse or keyboard. Also, the keyboard's numlock, capslock etc. ' key are lit up, so that's working but not being recognized. I'm using 'windows xp' and this is the first problem i've had

Any ideas?

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How To Find Specs Of My Computer ?

How do i find the specs of my computer? I want to find out so i can see if its good enough for star craft 2, it is a compaq laptop and has windows 7 that came with it. I think it fairly good because i can run call of duty 4 call of duty 1 and oblivion.

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Important Specs In A Computer For Gaming

What are the most important specs in a computer for gaming. ? I read an article written in 2003 that ram and video card are the most important. Now that computer games are so much more advanced it would be awesome if someone could give me a ranking of component importance to help me decide what things to add to a new computer.

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Specs For Computer To Use For Long Hours

What kind of specs must be needed for long hours use of computer?

Answer:- what will you be using the computer for? I don't think you need any special specs to use a computer for a long period of time, but again, it depends totally on what you will be doing. Will you be making and editing videos? You'll need higher specs for this. If you are going to be typing on a word processor, specs won't matter as much. It all depends on what you will be using it for, but i don't think you need super-charged specs to run your computer for a long time. You will need a cooling system, but the fan that your computer comes with should be fine. Unless you are going to be running a lot of processes at the same time, you shouldn't need a liquid cooling system.

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Dell Studio 15 Max Specs

I am buying a new laptop(bye-bye old dell inspiron) and have decide to buy a new dell studio 1558. I was on the customization screen when i decide to ask what ''would be good for me?. It might help figure out what hardware to get if i told you what i do on my pc. I do everything from average web surfing like facebook or youtube, typing documents, editing video. Online game-playing, play games like gta4, cod mw and mw2, and recording music. I can put all of the programs that i want on this, but the games and stuff need the hardware to play. This is where everyone on yahoo answers comes in.

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Video Card Specs: Stream Processors

I was wondering, what stream processors are in reference to a video card? I was looking at a geforce 8800gts and geforce 9600gt. The 8800gts says it has 128 stream processors, while the 9600gt has 64. Outside of that, the 8800 has slightly better specs than the 9600, which boggles me, but whatever. Anyway, what are the stream processors and why does it make such a big difference in price on a video card? (Outside of the obvious 'bigger number = better' way of thinking)

I am not looking for the 'textbook' definition of what it is, but rather your experiences in using them, and if they are worth the big jump in price. Can you tell a difference, that kind of thing, i've already looked up what it is by definition, but that doesn't really tell me what i want to know.

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Dell Dimension E520 Motherboard Specs

I can't seem to find information on the motherboard in the dell 520. The user manual is not helpful. The unintelligible indian tech support people are useless. Customer service doesn't know. Can anyone post the great secret?

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Ram And Graphics Specs For A Gaming Computer

I plan on building a custom computer. How much should i spend on ram and my video card to have good performance on games?

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Abit An8 32x Like Motherboards With The Same Specs

Are there any motherboards with the same specs as an abit an8 32x? My an832x broke, i need to get a new one, but i would prefer a very similar one for cheap, so i can salvage all of my other parts.

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Output Specs For Graphics For Film Media

What are the output specs for graphics for film media? I'm a print designer by trade, but a client of mine was inquiring as to how to produce graphics for film that stay crisp when they are blown up on a big screen. As far as i could gather would be to output in either tiff or targa format, but i know print dpi isn't relevant when it comes to film. So my question is, what should the specs be for output (size, format, resolution)? The film format is 720 native progressive pro hd.

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Hardware Specs To Run Flash Website

How much bandwidth and hardware specs do i need to run this kind of website? I don't have a server admin or anyone working with me yet, but i do have a business loan and extra money stored away to start this. But the first thing i'm trying to find out is how much bandwidth/month i would need and a "guess" at the hardware i suppose lol. What i'm trying to run is a flash website, within the site around 500ish active all the time cameras, similar to justin tv, or livestream. In that the video will go to the servers based on person with the camaras upstream, and the servers will send the stream to all of the free users lag free (lets estimate 25 free users in each room). Assuming 500 cams 24/7 upstreaming to server, 25000 free users 24/7 downstreaming from server, and whatever load it takes to keep things lag free. What kind of bandwidth would be your best guess at keeping things lag free for this? If you could take a guess at the hardware required, that would help too :)

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Do I Need A Laptop?

I've been programming online, graphics creation/animation, .net apps for quite some time now using a desktop computer. Is a laptop a good substitute for desktop pc's for programming purposes? Should i start spending for a laptop now? Let just say prices for it is not an issue, whats the best out there or should i stick with a desktop?

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Pc Vs. Laptop

I hope this question qualifies as a worthwhile topic. I think there's such a mass of knowledge and experience here, that it will. I have just purchased a nice, powerful laptop for when i travel. It's got 2 gig dual core processor, gig of ram, 80 gig hard drive, etc. Performance wise, it's faster than my pc (2. 8 processor (ht) - 80 gig, 1 gig ram). I am moving toward simplifiying my life and was strongly considering selling my pc in favor of using my laptop as main computer. I'd simply use an external keyboard and mouse because i type 80 words per minute on regular keyboard and about 2 words per hour on that damned laptop keyboard! I use my computer 3-5 hours per day max doing web design, research, photos, check email, etc. Any thoughts? I know i've heard laptop components wear out faster, but otherwise it seems like a no brainer to me. I do have a maxtor one touch that i use every time i shut down - i have a script that backs up my documents then shuts computer down so everything important is backed up 1-2 times per day.

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Laptop Hd Compatibility

My laptop wont boot up. I'm going to send in for service but they said they proobably will reformat the drive. I'm trying to avoid having to take it to a data recovery specialist because i'm quite broke at the moment. Can i put my laptop hard drive into any laptop, then backup? If not, what spec should i use to know which types of laptops my harddrive will fit on? Is it the form factor size, ultra ata/100 eide spec, or what? Is there a part i can buy that the data recovery guys use to retreive the data from my laptop harddrive? What is this part?

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Laptop Works Only Sometimes

When i turn it on, most of the time the screen is just blank (no light at all), but i still hear cd-rom for a few secs (it has no hdd, i use cd-booted-linux. Occasionally the screen displays normally. Also when the screen displays normally and i'm using it, sometimes the screen freezes. I'm thinking this might be the problem with the cable that connects to the screen. If so, how do i fix it. If not , what's the problem?

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Laptop Shuts Off

Alright, so i'm assuming this is a hardware related problem. Someone brought me a laptop thinking it had viruses or whatnot on it. She mentioned that she was doing scans with norton antivirus 2005, and somewhere during the scan, the computer shuts off. I received the computer, and tried running a spybot scan within safe mode. Again, the computer shuts off. So now i'm thinking possibly the computer overheating. The bottom of the laptop (in the vicinity of the psu), is extremely hot. Is there a good program to see what temperatures are reading? I've heard of cpu-z, but not sure if that checks temperatures as well. Haven't used it much. Seeing what you all would recommend to do in figuring out what the problem is. Whether, in fact, it is the psu, or another hardware/software issue.

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Laptop Recommendation

Im looking to buy a new laptop for about $500-600. All for applications. No gaming. Can you guys give me some recommendations?

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