Setup Lexmark Z2420 Wireless Printer To Router

How do i set up my lexmark z2420 wireless printer to my router?

Install the software onto your computer, plug your printer in and run the 'wireless config utility' then follow the steps.

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Setup Wireless Lexmark Printer

Yahoo's server name as i'm trying to set up wireless lexmark printer?

Answer:- you don't need yahoo's server name to setup a wireless printer. You need to read the user's manual that came with your printer, usually on a cd that was in the box, to set up the printer to work with your system. A wireless printer requires that you have a wireless access point or wireless router. This, in essence, creates a network, albeit a very small one with just one computer and printer attached, but more can be added. It may also be possible to setup a wireless computer as the wireless access point to connect to the printer directly using an ad-hoc network setup, but im not sure how easy or feasible it may be since ad-hoc networking is usually done for computer to computer connections and may be tricky to setup for a printer.

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Lexmark Z611 Printer Setup

How do i set up my lexmark printer on my computer? How do i set up my lexmark z611 printer i don't have a setup disk.

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Lexmark Printer Has No Setup Disc

I have a lexmark 3 in one printer it has no set up disc is there anyway i can pull the setup off the internet?

Answer:- what is the exact model number of your lexmark printer(e.g. Lexmark z2420, lexmark x7675, lexmark p3150, etc. )? What is the operating system of your computer? With these info, i should be able to look and maybe lead you straight to the printer software itself that you can download from the lexmark website.

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Lexmark Wireless Printer Without Having A Wireless Network

Can a lexmark wireless printer be used on a system that hasn't got a wireless network? I mean as just a normal printer via a u s b lead.

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Wireless Router That Can Support A Printer

I am looking for a wireless router (for a cable connection) which i will be able to connect to my printer. I didn't find any, can u help me plz?

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Using Wireless Router To Make Printer Network

Im am getting a new network printer that only has a nic card for connection. Rather than running a cat5 cable across the room. I want to connect it wireless. I have a network in place that has an existing wireless router. How do i bridge the two routers wirelessly. I turned dtph off on the new router that will connect to the printer. Is there a simpler way (different hardware other than wirless router) to connect the printer wirelessly.

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Lexmark X9350 Printer Wireless

I have a wireless lexmark x9350 printer. Its wireless is displaying a green light and my laptop can connect to everything else wireless in the house wifi, pc etc. Can anyone help me set it back up?

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Connect Printer To G Wireless Router With Rj45 Connectors

How do you connect db37 printer to g wireless router with only rj45 connectors? I take it that you're talking about a 37 pin centronics parallel connector on your printer. There are a couple of ways to do it. 1) like a previous answer stated, you can connect it to a computer and then share it through that computer to the router. -Or-

2) you can get a parallel to network or wireless print server for around $50 to attach to the printer which allows connection and sharing directly to the router itself for the printer. You can choose a wireless version or a wired rj45 network version, depending on what would work best for you, but you don't need to buy a new printer just to hook up to a network. A new printer with network capability is one way to go, but while they may be cheap, the newer printers seem to have more maintenance issues and problems than the older printers which seem to last forever with minimal problems, unlike today's printers. As long as you can keep and use your existing printer, it will be cheaper and last longer in the long run.

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Connect Lexmark 3400 Printer Using Wireless

Can you connect a lexmark 3400 printer to a laptop? I have wireless network.

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Connect Wireless Modem Router To Wireless Router

How to connect wireless modem router to a wireless router? I have a philips modem router on the above floor, i am intending on buying a wireless router due to a weak signal on the lower floor to connect them, how do i do that?Should i connect an ethernet cable to one of the lan ports of the modem router to one port of the router?Will that work?Or they can also communicate on wireless mode?

