Touch Pad Wont Work On Toshiba Satellite Laptop

My touch pad won't work on my toshiba satellite l300 series laptop. I'm not great with technology, and i can't seem to understand why my touch pad won't work. I'm currently using a wireless mouse, but i would like my touch pad to work as well. Can someone explain to me how to fix that? I use windows vista as my operating system.

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Do You Use The Touch Pad Or Keyboard Joystick On Laptop ?

Just curious as to how many laptop owners use the touchpad over the joystick. I know many are annoyed by the joystick but i found it much easier after switching to using only that. Moving the mouse around the screen requires no effort at all with the joystick imo.

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How To Dust Out Toshiba Satellite L300 Laptop ?

Would anyone know how to dust out a toshiba satelite l300 laptop? I have one of these, and when i play video games, i have this tremendous lag. I sent it back to the store to get a checkup and afterwards it worked fine. They said all they did was cleaned the keys and dusted it out. I would rather not send it away for 30 days to get it repaired again, so any suggestions?

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Toshiba Satellite M30 Laptop Shuts Down

Toshiba satellite m30 laptop turns on for a second and shuts down! I have removed the hard drive and switched the ram around and even tried it without the ram. When i try to power up the laptop, the lights come on and there's an almighty racket from the fan (but the fan is free and spins) and then it shuts down! I have disconnected the fan but even then it will shut down as soon as it's powered up!

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Toshiba Satellite C655-s5068 Laptop

Is toshiba satellite laptop c655-s5068 a good laptop? I have an acer aspire 5315 right now. Its horrible. I was looking at best buys website and saw this toshiba. I heard toshiba is a good laptop company. Is this true? Its only $470 at best buy. I have a limit of $500. I would like to get it. Should i? If not, what would you recommend? I want my new laptop to have

-At least 250gb hard drive
-At least 3gb memory ram
-Possibly a 10 number pad, not necessary though
-A webcam
-Good battery life
-At least a 15. 6 screen

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Toshiba Satellite Laptop - Forgot Admin Password

I forgot the admin password to my toshiba satellite laptop with windows vista basic?

Answer:- try this trick: login as administrator, means, when it ask password on login time click on the password entry field press ctrl+alt+del. It will give a new login window, put administrator as username and hit enter, if you cannot login as administrator then check the link below,

Download a windows password recovery tool, burn the iso image and boot it from the disk and then follow the instruction to reset the windows vista password.

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Toshiba Satellite A135-s4656 Laptop Memory

I have a toshiba satellite a135-s4656 and it has been running pretty slow lately. I have a intel celeron m processor with only 512 memory. I know its not a lot. It is expandable up to 2gb. My question is, do you think it would do a lot to the computer if i expanded it up to its full potential of 2gb?

I work at best buy and can get a big discount off of the memory, so would this help my computer out a lot? By the way i did a diagnostic or something like that and the only thing it said was wrong was the pc memory was really low, something like 19mb.

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Toshiba Satellite A65 Laptop Keyboard Keys Not Working

I have a toshiba satellite a-65. It appears that the a, z, 1 and tab keys stopped working shortly after my cat decided to jump onto my lap, where unfortunately my laptop was currently at. My profile on the laptop is password protected. You guessed it, includes an a. So i cannot even log-in to windows (xp) unfortunately it is the only profile with administrator privileges. Any way to 1) get around the password so i can log-in to windows 2) fix the non-working letters?

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Connect Toshiba Satellite Laptop To Sony Bravia Tv Wirelessly

Can i wirelessly connect my toshiba sattelite laptop to my sony bravia tv? In the windows 7 commercial the guy looks like he wirelessly connected to his tv from his laptop. Is there a way to do this? If not, what cable do i need? I have a vga output, usb (obviously) i'm not sure what one is, but it says sata/ then the usb symbol (with the three wires). Also, i have the kind of port you use to connect to the internet.

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Toshiba A205 Satellite Laptop Freezes At Random Times

My toshiba a-205 satellite laptop freezes at random times, during start up or whenever it feels? Its about 4 years old, but freezes whenever it feels, during start up or whenever. The barrel looking light (hard-drive light) is always fully lit. It wont make it past the setup screen sometimes i cant even use it half the time unless i manually, by pushing and holding the power button about 5 times, but the freezes once the desktop screen appears. I think it may be a bad hard drive, but before i spend any money id like to be sure.