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Best Setup For A Router

I am attempting to update a router for my employer. It's a small pizza shop and the owner lives across the street (maybe 30-40 yards max). He wants to be able to pickup a strong signal from his business' router at home on his macbook. He's currently using a netgear wireless-g and is getting weak/no signal at home. The only devices connected to the router are the company's credit card machine (wired connection) and his laptop (wireless connection). Also, he wants to use a wired connection into the router for his security cameras so he can view them online from anywhere on his mac. What router should he buy? I will also need assistance with port forwarding (the security cameras require port forwarding to run), which i am not very familiar with. If anyone can lead me in the right direction and give me some valuable input on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Adsl Modem / Router With Wireless Netgear Router

I have a problem and do not know where else to go. I currently have an adsl+2 modem/router and recently bought a netgear wireless rangemax 240 router for wireless capabilities. I cannot get the two to work together. It doesn't help that im very in-experienced with networking either. My connection is pppoe and i need a sign in. Is there a way to bridge the 2 routers together?

I plug my netgear into the modem and it receives no internet signal. Ive tried numerous ways of doing it. Nothing works. I don't know if im suppose to use port forwarding or what. Any information would help and please, if you could. Bust it down 2 y/o style so i understand

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Setup Wireless Network From Wireless Connection

Can i set up a wireless network from a wireless connection? To detail it a little moe, im connected to my parents wireless network which is encrypted with wpa security. While i was away at college, i bought my own router to use wep encryption so that i could play on my ds while taking my laptop about, but now i can no longer play on my ds. Is there a way i could use the connection im using atm and kind of use my laptop as a gateway of sorts to connect my own router but instead wep. If that makes any sense.

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Connect Wireless Router To Wired Router

My current internet connection is setup with a wired router. My ip address on the current computer is like 192. 168. 2. X. Is it possible to connect my new wireless router to one of the outgoing cables of the wired router. Something like this :

Modem -> to the wan port of the wired router -> outgoing cable from the lan port -> to the wan or lan port of the wireless router -> wireless stick from the computer = internet

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Connect Wired Router To Wireless Router

Can i connect a wired router to a wireless router? Just had verizon dsl installed with a wireless router they provided. They connected two pcs(wired) to it and a laptop with the wireless. I would like to connect a tv, blu ray player, xbox 360 and my wii to it with a wired connection and am not sure what i need. I know i need to run a ethernet cable from one of the unused lan connections on the wireless router in my basement up to the livingroom but not sure what i need after that, a hub, wired router or something else?

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Connecting Wireless Router To Regular Router

Can i connect a wireless router to a regular router? Ill be getting a psp for the bday and my school issue laptop tomorrow. Both of which ill need a wireless connection if im gonna get online, however, my own and my moms desktops do not have wireless capability and are hooked to our cable modem with a regular 5 port netgear router. Im thinking about buying a wireless router, but i cant unplug the other router to hook the wireless to the modem. I dont know much about wireless - can i just take the lan between the wired router and a wireless one? Would that work? Am i even making sense, ahaha?

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Connect Wireless Router To Another Wireless Router

I was wondering if there was a way to connect one wireless router to another. I have two wireless/wired routers, and i do not feel like buying a wireless stick for my desktop. I'd rather just connect the routers somehow. Attaching one long cable to the router is not an option. I would have used a cable , but my modem is in a corner where my couches are and other furniture in the way. That's why i say connect the two some how. I do not have any other places to put them since the cable company only opened a select amount of ports. The routers are both netgears, which as i stated are wireles/wired. Links or detailed information will be appreciated.

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Lexmark X1150 Setup Installation Error

Lexmark x1150 printer/scanner cd installation wont work, i got a brand new lexmark x1150 all in one thing. And i put the cd into the comp. And it keeps saying "setup installation error" and then something about i got restart the un install program. Does anyone know what i can do to finally install my printer/scanner? Because the scanner is the reason why i bought it and i also cant find the all in one center. The only center i found was the solution center.

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Connect Ps3 To Wireless Connection With Netgear Wireless Router

How do i connect my ps3 to my wireless connection with a netgear wireless router? We have tried password, we have tried the security pin on the back of the router and still cant figure it out.

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Can Wireless Keyboard Disrupt A Wireless Router Signal ?

Does anyone know if a wireless keyboard or mouse can disrupt a wireless router signal or vice-versa?
If it could, how can this problem be avoided?

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Speakers Wireless Setup

I have a great pair of speakers attached to my macbook pro. The problem is i'm trying to go wireless so that i can move my macbook pro around my desk or room without having to worry about wires. This will just make my work flow better. I am wondering if there is some kind of way to make my speakers wireless, and i just need to plug some kind of adapter into my audio port on my macbook pro. Basically i'm looking for a product that will meet those demands. Btw i attached an image of what i'm trying to do.

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Hp Photosmart C4780 Setup Wireless Printing

Setup wireless printing on hp photosmart c4780? Can anybody tell me a link or give me simple instructions on how to set it up so i can do wireless printing?

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3com 3crwdr100a-72 Setup Wireless Connection

I am having a problem to setup a wireless connection on a laptop to a pc. My adsl router is 3com-3crwdr100a-72. One thing more, can't setup also a lan networking games to my router! Warcraft 3. The port is the same why we can't play?

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Wireless External Multi-bay Hard Drive Setup

I want to set up between 2 and 4 hard drives in a room separate from my home theater pc that will be used for video/audio. Since my pc only connects to the internet wirelessly, i need a wireless solution. Basically the best thing would be to have an external hot-swappable mutli-bay hard drive enclosure with a monitorless server in it that can connect to a router wirelessly and have the drives be recognized from an operating system. Anybody seen this or the closest thing to it?

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Wireless Setup - Unable To Locate An Access Point On Network

My main pc has 2 lan cards installed. 1st is a sis 900 pci card. 2nd is a realtek rtl8139/810x family fast ethernet nic. I connect to the internet via an ntl cable set-top box which is connected via lan to the realtek (a. K. A lan2 on my system), this is obviously setup fine as i am posting here . I have a linksys wap54g wireless-g access point connected to the sis900 card and the end objective is to connect it (wirelessly!) To another pc upstairs which has a linksys wireless lan pci card installed. But. When i insert the setup disc for the access point i cannot get any further than the fist page as i get. "The setup utility was unable to locate an access point on your network. Etc"

I know its plugged in fine & the lan cable is ok (i checked it with a laptop)

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Router And Usb Wireless

I also just built a media pc, which doesn't have an expansion slot for a wireless card. Are the usb wireless connections any good? Could someone recommend any? I plan on downloading torrents, streaming tv, and occasionally playing way older games (starcraft, etc)

Here are a few i found:

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Wireless N Router / Adapters

I'm considering upgrading my old 802. 11g network to a dual-band 802. 11n one. I'll be using two desktops (one being an htpc), and two laptops which already have intel 5100agn wi-fi cards. What i'm wondering, is what some good dual-band routers and desktop cards/adapters would be. I'd prefer a usb adapter, although pci would be ok if it would offer noticeably better performance. I definitely will need dual-band capability, since the htpc is currently being overwhelmed by a lot of wi-fi signals in the 2. 4ghz range.

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How Long Does A Wireless Router Last ?

I have had 2 wireless routers and i doubt either has lasted 12 months. The 'wired' connections work fine, but the wireless is sporadic. I thought is was the wireless card for my laptop, but a brand new wireless usb adapter does the same thing: it does not see my wireless router. The new card does find my neighbors wireless connection, but not the router sitting 2 feet away. I had a linksys and now a dlink and the wireless parts have died while the wired ports are fine. Am i doing something wrong? Is there anyway to test the wireless connection to confirm that it is working?

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Connecting One Wireless Router To Another

I got two linksys routers- 802. 11 b and g respectively. The g version is what i am currently using to broadcast my wireless. The problem is that the signal is weak upstairs in my room. Can i somehow connect the 802. 11b to the one i am running right now? I mean like through the ethernet cable? I would like to make my connection stronger upstairs. I do have a cable that is long enough. The question is can this be done?

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