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Buy Toshiba Satellite Laptop Intel Core I7 Processor From Best Buy

Should i buy a toshiba - satellite laptop / intel® core i7 processor from best buy? I'm looking for a laptop that's good with gaming able to play video web sites like youtube and hulu and is also decent for school, after going to the best buy website and reading some reviews i'm even more confused then when i started. I been getting a lot of mix reviews, some people say this is great for gaming others say it sucks, some people say it also has a freezing problem so if anyone knows anything about that can you please share. Also i went to staples before best buy and they were trying to sell me a toshiba - satellite ˘amd phenom, ˘ ii quad core mobile p920 processor (1. 6ghz) and they said this would be good for gaming and i was wondering it this is true or not.

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Does Logitech G5 Will Not Work On Black Colored Mouse Pad ?

Has anyone here heard of the rumors that this mouse will not work on a black colored mousepad? If this is true, logitech really f'ed up and made a big mistake. A friend is looking to buy the g5 and had heard that it will not work on a black surface. There are even claims that logitech has confirmed this and is simply telling people to go out and buy a blue mousepad.

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Cloning A Toshiba Satellite Hdd

I have a toshiba satellite 2805-s201 (celeron - 600 mhz) with a 6gb hard drive, windows xp (fat 32). The drive works fine, but i am trying to clone it to a toshiba 40gb hd, with apricorn's ez-gig ii software. The clone process is fine, but the 40 gb drive will not boot up when i swap the drives. It says to insert a "system disk". I upgraded my bios to 2. 00 per the toshiba website. With the 6gb drive in, the 40gb drive is seen as drive e thru the usb port, so i know that the drive is ok. Can anyone help me?

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Toshiba Satellite 2800 Disassembling

The power cord socket is shot and needs to be replaced, but i cannot get the covers off to get at the socket to replace it. I took out all the screws that i see an it seems to be very tightly together toward the middle of the keyboard. Can someone please help?

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Toshiba Satellite A70 Memory

I bought a satellite a 70 customized laptop. On board memory is pc 2700 128 ddr 333. Can i add 1 pc 3200 ddr 400 512 or 1 g to a free slot? If yes, at which rate the ram will be running: 333 mhz or 400 mhz? Can i use ddr2 ?

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Toshiba Satellite L450 Ac Charger

I'm trying to find a toshiba satellite l450 ac charger on ebay but i can't seem to find it help?

Input - 100-240v~ 1. 6a(1, 6a) 50-60hz
Output - 19v 3. 42(3, 42a)
Part no - pa3714e-1ac3

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Toshiba Satellite L300d - 01n Drivers Xp

I myself own a toshiba satellite l300. Anyway, she had vista, but wanted to downgrade to xp. So, we have an xp installation cd. Anyway, long story short, i need to find where i can get the xp drivers for her laptop instead of the vista ones. Apparently, from what i've heard (mostly rumors, i think, though clarification or confirmation here could help too) i can just use most of the drivers that would work on my laptop (luckily i have them on a cd), though i want to confirm this before i install them so i don't mess up their laptop or have to restart the reformatting. So, yeah. I just need to know where i can get the xp version drivers for a toshiba satellite l300d -01n, and if i have to use certain other ones for some other drivers.

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Toshiba Satellite 1955 S805 Problem

Ok, i have a toshiba satellite 1955 s805 that keeps on shutting down continuously. It stays on for a few minutes and then shuts down without any warnings. I went to the toshiba website to take a look at their bulletins and of course nothing was said about it. I know that the laptop has a built-in device to turn it off if it gets too hot, but it began doing so about a year after i bought it. The fans (top and lateral) seem to work fine, but the laptop has always generated incredible amounts of heat. I have heard numerous other people complaining about the same problem. Does anyone know what is exactly the problem and how to fix it?

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Download Itunes On Toshiba Satellite C655

How to download itunes on a toshiba satellite c655? I just recently bought a toshiba window 7 satellite c655 laptop but whenever i try to download itunes it doesn't work and it seems that i wont download. It only has a quicktime player so can you help me?

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Toshiba A300d Satellite Keypad Lights

My toshiba a300d satellite laptop keypad lights(led near the touchpad, led glows in satellite, and led near woofer)

Is not glowing. Actually in a hurry i switched off the led lights, but now i can't find the options to make it glow. It's not in the user manual too. I asked many of them but none of them can't able to answer it.

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Toshiba Satellite L355-s7817 Problem

I have a toshiba satallite that freezes either during boot or shortly after login. There is no direct cause for the freezing. I have uninstalled all aftermarket software and ran various spyware removal tools. I replaced hard drive with new one and after formatting and reinstalling vista home premium the identical problem remains. I replaced the 3gb memory with brand new 4gb from best buy. Still same problem. I disassembled laptop completely, checked all pins and connections, cleaned everything good, checked heat sink and fan.could not see any oviuos problems. Started system up with motherboard removed and still same problem. After reassembly there is no change. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated before i buy new motherboard or scrap it completely. Toshiba satallite l355-s7817
Model psld0u-03100x
Vista home premium with all current updates. Intel pentium dual-core

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Toshiba Satellite T110-10x Problem

Toshiba satellite t110-10x problem with 720p playback. ? I just bought a new toshiba satellite t110-10x laptop, and it has problems during the playback of a 720p movie. It lags a lot, and i was wondering how to fix it.

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Toshiba Satellite C655 Cannot Connect To Internet

I have a new toshiba laptop a satellite c655 windows 7, and i have trouble connecting to the internet. I don't have a network adapter switch but i see a a wireless sign on f8, i tried pressing it, but nothing happened. Each time i connect wi-fi, it shows its connected, but states there is no internet access. Where do i have to turn on the adapter, and i've tried troubleshooting and all that.

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Toshiba Satellite M35x-s114 Battery

I got this toshiba satellite m35x-s114 from a guy on craigslist, everything works amazing except whenever i unplug it from the charger it looks like the batteries percentage drops fast, i was wondering what site could i get an extra battery from for this laptop and how much? Also is there any way to make it not go down so fast like a setting on the laptop or something i have no idea.

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Toshiba A200 Satellite Does Not Read Discs

My laptop does not read my discs, it is a toshiba a200 satellite, i tried with a fiber bristle disc. ? I bought the disc from staples and it spun around cleaned the disc area, but it still doesn't work please reply asap need to install something important.

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Toshiba Satellite L200 - How Long Battery Will Last ?

I just reinstall windows 7 home premium on it from vista, so all data are reformatted, i am using toshiba satellite l200, how to display how long the battery will last? Currently i did not reinstall any drivers but everything is working fine. But the power icon on the task bar only show the percentage of the battery left. I want it to show how long the battery can last too in time. How do you do that.

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Toshiba Satellite A135-s2386 Uses 82% Of Ram

I bought a new toshiba satellite a135-s2386 with pentium dual core and 512mb ram 128mb shared video card. The laptop originally came with vista home basic but i reformatted and installed win xp pro sp2. My concern: i monitor my ram using google desktop - system monitor. At first my computer uses only about 40% of ram and only peaks upto 90+% when i encode/burn dvd's. Now my computer uses 82% ram just surfing the net and sometimes idle. It even peaked at 96% when just surfing the net and listening to winamp. I'm using free ram optimizer right now and no difference. Is it because im using only 512mb of ram with a shared video memory? I am also considering to upgrade to 2gb of ram sometime soon but not right now. I hope theres something that can be done.

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Toshiba Satellite L510 Processor Upgrade

Can i upgrade my dual core laptop toshiba sattelite l510 1gb ram 128 mb video card to a quad core processor?

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Toshiba Satellite L300 Webcam Software

So i recently bought a toshiba satellite l300. Windows vista 32 bit. To be exact. All is fine and it works fine, but i noticed it had a webcam and mic in-built. I scoured throughout the whole system finding trying to find the webcam software but it is nowhere to be found, i tried searching the internet for it but i keep getting some websites asking me to pay ridiculous prices.

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Toshiba Satellite P505d Will Randomly Just Turn Off

I bought a refurbished toshiba satellite p505d three days ago and it will randomly just turn off? It doesn't feel hot so i don't think its from overheating, and this morning when i tried to turn it on it wouldn't power up, my dad fixed that part but he doesn't know why it randomly turns off, he said it wouldn't power up tho because he thinks i froze the charging circuit.

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